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DYM Chapter 623

“Divine Doctor Ye, please forgive my ignorance, if I can, I would like to treat you to a meal on behalf of my Aunt Qing Huai’s mother ……” Shen Yin had by now fully understood why Aunt Qing Huai and that Master Meng Jiushan were so bent over Ye Mo, while Ye Mo seemed to care nothing the way he did.

She didn’t understand at that time because she was ignorant, and the ignorant were fearless.

There are times when the gap between what you learn in books and the truth is so wide, when you don’t understand, you think everything is within your grasp, everything is within your thoughts. Anything beyond your mind, anything you think doesn’t exist is ridiculous, and you may even think it’s insane to believe in it. But once you understand those things, you realise that it is you who is really ridiculous.

At least Shen Yin felt that after she returned from San Francisco with her Auntie Samuel, her state of mind and her outlook on her own thinking had changed dramatically, and she no longer had her original self-centred arrogance and vainness. She began to settle down, and although there were still many street hustlers enriching themselves under the guise of various fortune tellers and fortune testers and so on, she knew that they were hustlers because they were not good enough, not because their trades were all false.

So the last time Auntie Samuel left her and did not return to the Shen family in Jincheng, Shen Yin was sad but understood what Auntie Samuel had done. Everyone has the right to pursue their own path within this world, and if it were the case in the past, Shen Yin would have thought that Auntie Qing Huai was crazy and simply unbelievable. But now, she knew that she wished Auntie Samuel a happy life.

A police car came over and soon a police officer greeted Shen Yin before taking the three Wei Qian away without hesitation. Ye Mo then knew that Shen Yin’s family’s background should not be small either. But no matter the size of the background, to Ye Mo, he didn’t want to get involved.

“Sorry, I have an appointment tonight. My friend asked me to go to Teng Wang Restaurant for dinner tonight, so I can’t go. As for the thank you, there’s no need, I’ve already paid for it anyway, so all this is secondary.” Ye Mo’s tone was no longer as intense as it was originally.

As soon as Shen Yin heard this she hurriedly and eagerly said, “Then how about tomorrow. I’ll treat you again tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, ah, that probably won’t work either, I might have to leave tomorrow. Let’s go Xu Wei ……” Ye Mo turned around and left Jincheng University with Xu Wei Xu Binwu, leaving behind Shen Yin who was a bit uncertain.

Shen Yin knew that people like Ye Mo were invisible to the gods. Meeting him once was great luck, but meeting him twice was already the luck of all luck. If there was no luck, even if you met him, you might not be able to recognize him. Just like today, if she hadn’t known beforehand that he was Ye Mo and that he was a doctor, she wouldn’t have been able to recognise that this man was the divine doctor.

There was one chance, and she didn’t want to let it go no matter what. Didn’t he say he was at the King Teng Restaurant? I’ll wait in front of the King Teng Restaurant at night, so it’s always okay to be cheeky and go and rub a meal together. Or I could pay for them first.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.


“Brother Ye, are you really a doctor?” On the way to the hospital, Xu Binwu still asked with some disbelief. Who didn’t know about Shen Yin’s pride throughout Jincheng University, but she was actually so respectful to Ye Mo. It was evident that Ye Mo must be someone with real skills.

Ye Mo knew what Xu Binwu meant, he said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry, even if I don’t help cure your mother, your sister has earned some money now, she can still help cure your mother.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Xu Binwu looked at Xu Wei in a somewhat strange manner.

Xu Wei saw her brother looking at her. She could only say, “Ye Mo is also an expert in gambling stones, he took me to gamble on stones and later helped me win six …… six million, I think.”

After thinking about it, Xu Wei still removed a zero from the sixty million.

“What? Six million?” Xu Binwu was almost petrified, with six million, his mother’s illness no longer had to worry about everything at home.


Teng Wang Restaurant, it was considered a luxurious place in Jincheng.

When Ye Mo arrived here, it was already late in the day. Xu Wei’s mother was actually suffering from liver failure due to the long hardship, a disease that Ye Mo only needed two pills for. After he helped Xu Wei’s mother cure her illness, Xu Wei’s mother still needed to recuperate for a while.

Because she was now in a high-cla*s ward and Xu Wei had money, Ye Mo did not have to worry about these things. Xu Wei knew that Ye Mo might have something to do in the evening, so she didn’t go with Ye Mo either, and both her brother Xu Binwu stayed at the hospital with her mother.

Ye Mo did have things to do, and under normal circumstances, he really didn’t want to waste time going to dinner for businessmen like Hu Dan and Luo Zilan. It wasn’t that he was condescending, it was because it was hard for him to cross paths with these people’s lives. This was because after this matter was over, he would most likely go back to Luo Yue to settle for a while, and then prepare to go to the Small World to look for the ‘Bitter Decade’ and some cultivation resources.

With a place to call his own, the only thing Ye Mo was pursuing now was to cultivate to a higher realm. His pursuit was different from others, and Ye Mo knew that no one understood his pursuit. Apart from his own lover, on the other hand, he was alone, searching alone on a lonely path.

Ye Mo’s main purpose in coming to Teng Wang Restaurant was to ask Hu Dan and Luo Zilan if they knew about the auction, if they did, he could even go and retrieve the Five Element Stone tonight, if they didn’t know, he would go and find Pan Sheng tomorrow. This kind of high level auction was not known to all people, only those who had reached a certain level could know about such things.

The first person Ye Mo saw when he arrived at the entrance of Teng Wang Restaurant turned out to be Shen Yin, he immediately understood what Shen Yin meant, but no matter what Shen Yin said, he wouldn’t just offer his help. He wasn’t a charity, so why should he help that eldest uncle of hers to cure him?

“Divine Doctor Ye ……,” Shen Yin saw Ye Mo and hurriedly went forward to greet him.

Ye Mo frowned a little and said, “I’m not a doctor, the healing thing is only a guest appearance once in a while when I run out of money to use, don’t treat me like a divine doctor.”

Ye Mo really wasn’t lying about this, the few times he had helped people with their illnesses were because he ran out of money, the first time was Su Jingwen, because he ran out of money. The second time was Zhuo Youshan, again because he ran out of money, and the later times at the ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Hospital’, the same was because of lack of money.

“Then Brother Ye, I want to come and rub a meal, so, so ……” Shen Yin said, her face was a little red and hot, she was not shy, she was losing face lost. The fact that a young lady from the Shen family has to come to the door of the Teng Wang restaurant to say that she wants to rub a meal is too much of a loss of status. Besides, this rubbing rice she said was really rubbing rice, not that it was a joke between familiar people.

The fact that Shen Yin had already said this, if he didn’t agree, it would be unkind. Thinking of this, he could only raise his hand and said, “Alright then, let’s go up together.”

When Shen Yin heard that Ye Mo had agreed, the blood on her face immediately disappeared and she immediately said in surprise, “Thank you, Brother Ye, for giving me this opportunity.”

Just as Shen Yin finished speaking, two people came out from inside the hotel, and they hurriedly greeted Ye Mo when they saw him.

“Mr. Ye, it’s really good to see you.” When Hu Dan saw Ye Mo coming, the happiness on his face was not the slightest bit false.

Luo Zilan followed behind Hu Dan and was just as happy about Ye Mo’s arrival. However, the two soon saw that the one who came with Ye Mo this time was not the one in front, Xu Wei, but another girl.

“You’re Miss Shen Yin from the Shen family?” Luo Zilan recognised Shen Yin at first glance.

“Yes, may I ask who you are?” Shen Yin was not very familiar with Luo Zilan, however.

Luo Zilan hurriedly said, “I had been to Tai Gong Shen’s 90th birthday the year before last and had met you once, you might not have noticed.”

It was the young lady of the Shen family and was familiar with Ye Mo, not only Luo Zilan but also Hu Dan was polite to Shen Yin.

Because the meal was dominated by Ye Mo, several people talked happily. It was only that Luo Zilan leaned towards Ye Mo from time to time, making Shen Yin very uncomfortable, she felt that this woman was as hateful as a cat in heat. This woman, Luo Zilan, was a very shrewd woman at first glance, she made full use of her physical advantage to minimise the disadvantage of her face and had a style that even mature women did not possess.

Shen Yin knew that Ye Mo was not a bearded man, and she felt that if someone like Ye Mo was seduced into bed by Luo Zilan, it would simply spoil Divine Doctor Ye. However, she could not do the same as Luo Zilan, or even warn Ye Mo, making her anxious for a while.

For Luo Zilan to be able to seduce Ye Mo into bed, Shen Yin had no doubts, she had stayed in the Shen family more and seen more, and she had really seen a lot of the rottenness of the relationship between men and women of such big families. As long as a man is a man, there is no one who does not cheat on his wife. Not to mention a voluptuous and mature mature woman who actively wants to throw her arms around.

Shen Yin’s guess was not wrong, it was Hu Dan who also saw a bit of it, and he was deeply misguided, had he known this, he would have found a beautiful woman to accompany Ye Mo as well. Luo Zilan did have the idea of trying to get Ye Mo into bed, she was a shrewd woman, during the daytime gambling, others thought that it was Ye Mo’s high ability, but she had a different opinion.

In her opinion, the fact that Ye Mo was able to gamble 100% successfully and could even know how much the stuff inside the raw jadeite was worth, that was definitely not something that could be explained by a high level of skill. Ye Mo must have a set of methods to see inside the wool.

No matter what kind of ray gla*ses Ye Mo’s method used, or what kind of high technology, this kind of thing she would love to get her hands on. What did it matter if she slept with a bearded man for a few nights, as long as she could get this method, it was no big deal to sleep with him for a year.

Although she, Luo Zilan, was not a wildcat in heat who could bang anyone. But this bearded man, however, had the qualifications to bang her.