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DYM Chapter 621

“Sixty million, take it if you want it, yes, by the way, write another cash check for 100,000 to Huo Duocai ……” Ye Mo knew that although this thing was starting to shrink inside, getting it out would be worth at least 70 or 80 million, but he was afraid of the ha*sle. Read New Experience Breaking the Wind.

Huo Duocai froze, casually cut a few knives, is a hundred thousand to hand, this is also a little too easy.

“Deal ……”

No need for Ye Mo to say a second time, Xu Wei’s bank card once again added sixty million inside. Xu Wei originally thought she could barely force herself to calm down, but when the text message that the card had increased by sixty million dollars reached her phone again, there was no way for her to calm down anymore.

It wasn’t until Ye Mo pulled Xu Wei out of the crowd that Xu Wei reacted and she immediately had to give the card to Ye Mo. All this money was earned by Ye Mo, she couldn’t accept it Chapter 621 – Competing for friendship. Even if she was short of money, she could only be borrowing from Ye Mo.

Ye Mo put Xu Wei’s card into Xu Wei’s hand again and said, “Xu Wei, what do you think of my skills?”

Xu Wei nodded without hesitation, Ye Mo gambled on stones as if he could see into them, fast, and he also won every bet, this kind of skill was simply heaven defying.

Seeing Xu Wei nodding, Ye Mo smiled and said, “How much money do I need for my skills? How could you care about tens of millions? To tell you the truth, I’m richer than that what’s-his-name Gates now, I have billions and billions of dollars on me casually.”

If it was before, Xu Wei would have thought that Ye Mo was lying and bragging, but now Xu Wei knew that Ye Mo would not be lying. How could he care about tens of millions with this kind of ability, it was only two or three hours ago that he helped himself to win tens of millions.

“But, I ……” Although Xu Wei understood this, but more than eighty million was too much for her.

“Don’t have a psychological burden, you took out the money for this gambling, at best I’m just doing you a favor, you helped me many times back in Ninghai, it’s only right that I help you once. Moreover, Qing Xue often talks about you, saying that you helped her a lot back then too.” Ye Mo knew what Xu Wei was thinking about and said comfortingly.

Xu Wei wasn’t Chapter 621 – Competing to Befriend a Fool, she had now understood. Ye Mo was so rich, why would he use her two hundred dollars to gamble on the stones, even taking tens of millions to her would be idle. But would she want the tens of millions Ye Mo gave her? Definitely not. Ye Mo did this purely to help her, and not to let her have a psychological burden. But did she really have no burden?

Ye Mo was just about to ask about Xu Wei’s mother when the middle-aged man who had collapsed nine times in a row ran over, handed Ye Mo a golden business card and said, “Brother, it’s really you, you’re too good. My admiration for you that is ……”

Ye Mo had a bad chill. He quickly waved his hand to block the middle-aged man’s words. He took the business card and only then did he understand that the middle-aged man was called Hu Dan and was the chairman of a company. No wonder he was so rich.

Egg Protector? The name really had character. If he continued to gamble like this every day, it wouldn’t take long. If he continues to gamble like this every day, it won’t be long before he becomes a poor man, and this egg cannot be protected at all.

Xu Wei suddenly remembered something, she immediately said, “Ye Mo, can you accompany me to the police station, my no brother Xu Binwu is still being held, I need to get money to bail him out.”

Hu Dan rushed ahead of Ye Mo and said, “Is your brother Xu Binwu in the city bureau or which district branch? What’s the reason he’s in jail?”

“He’s being held at the Yanghai District Branch because he injured someone and has no money to pay for it.” Although now there is already money, but Xu Wei thought to father surprisingly no way to see the good life of the family. Just go away, the heart is a bit miserable.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll make a phone call.” Hu Dan finished picking up the phone and dialed directly to the director of the Yanghai District Branch, and put down the phone after a few words.

Then he looked at the strained Xu Wei and said, “Your brother Xu Binwu has been released, as for that compensation, I’ve asked an old friend to pay it for you, don’t worry.”

“Ah ……” Xu Wei quickly responded. She quickly thanked Hu Dan and at the same time went to fetch the money for Hu Dan.

Hu Dan waved his hand and said, “This little thing is not enough …… Don’t mention the money again, I didn’t listen to your boyfriend just now, and I really suffered a loss. To know someone like your boyfriend. It’s my luck.”

Speaking of this, Hu Dan turned to Ye Mo again and asked. “By the way, I haven’t asked you to call me brother, that, do you have a business card?”

Xu Wei wanted to explain as soon as she blushed, but after hearing Hu Dan’s last sentence, she didn’t say anything else. She also wanted to know what exactly Ye Mo was doing now, had he and Qing Xue gotten together, just now he said that Qing Xue often talked about himself, could it be that he and Qing Xue were already together?

Hu Dan was a bit anxious because Ye Mo was slow to bring him his business card, he couldn’t miss a high ranking person like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Sorry brother Hu, I don’t have a business card, you can just call me Ye Mo directly. I’ll give you a phone number, it’s just that my phone is often not on.”

“Yes, yes ……” Hu Dan knew that a strange man like Ye Mo must have many rules, and he was already happy to get a phone number.

After hearing Ye Mo’s phone number, Hu Dan hurriedly wrote it down and said, “Brother Ye, why don’t I be the host today and go for a walk together?”

Ye Mo didn’t mind, he didn’t have anything else to do today, so it didn’t matter if he went to dinner. He was about to ask Xu Wei when another voice interjected “Brother Ye, I’ve been looking for you, fortunately you haven’t left yet, just now I also wrote down your number, you shouldn’t mind, right? My name is Luo Zilan, thanks to your good fortune today, I made a big profit, I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to have a meal with me?”

After saying that Luo Zilan likewise handed over a business card, what a person what a business card. It was a maple red business card that also looked exquisite.

“That Zilan sister, I’ve already invited brother Ye, why don’t you do it next time.” Hearing that Luo Zilan was going to invite Ye Mo, Hu Dan hurriedly said.

“Xu Wei, what about you?” Ye Mo looked at Xu Wei.

“I want to go to the hospital to see my mother, I’m worried about her.” Xu Wei lowered her head and said.

As soon as Hu Dan heard Xu Wei’s words, he immediately said, “Sister Xu Wei, your mother is in the hospital, which hospital? You tell me, I will immediately arrange a good ward for her.”

“It’s Kanghai Hospital in Yanghai District.” Hearing Hu Dan’s words, Xu Wei subconsciously replied.

“Brother Hu, you don’t need to call, I’ll make the call, my uncle is the vice president of Kanghai Hospital.” Luo Zilan could not easily have a chance to perform, how could she give this matter to Hu Dan, she finished speaking and dialed the phone without waiting for Hu Dan to answer.

In front of Xu Wei. With just a few words, she had arranged for Xu Wei’s mother to be placed in a VIP ward.

This favor was just something he had to bear even if he didn’t. Ye Mo didn’t care, no matter what the illness was, as long as he made a move he would immediately recover without a doubt. But Xu Wei did not know ah, she hastily thanked Luo Zilan for his help.

“How about this, brother Hu, you set a place, you guys go first, Xu Wei and I will go to the hospital to see her no mother. Then we’ll come over.” Ye Mo knew that Xu Wei must not be at ease without seeing her mother.

“Good. Then we’ll wait for you guys at Teng Wang Restaurant.” This time, Hu Dan was ahead of Luo Zilan and fixed the place.

Luo Zilan gave Hu Dan a blank look but had no choice but to ask Xu Wei for a contact number. This was a move that Hu Dan could not do, if Xu Wei was Ye Mo’s friend. What do you mean by asking for the contact number in person.

Ye Mo, however, knew very well that Luo Zilan was not a simple person, she came slower not because she found herself only because she said so. Quite the opposite, she had already known that Ye Mo was talking to Xu Wei outside. The reason she was slower was that she had asked her bodyguard to warn those few punks who wanted to follow Ye Mo to go.

Ye Mo had made a huge profit at the gambling casino, and this kind of thing must have been watched by people with an eye on him, and Ye Mo had seen two brats trying to follow him and Xu Wei when he came out. Only before the two boys could follow them out, they were stopped by Luo Zilan’s bodyguards.

This is not a simple story, so those punks didn’t dare to talk any more nonsense and turned around and left in a huff.


When the two of them left the gambling house with Ye Mo, Xu Wei was silent for a long time before she said, “Ye Mo. Thank you for today.”

Ye Mo Wei laughed: “I’ve said no thanks, but you still want to thank me. I’m relieved to see you today, back then you invited me for a meal, I said I’d invite you back, and I haven’t been able to do so until now.”

“That ……” Xu Wei suddenly relaxed and smiled back, “Why don’t I buy you another meal tomorrow and you’ll owe me two. That way I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Ye Mo chuckled “If there are no surprises, I’ll be leaving Jincheng tomorrow after my business is done.”

“Is it because you miss Sister Light Snow?” Xu Wei suddenly asked.

Ye Mo nodded “Yes. I miss it a lot, and I need to go back to see them.”

Xu Wei did not hear Ye Mo’s words. Instead, she secretly thought in her heart, compared to that Ye Mo back then, the current Ye Mo was not only a lot more cheerful, but also had such a skill. That Hu Dan and Luo Zilan were not simple people, yet they were both willing to lower their stance to befriend Ye Mo. Light Snow was beautiful enough to be with Ye Mo, although a lot of things happened in between, but they finally came together, I just hope that Light Snow would not treat Ye Mo the same way as before and let him spend the night in the courtyard.

Seeing Xu Wei fall silent, Ye Mo said, “Later I will help your mother to see a disease, I can treat general diseases.”

“You can treat diseases?” Xu Wei woke up and looked at Ye Mo in amazement.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, when I was helping you lead a cla*s in Ninghai, I helped an old man surnamed Zhuo cure a disease, you should have heard of this matter, right?”

“What, that mysterious doctor was you?” Back then there was a mysterious doctor who cured a terminally ill patient at Lekang Hospital, but that mysterious doctor had never been found, it turned out to be Ye Mo.

Xu Wei jīng up, if it was really Ye Mo, wouldn’t that mean her mother’s illness was definitely not a problem? Now Xu Wei believed 100% in what Ye Mo said, she thought Ye Mo was really capable of doing this.

“Of course it’s me.” Ye Mo thought about what happened back then for a few tens of thousands of dollars and secretly sighed at how varied life was.

“Driver stop ……” Xu Wei, who wanted to speak again, suddenly made the driver stop the taxi and rushed out before she could answer Ye Mo’s words.

When Ye Mo saw Xu Wei rushing towards a youth covered in blood, he guessed that this youth was most likely her brother. Didn’t he just say that her brother Xu Binwu had just been released? How come he was fighting with someone here again?

Ye Mo dropped a hundred yuan and followed him down too.!!!