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DYM Chapter 644

Shortly after the two men entered the room just now, another man and a woman entered that room. Together with the original man inside the room, there were already five people in that room that Ye Mo was concerned about. The woman who had just entered the room he actually knew, he had dropped the bag from her hand and taken an ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ at that time, others called her Sister Ling, later Ye Mo learned from Lu Na’s mouth that it was her sister Lu Ling.

It was logical to say that he had already dragged Lu Ling into it at that time, so why was she still here? And she looked very cordial with a few other people? The moment he saw Lu Ling, Ye Mo understood why Lu Na and her boyfriend had left Luo Yue, so it was because of her sister.

But Ye Mo always felt that something was wrong, these people were undoubtedly from the ‘Northern Sand’, but was the ‘Northern Sand’ so nice to talk to? The importance of ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ to ‘North Sand’, Ye Mo knew it too well. Moreover, the value of the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stones’ was also clearer to Ye Mo than anyone else.

That Lu Ling had lost the two ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stones’, how could she still be safe and sound? No matter what, since he saw Lu Ling here, then Lu Na would probably find her way here as well. One just had to keep an eye on this group, and definitely not let Lu Na tell anyone about Luo Yue’s setup and some of the circumstances. Even if Lu Na didn’t know much, she couldn’t leak it out.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly stood up, he said to Luo Ying, “Just wait for me here, I’m going out for something, I’ll be back in a while.”

Luo Ying nodded, “You go ahead, I’ll wait here for you.” Of course she knew what Ye Mo was going to do, and she was very relieved about Ye Mo’s skills.

Ye Mo and Wang Ying and Xiao Lei all said hello. Only then did he walk out of the clubhouse. If he wanted to go inside the clubhouse to spy out information, he had to go out first. He believed that he was spying on those people from ‘North Sand’, and the people from ‘North Sand’ must also be spying on him. So he had to go out first and then come in stealthily.

“What did Ye Mo go to do?” Xiao Lei looked at Ye Mo’s disappearing back and asked somewhat strangely.

Luo Ying smiled faintly and didn’t answer. She was not good at lying, so she simply kept her mouth shut.

“By the way, Luo Ying. Where are you planning to hold the wedding? When is it?” Xiao Lei quickly turned the topic to Ye Mo and Luo Ying’s wedding once again, as if this was the thing she was most concerned about.

Luo Ying shook her head, “I don’t know either. Whenever Ye Mo says is when.”

Hearing Luo Ying’s words, the rest of the girls all looked at each other, Luo Ying was so pretty and so considerate, without the slightest feeling of being strong. Ye Mo was really something, how on earth did he find this kind of girl? You know that nowadays, marriage is always discussed between the two parties, how can a man say whatever he wants?

Su Mei was even more upset in her heart, she didn’t know why the better off Ye Mo was, the more uncomfortable she became. Just as a few people were chatting amicably, she suddenly interjected, “Luo Ying. Do you know what happened to Ye Mo once?”

Luo Ying smiled faintly, “Wang Ying has already told me, and I already know about it.”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about, actually Ye Mo was that when he was examined at the hospital. It’s that you can’t have intercourse ……” Su Mei then wanted Luo Ying to leave Ye Mo, now that Ye Mo was not there, she didn’t take the opportunity to fall on her sword, how long would it take.

Wang Ying suddenly turned pale and said, “Su Mei, why are you saying this? Ye Mo is also our cla*smate, and we all came from Ninghai University. Is it interesting to say this?”

Xiao Lei had inquired about some things about Ye Mo, and she had heard about this aspect. But since what happened with Wang Qianjun, she cared more about a person’s character rather than these aspects. So when she heard Su Mei talking about these things about Ye Mo in front of Ye Mo’s wife, she immediately knew what Su Mei was thinking.

She also looked at Su Mei with a puzzled and uncomprehending face, did she have some deep hatred with Ye Mo? Xiao Lei had been a journalist for many years and had a lively mind, she even thought about whether Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo were not together because of this matter.

Luo Ying was not a fool, when she and Ye Mo saw Su Mei, she felt that the two of them seemed to have some conflicts. But Ye Mo didn’t say anything, and she kept her manners. Now that Su Mei said such things about Ye Mo behind his back, she was immediately uncomfortable in her heart.

She knew better than anyone if Ye Mo could share a room, and his hotness was even too much for her to bear. But Su Mei, a girl, actually said such things about her husband in front of her face, causing her to instantly come to anger. At the same time, she felt that this girl Su Mei was really shameless, if Ye Mo had not asked her to wait for him here, she would have turned around and left.

She coldly glanced at Su Mei, “You don’t need to worry about my husband’s affairs, that’s my business. Also, I don’t want to sit with people like you, please get out of the way.”

Su Mei’s face changed, she couldn’t imagine that the seemingly gentle and lovely Luo Ying would change her face at the drop of a hat, and even be so ungracious.

She immediately stood up and pulled her cla*smates around her and then said to Wang Ying, “I’m leaving, are you leaving?” Without waiting for Wang Ying’s reply, she immediately turned around and left.

Wang Ying said somewhat helplessly to Luo Ying, “I’m going to check on him.”

Although Wang Ying did not like the way Su Mei spoke, but after all, Su Mei was her bestie, so it was a bit bad to let her leave like this.

Wang Ying caught up with Su Mei and said somewhat unhappily, “Luo Ying is like a fairy-like figure, why did you say that kind of thing, it’s a bit too much.”

Su Mei sneered, “I was doing her a favour, it’s not worth it for someone like her to be cheated by Ye Mo. But now it seems that it was deserved.”

“What’s wrong with Ye Mo? I think he’s quite nice, I really don’t understand why you have a problem with him, and he’s not what you say he is.” Wang Ying got a little angry, she and Ye Ling were very good friends and loved each other, so she treated Ye Mo well.

“He’s not what I said, how do you know? Did you have sex with her?” Su Mei was driven away by Luo Ying and her anger was getting bigger and bigger.

Wang Ying became more and more upset at Su Mei’s words, “What do you mean by slept with her, don’t talk nonsense. Ye Mo is in good health, it was his sister Ye Ling who said so herself, it’s definitely not what you think. Su Mei, I feel like you’ve gone off the deep end, you need to calm down.”

Su Mei laughed coldly again, “Ye Ling is Ye Mo’s sister, how does she know how her brother is doing there? Who are you fooling? Are the tests inside the hospital still fake?”

Wang Ying also became angry, she grunted and said, “Ye Ling’s fellow dormitory mate Tian He told Ye Ling, could it be a fake?”

Su Mei suddenly took out her mobile phone and looked at Wang Ying and said, “Wang Ying, I know you want to speak for Ye Mo, but unfortunately I happen to know Tian He, who is in the same company as me. I’ll call her right away and ask her, so you can hear it for yourself.”

Wang Ying looked at Su Mei with her mouth wide open, she couldn’t figure out why Su Mei had to be so serious about this little matter.

Su Mei’s phone call soon came through, “Tian He, this is Su Mei, no, I’m just looking for you to ask you one thing. You know that Ye Mo, right, yes that is her brother. I heard he was in the hospital for a checkup is that right, ah, you’ve heard about it too.”

A smug smile appeared at the corner of Su Mei’s mouth as she squinted at Wang Ying and continued, “Yes, I heard from others that that checkup was a fake. What? It’s really fake? How do you know? Ah, that rascal what did he do to you …… er, I know. Don’t talk nonsense, how could I have slept with him, that …… I was just casually asking. Big, big I don’t like it either.”

Wang Ying looked at Su Mei as if a defeated hen, the corners of her mouth likewise crooked a few times and said, “I say Su Mei, your Su family is at least considered a not-so-small family. Don’t you know about all those family struggles? At best, Ye Mo is just a victim of the family struggle, of course all those checks he has are fake. Just look at his girlfriend Luo Ying’s happy face, so you don’t have to guess, really. Let’s go, just go over together and apologise, Luo Ying is not someone without a belly.”

“I’m not going to apologise, I’m doing it for her own good, even if Ye Mo is fine, but what right does he have to be with a beautiful woman like Luo Ying when he doesn’t even have a regular occupation. That’s flowers stuck on top of cow dung, but that kind of woman deserves it.” Su Mei still said with disdain.

Wang Ying shook her head and did not persuade Su Mei any further, turning around and walking towards where Luo Ying was sitting.


Ye Mo stealthily arrived next door to the room of these five people, and only then did he start to find out what exactly these people wanted to do here, and whether they wanted to lure Lu Na here. There was also the fact that Lu Ling had been released by ‘Bei Sha’, what was the exact reason for this, or was there some kind of deal.

The five men’s conversation was concise, and Ye Mo’s guess was correct, these five men were indeed members of the ‘Northern Sands’. The one Luo Ying pointed out that the one who had once impersonated him was called ‘Team Liu’, which should be the position of captain or something like that. The two men who came in at the back, the one with white skin was called Yong Shao and the other had not spoken.

The last man and woman who came in, one was Lu Ling and the other was called Scorpion. The moment Ye Mo saw Scorpion, he knew that it was this guy who was spying on him at the airport. It was just that at that time, he only had Luo Ying in his eyes and didn’t have the heart to care about the rest, which was why he ignored him, but to his surprise, he had come here too.

But that Lu Ling, Ye Mo always looked a bit awkward, it was just that he and Lu Ling didn’t have any encounter either, at the beginning in that basement, he only had a brief glance.

Although he had a mind to suspect that this Lu Ling was a disguise, Ye Mo took a closer look at Lu Ling’s skin, but there was not the slightest trace of disguise.

“Was it unintentional or intentional for Ye Mo and Luo Ying to come here?” This was asked by Team Liu to Scorpion and Lu Ling who came in last.

Lu Ling didn’t say anything, but Scorpion shook his head and said, “It should be unintentional, the two of them met their acquaintances Wang Ying and Su Mei at the entrance of the clubhouse, then Wang Ying and Su Mei brought them in. It’s just that he and Wang Xue also know each other and seem to be on good terms.”

“Young Yong, don’t be impulsive.” Team Liu suddenly reached out to block the somewhat excited that fair-skinned Yong Shao.

“Can I not get excited, that b*****d broke my brother’s leg and my Dai family has a deep grudge against him.” This fair-skinned youth suddenly roared low.