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DYM Chapter 624

Ye Mo smiled coldly, of course he understood Luo Zilan’s thoughts, although the meal had only started not long ago, he did not want to stay on to go. He said to Luo Zilan, “Thanks to Mr. Luo for helping to throw a few punks away today, saving me from being robbed.”

Luo Zilan was shocked, she didn’t expect that he could know about something so far away from Ye Mo, so she, Luo Zilan, had underestimated this bearded man.

Originally, she had planned to finally do something hard if it really didn’t work, to let him know that she had helped him chase away many of the gangsters, otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to leave Jincheng. Now it seemed that Ye Mo was not a simple person either. The kind of thing he said about being spared from being robbed clearly smacked of sarcasm, so it was evident that even if he didn’t get rid of those few punks himself, Ye Mo wouldn’t be afraid.

After Ye Mo said this, he ignored Luo Zilan, but lifted his cup and said to Hu Dan, “Brother Hu, I heard that Jincheng is going to hold a large auction recently and there is a coloured stone for sale, is that right?”

Hu Dan and Ye Mo drank a cup, and hearing Ye Mo’s words he replied somewhat strangely, “Is there such a thing? How come I don’t know about it. General Luo, have you heard of it?”

Hu Dan was also annoyed at Luo Zilan’s frazzled look.

“Ah, I didn’t know either.” Luo Zilan came back to her senses and replied somewhat hastily. Ye Mo’s words just now made her feel a little out of control of the situation.

Originally, in her mind, everything was under her control, and as long as Ye Mo could come here, she would use every means to get Ye Mo drunk and then take him to her place and drain him dry. But Ye Mo’s one sentence made her feel a little out of control.

However, Shen Yin said, “Big brother Ye, the general auction that our Shen family participates in is my cousin, why don’t I ask for you to watch …….”

Hearing Hu Dan and Luo Zilan say that they didn’t know about the auction, Ye Mo was a little disappointed, according to that a rich person like Hu Dan should have access to high level auctions, but even he didn’t know, it looks like this auction is not simple. Or was that old man from Jiutang lying to him?

Now Shen Yin said something about her cousin, although he didn’t know if it would work. But he still immediately nodded and said, “You should hurry up and call and ask about it.”

If this matter was a lie to him, he didn’t mind going back and taking away all the things from ‘Jewel Xuan’ in Jiutang.

Shen Yin’s call, however, was not made from inside the box, but walked outside to make the call. Probably because he had scruples about Ye Mo, Luo Zilan was not as reckless as he was just now.

It was Hu Dan who interjected, “I’ve heard of her cousin Shen Yin, I think she’s the eldest daughter of the Shen family. I heard that she is a wizard in business, and she is very much liked by Grand Duke Shen, and she is at the helm of the Shen family’s business. She was the most powerful person in the Shen family apart from Grand Duke Shen. The people of the Shen family are fighting with each other …… er. It was the people of the Shen family who did not allow her to remain at the helm of the Shen family’s business anymore.”

Hu Dan spoke of infighting remembering Shen Yin, he didn’t know what Shen Yin’s relationship with Ye Mo was so he couldn’t say much.

Ye Mo had already understood. It was that after Tai Gong Shen’s death, the Shen family was fighting for power, and this position of the first lady of the Shen family was no longer secure.

However, Luo Zilan cut in and said, “I heard that the First Miss of the Shen Family is strangely ugly. I wonder if it’s true.”

Hu Dan gave a heated laugh, “Such things are just gossip, there is nothing true or false. But two years ago in Hong Kong, there was a face-lifting pills, and the Duke of Shen had someone go to the auction to buy it, but it just didn’t work out.”

Just at this time, Shen Yin ran in with the phone and said to Ye Mo, “Brother Ye, the auction you mentioned is really there, only that it has started now, on top of an oil tanker in the Bohai Sea. My cousin has just sent me a text message. She’s also on the tanker, I’m afraid you won’t make it in time.”

Ye Mo was secretly angry in his heart, Luo Yu from ‘Jewel Xuan’ in Jiutang was really lying to him. Although his words didn’t lie to him, but he said the auction was still a few days away this was misleading him and made him waste a day. If he hadn’t met Shen Yin, he would have been kept in the dark until now.

“Shen Yin, thank you for this. I have to leave for a trip, count me as owing you a favour, I can help you with one thing when I return tomorrow. Boss Luo, thank you for your hospitality, see you next time ……” Ye Mo’s last two words of goodbye came through. His man had already left and disappeared.

Ye Mo had to be anxious, in case the auction ended. Once the people dispersed, he would never be able to find the Five Element Stone again. Although the Bohai Sea was the outer sea of Jincheng, it was not a simple matter to find a pa*senger ship inside the Bohai Sea.

The remaining three of them looked at each other, and only after half a day did Shen Yin remember that Ye Mo had said he could help her with one thing.

Although Hu Dan was a little disappointed, he was still very happy, being able to befriend someone like Ye Mo was a great thing for him in itself. The hardest thing was Luo Zilan, she hadn’t gotten even one ten thousandth of what she wanted, although she had the intention to hate Shen Yin, but Shen Yin was a member of the Shen family, she couldn’t afford to mess with her.



At the same time inside one of the largest halls on the upper deck of the cruise ship, a world-wide auction is being held. The auction is organised by Circle Air Auctions, the world’s largest auction house. If you dare to bring it, they dare to sell it, planes, cannons, shorts and socks, whatever.

Up to now, the cheapest item sold at the auction was worth nearly a million dollars. It’s a game for the rich, a place where the rich burn their money, so to speak.

Anything can be sold here, even a woman and her panties, as long as you can afford to pay for the consignment. It costs money to consign here, even if it doesn’t sell, as long as you consign it, you still have to pay. And of course when it sells, you pay a commission.

You don’t have to worry about being ripped off by Circle Auctions, all you have to worry about is whether you can buy what you need. Those who are invited to the Circle Sky Auction are among the world’s leading tycoons, and there are even countries that come to the auction disguised as tycoons. Because this auction does not allow countries to participate directly, but if you want to disguise yourself as a tycoon, no one cares about you.

Of course, there are also some people who are not invited but can still get a place in the auction, it all depends on your ability, as long as you have the ability to get it, the auction will definitely not investigate or care.

Just a moment ago, a cursed ball of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh was auctioned off for $50 million.

Normally, this auction is run in a tight schedule, with one item sold and a second sold immediately afterwards. But this time it was different, as a white gaijin who was presiding over the auction stood on the auction stand.

He swept the auction hall and then said, “Those who come to our auction are the elites of the world, and we all know the rules of our auction. However, I regret that someone has just sent a text message above the auction. Although our auctions are all open and honest, I don’t want this kind of thing to happen again, if you want to contact, please do so after the auction is over, good, the following auction will continue ……”

Shen Qian Qian, who was sitting in a corner of the auction, subconsciously winced, of course she knew this rule, but she also knew that this was the last time she would attend such an auction. Because she knew that after Tai Gong Shen had gone, she was about to hand over everything in her hands as well. Although she attended such auctions, she was not able to make the decision to buy the same thing, which made her depressed. After receiving a message from Shen Yin on the phone, she chose to send a text message to Shen Yin.

That one text message was a warning, and once warned twice, the Shen family would never be allowed to participate in auctions of this calibre.

A scantily clad blonde, carrying a silver tray stood on top of the auction stand, presided over by the same white woman, thirty years old, with a better face and a very dignified and decent look. It was a perfect counterpoint to the scantily clad woman next to her, and looked very eye catching.

“Now up for auction is a mysterious Miao compulsion from China, this compulsion is called the God Controlling Compulsion and comes with simple instructions on how to raise it. The reserve price is thirty million dollars, each time the minimum increase shall not be less than one million dollars, please make your friends an offer.” Unlike other things that were described in detail, this compulsion, the auction host simply said a few words each in English and Chinese before starting to allow offers.

“Thirty-five million ……,” someone on the huge offer screen already started to offer.

A compulsion for auction might be appalling in other places, but it was a little too uncommon in the Huankong auction.

Those who participate in the auction are usually people who know about compulsions or are particularly familiar with them. Those who are not familiar with or understand compulsions will rarely buy them. Raising a compulsion is different from raising other things, and if one is not very familiar with it, it is likely to cause the compulsion to turn against its owner.

“Forty million ……”

“Forty-three million.”


The price of the parasite quickly soared to fifty million, and if one was attentive they could see that the bids were from those few people. In the end, the compulsion was bought by a man who was covered in a black scarf and just looked a bit chilly for fifty-six million. Although this man wore a black scarf on his face to make it invisible, just looking at the two sides of his ears and some of the skin showing on his face would have given people a creepy feeling.

His ears and both cheeks looked as if they had been bitten by some kind of insect, appearing pitted and pockmarked as if they were ghosts from hell. The blonde woman who held the compulsion to him even had her calves shaking when she saw the man’s exposed skin.

Luckily, the man was quick to deal, and he quickly transferred 56 million from his card.

After the transaction of the companions was completed, another young girl wearing only a three-dot style came out with a golden plate, and inside this golden plate was only a jade box which was not very big.