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DYM Chapter 619

Ye Mo led Xu Wei to the middle-aged man sitting on the broken stone, looking at him with the look of a complete gambler, he couldn’t help but be speechless in his heart. This kind of person who didn’t know much about jade stones preferred to gamble on them, even if he was rich, he would still end up losing everything on this.

Gambling on stones is exciting, but equally realistic. When you plug, people come in droves, and when you go down, no one takes pity on you and leaves together to see what’s next. When you gamble up, awe and extreme envy also come. Perhaps what people who gamble on stones enjoy is the kind of awe and envy from others.

Ye Mo walked over and patted this man’s shoulder and said, “Friend, are these broken stones yours, can you sell me a piece?”

The man looked at Ye Mo suspiciously and said, “These are all scraps that I have unraveled, what do you want them for? If you want it, just take it.”

“Then thanks a lot, but it’s not good to take someone else’s stuff for nothing in gambling, how about this, I’ll pay two hundred dollars for one of your pieces.” Ye Mo finished by gesturing for Xu Wei to take out her last two hundred dollars and hand it to the middle-aged man.

Although to the middle-aged man, he might not pick it up even if it fell on the ground, but he also understood that gambling on stones was all about a lottery, and it was not good to take advantage of a bargain without a reason. He didn’t think much about it and nodded and put the two hundred dollars away while standing up and said, “No, I’ll try one last time, if I still lose this time, this will be the end of the day.”

Ye Mo picked up a broken stone on the ground, this piece of broken stone he had swept with his divine sense, there was jadeite inside, it was just slightly small, so the solution was missed.

For this kind of unraveling leakage often happens, unless someone like Ye Mo had a divine sense with an unobstructed view, he would not usually find it.

Seeing that Ye Mo had actually spent two hundred yuan on a piece of broken stone, the people around him all secretly shook their heads. If not for the fact that the middle-aged man was really rich, he wouldn’t even have taken the two hundred yuan into account, and the people around even thought that Ye Mo was working with the middle-aged man to cheat Xu Wei.

Xu Wei looked at the stone in Ye Mo’s hand with some concern and said, “Ye Mo, is this stone useful?” She remembered that Xia Fangfang had encouraged her to buy so many stones a few days ago, but none of them were useful.

“Of course it’s useful, go and unscramble it.” Ye Mo said as he took the stone to the position where the stone was being solved.

“Who will help me solve this stone?” Ye Mo said and found that all the people were staring at him, no one was willing to answer, who would be willing to solve this kind of waste stone?

Solving stones should also be done with care, solving a stone with jade material makes one’s luck good, if one solves more of this kind of stuff without material, who will ask him to solve it in the future? Moreover, Ye Mo had a fierce look on his face, he was not a good person at first glance, what if he blackmailed him?

“Brother, you don’t need to solve this broken stone, there must be nothing in it. I found another piece of good raw stone material, the one with some black moss on the outside, that must be a good piece, I can’t believe I just found it, wait and see if I solve it.” The middle-aged man who had just charged Xu Wei two hundred dollars also patted Ye Mo’s shoulder and said, he thought that Ye Mo was just like him originally, he was just trying to get a fresh feeling of solving the stone, when the time came he would just let him have a look when he solved it himself.

Ye Mo looked at the stone he was pointing at and immediately knew that it was another empty one. He pointed to a fresher coloured stone next to it and said, “You might as well buy the one next to it, that one is the one with the goods, the one you are pointing at is all empty inside. And the one next to it is much cheaper, for 100,000, a third of the price of the one you pointed out.”

Just now this middle-aged man had helped him out in pa*sing, and he also helped the other side in pa*sing.

Unexpectedly, just as Ye Mo said this, he attracted a burst of ridicule, and even Xu Wei, who knew nothing about anything, pulled Ye Mo a little.

“Brother, you’re not mistaken, right? The one next to it doesn’t even have a crust, it’s obviously a new field stone, if it wasn’t for its size, it wouldn’t be sold for 100,000 yuan. Older brother, you’re even worse at looking at stones than I am.” The middle-aged man shook his head, still specifying that he wanted the stone that he had originally ordered, which looked somewhat ink-black in appearance and even darkly red.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t say anything else as he took the stone he had just bought for two hundred yuan and said, “I’ll pay five hundred yuan for whoever helps me unravel it.”

Two hundred dollars for a broken stone, to pay five hundred dollars to unravel it, no one could understand it, so many people still thought Ye Mo was joking.

“I’ll do it, as long as you keep your word.” A somewhat scruffy man walked over and said.

This man came out and no one was surprised. Everyone inside the venue knew that this man was called Huo Duocai, a master who specialized in stone solving. It was only because he had never solved a jade stone that he was very down and out. Even the owner of the casino didn’t want to keep using him anymore.

The rule in the Jincheng stone solving market is that once the bet has risen, the master solver is paid a tip as long as the deal is made. A person who had never solved a jade before, not only could he not get a tip, even his job became a problem.

Ye Mo didn’t care about his hand, but Huo Duocai, in order to seize this opportunity, said again without waiting for Ye Mo’s consent, “Don’t worry boss, my skills are first cla*s.”

“Good, then you solve it, no need to ask me in the middle, you are completely in charge, just get all the jadeite out of it.” Ye Mo immediately said.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words Huo Duocai immediately took the stone in Ye Mo’s hand and started to do it, he was afraid that Ye Mo was going to backtrack.

Huo Duocai didn’t hear Ye Mo’s words, but the people around him seemed to feel that they heard them, and that what the guy with the scar on his face said was sinister. He meant that he didn’t need to ask him in the middle, and that it wouldn’t count until the jade was solved, in case it didn’t come out? It was a pity that Huo Duocai was only concerned about the 500 yuan and did not hear the meaning of this statement. Although some people sympathised with Huo Daocai and had the intention to remind him, as soon as they saw Ye Mo’s fierce look, they immediately stopped the conversation, so as not to lead to trouble.

“Ye Mo, I don’t have five hundred …… dollars left,” Xu Wei pulled Ye Mo a little weakly in her heart.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for it, just deduct it inside the jade.” Ye Mo wasn’t worried at all.

Huo Duocai started to solve the stone as soon as it was in his hand in order to get the five hundred dollars as soon as possible. He wanted to make it too late for his employer to renege, and once he did, his five hundred dollars would be gone.

He also knew that there couldn’t be anything inside the stone, so he cut it down the middle with one slice, even dispensing with the small heart cut, let alone rubbing it carefully.

Ye Mo shook his head, this guy said his technique was good, but he wasn’t very good either, this slice had already cut away a little bit of the jade skin.

“Ah, it’s coming out green, it’s shiny green, good stuff ……”

“Pity, Huo Duo has only cut away a piece of jadeite skin, it’s still a piece of ice jadeite ……”

Once it came out green, no one remembered that they were laughing at Ye Mo just now, they all stared at the jade stone in Huo Duocai’s hand.

Huo Duocai of course saw that his recklessness had cut away a piece of jade skin, and sweat immediately came out, he didn’t expect that there was really jade inside this stone, how could he afford to pay for it once others had to pay for it?

“Hurry up and do it all cut it out, next time something like this happens, you let someone else solve it, you are so skilled I dare not ask you to ……” Ye Mo saw the dazed Huo Duo Cai and said with a hum.

“Yes, yes, boss, this kind of thing will definitely not happen a second time.” Huo Duocai finished speaking, and only then did he really carefully start to unravel the jade piece. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so nice and completely different from his appearance. There was no claim on him at all, knowing that this matter was entirely his fault, as the regular method of unravelling was not like this at all.

Luckily, Huo Duocai reacted quite quickly and his technique was also considered good, and within a short while, a piece of ice jadeite was polished out by him.

“It’s really an ice-grown jadeite, and it’s still very pure and green.” Once again, there was a lot of chatter around, two hundred dollars to gamble on such a good thing, I’m afraid it was nearly two hundred thousand dollars.

The middle-aged man who had already carried the stone over also looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo had really solved a jadeite inside his broken stone, and a good one at that. If he had just cut out all of the broken stones, he might have gotten most of his capital back.

He suddenly felt that he should have listened to Ye Mo just now, for Ye Mo to find a piece with jadeite inside his broken stones, this man was definitely great in his own right.

“Wait, I’ll take this piece of jadeite of yours and give you two hundred thousand.” A woman’s voice interrupted the admiration and envy all around.

This was a young woman in her early thirties, her looks were considered good, and most of all she was very good at dressing up, the clothes on her body highlighted her taste in just the right way, even her arse looked like it wasn’t deliberately highlighted by her clothes, but was born that way. It makes one look voluptuous and seductive without being vulgar, and even a little elegant. There was also a bodyguard beside her, and at a glance, one could tell that she was of some origin.

Ye Mo, however, wrinkled his nose, he disliked the smell of this woman’s body, a chemical perfume smell. It disgusted him, he thought of Luo Ying and Light Snow, that pure and natural scent made him linger back. He should have gotten the Five Elements Stone earlier and gone back to see Luo Ying and Qing Xue.

“Two hundred thousand?” Xu Wei was frozen, two hundred dollars for two hundred thousand back, that was too easy.

Ye Mo also didn’t know the value of the jadeite, thinking that this jadeite in his hand was probably only this much money, he threw the jadeite to the woman who spoke, “Here you go, just bring the cash cheque.”

The young woman saw Ye Mo frowning and thought he was not satisfied with his price and was about to speak when Ye Mo threw the emerald to her, seemingly not caring at all that it would fall to the ground and break.