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DYM Chapter 640

Tang Beiwei could not figure out why she had the uneasy feeling, though . There seemed to be an underlying sense of people and things around her, and since it was an uneasy feeling, she didn’t bother to open the courtyard door.

Tang Beiwei was different from other girls, she had followed her brother Ye Mo and had seen too many things, and had even used the fireball charm to kill people. Moreover, she knew that her brother had sent Luo Ying here because he was going to do something himself, and it was not safe to bring sister Luo Ying with her.

After carefully sending her divine sense out, Tang Beiwei saw a man delivering a takeaway. He was relieved to see that the man had gone to the wrong place, or that he had been a little too careful.

Tang Beiwei, who was about to open the door, suddenly used her divine sense again to see a pistol in the man’s hand, and she immediately knew she had almost been careless. Tang Beiwei immediately took out a fireball talisman, as soon as the man rushed in, she immediately threw a fireball talisman over.

Although Tang Beiwei was now at the second level of Qi cultivation, she did not have any moves, nor did she know any spells other than the Fireball Technique and the Royal Wind Technique, much less the strong combat moves that Ye Mo had. And the fireball spell was not infinite, there was a true qi limit. So she was cautious, as long as this man dared to rush in, she would give him a fireball first before she stepped up her efforts to contact her brother.

But what was strange to Tang Beiwei was that after the man delivering the takeaway answered a phone call, he suddenly turned around and left, disappearing in just a few moments.

After the man left, the first thing Tang Beiwei did was to go and buy a mobile phone and then make a call to Ye Mo. She was prepared to call Luo Ying’s number as soon as her brother’s call failed.


Inside a coffee shop in Yanjing, at this time, Ye Mo had already listened to Luo Ying tell the whole story of the deception. Ye Mo already knew that these people were either from the ‘Black Sun Empire’ or the ‘Northern Sand’, or these two organizations were simply the same.

“I’ll make a phone call to find Bei Wei.” Ye Mo had just picked up the phone when Tang Beiwei’s phone call came through.

Knowing that Beiwei was fine, Ye Mo was also relieved.

“Beiwei, although I don’t know why they suddenly stopped, but you should be careful, or I should come back and bring you to Yanjing with me.” Although Bei Wei said that she was fine. But Ye Mo was still uneasy.

Tang Beiwei was relieved to know that Luo Ying had already found her brother, she didn’t want to be a light bulb when she went to Yanjing, so she immediately comforted Ye Mo and said, “Brother, I’m fine. I now have divine sense, I can also imperial wind and fireballs, and I have so many fireball talismans on me, surely no one can help me. You can rest a*sured.”

Ye Mo thought about it. Although Bei Wei was only at the second level of Qi cultivation, she was a cultivator, and it would probably be difficult for a normal early Xuan level to leave her behind. Although she couldn’t beat a Xuan level expert yet. But she could escape, not to mention that she still had the Fireball Talisman.

After talking to Tang Beiwei on the phone, Ye Mo stood up and said to Luo Ying, “Let’s go visit an old man first. Then make a little fortune by the way, then go to Ninghai and take Beiwei with us to Luo Yue well, it’s not good to continue staying in Ninghai.”

Luo Ying just needed to be with Ye Mo, for the rest, she didn’t care about it at all, anything Ye Mo just had to arrange.

Although Ye Mo did not mention those people who had tricked Luo Ying into coming to Yanjing again, but in his heart he had already made up his mind that before he went to the small world, he had to exterminate those people.

The matter was already done, and he was also with Luo Ying. There would be no need to continue to disguise himself, and Ye Mo removed all of his disguise in the bathroom. When he came, because he was in a hurry to see Luo Ying, the disguise on his face was not removed. Ye Mo guessed that by now those people had already guessed who he was, but he had no fear, so what if they had guessed?


Han Zai Xin’s residence was near Mi Yang Lake, when Ye Mo and Luo Ying arrived here. It was already in the afternoon.

The main purpose of Ye Mo’s visit to Han Zaixin’s place was of course for those ores, but he did not have the intention to come and see Li Fox and Zhang Dou and the others. Li Hu and Zhang Dou were both on good terms with him, and although he had helped them, they had also helped Ye Mo in no small way.

Whether it was dealing with the Song family. Or protecting Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng, they had all put in a lot of effort.

Upon learning of Ye Mo’s visit. When Han Zaixin saw Ye Mo’s side, Luo Ying, he even admired Ye Mo’s vision. Whether it was the Ning family’s Ning Qingxue or this Luo Ying in front of him, they were both more than a little better than Han Yan.

“Elder Han, make a call and ask Li Fox and Zhang Diao to come along for dinner, I haven’t seen the two of them for a long time.” Ye Mo wasn’t being polite here and directly asked Han Zaixin to make the call.

Han Zaixin sighed and said, “Actually, I’ve called you a few times just for their business.”

Ye Mo frowned and asked, “How?”

Han Zaixin hesitated for a moment, but still said, “I already told you last time, it was the matter of the ‘Heavenly Aoi Design Drawing’. This is the country’s expectation, and even if we can’t make this kind of drawing, we can’t let it fall into the hands of another country. So after the news of this drawing being revealed was spread, all countries sent all kinds of experts to grab the drawing, so we also sent someone over there ……”

Ye Mo said somewhat speechlessly, “So Li Fox and Zhang Dou both went over there, right?”

Han Zaixin nodded, “Not only the two of them, but the country also sent eight others, a total of ten elite members to go over together. But it’s been a few months now and there hasn’t been the slightest news from them, I’m worried ……”

“So you repeatedly called me, just to ask me to go and help you see what’s going on?” Ye Mo was a little uncomfortable in his heart. Li Fox and Zhang Dug were his friends, but the others had nothing to do with him. It wasn’t that he was cold-blooded, he had told Han Zaixin many times that the drawing would be useless even if he brought it, and he still sent people to their deaths.

If the people dealing with Li Fox and the others were really from the ‘Northern Sands’, would they be so good to deal with? Since they had that ‘super power light pistol’, even he himself might not be able to win with certainty.

Han Zaixin looked ashamed, but nodded and said, “Yes, I don’t think I can find anyone else to help but you. I also know that Luo Yue is yours and that you have more on your plate than I do, but I really have no other choice. Even if we don’t talk about the ‘Empty Aoi Design’, those ten elites of ‘Flying Snow’ are not something I can afford to lose if anything happens to them. Even if you’re not willing to help, I don’t blame you, but I have to do everything I can, even though I know they’re probably in a bad way.”

After saying that Han Zaixin paused for a moment and added, “About your affairs in Luo Yue, don’t worry about it, I have never revealed a single word.

Hearing Han Zaixin’s words, Ye Mo felt slightly more comfortable in his heart, fortunately he was still sensible enough not to tell the truth about his time in Luo Yue.

Ye Mo’s face eased a little before he said, “Isn’t there a ‘Heavenly Group’ in Yanjing? Why don’t you go and beg them?”

Han Zhaogong laughed a little and said, “Ever since your last match with Tanjiao, Tanjiao has been in seclusion. Later, after the Great Competition of the Hidden Sect in Ghost City, both Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng both disappeared to an unknown destination. Tanjiao’s disciple Xu Shi also disappeared, and even Song Yingzhu disappeared. And after that, people from the Hidden Sect were rarely seen again, almost never came out, and even the ores were not asked to be sent to us anymore, so I don’t know if this is a good thing for us or a bad thing. I’ve come to ask you for help, the chief is aware of this, even the chief has said that only you can help with this.”

Ye Mo did not expect that both Tanjiao and Luan Qingfeng had disappeared, and when he heard Song Yingzhu, he immediately remembered what happened inside that tent, under the snowy mountain in Mui Ne. Song Yingzhu’s pa*sionate appearance and the scene where she wrapped her arms around her body and tried her best to squeeze into her arms came to mind, and he couldn’t help but be a little lost in thought. I wonder if that woman is still okay now.

“Ye Mo ……” Luo Ying felt the first time that something was wrong with Ye Mo, and immediately reached out to grab Ye Mo’s hand, and for the first time she felt Ye Mo’s hand was slightly cold.

Ye Mo backhandedly grabbed Luo Ying’s hand and put those things aside in his heart, no matter what, he still had Luo Ying and Qing Xue.

After a long time, Ye Mo patted Luo Ying’s hand and then said to Han Zai Xin, “Elder Han, Li Fox and Zhang Diao are both my friends, I will go back and take a look. Also, I’ll say it one last time, that ‘Empty Aoi Design’ is useless even if you get your hands on it, if you don’t believe me, then there’s nothing you can do.”

“I know, if I were to do it again, I would still be involved in the fight for this drawing, there are things that you can’t just not go if you don’t want to, besides, this time it’s not just the ‘Empty Aoi’ information, ugh …… ” Han Zaixin sighed.

Ye Mo some speechless, if it is his place, unless clearly useful things, if there is no useful things, go sacrifice more people useful? Perhaps, Han Zaixin still somewhat did not quite believe his own words.

“Let’s not talk about that, tell us how you got the news and what exactly is going on?” Ye Mo digressed the topic, there were times when the philosophies were different, so there was no need to delve into it.

Han Zaixin nodded and said directly, “Do you know about Ice Helmet Island?”

Ye Mo shook his head, he didn’t know many places, let alone this unknown island.

Seemingly knowing that Ye Mo must not know, Han Zaixin continued, “Ice Helmet Island is an island belonging to the Arctic Ocean, but it is not small, and even has an area close to several thousand square kilometres. Ice Helmet Island is in the middle of the East Siberian Sea and the Beaufort Sea, yet it is close to the pole. This island has the characteristic of being surrounded by icebergs in general, making it appear from a distance that the island is a cluster of icebergs.

If it hadn’t been for an incident a few months ago, no one would have known that there were people moving around inside this huge iceberg island, and a crazy group of people at that.”