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DYM Chapter 641

When Han Zaixin said this, even Luo Ying was curious as to what kind of crazy people were operating inside that island.

Ye Mo, however, had roughly guessed something, and he reckoned that it should be one of the bases of the ‘Northern Sands’. The Little Black Star Island that he had found at the beginning was also near the Bering Sea, but the Little Black Star Island was just the base of the ‘Black Sun Empire’. These organisations didn’t know what they wanted, did they really want to annex the world? If that was really the case, then Han Zaixin’s words of madness were definitely not an exaggeration.

Han Zaixin continued, “A few months ago, a simple speedboat appeared near the Beaufort Sea. The speedboat was carrying only a man who was about to die. The speedboat later met a cruise ship in the Beaufort Sea and the man on board was rescued by the cruise ship.

The first time the man was able to act after being rescued, he asked for a computer and then he frantically sent out a large number of photos and information. It was all scientific information from the underground research labs of Ice Helmet Island, which was surprisingly a group of scientists who were constantly developing all kinds of weapons that could go crazy. The information was just a little bit, but the value was amazing.

That’s not all, he also sent a large flying saucer manufacturing scene, but that’s not a flying saucer, we’ve gotten part of the drawings of the ‘Air Aoi design’, and the things on that photo can be seen at a glance that it’s the ‘Air Aoi’.”

Ye Mo had already understood, that must be the other person who escaped from ‘Bei Sha’. Presumably he wanted to feed them back to the world at the first opportunity, with the aim of stopping the crazy ‘Beisha’.

As expected, Han Zaixin said with great gravity, “I think you should have guessed that that is the ‘Northern Sands’ base. And that man also escaped from the Northern Sands. Although I don’t know how he escaped, but ‘Beisha’ is indeed there to develop weapons that threaten the world. But before the man’s picture could be posted, the Canadian liner suffered a strange kind of impact and sank into the sea.”

“A collision? Not a weapon attack from the ‘Northern Sands’?” Ye Mo asked a little strangely.

Han Zaixin shook his head. “No, it was like hitting a reef and the whole cruise ship sank, except for a few people who survived, the rest of the people were beyond saving. The man who escaped, also went down with the ship, and the disk of information he was holding disappeared.”

“Because that information got out, many countries sent people to want the design of the ‘Air Aoi’? Or maybe the main purpose is also the design plans and information of the rest of the weapons, right?” Ye Mo said. But secretly sneered, he believed that those countries that sent people to Ice Helmet Island, few of them thought of destroying the ‘Northern Sand’, most of them wanted to take what the ‘Northern Sand’ had in their hands.

It seemed that he did not hear Ye Mo’s meaning. Han said with a hard smile, “After it happened, Russia, Rice and Canada all sent their warships at the first opportunity. Ice Helmet Island also seemed to know that it was exposed, and they blew up most of the facilities while transferring some important things. But it was too late for them to do so. The Russian fleet was already attacking the Ice Helmets.

The Ice Helmets seemed to have only a scientific force, but no armed force. So it didn’t take much time to knock out the island’s living forces. But the Russians and the other countries went up there and looked for information about the weapons, but they could not find any. Only the wreckage of the ‘Air Aoi’.”

“If none of them were found, why did you send people there?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

Han Zaixin sighed and said, “Because ‘Bei Sha’ couldn’t escape in time. But everyone believed that ‘Beisha’ wouldn’t destroy all these precious information either, they wouldn’t destroy the information until the end. So the person in charge of the information must have gone into hiding somewhere. Later on, more and more countries wanted to go up there to look for the information, and after a discussion among many countries, it was finally decided that each country would form a small team to enter Ice Helmet Island. As long as there was no radiation or anti-human threat to the weapons data, it would be theirs if that one country found it. Of course other countries can go and get it by buying it.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that this was how China’s squad was formed. At that time, he was busy with Luo Yue’s matter and the fight with Huludao, plus the blocking of information from these countries, he surprisingly did not know.

But even if he knew, Ye Mo didn’t put it to heart. If it was really the ‘Northern Sands’ information that had leaked, there was no need for him to go looking for it. Even Ye Xing was in Luo Yue, what else would he care about. Even if that information was powerful, at best, it was something that Ye Xing had proposed to have someone research and design.

“Could it be that all the countries’ elite squads have not come out?” Ye Mo asked somewhat strangely.

Han Zaixin nodded, “Yes, none of the countries were able to come out, let alone find the information. Later on, some more people were sent in to investigate, but most of them disappeared without a trace, and in the end, that Ice Helmet Island was like a ghost island, with more and more people missing. A good number of countries had already withdrawn voluntarily, and if there weren’t probably still many people alive inside, or if everyone wanted to know what was going on, maybe they would have used bombs to flatten the island.”

After listening to these words, Ye Mo felt that something was not right. First, how could an organization like ‘Northern Sand’ let someone escape again after Ye Xing escaped? And even bring out a large amount of information? Secondly, although Ice Helmet Island was large, it was an iceberg island. Iceberg Island, of course, wouldn’t have any forests or anything like that, so why would people keep disappearing?

Thirdly, this kind of thing will certainly have a specific proposal from the United Vertical a*sociation, at most it will just propose to form an international column and go in to look for it. How could they have come up with the idea of ‘the rooster crows, the hen crows, and whoever finds it will have to. The idea? It’s not like a child is running a house. The main thing is that no one was missing before the elite squads went in to look for them, and it was only after the elite squads were formed that people started to disappear.

“Who was the person who suggested that the countries form an elite squad to go in and look for them?” Thinking about this Ye Mo asked.

Hearing Ye Mo’s question, Han Zaixin gave Ye Mo a surprised look before saying, “When the elite squads from various countries started to disappear, there were also people who became suspicious, but that United Vertical a*sociation official who proposed it was killed in a car accident.”

Ye Mo once again pondered, those squads from various countries were undoubtedly the elites among the elites of various countries. If this was really a trap, why did the ‘Northern Sands’ want these elites? It was not like they were scientists, and their greatest use was just some local warfare roles. Like beheading, like reconnaissance, or carrying out some difficult missions.

Or those elites can simply kill the head of a country, they can simply kill a certain person, but can they still destroy a country? If the head of a country is killed now, at most another one will be elected, it won’t cause much panic at all. It would not cause much panic at all. Rice has had so many presidents a*sa*sinated and it is still a powerful country.

It is impossible to kill a single person and have an impact on a country.

Han Zhaoxin suddenly interjected: “Although the Northern Sands has a history of kidnapping scientists, they wouldn’t kidnap the elite special forces, would they? Or maybe this matter is not related to the ‘Northern Sand’, those people are missing or something is wrong with Ice Helmet Island.”

Ye Mo had already figured this out, he smiled and shook his head, “You’re right, they shouldn’t do that because it’s useless. Even if they could use those people to train more powerful people, even if they could a*sa*sinate a president,……”

When he said this, Ye Mo suddenly gave a beat, what if the person they wanted to a*sa*sinate was Ye Xing? Ye Xing was no less useful to Luo Yue than he himself would have been, without him, Luo Yue might have lost last time. Anyone could be the president, but there was only one Ye Xing, and no one could replace him.

However, Ye Mo soon wondered if he was thinking too much, no one should know that Ye Xing was in Luo Yue, right?

But what if the people from the ‘Northern Sands’ knew about it? Although Ye Mo knew that what he was thinking was a bit absurd, but what if the Northern Sands were really trying to gather elite talents from various countries and then train up top-notch a*sa*sins to prepare to deal with Ye Xing? Although he knew that his idea was a bit absurd, but with Luo Yue’s future at stake, he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

In the last Luo Yue war, Luo Yue had performed strongly, with electronic jamming systems that no one could beat. And Ye Xing, who designed these, was originally an escapee from ‘Bei Sha’, would ‘Bei Sha’ suspect that Ye Xing had escaped to Luo Yue because of this?

Even if they wanted to a*sa*sinate Ye Xing, it wouldn’t be a simple matter, right? Luo Yue is now flourishing, and idle people can’t even enter the core area.

Unless Luo Yue declined all of a sudden, but apart from war, how could Luo Yue decline, Luo Yue would only keep improving.


Ye Mo thought about the recent encounter of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, if the black hand behind the targeting of Luo Yue was really the ‘Northern Sand’, then war was really possible. Once Luo Yue fought with another country, even if Luo Yue was powerful, but she couldn’t deal with multiple countries at the same time, right?

Even if he went to help himself, he couldn’t. Although his flying sword was powerful, but exterminating a dozen ships in a row was his limit. If the other side came dozens and hundreds and thousands of ships, even regardless of positioning, regardless of the results of the indiscriminate missile. Luo Yue is only such a small place, can it intercept all the countless missiles?

If there were too many dense missiles, it would definitely not be possible to intercept them, and once they were not intercepted, these indiscriminate bombardments would also make Luo Yue suffer.

Even if Luo Yue had blocked these attacks, she would have been greatly wounded. Once Luo Yue’s vitality was greatly injured because of the war, would the core area still be the same as the old iron pa*s?

When Ye Mo thought about this, some cold sweat suddenly came out behind his back, in case all these were thought up by others to come step by step, this enemy was a bit too calculating. It was not that there were no people with this kind of heart, the Dongfang Qiu he met at the beginning formulated several plans, all of them were crooked and full of bad intentions. But a person like Dongfang Qi was not destined to have too many.

All this could not be just to deal with a single Ye Xing? Ye Mo shook his head, he knew he must be overthinking. There weren’t that many coincidences, even if he wanted to deal with Ye Xing, he wouldn’t have meandered around like this.

But whether it was to deal with Ye Xing or not, he had to give a heads up to Void Moon Hua and Xu Ping, Ye Xing and the others in advance, so that he wouldn’t be caught off guard.

Ye Mo was just about to call Void Moonghua when his mobile phone rang first.