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DYM Chapter 625

After the transaction of the companions was completed, another young girl wearing only a three-pointed style came out with a golden plate, inside which there was only a not-so-large jade box.

The dignified young woman on the stage picked up a jade box from the plate, opened it and held it up, saying: “This is a milky white stone, a stone that you can feel the spirituality in your hand. Some people in China also call it a qi stone. I have heard that holding it is very beneficial to those who practise supernatural powers and those who practise ancient martial arts. If you don’t practice, crack this stone into something to hang on your body, it can make you incredibly healthy.”

The stone emitted a faint white glow and could make people feel extraordinary just by looking at it from afar, that is, people who didn’t know the use of the stone wanted to buy it back and take a look at it, at least the appearance was much prettier than white jade. So Chapter 625 – Borrowing Money to Auction for It didn’t matter whether what the young woman on top of the auction stand said was true or not, many people didn’t care.

“The reserve price for this stone is fifty million dollars, each increase must not be less than one million, please make an offer ……” After the young woman hosting the auction finished, there was a short silence.

It was true that the stone looked like a favorite, and there was nothing wrong with it looking beautiful, but the price was a bit too outrageous. All of us here were wealthy people from around the world, and $50 million was not a huge amount for many of us here, but it was definitely not a small amount either. The most important thing was whether it was cost effective to spend so much money on a stone.

Although fifty million dollars was quite a lot, there were still people who didn’t care, it was always good to be able to purchase a stone that was healthy to hang on to.

“One hundred million dollars ……”

Someone on the scene had already made an offer, and it was still doubled. A hundred million dollars was quoted directly. If there were still people playing around with the tens of millions, but at 100 million, no one was going to play around with it anymore.

Almost all eyes were fixed on the man who had bid 100 million, and it was the man with the black scarf over his face who had just spent more than 50 million on the parasite. Just by looking at his grim look, the people around him who wanted to bid did not dare to bid any more.

This six hundred and twenty-five chapter borrowed money to buy the man set the price to one hundred million at once, is certainly imperative to get, and the implication is that if he robbed with him is an enemy. The people at this auction are all businessmen. There are also mobsters, but no one would want to have a grudge against this grim and ghastly man over a stone that is not very important.

No one would dare to touch you at the auction. But out of the auction then it’s impossible to say.

“One hundred million dollars once ……”

“One hundred million dollars twice, is there anyone else who wants to raise the bid?” The young woman presiding over the auction was a bit helpless, the man who had come with the stone had clearly told them about the auction. The stone would definitely sell for an astronomical price, but only one hundred million and then it stopped, which made her a little depressed.

Although depressed, she couldn’t say what the shady man had done wrong, although everyone knew he was threatening people, but he hadn’t asked for it.

“How much is each price increase?” An abrupt voice rang out from inside the venue.

Only then did Shen Qianqian realise that there was suddenly another person beside her, a bearded man, and a scar on his face. She didn’t know when this bearded man had come, but she heard the sound of his voice speaking.

The one who spoke was of course Ye Mo, if it wasn’t for the faint aura emanating from this spirit stone. He would still have a long time to find this place. However, in this place of thin spiritual energy, there was a place where the spiritual energy was slightly thicker and Ye Mo immediately felt it, he did not expect this to be the auction site.

As soon as he arrived, he saw the spiritual stone on the auction table, and originally he had planned to look for the Five Elements Stone. But this was the second time the offer had been made, so he didn’t hesitate to go in first, no matter what, this spirit stone was something he had to get his hands on first.

Ye Mo’s abrupt voice was heard not only by Shen Qian Qian, but also by all the people inside the venue. But no one thought that Ye Mo had just entered, because this auction was impossible to enter without an entrance ticket. It was impossible to come in.

“One million ……” Shen Qian Qian saw that Ye Mo was right next to her, she still took the initiative to say something.

“Oh, then I offer one hundred and ten million ……” Ye Mo then said.

Hearing that someone had raised the price, the young woman on the stage immediately smiled with joy and hurriedly said, “This gentleman, please sit down and use the quotation machine to make an offer.”

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t seem to be very proficient in English, Shen Qian Qian quickly said, “There is an empty seat here, then you can sit down first and then just use the quotation machine in front of your seat.”

She didn’t know how this bearded man had gotten in, but she knew that this man was definitely not inside this venue just now. She had an ability to remember everyone who entered the venue, and she wouldn’t even forget anyone who was even looked at by her. This bearded man, on the other hand, she had not seen once.

Ye Mo rubbed his nose a little embarra*sed and sat down next to Shen Qian Qian, he was really too excited just now, he had come to look for the five element stones this time, but he had met a spirit stone, this luck was also fantastic.

It was amazing that someone had brought a spirit stone for sale, it was until now that Ye Mo had not calmed down, to know that it was too difficult to find a spirit stone on earth. So he immediately put the matter of the five element stone aside to take the spirit stone down.

In the Cultivation World, a Five Element Stone was more than a hundred spirit stones even if you were allowed to touch it, but this was not the Cultivation World, this was the Earth, the barren Earth.

Here, although the five element stones are precious, they are not much more precious than spirit stones. And it was exactly what Ye Mo needed right now.

Ye Mo sat down and quickly used the quotation machine to quote a price of one hundred and ten million on the top of the big screen. By quoting this price, he was grabbing the same thing as the grim looking man at the same time. Ye Mo’s move instantly attracted the entire auction site.

The man with the black scarf even swept his gaze towards Ye Mo, grunted, and without hesitation, he quoted a price of 120 million dollars.

Ye Mo was just about to continue to raise the price when Shen Qian Qian, who was sitting next to him, said, “If that stone is not important to you, I suggest you better not raise the price, that man is not easy.”

Ye Mo glanced at Shen Qian Qian next to him, also wearing a piece of sarong, but Ye Mo didn’t use his divine sense to scan how she looked. To him the spirit stones were a must, even if that person was not simple, he still had to get them.

“One hundred and thirty million ……” The price quoted by Ye Mo immediately made all the people at the scene understand that there was definitely something unusual about this Qi Qi stone, otherwise these two people would not have paid such a huge price to grab it.

The black scarfed shady man did not continue to raise the price, not knowing if it was because he did not have enough money or because of some other reason, he just gave Ye Mo a cold look and surprisingly kept silent.

The young girl walked up to Ye Mo with the golden plate and asked him to pay on the spot. Ye Mo only knew about the offer just now, but forgot that the card he had on him had already been given to Yin Qingyan. He did have 600 to 700 million in cash inside his ring, but he couldn’t take out such a huge pile of cash. This was a bit too outrageous.

Ye Mo’s expression was immediately visible to people, and the shady man sneered and said, “Your Excellency is not here to cause trouble, right, to make an offer but not be able to take out the money, hum ……”

He knew that all he had to do was say this, and the auctioneer would find Ye Mo for the following matters.

Even Shen Qian Qian looked at Ye Mo with worry, messing up at the Huankong auction was not a simple matter, it was immediately fatal. The auction was surrounded by people with loaded guns, as long as anyone dared to make trouble here, all these guns would be aimed at him.

Ye Mo awkwardly looked at the few people next to Shen Qian Qian and said, “Can anyone lend me a hundred and thirty million dollars, I promise to pay everyone back soon.”

It wasn’t that Ye Mo hadn’t thought of looking for Void Moon Hua, but he reckoned that Luo Yue’s account must be known by countries with a heart. Moreover, once Void Yuehua remitted the money, the matter of the spirit stones being bought by Luo Yue’s people would immediately be exposed.

Of course this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that the current Luo Yue is not the old days. All of Luo Yue’s money belonged to the state treasury, and it wasn’t good for him to always take money from the treasury privately. There were no rules, and even if he wanted money, he had to wait for Void Moon Hua to open a separate account for him.

Ye Mo’s words made the surroundings silent for a while, before some murmurs came from them. A person who came to the auction, after buying the item in his hand, was unable to get the money out and asked people around him who he didn’t know to borrow money. This kind of thing might be funny at other auctions, but it wasn’t funny at Huankong, it was fatal.

It was obvious that as soon as Ye Mo’s words came out, more armed soldiers immediately entered the auction site, and the auction side looked like they had already cla*sified Ye Mo as a troublemaker.

Although Ye Mo could have taken it and left, this kind of thing was too humiliating, it would be the same as robbing someone by virtue of his strength. It would have been fine if the other party was Rice who had coveted him, but now the other party was truly in business.

Not a single person, including Shen Qian Qian, was willing to lend money to Ye Mo. Who are you kidding, this is not a penny or two, it’s more than a billion ah, or dollars.

Ye Mo really didn’t want to fight, he hadn’t found the Five Elemental Stones until now, and the Five Elemental Stones were the purpose of his visit today.

Seemingly sensing that Shen Qian Qian was more talkative, he had to say to Shen Qian Qian again, “This girl, if you lend me 150 million, I promise to pay you back 20 million more, I’ll do what I say.”

Seeming to see the sincerity in Ye Mo’s eyes, his eyes were not as fierce as his face, Shen Qian Qian had to kindly explain, “Sorry, I am not unwilling to lend you, we don’t know each other. And I don’t have much money, this amount is also what I am going to use to buy pills, even now I don’t have enough money, so I can’t lend it to you.”

Shen Qian Qian had only accumulated around US$200 million after so many years of hard work, how could she possibly lend this money to a random bearded man she didn’t know?

Moreover, her words had already made it clear that anyone who was a little bit sensible would not mention borrowing money again, but Ye Mo was a connoisseur of alchemy, so he asked without even thinking, “What kind of elixir are you buying? Maybe I have it.”