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DYM Chapter 620

“Ye Mo, let’s go, with two hundred thousand dollars, I think we can bring my brother out.” Having gotten a cash cheque for two hundred thousand, Xu Wei did not want to throw the two hundred thousand into the water again.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Don’t rush, this is just the beginning. We still have to bet below, just buy some slightly more expensive stones.”

Xu Wei ahhed for a moment, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be unwilling to even continue gambling.

“Brother, you should want the stone that was recommended to me just now.” At this time the middle-aged man who had gambled down one after another had a different opinion of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “I don’t fancy that stone.”

“You …….” The middle-aged man was even a little angry, recommending something he didn’t fancy to himself, was there such a pitfall?

Ye Mo smiled and patted Chapter 620 There is still one last time he said, “Don’t be anxious, I mean the jade inside that stone is only one or two million at most, I earn too little, what I want is to be able to earn a little more.”

“Ah …….” At this time, not only the middle-aged man froze, even the surrounding people froze, a hundred thousand yuan jadeite raw stone, can solve a two million jade, still too little? You know it’s a matter of a couple of million for just one cut, it’s not like it’s a lot of work. Who does this guy think he is?

If Ye Mo hadn’t just solved a piece of ice seed inside the broken stone, the people around would have despised this guy again.

The young woman who had just purchased a piece of jadeite from Ye Mo heard Ye Mo’s words, her eyes turned a few times and suddenly said, “Since this big brother can’t see this small amount of money, I’ll take this stone.”

Saying this, she gave a wink. The man behind her, who looked like a bodyguard, immediately bought the original stone.

Ye Mo, who originally hated the smell of this young woman’s perfume a little, was now surprisingly a little impressed with this young woman. She actually didn’t think she was bragging like the people around her, and even took the initiative to buy the original stone that he recommended, this woman was not simple.

Although a hundred thousand dollars was nothing, it was still money. Faced with a raw stone that everyone didn’t think much of Chapter 620 and one last thing, she actually bought it, just because of a casual remark from herself, a stranger. Having brains, no wonder she even got mixed up as a bodyguard.

In fact, just now Ye Mo said it like it was true, not only that young woman. It was the rest of the people on the side who were also tempted, but one was not as quick as the young woman, and the second was because they were still afraid that Ye Mo was a fraud. After all, Ye Mo was a fresh face. And a fierce one at that.

Ye Mo no longer paid attention to the rest of the people as he said to Huo Duocai, “You follow me, I still have emeralds for you to solve, we’ll settle the bill together then.”

“Yes, boss.” Huo Duocai had been worried that Ye Mo would fire him because he had cut away a piece of jade skin, but he did not expect that not only did Ye Mo not let him do anything, but he continued to ask him to solve the stone. At this moment, he also saw that this scar face with a full beard was not simple, he was a person with real skills.

After looking around, Ye Mo was really a bit speechless in his heart. Although there were many pieces of wool here, there were not many with jadeite, and even fewer with good jadeite.

He pointed to a piece that was exactly 200,000 and said, “Let’s take this one.” This was the best piece of jadeite material at 200,000.

The purchase was quick and the jadeite stone soon came into Huo Duocai’s hands again. The middle-aged man who had just gambled again on the ninth stone ~~- update first ~~ collapsed, and he began to believe in Ye Mo’s words. He also stopped buying the original stones and followed Ye Mo to watch. Now that Huo Duocai had started to solve the stones again, he was the first to gather around the front.

Now there were already many people who were optimistic about Ye Mo, not only the middle-aged man, but people from all around came over to see Ye Mo’s stone.

The young woman had already bought the raw stone from the new pit that Ye Mo said he had. She also followed him over.

Ye Mo looked at Huo Duocai’s cautious look and was somewhat speechless, he simply drew a line and said to Huo Duocai, “Just break it open from here.”

Now to Ye Mo’s words, Huo Duocai was unconditionally obedient. A slash broke through the place where Ye Mo had drawn the line, and a cloud of eye-catching green as if it was a new bud was directly exposed in front of the crowd.

“Boxwood green …… several million ……,” as soon as this came out, the others could see it and immediately someone shouted out in shock.

“Five million, I’ll take it ……” This green had just come out and immediately someone made an offer. Although the fully solved price might be more than that, but Ye Mo did not want to continue to waste time.

He was about to sell this half solved jadeite stone when he heard the young woman speak again, “I bid eight million ……”

“Deal.” Ye Mo immediately asked Xu Wei to tell this young woman her bank card, and this young woman was very quick to do things and immediately transferred the money. Xu Wei’s phone soon received a text message with an increase of eight million.

With an extra eight million in one go, Xu Wei was still in a blur when Ye Mo had already pulled her away.

“Are we leaving?” Xu Wei hadn’t completely reacted yet, but Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “There’s still one last bet, we’ll leave after this one.”

What Ye Mo was looking at was a huge raw stone near the left, as tall as a person, although this stone was not the biggest in this, it was not small either. Because the price tag for this stone was six million, so Ye Mo had to bet up to six million before he could come to bet on this stone.

Just after Ye Mo had just completed the transaction of this raw stone, the young woman had already completely unlocked the boxwood green jadeite that Ye Mo had sold to her. It was definitely a big profit, at least a few million. This was not to mention the new pit raw stone that Ye Mo had just said was unlocked by her, and inside was a jadeite rough worth nearly two million.

All the onlookers sucked in several breaths of cold air, what kind of person was this bearded man, he actually had such a great gambling skill, just a hundred hits.

All the people were even more concerned about the piece of raw stone that he had bought for six million.

Xu Wei’s expression had calmed down a little, but her heart was still beating wildly and uncontrollably. She believed at this point that her cla*smate who had lied to her was at least right in one sentence, gambling on stones did have the potential to make one a multi-millionaire at once, but it could also make one a street beggar.

If one didn’t understand the business, going to gamble on stones was no different from looking for death. Ye Mo definitely knew and was very proficient in this business.

Although the young woman had also made a fortune, all the people at the scene were focused on the original stone above Ye Mo’s latest purchase, a six million dollar original stone, it was exciting to think about.

This stone had been sitting here for almost a year, because the price was too high, the owner dropped it from 10 million to 8 million and no one wanted it, and now it had dropped again to 6 million. This time someone had finally bought it, and it was a legendary gambling expert.

At this point more and more people came to the small square, many of the bosses and rich people who had got the news came in droves. Everyone who came knew that an absolute legend had come here, a bearded man with a simply dressed girl who gambled stones powerfully. There had been no misses, and having started with two hundred dollars, in just two hours, she was now worth tens of millions of dollars.

All were expecting whether the stone would cut out green, and all were also expecting whether this gambling expert would create another miracle. At this moment, the people present had already ignored Ye Mo’s bearded and scarred face, they were concerned about Ye Mo’s ability to gamble on the stone and whether he could gamble on the scream.

Huo Duocai was also trembling with excitement, he had never been so addicted to solving stones as he was today, and would draw the envy and attention of so many people. After this incident, even if he was not paid, the number of people looking for his stone solving in the future would certainly not be less.

The one-person high jadeite stone was broken open by Huo Duocai from the middle at once under Ye Mo’s guidance ……

“Boom ……” The crowd started to roar noisily, and the various excited voices even changed their tune a bit, as if the item in front of him was his.

The original stone that had been unraveled by Huo Duocai revealed a large expanse of rich green, a green that felt so eye catching that one had never seen such a jade green as this. It was crystal clear and stretched out like a basin of green spring water giving one a sense of relief.

One slice, just one slice and it’s green, or a big green. No nonsense, no dilly-dallying, no rubbing and mending. The cut was so clean and daring that Huo Duocai couldn’t even think of not being famous. The only way to have a good time is to have a clean cut like this, it’s too much of an ink blot to rub around like that.

“It’s gone up so fiercely ……”

“Could it be an emerald? Oh my God, if it’s an emerald, how much would this big piece be worth?”

The sounds of awe around had become intense envy.

Ye Mo, however, knew that the green below this was much smaller than the one in front of him, and he had no intention of continuing, if he sold it now, one would save time and one could get a good price.

The young woman looked at the emerald in front of her and sighed, she really wanted to take it down in her heart, but she knew she didn’t have enough cash. The price of this piece of jade was beyond her means and her funds had recently started to struggle because of the limited source of jadeite wool. But she was sure that the few deals she had made today following this bearded man would soon open up her dilemma.

“Friend, I’ll take this raw stone, I’ll pay 50 million ……” A man who had just arrived saw the green colour that Ye Mo had unraveled and immediately had a glint in his eyes, and without thinking, he immediately made an offer.

“Boss Zheng, you are too ungenerous, such a big piece of good stuff, you want it alone ……” another obese man squeezed in.

Boss Zheng, who had made the previous offer, knew what the fat man behind him meant, and he did not raise the price for fear of hurting the peace, now it was up to the other party to behave.

“Alright, Old Pan, let’s both split it evenly in half.” Although it was tempting to eat it down alone, one was that it was really rare, and the second was that everyone who worked in jade here knew each other, and it wasn’t good to overdo it.