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DYM Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

“Boom, boom, boom, boom” After four consecutive rings, the four men who quickly rushed to Ye Mo were kicked away by Ye Mo and could not even distinguish between the front and the back, those with good eyesight could only see a few tuǐ shadows.

The rest of the men who tried to come up were hit by these four men and ended up turning into a dragon, falling to the ground. And these four men crashed directly into the stone wall inside, and when they fell, they were already out of breath and in.

The people around them stopped for a moment, what kind of stance was this? The killing power was too great. A young man behind the ‘Vietnam Gang’ leader, however, reacted a little more quickly and casually pulled out a gun to shoot at Ye Mo.

A breeze blew by and before his finger touched the trigger, a bloody hole was already punched out of his forehead by something and he fell down with his eyes open.

Silence, for a moment no one actually dared to make another move, this man came to the door and killed five people in a few breaths, not including the two he killed right at the door, killing so many people without even seeing him move his hand.

However, the leader of the ‘Vietnam Gang’ reacted and immediately knew that this young man was a ruthless man and definitely a master, and he quickly said, “Friend, there is a misunderstanding in the middle, although we moved that temple, we really did not know that the place was yours, moreover, I, Wang Now, am willing to double compensate you for your loss.”

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh and raised his hand again. The two black men from the ‘Fei Gang’ who wanted to shoot once again had a bloody hole appear in their eyebrows and fell to the ground dead, the guns in their hands smashed out as far as they could.

This time Wang now did see clearly, this young man’s hand did raise, it was this simple raise that immediately killed two men, what he shot seemed to be a little faster than a bullet, this man was a little too powerful.

“Pay for my damages? Can you afford to pay for that? And you injured my friend Fang Nan and killed his men, even if you can afford to pay for it, today I will make you go back from wherever you came from.” Ye Mo said no more nonsense and the iron nails in his hand flew out like a hailstorm.

There were a lot of people and hands, right now Ye Mo’s divine sense wasn’t very strong, if all of them attacked him together, his divine sense couldn’t take care of them and he would still be injured. Since there was always going to be a fight, it was better to kill some first.

“Brothers, fight him, come together.” In a very short time, a dozen more people had died before Wang Xian of the ‘Vietnamese Gang’ thought to call out, but he himself ducked towards the back.

Instead, his eyes caught sight of a window, which he tried to flip out of. Wang Now, who had thought this stone house was imposing, now hated it the most. If it was another house, maybe there was a back door, or even if there was no back door, the window wouldn’t be so tight, right? But this stone house not only had no back door, but also the windows were so strong that he wrenched them for half a day without moving them.

Amidst the splashes of blood, the sounds of gunshots and knives flying out were mixed together, and the scene became chaotic at once. Ye Mo, however, guarded the gate and did not allow a single person to escape.

Although Ye Mo had divine sense and was very swift in his strikes, he usually killed those with guns first, and tried to dodge knives and the like. However, there were too many people who made a move against him, and his divine sense could not look after them for a while, but he got shot in the tuǐ. The person who fired the gun was killed by Ye Mo at the same time as he hit him.

Although the gunshot wound was not serious, it completely angered Ye Mo, and the speed at which the iron nails flew out accelerated even more.

A few minutes later, the noise inside the house finally stopped, except for Wang Xian who was still wrenching the window, that is, the ‘Fei Gang’ leader, who was also killed by Ye Mo. Inside the stone house were bodies lying all over the place, but not many bloodstains. This was because all of Ye Mo’s kills were settled with a single nail.

Ye Mo took the bullet out of his tuǐ and treated his wound before he coldly looked at Wang Xian who was still wrenching the window and said, “I think you don’t need to wrench, do you think you can escape now?”

When Wang Xian heard Ye Mo’s words, he suddenly turned back to look and his hands and feet went cold. Not one of the forty people was alive, or rather everyone else had been killed except for him.

“Please spare my life, big brother, I am willing to give up everything and be your little brother.” Wang Xian had killed countless people, but when it was his own turn, he realised that death was such a terrible thing.

“Fang Nan, I’ll leave this place to you, you can deal with this person yourself.” Ye Mo turned around and left after he finished speaking.

Fang Nan and a few junior brothers who had been standing outside, were getting a little uneasy when they heard Ye Mo calling him and hurriedly had someone carry him in.

By now, Ye Mo had already left, and Fang Nan looked at the scene inside the house, and could not close his mouth for half a day with his mouth open. The room was full of corpses, or rather, except for Wang Xian, a living person who was still shivering.

Fang Nan suddenly felt a chill run down his back, what does it mean to be ruthless? This was the real ruthlessness. He, Fang Nan, had also killed countless people, but never had one person killed so many people. Moreover, Ye Mo looked as calm as if nothing had happened, as if killing was as simple as breathing to him. No wonder it scared a murderous guy like Wang Xian into trembling.

His Fang Nan killings were all chaotic fights with gangs, which looked scary with blood splattering, but most of them were badly wounded and not many died. There was really nothing like this to kill all the opponents.

But Ye Mo killed these people with a normal demeanour, seemingly the same as killing a few chickens without any outward expression lù Fang Nan suddenly thought of the day he came to his house, and the cold sweat on his back became even more urgent. At that time, if only he had been a little tougher and had existed with the intention of eating black, the world would no longer have him, Fang Nan.

Fang Nan had never seen someone so powerful and at the same time so ruthless. Fortunately, he admired Ye Mo from the bottom of his heart and thus found a way to become friends with him, otherwise …… Fang Nan didn’t dare to think about going on.

“Chairman Fang, spare my life, I, Wang Xian, am willing to hand over all of my properties to you, I just beg you to spare my life.” Wang Xian’s voice begging for mercy interrupted Fang Nan’s contemplation.

“Kill this b*****d for me immediately, and dispose of all the corpses in the house. Stone, go with me to see Brother Ye immediately.” Fang Nan left the matter here to his own junior brothers, and his main task was to go see Ye Mo.

“Brother Ye.” Fang Nan was carried by the two little brothers and came behind Ye Mo and called out respectfully. If it turned out that Ye Mo was only a high ranking person in Fang Nan’s eyes and made him admire him. Now Ye Mo was not only admired, but more of a presence that made him fear in his eyes.

“Fang Nan ……” Ye Mo called out, seemingly thinking about something.

“Brother Ye, I’m here.” Fang Nan hurriedly answered.

After a moment of contemplation, Ye Mo said, “Originally, I was planning to stay here for a while, but I didn’t expect that some things don’t work out the way I want them to, so I’d better go.”

“Brother Ye, you’re leaving? The place you’re staying, I can build it for you right away.” Fang Nan hurriedly said, he thought that Ye Mo was because the temple he lived in was destroyed.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “Fang Nan, you should be in charge of this place of the Flowing Snakes now. I also know what you do for a living, but don’t go too far, as for things like road blocking and robbery, it’s better not to do it if you can refrain from it. The border business is good, but I hope you don’t go into drugs, that kind of stuff harms people and yourself. That’s all I have to say, maybe one day I will come back for a visit.”

After saying that Ye Mo turned around and left without the slightest lingering. For places where the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ couldn’t grow, he didn’t want to continue to stay there, even if it was to avoid the Song Family, he wouldn’t use the stoppage of his cultivation as a price. Fang Nan was not a bad person, and he had helped him a lot himself. If he couldn’t even control the current flowing snake, he wouldn’t be qualified to remain here.

It was not until Ye Mo walked out a good distance that Fang Nan came to his senses and hurriedly called out, “Brother Ye, I will definitely do as you instructed.”

Ye Mo did not ask him to arrange for someone to send him, so he did not dare to take matters into his own hands.


Chapter 66

The small courtyard where Ye Mo used to live in Ninghai had been bought by Ning Qingxue. She felt that it was a torment to continue to stay in Yuzhou and had the intention to look for Ye Mo, but she did not know where he had actually gone.

Unable to stay in Yuzhou, Ning Qingxue returned to Ninghai. Although she returned to the small courtyard again, the place was still the same, but the person was no longer there.

Xu Wei did not know that the house had been bought by Ning Qingxue and she was still living in her original room. But recently, people kept coming to interrogate and inquire, and eventually even removed the surveillance computer. Xu Wei had a feeling in her heart that this matter should have something to do with Ye Mo.

Thinking back to before and after she met Ye Mo, and the few months she had lived together, she remembered that she didn’t even know what Ye Mo did.

Xu Wei, who opened the courtyard door and was about to go out to buy some vegetables, saw Ning Qingxue standing alone at the door. She froze for a moment before subconsciously asking, “What are you doing here?”

Ning Qingxue knew that Xu Wei had an opinion about her, but she did not feel that Xu Wei was wrong, because in her opinion, she did not know Ye Mo as well as the Xu Wei in front of her.

“I’m staying here because the rent isn’t due yet.” Ning Qingxue didn’t want Xu Wei to know that she had bought the house, if she said that, with Xu Wei’s personality, she might have to move out immediately. She always wanted to be like the original, nothing had changed, but she also knew it was impossible, even if everything else was the same as the original, Ye Mo was no longer here.

Xu Wei had the heart to say a few words about Ning Qingxue, but she didn’t know what kind of relationship Ning Qingxue had with Ye Mo, and it was true that Ye Mo had paid a year’s rent for this house, so she opened her mouth and didn’t say anything in the end. However, she did not continue to say anything to Ning Qingxue either, but went out of the courtyard to buy vegetables.

Ning Qingxue returned to her room and looked at the place that was still as it was, and felt an inexplicable sadness in her heart. On that bed, she and Ye Mo had even taken a picture together. At that time, she had even faked it a bit, and Li Mumei even used it to talk about her, was that feeling what was really in her heart at that time?

After sitting on the bed for a while, Ning Qingxue cleaned the room and put her things back to their original places, except for the small medical kit of Ye Mo’s that was still in her suitcase, to her, maybe this was the last thing Ye Mo had left behind.

When she opened Ye Mo’s medical case again, Ning Qingxue finally couldn’t help but take out the letter that Ye Mo had written, she had been holding back from opening it, but this time when she returned to Ninghai and the place where Ye Mo had lived alone, she couldn’t help but open it.

A handful of beautiful and powerful handwriting caught her eyes, Ning Qingxue did not expect Ye Mo’s writing to be so strong, even to the point of coming off the paper.

“Hello Shi Xiu, I left you a letter before I left, there was something else I wanted to give you, but you haven’t been coming to school lately.

Coming here, I am a lonely man, and you are my only friend. I was thrown out of my family and had my engagement broken off by my once old husband in front of the public, and the only friend who hasn’t left me is you, so you’re my true friend.

In fact I am most grateful for the day you told me to wake up, if you hadn’t done so, maybe I really would never have woken up ……

Alas, it’s not very convenient to write these days without a place to stay, so I’ll write again when I have a place to stay, that’s all.”

The letter ended abruptly after writing just a little, but Ning Qingxue knew that the reason why Ye Mo didn’t have a place to stay was because of his own coming over, and her heart was even more gloomy.

He was a lonely person, and he himself had hurt him. Now that she was a lonely person herself, Ning Qingxue put her things away and went out of the house.

Xu Wei had already returned, but had gone to wash the vegetables alone and did not speak to Ning Qingxue again. Ning Qingxue walked over to the flower bed in the courtyard where Ye Mo was raising flowers, she wanted to tidy up the place and prepare to plant some flowers as well.

A tender little bud made Ning Qingxue look at it for a long time. The place where this little bud grew out was exactly where the silver gra*s was at first, Ning Qingxue remembered that the gra*s with silver in the middle of its leaves was very precious to Ye Mo. And she also remembered that soon after that gra*s disappeared, Ye Mo left as well.

Could this point of bud be the same kind of gra*s that was there? Ning Qingxue once again carefully surrounded this gra*s and made it into a guardrail, exactly the same as the one Ye Mo had made back then.

Whether this gra*s was the kind of gra*s Ye Mo had planted at the beginning, Ning Qingxue decided to cultivate this little gra*s properly, as its location was where the silver leaf gra*s had been at the beginning.

When Xu Wei finished cooking, she looked at Ning Qingxue, who was still carefully tinkering with the flower garden, and wondered in her heart if she really had an unusual relationship with Ye Mo. If not, how else could their hobbies be so identical?

“I’ve already made dinner, why don’t you come here to eat too?” Xu Wei said as she prepared the meal and looked at Ning Qingxue who was still fiddling with the flowers and plants.

“Thank you, I’m not very hungry.” Ning Qingxue replied, and after thinking for a while suddenly asked, “Xu Wei, does Ye Mo often eat here with you?”

“Ye Mo?” Xu Wei didn’t know why Ning Qingxue asked this, but still said, “He only ate once, and even said he would invite me, but even now he hasn’t invited me, he just left without even a greeting. By the way, Ning Qingxue, what is your relationship with Ye Mo?”

“I ……” Ning Qingxue froze, yes, what was her relationship with Ye Mo? The marriage contract had been broken off, the marriage was fake, she no longer had any relationship with Ye Mo, what was she doing staying here?


A week down the line, Xu Wei was surprised to find that Ning Qingxue’s life was strikingly similar to Ye Mo’s, both of them were very housebound and basically didn’t go out.

Ning Qingxue often spent the whole day at the flower bed, and she didn’t find it boring.

The only difference is that when Ye Mo used to live here, basically no one came to see the house, but after Ning Qingxue came to live here. But after Ning Qingxue came to live here, the one called Li Mumei came several times, and another one called Su Jingwen also came. Su Jingwen’s beauty was even a little shocking to Xu Wei, who didn’t know how so many beautiful women had come all at once.


In a private residence of the Song family in Yanjing, Song Hai, the head of the Song family’s foreign affairs, was staring at a pair of maps somewhat intensely. A few days ago, he had received information that a young man who resembled Ye Mo in a cool way had entered Fengtang Town more than a month ago, and had also taken a private bus to Qi City.

According to the information he got from the driver, this person did not reach Qi City before getting off the bus halfway, and the place where he got off was the area of Guixiang Daling. But when he arrived here, the news broke off again.

Song Hai was now staring at the map of the Guixiang Ridge, which was full of jungle mountains, so if Ye Mo was really hiding here, it would be a bit troublesome to find him.

“Ring,” Song Hai’s phone rang, interrupting his thoughts.

Song Hai frowned, nowadays, he had spent almost the whole day trying to find Ye Mo, the murderer, and this time the phone call did make him a little uncomfortable.

“What is it?” Song Hai picked up the phone and asked with some impatience.

“Master Hai, Ning Qingxue of the Ning family has arrived in Ninghai and has taken up residence in the place where Ye Mo lived in the first place, what should we do now? Please be explicit, Master Hai.” The person who came to the phone was his own person who had set up in Ninghai, the purpose was only to monitor Ye Mo, but he didn’t expect that Ye Mo had not been monitored, but actually monitored Ning Qingxue.

Song Hai rubbed his head for a long time before saying, “Keep an eye on her first and don’t move. In a few days if you don’t hear anything, get a few thugs to find some excuse to take her away.”

“Yes, Master Hai.” A very crisp voice replied.

Song Hai put down the phone, snorted coldly and said to himself, “I won’t move the Ning family for now, can’t I move you, Ning Qingxue? Just take you to collect some interest back for Shao Wen.”