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DYM Chapter 645

Only then did Ye Mo understand that this Yong Shao was Dai Heng’s brother, his brother had his legs shattered by himself in Jiutang and would never have a chance to stand up in this life.

It was someone from the Dai family, Ye Mo was not surprised, Dai Heng was with the people from the ‘Northern Sands’, it was normal for this Dai Yong to be with these people. Perhaps it was because of Dai Yong that these people could gather at this clubhouse.

Apart from that Team Liu, who was at the middle yellow level, the man who did not speak was at the late yellow level. The remaining three were quite ordinary, just a little more adequate in qi and blood.

Team Liu suddenly waved his hand, as if he had received some kind of message. A moment later he said, ”Ye Mo has just gone out, only Luo Ying is still inside. And Lu Na and Liang Jun will be in Yanjing tonight, asking us to meet at the Yanshui River Bund tomorrow at two in the morning, but Lu Ling must go.”

Hearing Team Liu’s words, Dai Yong suddenly stood up, “Team Liu, since Luo Ying is the only one in, we ……”

Before Dai Yong could finish his words, he was interrupted by Team Liu, “I know you covet that Luo Ying, but absolutely not now, as long as Ye Mo is not dead, even if we catch her, we can’t touch her. Besides, this is still the Wang family’s territory, and Wang Xue and Ye Mo are not very close, even if you make a move, you definitely can’t do it here. Who knows if Ye Mo will suddenly come in, I’ll be honest with you, the people we have here combined won’t be able to withstand him killing them at will.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, these few people were indeed not enough for him to kill at will. Even a few fireballs would take care of them.

Ye Mo learned that they were going to meet at the Yanshui River Bund in the evening and immediately did not want to continue listening, it would be better to wait until the evening to go to the Yanshui River.

Just as Ye Mo was thinking of leaving, his divine sense noticed that inside a room slightly further away, a waitress was wiping a table with a rag. But that table she had been wiping for a long time and was still wiping it there.

Ye Mo’s heart moved and he immediately used his divine sense to take a closer look at the waitress. She was very thin and had many scars on her face, which looked ugly. If it wasn’t for the fact that her face was really ugly. Ye Mo wouldn’t have thought that it was man-made.

Once he thought that her face might be artificial, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately noticed her body, and sure enough, her front chest and back were scarred. It looked shocking to the eyes.

This was a woman who had suffered, and although her eyes were calm, Ye Mo’s divine sense could feel the resentment in her heart. What was strange to Ye Mo was that this woman gave him a somewhat familiar feeling, but he couldn’t remember who this woman was.

Soon Ye Mo found a small black dot inside her ear, which was a wiretap. Immediately, Ye Mo thought of the room where the ‘Northern Sand’ five were, and his divine sense immediately began to search for it, and sure enough he found a bugging device underneath a chair.

It turned out that she was also eavesdropping on ‘Bei Sha’, as long as she didn’t interrupt her own business, Ye Mo didn’t continue to pay attention to her. Instead, he left this room through the window and entered the clubhouse from outside once again.

Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance of the hall when he saw several people gathered around Luo Ying’s table talking, and Su Mei was also standing on the side. While Luo Ying was frowning, if Ye Mo hadn’t asked her to wait here. She would have left long ago.

Ye Mo knew all these people, apart from Qiu Zhiyang and Han Dan, who he had met at the altar, and Qiu Zhixue, who had almost been cleaned up by him at the ‘Wutong Club’ in Yanjing.

Ye Mo had heard Shi Xiu and the others say that this Qiu Zhixue was the most powerful figure in the Qiu family’s younger generation. However, this Qiu Zhixue had a bit of a heart, and when he first arrived at the ‘Wutong Guild Hall’, he did not rush to make a move. As a result, a disaster was avoided.

Ye Mo walked up to Luo Ying with a few steps and said, “I’m back.”

When Luo Ying saw Ye Mo come back, she hurriedly stood up and grabbed Ye Mo’s arm, she was really disgusted with these people surrounding her.

Su Mei looked at Ye Mo coming over and sneered in her heart, all the people who came today were heavyweights. These people were not Wang Qianjun, nor were they something Wang Xue could pooh-pooh, every single person here had more energy than Wang Qianjun. Qiu Zhixue is even more of a bully, not to mention Wang Xue, even Wang Xue’s father has to be careful and polite when he sees Qiu Zhixue.

Qiu Zhiyang and Han Dan, who were walking in front of Luo Ying and ready to talk nonsense, saw Ye Mo coming and their hearts suddenly burst.

Han Dan already regretted that he wanted to disappear immediately, if he knew that Ye Mo would be here, he would not easily show his head in front of Ye Mo even if he had to come. But now that he not only showed up, but also stood next to Ye Mo’s woman, he already hated how far he could kick Su Mei, if it wasn’t for Su Mei, how would he know that there was a beautiful woman here? It didn’t matter if there was a beautiful woman, but when it was connected to Ye Mo, it mattered a lot.

“Brother Ye ……,” Han Dan lowered his head and greeted carefully.

“Younger Mo ……” Qiu Zhiyang was equally devoid of the authority he had just now, he knew what Ye Mo was going to beat him into, he simply didn’t even have a place to talk sense. Don’t look at his Qiu family cattle, but that was only in front of others, in front of Ye Mo, there was no qualification to cattle at all. Even the old man, Qiu Zhongxing, had to bow down in front of Ye Mo, so he was nothing.

At this moment, he was even more apprehensive than Han Dan because he was the one who had just tried to speak to the girl who was holding Ye Mo’s arm.

“Young Mo, I didn’t expect you to come here, what a pleasure to meet you.” The moment Qiu Zhixue saw Ye Mo, his face changed in the same way, but he was not bad, he quickly reacted and extended his hand to greet Ye Mo.

Ye Mo snorted coldly and ignored Qiu Zhixue, instead he swept a glance at a few people and then said indifferently, “What do you guys want to talk about here?”

“That, it’s nothing, we just pa*sed by here and saw reporter Xiao and wanted to say hello ……” Qiu Zhiyang hastily explained.

“Since it’s nothing, then get lost.” Ye Mo said coldly.

“Yes, okay, I’ll get lost right away.” Qiu Zhiyang dared to talk nonsense there, he was afraid that Ye Mo would break his legs in a fit of anger, Ye Mo seemed to have this kind of hobby. From the last time Qiu Zhiyang and Qiu Dongchen of the Qiu family were crippled by Ye Mo, a few days ago Dai Heng of the Dai family was similarly crippled by Ye Mo.

Although both the Qiu and Dai families were very bullish, Ye Mo is still fine now, not only do the Qiu and Dai families not dare to do anything against Ye Mo, but at his word, the Qiu and Dai families don’t even dare to deal with Li Chunsheng. This kind of person, if he Qiu Zhiyang wants to go up to him and talk nonsense, what is it if he doesn’t think he has lived long enough?

Although Qiu Zhiyang didn’t dare to say anything, Qiu Zhixue’s face was blue with anger, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo would be so arrogant and so disrespectful. The nails of his hand had already pinched into his flesh, and even blood had come out, but he still didn’t dare to say a word. He knew that if he dared to say a word of no or resist a word, Ye Mo could kill him. He was a madman, a madman that no one could cure.

“Han Dan, what good does it do for you to hang out with these scum every day? Don’t disgrace Han Zaixin, get lost.” Ye Mo looked at the cowering Han Dan and thought of how Han Zaixin was dealing with Bei Sha while his family was with people who colluded with Bei Sha, and immediately his heart just didn’t feel good.

“Yes, Brother Ye, I know, I’ll leave right away.” Where Han Dan dared to say half a word of nonsense and hurriedly backed away.

Qiu Zhixue’s face was ironic as he wanted to retreat similarly, but he was stopped by Ye Mo, “Wait before you go, I still have something to ask you.”

Although Qiu Zhixue hated to immediately pull out his gun and shoot the Ye Mo in front of him, and even hated to eat Ye Mo’s flesh and blood, he still had to stop and wait for Ye Mo’s command, and even had to say a yes.

Su Mei was stunned, she could not imagine that those unattainable objects in her eyes were as frightened as if a mouse had seen a cat in front of Ye Mo, even Qiu Zhixue of Yanjing was like this. Su Mei just wanted to shout, I don’t believe it, no matter who it was, it was impossible to make these people scared to this extent.

But the truth was in front of her eyes, she could not disbelieve it, Qiu Zhixue was still standing with his head lowered waiting for Ye Mo’s questioning. If it was said that it was Ye Mo’s luck that brother Wang Xue and Ye Mo knew each other, but what about what was happening in front of her eyes? Could this be explained by sh*t luck?

How powerful should someone be who dared to lecture Han Dan, who dared to tell Qiu Zhiyang to get lost, who dared to call Qiu Zhixue scum and Qiu Zhixue didn’t dare to say anything back and even had to wait to be lectured? Or is there such a person? Su Mei hated to shout out and ask, Ye Mo who the hell are you? You are obviously the outcast of that Ye family, why do you dare to be like this?

Not to mention the outcast of the Ye family, even the Ye family’s family head wouldn’t dare to speak like this when he came. And she clearly saw Qiu Zhixue angrily pinching her hand to the point of bleeding, but she just didn’t dare to get angry, which made her completely petrified.

“Young Mo, I heard you were in Yanjing, I came to say hello, haha, you are really in ……” With a loud voice, a middle-aged man quickly trotted over.

This man Su Mei did not know, but seeing the people next to him greeting him as he walked by, he knew that this man must not be small in origin. At least more important than Qiu Zhixue’s origin.

Sure enough after this man came nearby, Qiu Zhixue took the initiative to greet him, “Bureau Du, I didn’t expect you to come over too.”

“Oh, Zhixue is here too, huh, I’m here to see the instructor.” After seeing Qiu Zhixue, the middle-aged man suddenly changed his name from Mo Shao to instructor.

“Yes, Young Mer had some things to instruct me, so I came.” Qiu Zhixue quickly put away his ironic face.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Bureau Du, you got the news from Old Han, right? Instructor, don’t call it that, lest you get angry.”

For Du Tao, Ye Mo did know him early, Du Tao was an instructor of ‘Flying Snow’, a teammate with Zhang Dug, as well as the deputy director of Yanjing Security Bureau, and had once helped Ye Mo.

Not to mention Su Mei and Wang Ying were a bit dumbfounded, even Xiao Lei could no longer understand Ye Mo, she knew that Ye Mo was unusual, but she did not expect him to be so bullish. She was a journalist and certainly knew a little more about Du Tao than the average person.