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DYM Chapter 643

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed to go in with them, Wang Ying was even happier. When Ye Mo and the others went in, quite a few people had already come to the clubhouse. The few people had just sat down and a waiter brought drinks such as wine and juice.

Wang Ying deliberately sat next to Luo Ying and kept asking questions, but Luo Ying was not good at talking much and just listened. Only when Wang Ying talked about Ye Mo’s plight in Ninghai back then, did Luo Ying listen carefully and occasionally asked a question from time to time. When she heard that Ye Mo had been kicked out of the Ye family and that he had no money to eat in Ninghai, she even had red eyes.

Ye Mo looked helplessly at the octogenarian Wang Ying and could only let her go.

His divine sense was simultaneously paying attention to the man who had tricked Luo Ying into coming to Yanjing, at this time Ye Mo did not want to move him yet, since he had found out, he intended to wipe out this 643 Chapter Rolling gang.

Su Mei looked at the way Luo Ying acted towards Ye Mo and suddenly felt a bit very uncomfortable in her heart. What did Ye Mo have? A mere outcast, who could at most pretend to be thirteen, what made him able to gain the favor of a beautiful woman like Luo Ying? Luo Ying’s beauty made her not even in a jealous mood, she could only be upset at Ye Mo’s sh*t luck.

“Ye Mo, I haven’t seen you for a long time, where have you been getting rich lately?” Ever since the last time she treated herself to a meal and Ye Mo didn’t give face to her, she was very uncomfortable in her heart. To her, Ye Mo was no different from those underlings. But this person she despised had found such a beautiful girlfriend, which made her extremely dissatisfied.

Ye Mo knew the high and mighty mind of people like Su Mei and said with a faint smile, “Nowadays, everything is doing something, it’s not like I can talk about getting rich.”

Su Mei sneered in her heart, saying that you are rich and still take it seriously, what richness is not to be talked about, you simply have not found a job. The girl called Luo Ying must have been tricked by him, and at a glance it was clear that she was a very simple girl. Later on, we must expose Ye Mo’s disguise in front of Luo Ying.

A girl like Luo Ying would immediately become the protagonist no matter where she was.

There were already a few men ready to come and strike up a conversation, but one person jumped in front of them Chapter 643 Rolling, a tall young man.

He came to Luo Ying with a gla*s of red wine in a gentlemanly manner, placed his hand on his chest and bent slightly and said, “Hello this beautiful lady, my name is Wang Qianjun I don’t know if I have the pleasure of knowing you.”

Luo Ying frowned a little, thinking that this person is so impolite, can’t you see that you are talking to someone else? Wang Ying glanced at Wang Qianjun and suddenly felt that she shouldn’t have called Ye Mo and Luo Ying over. She knew that there were many people here that Ye Mo could not afford to mess with.

Su Mei, however, suddenly had some interest in this Wang Qianjun, whom he knew, was Wang Xue’s cousin, and was also a member of the Yanjing Wang family. And inside the Wang family’s family business, there was no small position. This man was very lustful, seeing a beautiful woman like Luo Ying he would definitely not let go, now Su Mei was curious to know what Ye Mo would do. Of course the best outcome would be for Wang Qianjun to cross the line in front of Ye Mo, which would be most enjoyable for her.

Without hearing Luo Ying’s reply, Wang Qianjun was about to speak when Ye Mo spoke first “Wang Qianjun, I know you. Two years ago, you met robbers when you were going to the flowing snake, and you ended up throwing your girlfriend down to the robbers and escaped first yourself, is that right?”

Wang Qianjun’s face immediately changed when he heard Ye Mo’s words, who else knew about this matter other than Xiao Lei? Could it be that Xiao Lei had told the truth?

After hearing Ye Mo’s words not only were Wang Ying and Su Mei a few people surprised, but the several people gathered around the side also looked at Wang Qianjun in surprise. After Ye Mo said this matter, Wang Qianjun’s face changed greatly and did not immediately refute, so the people around knew that this matter might be true. Many people were immediately interested, not expecting that the superficially glamorous Wang Qianjun had such a scandalous story.

Some girls immediately began to look at Wang Qianjun with contempt, not expecting this guy to be so unpleasant.

Once this kind of thing is disclosed, even if he is rich and handsome again, no woman will want to be with him sincerely, at most just look at his money to go.

“You Hu reject” who are you?” Wang Qianjun reacted and instantly became angry, what was the difference between saying such things and hitting him in the face? How could he hold up his head in the future? If it was Xiao Lei who said it out, he would definitely not let Xiao Lei go. However, when he thought that the Xiao family would not be afraid of his Wang family either, he was a little reluctant in his heart.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Who do you think I am? Because I saw that incident with my own eyes, do you think I would be bullsh*tting?”

“It’s you, you are the one who came down from that Audi car behind?” When Wang Qianjun looked at Ye Mo again, he had already recognised him. Just as he finished his words, he knew that it was tantamount to a disguised admission.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Not bad, it’s me, it’s really bad luck for her to know you.”

“Ye Mo, you’re right, it’s indeed bad luck for me to know this kind of scum.” A crisp female voice rang out.

“Xiao Lei, what do you mean?” Wang Qianjun’s face became even more ugly, he didn’t expect Xiao Lei to come too.

“Scum, you don’t need to care what I mean. However, I really don’t want to talk to people like you, I was really blind in the past …….” Xiao Lei looked at Wang Qianjun coldly and called directly in front of Ye Mo.

“You have guts.” Wang and Jun looked at Ye Mo and said coldly.

Ye Mo sat down and didn’t get up, he listened to Wang Qianjun’s words, put down his wine gla*s and said, “Get lost.”

If he didn’t want to keep an eye on the man who had entered the room inside and didn’t come out, Ye Mo would have kicked him over. But then, things would have gone too far.

“You.” Wang Qianjun was immediately about to lash out, but before he could, a man had already pulled him aside and occupied his position.

The person who pulled Wang Qianjun away didn’t even look at him, but said to Ye Mo in surprise, “Haha, young Mo, I didn’t expect to see you inside my welcome party, luck, luck.”

It was Wang Xu, Ye Mo had met him at Su Jingwen’s birthday party and knew that he was a teammate of Guo Qi and the others and was a good person.

Ye Mo stood up and shook hands with Wang Xui “Just happened to meet Wang Ying, so we came over together. It’s been a long time.”

“Yes, it’s really a long time no see. Huh, reporter Xiao is here too, hello.” Wang Xue saw Xiao Lei at the same time.

At this moment, Xiao Lei had already seen Luo Ying sitting beside Ye Mo, she looked at Ye Mo with some confusion and asked, “Ye Mo, this beauty is?”

“Oh, this is Luo Ying, my wife.” Ye Mo answered as he held Luo Ying’s hand.

“Ye Mo] You’re already married?” These words were asked by Wang Ying and Xiao Lei almost at the same time.

Wang Ying still thought that Luo Ying was just Ye Mo’s girlfriend, but she didn’t expect Ye Mo to directly say that she was his wife. Xiao Lei’s heart was even more shocked, she had always thought that the one who was married to Ye Mo must be Ning Qingxue, but she didn’t expect it to be this girl, there was really no way to tell the difference between her and Ning Qingxue. This Ye Mo was really capable, how did he find all these beautiful girls? But thinking of Xiao Lei immediately made her think of herself, hadn’t she always had a crush on him too?

Xiao Lei wanted to ask Ning Qingxue what to do, but she also knew that now was not the time to ask that.

“Congratulations, congratulations, I didn’t expect young Mo to get married.” Wang Xue immediately said with a joyful expression, he was also secretly admiring Ye Mo’s vision in his heart. However, Wang Xui, who was inside the army, and still in the same army as Guo Qi, was not ignorant of Ye Mo. He knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, and even Guo Qi and Lu Lin were doing something with Ye Mo right now, although what they were doing he did not know yet, but it was definitely not a trivial matter.

“Wang Xui, today is the day you return to Yanjing to take up your post, you are the successor that the old master sees, don’t go around meeting random people who don’t matter.” Wang Qianjun looked at Wang Xu and Ye Mo warming up and reminded with some irritation.

Wang Xue seemed to have just noticed Wang Qianjun in general, he looked back at Wang Qianjun then said with a cold face, “Get lost.”

“You, Chuan…” Wang Qianjun’s face once again changed greatly, he could not imagine that this cousin was so disrespectful, he was at least a direct descendant of the Wang family. He was bidding to lose his face so much in front of an outsider. Two rolls in a row made him lose face to his family. He glanced at Ye Mo with hatred, turned around and left.

Su Mei was even more shocked in her heart, she really couldn’t figure out how Ye Mo, a mere outcast youngster, had befriended brother Wang Xui. As far as she knew, Wang Xui and Ye Mo knew each other with her, it was that time when she asked Wang Xui to shake hands with Ye Mo.

The current Wang Xui was very different from the Wang Xui of a few years ago, knowing that the reason why the current Wang Xui brother had returned to Yanjing was because the Wang family was going to focus on training him, and it was not too much to say that he was the next successor of the Wang family. This Ye Mo really got lucky, not only did he find a girlfriend like Luo Ying, but he even met Wang Xue, and he seemed to be on good terms.

Ye Mo looked at Wang Qianjun as he left in the dust and sneered, not saying anything. If this Wang Qianjun didn’t come to him, then he could only be blamed for not wanting to live.

Wang Xue ignored Wang Qianjun who had just left, but said to Ye Mo, Su Mei and the others, “You guys sit down for a while, the ball hasn’t started yet, I’ll go and greet some guests who have come.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “You go and get busy.” He had already seen two more people enter the room of the one he was staking out one after another, looking at the expressions of several people, Ye Mo reckoned that they already knew that he and Luo Ying had come here.

However, Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of their suspicions because he knew Wang Xue, which meant that he didn’t come here without a reason. But Ye Mo also knew that since these people dared to meet at this clubhouse, they must also know Wang Xue, or even be acquaintances within their circle.

Luo Ying saw Ye Mo with his head down and knew that he must have been observing the man with his divine sense, so he quietly sat beside Ye Mo without speaking.

“Luo Ying you are so pretty, did you and Ye Mo just get married?” Although Xiao Lei felt that there was a small gap between herself and Luo Ying, but looking at Luo Ying leaning next to Ye Mo as a small bird, her heart was still a little sour.

Luo Ying smiled slightly, as if a hundred huas were in full bloom, even Xiao Lei was a little lost in thought.

“Yes, Ye Mo said we go back and have a grand wedding again, he …… Chuan” said here Luo Ying stopped, she knew that the matter of Ning Qingxue could not be said now, she suddenly also wanted to know what kind of girl that Ning Qingxue really was.