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DYM Chapter 642

The phone call was from Void Yuehua, to Ye Mo it was just right, he just wanted to call Void Yuehua. So he was happy about the call from Void Yuehua, “Sister Yuehua, I was just about to look for you, you speak first.”

“Chairman, the Indian side seems to have no intention of compromising, and they are also stepping up their orders for warships from several Western countries, and everything they do seems to be a declaration of war against us first.” Although Void Yuehua’s tone was relaxed, Ye Mo could still hear the pressure she was under.

If he had not heard Han Zaixin’s words before, Ye Mo would not hesitate to immediately go to war, a mere archipelago country would dare to be arrogant in front of Luo Yue. However, now Ye Mo was cautious, even if he had to go to war, he still had to protect Ye Xing and the others.

“How did you handle this matter?” Ye Mo asked after thinking for a moment Chapter 642 – Private Party (Request for Monthly Vote).

Hearing Ye Mo ask about it, Void Moon Hua immediately said, “The dozen or so countries that had disputes with us because of the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ have all negotiated compensation terms with us, and both sides have reached a mutual understanding. Only Indonesia and the Philippines have a strong attitude and do not have the slightest intention of reconciling with us. We have now withdrawn all cooperation projects from these two countries and have started to claim compensation.”

“Good.” Ye Mo nodded, a mere Philadelphia and Indonesia, Luo Yue was not afraid. This time, it was a good thing that he coincidentally found out about this matter and Luo Yue’s attitude was tough, so by chance he didn’t cross paths with more countries. If this incident had not been for the video of himself on Jeju Island, and if Luo Yue had not reacted in time, there might have been more than two countries involved. Once more countries get involved, it won’t do Luo Yue any good to fight a war.

Although many countries claim to be friendly with Luo Yue, once Luo Yue is really in trouble, they will probably be the first to come and fall on their sword.

“You’ve done a good job, Luo Yue will enter a state of readiness now. In the meantime, talk to Ye Xing, and wait for me to return for the details. One more thing. From now on the entire Luo Yue is on heightened alert, no idle people are allowed to enter or leave at will. Especially for Ye Xing, tell him to be safe. I suspect that someone is trying to infiltrate our Luo Yue, you have to make a special effort to tell Second Brother about this later.” Ye Mo admonished.

Void Moon Hua said, “Actually, these have been under martial law in Luo Yue after the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ incident. Don’t worry about that, I know.”

Ye Mo was very satisfied with Void Yuehua’s work. Just as Ye Mo was about to hang up the phone, Void Yuehua said once again, “There is one more thing I need to talk to you about, that is, Liang Jun and Lu Na seem to have some thoughts lately, they want to go back to their hometown for a visit. I said we should wait until you come back.”

Ye Mo’s heart sank. A bad premonition immediately came over him. Liang Jun and Lu Na were both Luo Yue’s scientists and husband and wife, and even Luo Yue’s latest nuclear weapon fission element was brought over by the two. Most importantly, these two had also escaped from the ‘Northern Sands’ subland base, although the subland base was not the core base of ‘Northern Sands’. Although the subland base is not as strict as the core base, but if they can escape, they definitely don’t want to be caught back again, in that case, what is the situation that they are leaving Luo Yue at this time?

In any case, they had to wait until they got back and ask about the situation. Ye Mo immediately said, “The two of them can’t leave Luoyue yet, they must wait until I get back. I suspect that this is someone else’s plot and the two of them are likely to be tricked.”

“Okay, I know.” Xu Yuehua hung up the phone. Immediately, he went to instruct Liang Jun and Lu Na about the matter.

Han Zai Xin interjected after hearing Ye Mo’s words and said, “I know you’re very busy right now regarding ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, if there’s anything I need to help with, I can return the favor to the chief. But Luo Yue’s technology doesn’t need our help either, on top of public opinion. China will always be on the side of Luo Yue. Those Indonesian ghosts are not good, if it wasn’t for various reasons, I would have volunteered to participate in Luo Yue’s fight against those Indonesian ghosts.”

Ye Mo was still somewhat grateful in his heart when he heard Han Zaixin’s words. He knew that what Han Zaixin said was impossible to achieve, but Old Han wasn’t saying hypocritical things, he was saying what he had in mind, it was just that the position he was in was impossible for him to actually be able to send troops.

“Ye Mo, if something is wrong, let’s go back first.” Luo Ying was a little worried, she knew that Luo Yue was Ye Mo’s foundation, his friends and relatives were all there, if something went wrong there, he would definitely be hit no less.

Ye Mo nodded, now in this situation he had to go back and take care of things before he could help Han Zaixin.

Han Zaixin also understood Ye Mo’s thoughts, he took the initiative to say, “You can go back and deal with Luo Yue’s affairs first, the matter of Ice Helmet Island has been going on for a few months now, and he doesn’t care about a few more days.”

Ye Mo’s mobile phone however rang again at this time, the call was still from Void Yuehua. Void Yuehua’s tone was a bit urgent, what she told Ye Mo was that Liang Jun and Lu Na had already left Luo Yue in the morning, and the place they went to was Sri Lanka.

“Immediately blockade the entire Luo Yue and control all air routes.” Ye Mo knew that Liang Jun and Lu Na’s departure would only expose Ye Xing’s affairs, and they would even expose some of Luo Yue’s military facilities. In order to prevent something like this from happening, Ye Mo did not hesitate to ask Void Moon Hua to blockade Luo Yue City.

After this call, Ye Mo stood up and said to Han Zaixin, “Elder Han, as for the matter of Ice Helmet Island, I will definitely keep it in mind. When my Luo Yue matter is over, I will immediately go to Ice Helmet Island to take a look. Li Fox and Zhang Diao are both my friends, I won’t let them go unchecked.”

Han Zaixin knew that now that Ye Mo had as much on his plate as an ox, it was already a great favour for him to promise to go to Ice Helm Island. It was definitely unrealistic to ask him to let go of Luo Yue’s affairs now and go do something else.


Ye Mo took Luo Ying and left the Han family, even the matter of those ores, Ye Mo was not in the mood to find out now, he had to return to Luo Yue at the first opportunity to solve these matters of Luo Yue.

It suddenly occurred to Luo Ying that she should work hard on her cultivation, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to help Ye Mo much at all. Since Ye Mo had chosen to build his own city and establish his own power. Then she had to go and help him, to support him, instead of becoming a burden to him.

Seemingly sensing what was in Luo Ying’s heart, Ye Mo tightened Luo Ying’s hand and said, “Susu, you don’t have to worry, I will definitely take care of this matter. In fact, I actually have one more thing I have never dared to tell you ……”

Ye Mo finally found an opportunity. Wanting to tell the matter of Ning Qingxue.

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo’s somewhat embarra*sed look and suddenly reached out to cover Ye Mo’s mouth. “Don’t say anything now, let me see her when we get back ……”

Although the palm of his hand around his mouth brought a fresh fragrance, but Ye Mo was still embarra*sed, he couldn’t imagine that what he thought Luo Ying didn’t know, she knew in advance, it must have been Bei Wei who said it, this little ninny.

“Ye Mo ……” a shout suddenly woke up Ye Mo who was still making out with Luo Ying.

Ye Mo had just been thinking about how to explain the matter of Ning Qingxue to Luo Ying, and it was surprising that he didn’t pay attention when someone came in front of him.

However, he soon knew who the visitor was, it was actually Wang Ying again. He could see her everywhere. It was just that there were two other people beside Wang Ying, one of whom Ye Mo also knew, having studied with him at Ninghai University. It was Su Jingwen’s cousin Su Mei, but Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest good feeling towards her. It was just that that was already in the past, and Ye Mo didn’t show it on his face.

“I say Wang Ying. How come you can be seen everywhere, don’t you have to go to work?” Wang Ying was a girl who could relax Ye Mo, and her personality was a bit too big, so it was okay to make a few casual jokes.

“That, is she your girlfriend?” Wang Ying looked at Luo Ying and was secretly surprised, from where did Ye Mo find such a beautiful beauty to be his girlfriend?

Even Wang Ying, who had always been big-hearted, didn’t even think to make a joke the first time she saw Luo Ying. It was only because she saw that Luo Ying had acted somewhat intimately with Ye Mo just now that she asked out like that.

Ye Mo nodded his head. “Yes, her name is Luo Ying. Luo Ying, this is my cla*smate from college, Wang Ying, who has helped me many times.”

“Hello Luo Ying.” Wang Ying was even a little nervous about being able to speak to a fairy-like girl like Luo Ying.

“Hello.” When Luo Ying heard that Wang Ying had helped Ye Mo, she saw Wang Ying in a different light.

“By the way. This is Su Mei and her cla*smates, you wouldn’t not know them, right?” Wang Ying quickly recovered and pointed to the two Su Mei behind her and said.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Of course I know them, it’s been a long time.”

“Hello Ye Mo, your girlfriend is so pretty.” Su Mei suddenly had a very odd flavour turning up in her heart, Ye Mo, a person she completely despised in the first place, actually had such a beautiful girlfriend. I guess this Luo Ying was even more beautiful than that Ning Qingxue, he was really lucky. Looking at them, the girl called Luo Ying still cared a lot about Ye Mo.

When Wang Ying saw that the atmosphere seemed a bit awkward, she hurriedly said, “Right, today handsome fierce brother Wang Xue is back, and he will be developing in Yanjing from now on, so today Wang Xue is treating. You can come along later, it’s at the ‘Kaiyuan Club’ in front. Numerous celebrities in Yanjing will be coming over today, Ye Mo, if you want to develop here in the future, you must go tonight.”

Ye Mo laughed, “I won’t be going, Luo Ying and I have other things to do, so you guys have fun.”

He had heard of the name Wang Xu and knew who it was, and he still had a good feeling about Wang Xu Ye Mo. He was a nice guy, if in normal times he would have been able to visit, but not now.

“What a pity then, if sister Luo Ying had gone tonight, she would have been the number one fairy, that is, I would have had a shine on my face even if I followed, hehehe …..” Wang Ying spoke with no qualms at all, not feeling the least bit put down.

Luo Ying suddenly lowered her head and whispered in Ye Mo’s ear, “Ye Mo, I just saw a man enter that clubhouse, the man who disguised himself as you on the plane, although his mask was taken away, but I’m sure it was him.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, if he met this person, even if he was busy, he wouldn’t care about this amount of time. After hearing Luo Ying’s words, he immediately said to Wang Ying, “Alright, I don’t have an invitation, is it alright if you take us in?”