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DYM Chapter 627

Shen Qian Qian saw that Ye Mo did not rush out and did not get up, almost all the people had finished walking, she saw that Ye Mo still had no intention of moving, so she did not have the good sense to continue waiting, said hello, stood up and went out first.

The man that Ye Mo’s divine sense locked on had a long focal length camera hanging on his chest. But Ye Mo knew that there was something wrong inside that camera, the camera was empty inside, to be exact there was a small package inside. His divine sense could not penetrate, and wrapped up was something bigger than a fist.

It was not that Ye Mo had never seen something that could isolate his divine sense, he had seen that kind of wood when he was still in Chun’an and lived in that ghost building. Because of a cupboard made of that kind of wood, it almost made him not discover the woman in red from September View. He would have even stayed if he hadn’t burnt all that wood and had no more use for it. He didn’t expect to see that material again today, and to have it inside the camera.

The man seemed to sense that someone was staring at him again, he looked around for a moment and immediately turned around and entered the hall inside.

Ye Mo withdrew his divine sense and was secretly surprised at how keen this man was. With his current divine sense, as long as it didn’t cause particularly large fluctuations, it would be difficult for even an earth level expert to detect it. Of course if there were true qi fluctuations, the chances of being discovered would be much higher. And that person with the camera, who looked like just an ordinary person, could actually sense his divine sense.

Moreover, the inside of his camera was actually made of the kind of wood that isolates divine sense, so it was evident that even if no one had formed divine sense here, there were people who knew what methods to use to avoid it.

Although Ye Mo did not see what was hidden inside the camera. But he was already 90 percent sure that it was the Five Elements Stone. What he didn’t understand was how the Five Elements Stone had gotten into that person’s hands without being put up for auction.

But no matter what the problem was, as long as he found it, the item would not be taken away again.

Ye Mo thought about this and stood up, only to find that everyone else had already gone out. Seeing Shen Qian Qian in front of him, Ye Mo immediately went after him.

Shen Qian Qian, however, was stopped by someone, and she had just walked out of the hall. She was stopped by the shadowy man covered in a black scarf.

“You’re from the Shen family, aren’t you? You’re quite a bully. How dare you lend money to someone to rob something with me, if you knew that the person who robbed me of the ‘Qi Qi Stone’ would be dead in a moment. Also your Shen family will all die when I return, you don’t know if you will regret it? Jie, I heard that you are ugly, right? But for me as long as it’s a woman I can f*ck her to death, as for how good she looks, I don’t care ……” Every word the shady man said would make Shen Qian Qian winced.

In fact, this shady man don’t speak, just stand there, others just see the pits in his exposed skin, it’s a bit creepy, let alone such a creepy shady man say such words.

The man of shadows had no regard for the people around him, and there was no one around to hear him, but those who did heard him moved aside. They didn’t even dare to look at the shadowy man. No matter what kind of person this man was, no one was willing to go near a man who raised parasites.

And the very few who recognized this shadowy man even moved aside, not daring to have the slightest touch.

“You don’t care what I care, you look like this bird. Even the maggots inside the pit look three shades lighter than you. Do you think you’re disgusting me by standing here? Or do you want to disgust the entire cruise ship?” Ye Mo’s voice came from behind Shen Qian Qian.

Although many people heard Ye Mo’s voice, none of them dared to laugh, once they offended this shadowy man, perhaps they would somehow sink into the sea the next moment. This cruise ship is however very different from other cruise ships, if you die, you die, no one will ask how you died.

Shen Qian Qian was already a little bit in a state of limbo. She had vaguely guessed who this person was and was even more alarmed. Now that Ye Mo’s voice came, she hid behind Ye Mo almost without even thinking about it.

The shadowy man raised his head and stared viciously at Ye Mo, he could not imagine that there was really such a person who was not afraid of death. He had robbed himself, and before he could settle the score with him, he was the one who came to his door first.

“Haha.” This man laughed, “I can’t imagine that I, Yan Wuliang, have not been out for only a few years and no one knows me anymore.”

The man called Yan Wuliang was laughing, but there was not a single smile on his face, he suddenly stopped halfway through his words and then said to Ye Mo word by word, “If I don’t make you regret living in this world, those past years of mine, Yan Wuliang, would be like living on a dog.”

“Yan Wuliang? Is that the worm? I really haven’t heard of it, besides, can you please stop insulting dogs.” Ye Mo sneered, then said to Shen Qian Qian, “You go inside first, I’m going to burn this worm, I’ll come over and ask you a few questions later.”

Just because Ye Mo didn’t know Yan Wuliang, the person, didn’t mean that others on the ship didn’t know him. A few people who were standing far away immediately ran far away after hearing that it was Yan Wuliang. Soon there was talk from some corners of this ship that Yan Wuliang, who came from Miaojiang many years ago, had reappeared on top of a cruise ship in the Bohai Sea, which was indeed a bit scary. Yan Wuliang also had a nickname of ‘Kill All’, he would kill the whole family of anyone who offended him, and he was even more cruel when dealing with women.

It could be said that if he really was Yan Wuliang, then the words he said to Shen Qian Qian were definitely not false, they were simply more true than real gold. Because this man never had to do it himself if he wanted to kill, he had raised dozens of compulsions, and those compulsions could help him to kill at will. The pits on his face, I heard, were also caused by one of the parasites backfiring, and even then, that parasite was killed off by him.

It can be said that in the eyes of many people, Yan Wuliang was a devil, perhaps the devil was much kinder than him. The people he killed, others didn’t even dare to look at them.

When Shen Qian Qian heard Ye Mo’s words, she did not dare to stay here, but when she heard that the shadowy man was Yan Wuliang, her face was bloodless. She subconsciously looked back at Ye Mo and seemed to notice that Ye Mo was still standing there talking to Yan Wuliang, but she no longer had the courage to say a word of caution to Ye Mo.

She had heard of Yan Wuliang, but that was only something she casually said up when she heard people gossiping. But she didn’t expect that this Yan Wuliang really existed, and even came to a cruise ship with them.

“Very good, you have the guts ……” Yan Wuliang’s black scarf showed a hint of an extremely angry sly smile, he could not imagine that after he had given his name, the bearded man in front of him still dared to be so arrogant.

Even if this was not the place to make a move, he did not hesitate to raise his hand and a few black lights struck Ye Mo like lightning.

These few streams of dark light did not look at all inconspicuous on the illuminated boat, and if they were not too fast, others could have seen that they were not dark light at all, but a few dark insects.


Inside one of the luxurious rooms on the cruise ship, four people were sitting around in a serious manner at this time. From their expressions, it can be seen that they seem to be discussing something.

The four men were three men and one woman, among whom the woman was less than thirty years old, with a clean face, looking civilized and quiet, as if a lady of the house had just come out. Two of the three men were East Asians like the woman, and one was a short, lean black man, while the man with the camera on his chest that Ye Mo had noticed was likewise in the group.

“It has just been confirmed that the one who bought the ‘God-controlling Compulsion’ is Yan Wuliang, the ‘Catch and Kill’ who was in Miaojiang, China back then. Because of the ‘Qi Qi Stone’ matter, he and that bearded man are in the middle of a conversation.” The woman said.

After hearing the quiet woman’s words, the man who didn’t hang up his camera pondered for a while before asking, “Sofia, have you found out the origin of that person who bought the ‘Qi Qi Qi Stone’? When did he enter the auction? How come we don’t have any information on him?”

It was obvious that Sofia was the quiet woman who had just spoken, and the name was a far cry from her appearance.

The quiet woman called Sofia said, “We haven’t found out yet, there is no such person on the CCTV footage entering the auction. That means he appeared out of nowhere, or he went in as a different person and then changed his face. But one thing that still doesn’t add up is that the number of people who entered the auction was one less than the number who came out. I don’t think the auctioneer would lie to us about that.”

At this point the man with the camera on his chest said, “I don’t think this man appeared out of thin air, whether there was something hidden in the CCTV footage or whether it was tampered with somewhere else, let’s not jump to conclusions. Now that man has spent a large sum of money to buy our ‘Qi Qi Stone’, it is clear that that man is definitely an ancient martial arts practitioner. If he’s from one of the hidden sects in China, should we talk to him later.”

The man who had just asked Sofia nodded, “A little negotiation is definitely in order, it’s just that now he’s being targeted by Yan Wuliang, and it’s unknown what the outcome will be. Yan Wuliang is a madman, we have something important to do this time, so don’t mess with him for now. There’s also the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ he traded with Shen Qian Qian if there are no surprises, it should be a real pill, a person who can come up with such a pill is definitely not simple. Bobr, you go and keep an eye on that bearded man and Yan Wuliang right away.”

“Yes, Captain Matsumoto Wave.” The short, lean black man was concise and clear in his tone, and immediately left the room with a reply.

When the black man had gone out, the man called Captain Matsumoto Wave looked at the man with the camera and asked, “Kesh, did you really sense someone spying on you just now?”

“Yes, there was definitely no mistake, and I felt that the man was watching very carefully, and I seemed to have the appearance of being seen through by him. I didn’t dare stay outside any longer and came in immediately.” Kesh said with caution in his eyes and some concern.

When Matsumoto Long heard Keshie’s words, he hardly even thought about it and immediately said, “Keshie, take the item out immediately and give it to Sofia to put inside her bra. The matter of the five-coloured stones is not trivial, there must not be any slip-ups.”