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DYM Chapter 639

The pa*senger plane from Ninghai to Jincheng arrived at Jincheng airport on time, and Ye Mo was the first to squeeze into the front.

The pa*sengers on the plane walked out one by one, but Ye Mo felt more and more uneasy in his heart. He did not see Luo Ying’s figure. Ye Mo believed that Jing Wen would not lie to him, and since she said she had helped Luo Ying purchase a ticket to Jincheng, it was true.

Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to continue waiting, and he immediately stealthily went in. As his divine sense spread out, Ye Mo found that there was indeed no Luo Ying here, meaning that Luo Ying was not on this flight at all.

There was no need to call and confirm with Su Jingwen again, if Luo Ying had gone back, she would definitely call to tell him the first time.

As Ye Mo thought about this, he immediately went to the largest office in here.

An obese man was pressing a woman in a uniform in front of a large desk and nibbling on it, and even his hands had reached inside his skirt.

Ye Mo’s sudden entrance caused him to immediately go soft in fright. Without even thinking about it, he pushed the woman underneath him to the side.

When he saw that it was an ordinary bearded man, he immediately said with a cold face, “Who are you? Who let you barge in here without permission?”

Ye Mo directly took out the pistol that had no more bullets and pointed it at his forehead and said, “Check the flight from Ninghai to Jincheng for me as fast as you can, how come one named Luo Ying didn’t get on the plane.”

“Don’t shoot, I’ll have someone check …… right away,” the obese man saw that Ye Mo had taken out his pistol and instantly felt the thing that had just gone soft get hot again. But this heat was not the heat of getting up, but a stream of urine coming from above.

“Hurry up.” Ye Mo looked at his shivering hand. Somewhat impatiently, he drank one more time.

“Yes, yes ……” Although he was very nervous, this fatty’s movements were still considered fast.

The woman saw Ye Mo with the pistol and was already too scared to move as she hid next to the sofa.

“The one called Luo Ying didn’t get on the plane, and she didn’t return her ticket in Ninghai.” This fatty was quite fast in his enquiries and quickly returned the message.

Ye Mo said in a cold voice, “Make another call to Ninghai to check and see if she got on another flight.”

“Yes. Yes ……” After the phone call he had just made, the obese man was no longer shaking as he had been earlier. Quickly, he dialed the phone to Ninghai Airport to check Luo Ying’s information.

A few minutes later. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Luo Ying has temporarily purchased a flight to Yanjing at Ninghai’s airport, and is almost at Yanjing at this time ……”

Before this fatty could finish his sentence, he realized that the bearded man in front of him had already disappeared. He rubbed his eyes. He didn’t see wrong just now, was it an illusion? But he was finally relieved and made up his mind that he would make sure to lock the door next time he wanted to do something like this. A few more times this kind of pitfall scares him, and he’ll never get up again.


Yanjing, Qinghong Airport, a plane that had just come from Ninghai slowly landed.

Just as Luo Ying stepped out of the airport, her beauty attracted a lot of attention, almost all eyes were fixed on this stunning woman.

However, Luo Ying pretended to look around, she didn’t know if those people had understood that she could see that Ye Mo was a fake. But she had to act as if she was continuing to look. At the same time, she took out her phone and started calling Ye Mo’s mobile. She didn’t know what those people would do to her, but from the looks of it, they hadn’t done it yet.

Before Luo Ying’s phone was even turned on, a handsome and handsome man walked up to Luo Ying, took out a business card in a very gentlemanly manner and said, “You are the most elegant girl I have ever seen. I hope I haven’t disturbed you with my abruptness. I am Zhuo Mingxi of the Blue Industry Group, I used to study in France and now work as the manager of the R&D department of the Blue Industry Group, I haven’t asked you your surname.”

“Oh, you wait ……” Luo Ying didn’t take the business card, but casually opened her phone. If in normal times. She would definitely ignore Zhuo Mingxi, but now she didn’t know if this Zhuo Mingxi was in league with those people, and she had a call to make to Ye Mo.

“Okay.” When Zhuo Mingxi saw that Luo Ying didn’t immediately refuse and even told him to wait for a while, he was immediately blown away. Very gentlemanly, he took his business card and stood to the side waiting for Luo Ying to make the call. He swore that he had never seen a woman as good as the girl in front of him in his life.

In the past, there were too many girls who wanted to fall in love with him, although there were also many beautiful girls, but compared to this girl in front of him, they were just a speck of dust in the dust. If he could get this girl’s favour, he would rather not have the position of manager of the Blue Industry Group that everyone envied. He could even throw away his status as the heir to the Zhuo family. This girl was too beautiful, she was a fairy in the sky.

Luo Ying was wondering why she hadn’t made a move so long after getting off the plane when she was so sure that those people were following her. She even hid the pistol that Ye Mo had given her in her hand, so that if a situation occurred that she couldn’t handle, she would immediately shoot.

Luo Ying knew that her cultivation level was too low, even if the other side came with someone like that Dai Heng, she wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

But her dialing stopped immediately when she saw a bearded man, and it was not a bearded man she saw, but his eyes. Those eyes she had never forgotten since what had happened the last time she was in the village of Anori.

Apart from his eyes, that man had a kind and natural aura about him that made her feel like she wanted to pounce on him.

Ye Mo, Luo Ying instantly felt like crying, she and Ye Mo had been separated for a short time, but she felt as if she had been separated for centuries.

The moment Ye Mo landed at the airport, he saw Luo Ying, and his heart immediately relaxed. As long as he saw Luo Ying, even if the sky was falling, he would stand in front of Luo Ying and help her hold on.

Although he felt something was wrong, why would Luo Ying change her flight at short notice, and why was she unharmed if someone had tricked her?

Those thoughts all flashed by, nothing could stop Ye Mo for a moment, now his eyes only had Luo Ying in them, even he had forgotten the fact that he had changed his face.

The moment he saw Luo Ying, Ye Mo felt that someone was staring at him, although he could have checked immediately, he was not in the mood to do so. Because none of this mattered now, as long as he saw Luo Ying, no matter what it was, he had to hold Luo Ying in his arms first.

At the same time, a man who was about to go for Luo Ying’s mobile phone and three men who were about to make an immediate move as soon as Luo Ying chased after it stopped moving at the same time. The message they received was to immediately stop the original plan and retreat all together.

Although they did not know why the plan was suddenly stopped when it was already 80% successful, these men were obviously obedient and almost as soon as they received the order, they retraced their steps and immediately retreated out of the airport.

Luo Ying had no reserve or reservation in front of Ye Mo, she didn’t even think before she rushed to Ye Mo and wrapped her arms around him.

“Susu, I’m coming.”

“Mm, I know.”


Zhuo Mingxi took his business card and looked dumbly at the fairy who was hugging him, and the bearded man, he felt his brain lacking oxygen.

It was a bit too pitiful that such a fairy should be hugging with an ugly bearded man. What do you mean by flowers and cow dung? This was ah.

Either Zhuo Mingxi looked dumbfounded, or the rest of the people at the airport did. Many of those who had taken one look at Luo Ying and had a crush on her felt their hearts breaking.

It was a long time before Zhuo Mingxi reacted and he sensed that the fairy had been deceived. She must have been deceived by that ugly bearded man’s flowery words, and she would surely know who she should choose if she compared herself to the bearded man face to face.

He, Zhuo Mingxi, was handsome, graduated from a famous French university, and was also the manager of the famous enterprise Blue Industry Group, the successor of the Zhuo family in Yanjing, what could that bearded man compare with him?

Thinking of this Zhuo Mingxi once again raised his hope, he took his business card and walked up to Ye Mo and Luo Ying, handed out his card and said, “My name is Zhuo Mingxi, manager of the R&D department of the Blue Industry Group ……”

Ye Mo originally did not want to pay attention to this Zhuo Mingxi, he was ready to take Luo Ying and leave. But when he heard that it was the Blue Industry Group, he casually took the business card and said, “Oh, I’ve heard of this company.”

After saying that, he pulled Luo Ying’s hand, “Let’s go, you can slowly tell me about it later.”

As they watched Ye Mo and Luo Ying walk further and further away, Zhuo Mingxi was still dumbfounded at the same spot with the second business card. This business card was for that fairy-like girl, but before he could take it out, she had already left.


At the same time, inside a villa in Yanjing, several people were sitting around together. That Luo Ying saw inside the plane, the man who looked like Ye Mo was listed, and he pulled off the mask on his face as soon as he could. Then he didn’t wait for others to speak and immediately dialed a phone number.

“I have terminated the operation, yes, I have seen that man. Now I am sure that he is Ye Mo, who was with that woman called Luo Ying in Jiutang. Yes, definitely, they rushed together immediately after meeting.” The man’s tone was serious, and his hands were still trembling a little.

Only those who knew him well knew that even if he was allowed to kill several people in a row, his hands would not tremble. But now, his hands were indeed trembling.

“No, I’m sure he was still in Jincheng an hour ago, and I don’t know why he just appeared at Yanjing Qinghong Airport. It was obviously impossible, but it happened. The plan had gone so well that I can say that it would have worked if he hadn’t suddenly appeared. All the more reason why I would not have terminated the order, he was too bizarre.” Although the man’s tone gradually eased, his hands still kept trembling.

Suddenly the man’s voice turned a little higher, “No, he definitely didn’t come in a plane, I’m sure …… yes, I suspect he has a small flying machine, even the same kind of flying machine developed over there. Yes, but I didn’t see his craft …… well, I want to know if we keep an eye on them next, or what to do?”