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DYM Chapter 646

Seeing that Ye Mo only talked to Du Tao and didn’t even look at himself, Qiu Zhixue forced his heart to hold back his indignation and said, “I don’t know what young Mo wants to see me about, if there’s nothing, I’ll ……”

Hearing Qiu Zhixue’s words, even Du Tao didn’t continue to chat with Ye Mo. Although his identity made Qiu Zhixue scornful, he was really nothing compared to the Qiu family. So while Ye Mo could ignore Qiu Zhixue, he couldn’t, he couldn’t afford to offend the Qiu family.

Ye Mo glanced at Qiu Zhixue and said, “I heard that Li Qiuyang of the Li family was pitted by your Qiu family and Dai family? And facing jail time?”

When Qiu Zhixue heard Ye Mo’s words, there was a ‘boom’ inside his head, was Ye Mo going to meddle in the affairs of the Dai and Qiu families and the Li family? If that was the case, the Dai and Qiu families would no longer have a sure win. Ye Mo was an unreasonable, rule-less madman, and even the chief and Han family and the faded Zhang family were somewhat helping Ye Mo, so if Ye Mo intervened, it was likely that the two Dai Qiu families would lose all their efforts.

But now that Ye Mo asked about it and said directly that he was pitied, Qiu Zhixue though cursed furiously in his heart, how come there were still such people? But he couldn’t not answer and said in a hurry, “There is no such thing, senior brother Qiu Yang and I are also very good personal friends, this time we are just going to a*sist in the investigation, it will soon be fine.”

Ye Mo was not in the mood to bother with these struggles, he said in a light voice, “Li Qiuyang has helped me a lot, I am not interested in anything else, but I don’t want anything to happen to Li Qiuyang. You go back and bring back my words, my patience is limited, if I don’t learn about him soon, I will visit your family.”

A threat. **Naked threats. Ye Mo didn’t even want to ask what was going on, he just directly told that they shouldn’t cross Li Qiu Yang. This was a bit too overbearing, to know that Li Qiu Yang was the elite of the Li family for three generations, and his status was not that different from his, to directly let Li Qiu Yang go in this situation now, what was the difference between this and punching him in the face? Luckily, he also said that he was not interested in the struggle between them, which made him feel slightly more at ease.

Although Qiu Zhixue wanted to say to Ye Mo for the millionth time. This matter is not my business at all, or even want to say please don’t meddle in it. However, he knew that if he said that he might get a beating, the man in front of him had no rationality to speak of. All he has is a savage fist. He was a political idiot, he didn’t understand politics at all, but then he thought about it. Do people need to understand? There was no need for him, Ye Mo, to beat around the bush, he had the ability to say this.

But he didn’t dare to say a word of these words, he knew that what Ye Mo said was not a lie, he could do what he said.

“Yes, I will definitely bring your words back.” Qiu Zhixue once again suppressed his inner rage, he was curious to know if the two Dai Qiu families combined could do Ye Mo in.

Because it involved the struggle between the Li family and the two Dai Qiu families, Du Tao did not intervene on the side, he knew that only Ye Mo dared to talk about this matter, no one else could even mention it.

He was taught a lesson by Ye Mo. Even with Ye Mo’s return words, Qiu Zhixue no longer had the face or mood to stay here, he didn’t even have the thought of greeting Wang Xue, turned around and hurriedly left the clubhouse.

Xiao Lei looked at Ye Mo speechlessly, this ball had not even started yet. Ye Mo had already gotten rid of four of them.

Ye Mo seemed to know what Xiao Lei was thinking, he looked at Xiao Lei and smiled, then greeted Du Tao and Wang Xue again and pulled Luo Ying to leave the clubhouse as well.

His purpose had been achieved, and as for Li Qiuyang’s matter, he was only doing it in pa*sing, Li Qiuyang had helped him some. No matter what his purpose was, he himself helped him out in pa*sing.

Looking at Ye Mo and Luo Ying had already left, Su Mei came back to her senses, she hesitantly looked at Xiao Lei and asked: “Xiao reporter, how could that Ye Mo be so, so ……” so half a day, Su Mei still didn’t say the word arrogant out.

After Ye Mo left, Xiao Lei suddenly felt very bored, she also stood up, just looked at Su Mei and smiled, but did not answer.

She knew that Ye Mo should be from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and he must still be someone from Luo Yue, but because of Su Mei’s attitude towards Ye Mo, she really didn’t want to have a deep friendship with someone like Su Mei.


“Susu, after I finish the things over here, we’ll go back to Luo Yue together. One day, we’ll stay in Luo Yue all the time together and never have to wander around again.” Ye Mo said to Luo Ying with some guilt.

He knew that Luo Ying liked a quiet and peaceful life, but he was taking her everywhere and making her worry.

Luo Ying smiled serenely and didn’t say anything, only moving a little closer to Ye Mo. After a while, she was the one who said, “Tell me about her, right? Is it Light Snow or that girl?”

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment subconsciously asked, “Who is that girl?”

“Then it’s Light Snow?” Luo Ying fell silent, although she didn’t have any blood relationship with Qing Xue, she was considered Qing Xue’s sister-in-law, she didn’t expect that one day she and Qing Xue would like the same man.

To Ning Light Snow she had just swept a glance last time, not looking closely, only knowing that she was also a pretty girl.

“I’m sorry, Susu, I ……” Ye Mo really didn’t know how to go about explaining this matter to Luo Ying. He already understood who the girl Luo Ying was talking about was, she should be talking about Ji Wanqing, who had gone to look for him with Ning Qingxue and met her and Ning Qingxue inside the desert.

Seeing Ye Mo’s somewhat guilty look, Luo Ying smiled sweetly once again, grabbed Ye Mo’s hand again and said, “Don’t say sorry, I don’t care. I just want to be with you, I don’t care about anything else. I think if Light Snow loves you, she would not care as much as I do.”

Ye Mo embraced Luo Ying, his heart stirred a little, he knew that Luo Ying would not object to what he was doing, or that Luo Ying would accept it more easily than Ning Qingxue. Because she definitely had some shades of the Luo Yue Continent inside her subconscious, where a man could take several wives. But when he really had to bring this matter out, he was still a little terrified.

“Susu, let me talk to you about the matter of Light Snow ……”

“Mm ……”

Ye Mo led Luo Ying along the edge of the empty Yanshui River while walking, slowly telling him all the things between Ning Qingxue and him.

From Yanjing to Ninghai, from Ninghai to the flowing snake, to Ning Qingxue going to the desert to look for him; then her then being injured to protect that one ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, the confession of her suicide note; finally her going to the Shennongjia to look for him even though she knew that she would die in nine lives, and her saving his life under the cliff; later to help him plant that one ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, she stayed alone in Ninghai, but she was injured by the Taiyi Clan of the Inner Hidden Sect and lost her memory ……

When she came back, she waited for him to look for Luo Ying, and as soon as he found Luo Ying, they got married together in a big way ……

When Ye Mo told Luo Ying all this, Luo Ying’s eyes were a little red, her heart had completely accepted Ning Qingxue, she never thought that Qingxue was such a girl, strong and persistent. She had even waited for her and hadn’t even gotten married until now.

If it wasn’t for her, Ye Mo might have died in Shennongjia a long time ago. When she thought that Ye Mo might die in Shennongjia, Luo Ying’s heart immediately seized up, even though this matter had already pa*sed, she was still a bit scared.

Ye Mo knew the worry in Luo Ying’s heart, he slightly tightened his arms around Luo Ying, and the two of them were stilled by the Yanshui River.

It was not known how long had pa*sed when the sound of an unknown animal jumping into the river woke the two of them up.

Luo Ying stroked Ye Mo’s hair and asked softly, “Shall we go back now?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and also tightened Luo Ying in his arms and said, “Wait, something is happening tonight and the scene might be a bit bloody, why don’t I send you to the hotel to stay and then come back to take you away when things are over here.”

Luo Ying shook her head, “No need, I’ll stay with you.”

“Good, that’s it then.” Ye Mo did not continue to persuade Luo Ying, no matter if Luo Ying’s memories of once being in the Luo Yue Continent could be restored or not. Living in this world, some things had to be faced, everyone was a gentleman on the surface of this world, but when it came to disputes over interests, it would not be much more peaceful than the Luo Yue Continent.

“Susu, have you read all of that diary I handed you last time?” Ye Mo thought of the one thing that was most important for Luo Ying to recover her memories in Luo Yue, and that was the diary.

Luo Ying said in a low voice, “Not yet, I’ve been studying those Luo Yue words you taught me in the past few days, I thought it might be better to read them together when I learn them.”

“Good, remember to tell me when you’re done reading it ……” Ye Mo said something bad, Luo Ying blushed, although she wanted to know what was written inside her diary, but she was afraid that the words she learned rarely looked disconnected. She didn’t want to ruin the good mood and good wishes of reading that diary for the first time.

Now seeing Ye Mo’s expression, she didn’t know what Ye Mo was thinking there, and she was just about to take the initiative to kiss Ye Mo when she heard Ye Mo say, “Those people are coming, let’s watch from the side.”

As expected, just as Luo Ying and Ye Mo walked to the side, four people came to the river bank under the moonlight. These four people Ye Mo knew, the four people who were inside the clubhouse before except for that Dai Yong, the rest of the four people came. Lu Ling, Team Liu, Scorpion, and a man whose name he didn’t know, with a late Yellow level cultivation.

All four of them had brought pistols, and that Team Liu alone had brought two of them. The only thing that was strange to Ye Mo was that Lu Ling had come tied up and even had tape in her mouth. He had to know that Ye Mo had seen these guys before but they were very cordial, if so why did they tie up Lu Ling? He had already confirmed that this Lu Ling did not perform any disguise.

Ye Mo’s divine sense spread out and soon it was a daze, he found that the disfigured woman he had met inside the clubhouse had also arrived here. She had a few flying knives clutched in her hand and was hiding inside a puddle, it looked like she hadn’t gotten a pistol.