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DYM Chapter 626

“The Face Residing Pill.” Shen Qian Qian sighed, she was already ready to leave the auction site, this auction was originally something she had come to attend on behalf of the Shen Family. One of the reasons she came here was to represent the Shen family, and another was to take her chances and see if she could purchase the Face Residing Pill.

Ye Mo slapped his palm, “Very well, I happen to have the ‘Face Residing Pill’ pills I’ll give them to you, you help me pay the 130 million dollars.”

“You ……” Shen Qian Qian looked at Ye Mo with a speechless face, she couldn’t imagine that there was such a person. Her temper was soft on the outside and tough on the inside, even if Ye Mo was like this, she still didn’t want to say hard words. For a business person like her, if she could not offend someone, she would try not to offend them.

The reason why the great Duke Shen placed her, Shen Qian Qian, in the position of executor of the family business, her talent in business was certainly important, but what was even more important was her unparalleled sense of human relations. Shen Qian Qian would never offend a person because of something unimportant, even if that person had no influence on the Shen family’s Shen Yi 100%, she would not offend them.

However, Ye Mo was really too much, just as close to saying something like, “Give me money quickly, I’ll give you candy.

Hearing Shen Qian Qian and Ye Mo’s conversation, some people around already started to sneer. Even if they knew that Ye Mo would not end up any better, some people still started to sneer. Whoever could come here was not a fox who had been in the market for a long time, and it would be strange if they would believe such a statement. The auction site, which was originally very serious, was made to really have no atmosphere at all by Ye Mo’s arrival.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Shen Qian Qian to say anything more about refusing, he had already taken out a bottle containing a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and handed it to Shen Qian Qian. “This is the ‘Face Preserving Pill’, check it out, if there is no problem, then lend me the money.”

Shen Qian Qian helplessly took the bottle before she could open it, six or seven men with rifles had already come in front of Ye Mo.

“Sir, if you are not buying anything, please go out. Our Huankong Auction is not a place to make trouble at will.” The sturdy man in the lead gripped the gun in his hand. The gun was tilted at the muzzle and spoke to Ye Mo Chapter 626 – Finding the Target. From his tone, he knew that as long as Ye Mo resisted a little, the gun would be raised and the trigger would be pulled.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “After the auction is over. How long is the transaction for?”

“Ten minutes ……” replied the three-dotted girl who was still standing to the side with her plate, not knowing whether to leave or stay, that’s what she did. So it was clear, it was just that she didn’t speak Mandarin very fluently.

“So is it ten minutes now?” Ye Mo asked again in a cold voice.

“No ……”

“Pa ……” Ye Mo slapped the table and said, “Since it hasn’t reached ten minutes, what are you guys doing here with guns? Are you robbing? Can’t you see I’m raising money?”

“Raising money? But are you ready to pay? You don’t have a penny on you, so what are you doing here if not causing trouble? Asking people you don’t know to borrow money, and borrowing so much? You think everyone else is a fool.” This was a yellow-skinned man who spoke Chinese fluently.

Just at this moment Shen Qian Qian suddenly said excitedly in a somewhat trembling voice, “I’ll pay for this for him.”

Immediately after saying this she started transferring money with the girl who was carrying the plate.

All the people looked at this dramatic scene, dumbfounded. The girl had actually borrowed, or lent out such a large amount of money.

A few men with guns could only leave in disbelief when they saw that the money had already been paid. Ye Mo didn’t intend to teach them a lesson either, this matter was already a bit outrageous.

The spirit stones were in hand. Ye Mo was so relieved in his heart, he would have to ask where this spirit stone came from later.

“Is this really a ‘Face Preserving Pill’?” When everyone had finished leaving, Shen Qian Qian asked as she held the pill with some trembling and stared at Ye Mo, her tone as trembling as her hand.

“Of course it’s true, do you think I’m lying to you?” Ye Mo said as he put away the spirit stones.

“No. Back then my grandfather helped me to bid for this kind of elixir, at that time one was because he was afraid that this elixir was fake and didn’t dare to pay too much, and the second was that the opponent was too powerful and we didn’t have that strength to compete with others. But I did go to see this elixir and it was exactly the same as this one, so I knew it was probably real.” Although Shen Qian Qian was trying to restrain herself. However, her tone was still trembling.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t reply, his divine sense swept around this ship once again and still didn’t find the Five Elements Stone.

“That, I don’t have enough money at the moment, can you sell me this ‘Face Residing Pill’? You don’t have to worry, how much money is still missing, I will raise money for you immediately after I go back ……” After Shen Qianqian confirmed that it was a ‘Face Preserving Pill’, where else would she give up. She certainly knew that although she had a lot of money, she was still a little short of money to buy a face-lifting pill.

The bearded man was probably in the same mood as she was when she borrowed the money. Just now he himself was thinking that this person was insensitive, so soon it was his turn.

“I am from the Shen family in Jincheng, don’t worry, I will definitely ……” Shen Qian Qian’s words were not finished when Ye Mo interrupted.

“You are Shen Qian Qian?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

“Yes, I am Shen Qian Qian, do you know me?” Shen Qian Qian saw that Ye Mo had said her name out, but she had never seen him before ah.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “I don’t know you, I was just having dinner with Shen Yin and I heard that you were here for the auction, so I came here.”

“What?” Shen Qian Qian looked at Ye Mo as if she saw a ghost, just now she was having dinner with Shen Yin and now she was here, this was Bohai Sea.

“Uh ……” Ye Mo touched his nose awkwardly, he knew he had blurted out, he was still in Jincheng just now, how could he have come to a cruise ship on the sea so quickly?

Knowing that he had gone off on a tangent, Ye Mo had to shut his mouth and stop explaining, the more he explained this kind of thing, the less he could tell.

After a long time, she did not hear Ye Mo speak, but Shen Qian Qian gradually calmed down, but did not ask Ye Mo how he came here. Only she herself knew how unsettled she was in her heart right now, although she didn’t know how Ye Mo came to this cruise ship and how he entered the auction site, but she already knew that Ye Mo was definitely not an ordinary person.

“How did you get to know Shen Yin?” After a long time, Shen Qian Qian then asked.

Ye Mo also breathed a sigh of relief, he was afraid that Shen Qian Qian would not let go of that question he had just asked, now that Shen Qian Qian was asking about Shen Yin, it would be better to talk about it.

“Once I took a plane from San Francisco to Hong Kong, I met Shen Yin’s on the plane, because I helped that Qing Huai mother of hers to cure a disease, so I got to know her ……” Ye Mo said casually.

“You are the divine Doctor Ye? Ye Mo?” Shen Qian Qian subconsciously stood up, but quickly realized what this place was and sat down again.

“Not bad, I am the divine Doctor Ye that Shen Yin said, so thank you for today. If you hadn’t texted Shen Yin, I really wouldn’t have known that the auction was right here.” Ye Mo saw that Shen Qian Qian was very sensible and didn’t ask questions that he shouldn’t, so he had some good feelings towards her.

Only then did Shen Qianqian understand why Ye Mo had the ‘Face Preservation Pill~~-Update First~~’, if he was really like Shen Yin said, he could use talismans to heal people, what was the big deal about having the Face Preservation Pill. When Shen Yin first told her these things, she also laughed it off. She was always on the go and had seen a lot more than Shen Yin, so she would not believe in such things.

However, when she saw Ye Mo today, she knew from the information that Ye Mo had inadvertently leaked that this Ye Mo was really different. His face must have been disguised as well, because the appearance was not very similar to what Shen Yin had said.

As the auction continued, Shen Yin noticed that Ye Mo had closed his eyes, which showed that he was not interested in anything above the auction.

She didn’t bother Ye Mo, but quietly took out the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and swallowed it. The ‘Face Preserving Pill’ melted in her mouth as if several streams of clear water washed over her body.

Ye Mo knew of Shen Qian Qian’s movements, but he ignored it as his divine sense began to carefully search one corner at a time. Even some of the travellers’ boxes were not spared. Although this would take longer, the Five Elements Stones were very important to him, so it was right to spend more energy.

An hour later, Shen Qian Qian felt as if ants were crawling over her face all over again, she carefully looked at Ye Mo. Then secretly took out a mirror and opened it to take a look.

The large red spots and black dots on her face had now turned into something like soaked make-up powder. She picked up a handkerchief and wiped it all off, and a flawless pretty face was presented to her.

Shen Qianqian could no longer hold back her tears. For many years, she had not dared to meet people with her true face, but now her face had finally turned into what it was before she was injured, and those spots and dots had disappeared.

For so many years, apart from running around for the family business, she had just kept earning money with the aim of curing the spots on her face. When she had heard about the ‘Face Preserving Pill’, she immediately went to all the trouble of finding this pill. Unfortunately, in the end she was unable to buy it, but today she had obtained the coveted ‘Face Preserving Pill’ by such chance and coincidence.

Shen Qian Qian subconsciously looked at the scar-faced bearded man next to her, her heart filled with gratitude, and wiped her eyes and said in a small voice, “Thank you, divine Doctor Ye.”

But Ye Mo, who had kept his eyes closed and seemed to be lost in the sky, suddenly opened his eyes and smiled slightly, waved his hand and said, “Congratulations on removing the toxin and restoring your appearance, no need to thank you, you also got it in exchange for money.”

“You know that my appearance is caused by poisoning?” Shen Qian Qian looked at Ye Mo even more strangely, her poisoning had caused this, even Tai Gong Shen didn’t know the cause, how did Ye Mo know?

“Forget that I am divine Doctor Ye?” Although Ye Mo said it in a relaxed manner, he was not in a relaxed mood at all, he searched again and still did not find the Five Elements Stone.

“This auction is now over, our next stop is Jeju Island, welcome and have fun!” As the words of the young woman who was hosting the auction fell, Ye Mo became more and more disappointed.

When all the people who attended the auction went out one after another, Ye Mo’s eyes turned from disappointment to surprise as his divine sense fixed on a man with a camera on his chest.