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DYM Chapter 622

Ye Mo saw that this was the entrance to Jincheng University and guessed that it might be the place where Xu Wei’s brother studied.

“Xiao Wu, why are you fighting with someone again?” Xu Wei asked with a tone of urgency and reproach as she walked over to support Xu Binwu who was covered in blood.

The young man said with hatred, “I didn’t fight with anyone ……”

When he said this, he saw Ye Mo walking over, but did not continue.

Ye Mo took a look at the youth, there were only some external injuries, although they looked serious, there was actually nothing. Although there was a lot of blood on his body, it was only because his forehead had been broken, so he would be fine once he went to bandage it. Since it was an ordinary injury, he didn’t bother to take his own pills out.

“Ye Mo, this is my brother Xu Binwu, I’ve made you laugh. Little Wu, this is my friend, called Brother Ye.” Xu Wei spoke softly with Ye Mo, but was stern with this youth. As she spoke, she had already found a handkerchief to bandage Xu Binwu’s forehead.

Xu Binwu looked Ye Mo up and down, Ye Mo’s selling face was really not complimentary, he frowned a little, looked at Xu Wei again, or reluctantly called out to Brother Ye. Although his expression was a little reluctant, he seemed to be a little scared of Xu Wei.

“What’s going on, say it.” Xu Wei, however, did not forget to ask Xu Binwu what had happened and still pursued the question.

Xu Binwu hesitated and said after a while, “I had just been released from the police station on bail, and because I was anxious about my mother’s illness, I wanted to come to school quickly. I met a cla*smate on the way, and when she saw me walking, she let me get in the car and brought me to school in a car ……”

“Mum is in hospital. What are you doing here at school? And since it was your cla*smate who brought you here, why did you fight with someone?” Xu Wei was not at all polite when facing Xu Binwu.

Xu Binwu said under his head, “I still have a few dozen dollars inside the dormitory, I want to take it with me to buy some bones for mum to make some soup …… Also, sis, I don’t want to study anymore, I want to go to work …… ”

Xu Wei listened to Xu Binwu’s words. Eyes red, patted Xu Binwu’s head and said, “I will take care of Mom’s affairs, you are not allowed to say such things in the future. From today onwards, go to school honestly. Don’t start any more fights.”

“I didn’t pick a fight, that cla*smate took me to the school gate and then her friend saw me. Her friend thought that I had something to do with that cla*smate. So she came up and beat me up indiscriminately.” Xu Binwu said with some aggravation.

Xu Wei’s face turned red with anger, “These people still have to be shameless, why didn’t that cla*smate of yours explain?”

“She left me at the school gate and went into the school, she didn’t see it, so ……” Xu Binwu said with some squirming.

“Then you can’t explain ah ……” Xu Wei said half of it did not say, she knew this matter is not to blame for her brother, men always want to point to face, others said how, immediately go to explain, this is also too no face. And Xu Binwu’s such a demeanor. The idea of having some interest in that cla*smate of his may not be absent.

In the end, he sighed and said, “Okay, let’s go to the hospital and get bandaged up, then go eat something, don’t worry about these things in the future, my sister has just earned a little money. You’d better go and study hard.”

After saying that she smiled awkwardly at Ye Mo again, although she didn’t say anything, but Ye Mo knew what she meant.

“Brat, don’t f*cking leave, from now on if I see you say one more word to Xiaoyin, smash your mouth ……” Three youths came out from inside the supermarket next to the school. When they saw that Xu Binwu was still talking to Xu Wei, they came over to him, and their tone was very rude.

When Xu Wei saw that these people were still not letting her brother go, she was just about to come out and rebuke, when she heard someone next to her say, “Wei Qian, what do you mean?”

Ye Mo, however, had long seen this girl walking over, and what happened was that he actually knew this girl, the very annoying Xiao Yin from the plane. He himself even helped her mother to cure her illness, only this girl always said that he was a liar, he never thought that he would meet here.

“Did you beat up Xu Binwu? Wei Qian, you still want to be shameless, what’s wrong with me talking to my cla*smates? Who are you to me? I can’t get rid of you because of your background? Don’t put gold paper on your face, scum ……” The girl came out with a series of words, scolding Wei Qian, who had just spoken, speechless.

But to his surprise, the girl did not end there, but called the police directly.

“Xiaoyin ……” The youth who was just scolding Xu Binwu’s face immediately turned ugly, only this girl’s words, he did not dare to refute a single word, he knew that the other party was right. It was simply too easy for the Shen family to get rid of their own son who was a jeweler.

“Don’t scream so disgusting, let me spit ……” This girl finished the call and said to Xu Binwu, “Sorry Xu Binwu, I just wanted to take you on a journey, I didn’t expect to meet this kind of scum. ”

“Oh, no, it’s okay Shen Yin, this is my sister Xu Wei, and this is my sister’s friend Ye Mo.” Xu Binwu hurriedly waved his hand and said, seeing that he was still very uncomfortable in front of Shen Yin.

Hearing Xu Binwu’s words, Shen Yin suddenly began to look at Ye Mo carefully, even without blinking her eyes.

Xu Wei and Xu Binwu both looked at Shen Yin strangely, although Xu Wei knew that Ye Mo had changed his appearance, but others didn’t know that. Ye Mo’s current appearance could be described as ugly and fierce looking, not a good person at first glance, how come this Shen Yin was so interested in Ye Mo?

Xu Binwu, however, was a little bitter, he couldn’t be worse than Ye Mo no matter his looks or age, right, how come Shen Yin started paying attention to Ye Mo as soon as he arrived?

“Is your name really Ye Mo?” Shen Yin asked an inexplicable question after looking at him for half a day? After asking, she stared at Ye Mo’s eyes and suddenly revealed a look of surprise and amazement.

Ye Mo touched his nose, he knew that Shen Yin was paying a lot of attention to him because she had heard that he was Ye Mo, and probably recognized him by now. Because of the huge difference in appearance, she was just not sure.

Although he didn’t have the slightest good feeling towards Shen Yin, Ye Mo still nodded but didn’t say anything.

Shen Yin’s gaze made Xu Wei a little uncomfortable, how could anyone look at someone like that, she simply wanted to strip Ye Mo of his clothes, this kind of gaze was too much.

“Ye Mo, Xiao Wu, let’s go, I need to go to the hospital to see my mother.” Xu Wei said as she broke Shen Yin’s scrutiny.

Xu Binwu suddenly said, “Sister, how is mum? I’m dying of anxiety in there.”

Xu Wei blushed, she had been cheated out of her money, so she went to take care of her mother every day after she went to bed, and then came out to look for Xia Fangfang, not even daring to ask about her mother’s condition, and now that her brother asked about it, she surprisingly had a deep sense of self-blame.

But seeing her brother’s somewhat anxious gaze, she had to say, “Xiao Wu, you don’t have to worry, mum will be discharged from the hospital soon. Brother Ye is the one I asked to help mum, he is very skilled in medicine ……”

“Ah, so Brother Ye is a doctor ……” Xu Binwu then suddenly realized and even breathed a sigh of relief, he had always thought that his sister had no choice but to be a little honey to a big money, but now he realized that it turned out that Ye Mo was a doctor.

Shen Yin, who had been having doubts in her heart, heard that Ye Mo was a doctor, her eyes even lit up and she walked and turned to Ye Mo again to look at him for half a day before saying, “Are you really a doctor?”

Ye Mo hummed and didn’t say yes or no.

“My eldest uncle has been bedridden for half a year, I would like to ask you to help me take a look, I don’t know if Dr. Ye Shen ……” Shen Yin hesitated for a moment, but said inexplicably.

Shen Yin’s words, of course, Ye Mo heard it, he also knew that Shen Yin should recognize him, his eyes flashed some disgust, waved his hand and said, “Get out of the way, your family’s money I do not want to cheat.”

“Ah, you really are divine doctor Ye, I’m sorry, divine doctor Ye, last time I was blind to dare to suspect that you were a fraud ……” Shen Yin said and actually hugged Ye Mo’s leg and knelt down.

Ye Mo reached out and pulled Shen Yin up and said in a cold voice: “I repeat, your family’s matter has nothing to do with me, that is, if you do anything more, I will not do anything. That small amount of money your family has, I haven’t looked at it, and your family can’t afford to pay for my treatment.”

The few people next to her were frozen, it was okay that Xu Wei didn’t know, but Wei Qian and the others and Xu Binwu knew ah. Shen Yin was a member of the Shen family, who else dared to bully the Shen family in Jincheng? But a delicate girl like Shen Yin was kneeling down for someone, and the person kneeling down had a cold face.

What was even more surprising was that the bearded man even said that the Shen family could not afford the medical expenses, saying that he could not afford to look at the small amount of money of the Shen family. If the Shen family was only a small amount of money, then there would be no one with big money in the whole of Jincheng. The Shen family was one of the richest masters even in China, could it be that he was charging immortal coins for treating patients, and what other doctors wanted money that the Shen family could not afford?

However, if these people knew about the ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Hospital’ and the fact that the world’s oil tycoon, Emmer, had spent a billion dollars to treat his illness, they would not have been so surprised. The Shen family is rich, but they wouldn’t just spend a billion dollars to cure a disease, right? Besides, how do you know that they are asking for a billion dollars, or even more than two billion dollars?

But to everyone’s surprise, Shen Yin did not show any excitement, but still said in a low voice: “Sorry, divine doctor Ye, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that you saved my mother Qinghuai’s life, and I am not begging you to help cure my eldest uncle ……”

Although Ye Mo didn’t know why Shen Yin was saying sorry and not saying thank you, yet he understood what she meant. That Qing Samuel’s mother should be the middle-aged noblewoman on the plane, for her odd name, Ye Mo didn’t care, now Shen Yin’s attitude made him change his disliked opinion of Shen Yin a bit.

At least she still knew how to be grateful.