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DYM Chapter 647

Although he didn’t know what this woman was doing here, but Ye Mo guessed something in general, this woman eavesdropped on the conversation of ‘Bei Sha’ and then came over to ambush and deal with the people from ‘Bei Sha’ for sure.

Apart from the woman in black inside the puddle, there were also two people hiding near the river bank, and Ye Mo knew at a glance that these two were from ‘Beisha’.

The four did not have to wait long before a low engine sound came from the far side of the Yanshui River. The sound of the engine was so small that it would have been hard to even care if it had not been in the silence of the night.

When they heard the sound of the engine, the four members of Liu’s team immediately spread out, keeping a very cautious eye on the situation in the river.

The one that came over was a small private dinghy. After the dinghy docked, Ye Mo soon knew that the two people inside the dinghy were none other than Lu Na and Liang Jun.

As the dinghy approached the river, Lu Na walked out carrying a small box, but Liang Jun did not leave the dinghy, still controlling the dinghy, as if he was ready to leave at any time.

“Lu Na, you really keep your word, but we didn’t lie to you either, your sister is already here.” When Team Liu saw Lu Na come ashore, he came over to her and said with a very relaxed smile.

Lu Na didn’t answer Team Liu’s words, she had already seen Lu Ling, but at that moment she was already tied up and had a piece of tape in her mouth.

“Sister ……” Lu Na saw that Lu Ling was tied up but was relieved, as long as the person was still there it didn’t matter.

Lu Ling struggled a few times and a few whimpers came out of her mouth, but to no avail.

“We’ve brought your sister and it didn’t do anything to her. Where are your things? We deliver with one hand. Delivery with one hand. Of course if you’re willing to return to the ‘Northern Sands’ again we’re welcome to do so.” Team Liu laughed heatedly and twisted a hand on Lu Ling’s chest.

Lu Ling was twisted and immediately stared angrily at Team Liu and whimpered a few more times.

Lu Na coldly snorted and said, “You’re that Captain Liu, right? Don’t put your hands on my sister. I’ve brought the stuff. If you guys dare to do anything different, I can immediately make the thing in my hand explode. No one should live.”

“Very well, I just want the information on the Fission Elemental Acid 265 and the information on the Luo Yue Disruptor, as long as you produce the information, I can immediately let you take your sister out of here.” Team Liu said in an indifferent tone.

Lu Na immediately sneered, “Captain Liu, who do you think I am that I can get everything? How long have I only been a member of Luo Yue? I’ll tell you the truth. If it wasn’t for Lord Void City treating us well, I just wouldn’t have a chance of getting out of Luo Yue. I can get information on the Luo Yue jammer? You think too highly of me. Now let me be clear, I only have information on the money 265, which was discovered by my teacher’s research. So I have the complete information, I’m sorry for the rest, I don’t.”

Ye Mo suddenly spoke to Luo Ying and told her to wait for a while while he headed for the dinghy in the river. This Team Liu was really sinister. While negotiating with Lu Na over here, the two people lurking by the river over there had already left and looked like they were preparing to go to the dinghy to finish off Liang Jun.

Team Liu suddenly tore off the tape from Lu Ling’s mouth and said, “There is nothing I can do if your sister doesn’t cooperate.”

“Don’t ……” Lu Ling dodged Team Liu’s hand that was twisting again. Called out.

“Nana, who told you to come over here? I just told you I was fine. I didn’t ask you to come here ah.” There was some concern in Lu Ling’s eyes and her tone was even more worried.

“Sis. As long as you’re okay, I’m going to risk this life to bring you back. Dad told us when he was leaving that he wanted us to stick together, I can’t leave you alone.” Lu Na’s eyes were red.

After saying that Lu Na once again turned to Team Liu and said, “Let my sister go, and I will give you the things right away.”

However, Team Liu said to Lu Ling, “You persuade your sister, if she doesn’t produce Luo Yue’s jammer information, don’t blame me for doing it even with her.”

“Nana, if you bring your stuff, give them ……,” Lu Ling said while giving Lu Na a wink.

Lu Na didn’t know what Lu Ling meant and she was thinking about it when suddenly Lu Ling directly broke away from Team Liu’s hand and rushed towards Lu Na.

Team Liu seemed to be at a loss for words and even forgot to make a move on Lu Ling. And Lu Na reacted at once, she hurriedly rushed towards Lu Ling as well.

Ye Mo sneered, he was sure that Lu Ling had betrayed Lu Na, otherwise it was impossible for Team Liu not to react when Lu Ling rushed out like this, instead it was Lu Na who reacted first, who was this fooling? But without knowing the specifics, Ye Mo didn’t make a move either.

He was curious to know how much information Lu Na had brought out, if Luo Yue’s information was so easily brought out, then Luo Yue’s safety was really a big question mark.

But to the surprise of all, when Lu Ling was still two metres away from Lu Na, a flying knife suddenly shot out from inside a nearby puddle. The flying knife shot into Lu Ling’s throat without missing a beat, very accurate.

Lu Ling’s footsteps stopped and she subconsciously covered her throat with her hand, erupted a few times and then fell to the ground with a thud.

If a few people from Team Liu pretended not to react when Lu Ling rushed towards Lu Na just now, they really didn’t react to the current situation.

“Sister ……” Lu Na was stunned by the sight of Lu Ling dying in front of her eyes, before she cried out a moment later.

“Nana, I’m here, I’m not dead, I’m your sister Lu Ling, the woman just now was disguised.” A woman in black also walked out with two flying daggers in her hand, but her eyes were firmly fixed on Team Liu’s few people. It seemed that as soon as Team Liu moved, her flying daggers would strike.

Her voice was very hoarse, and if one didn’t know that she was a woman, her voice even reminded people that it was a man speaking.

It dawned on Ye Mo that this disfigured woman was the one who was Lu Ling, no wonder she was so attached to this. When he thought of the young woman who was so plump that she was dripping water, now she had become such a thin and bony disfigured woman, Ye Mo’s heart was a bit sad. This matter had something to do with him too, if it wasn’t for him, Lu Ling wouldn’t have been miserable to this extent, he just didn’t know how on earth she had escaped.

“Sister?” Lu Na looked at the incredibly thin woman in front of her, there was really no way to connect her with her sister. Moreover, she had also made sure that that Lu Ling had not disguised herself just now, so why did this woman say that she was her sister? Why did this woman say that she was her sister? And that Lu Ling had disguised herself? But the concern of this woman in black in front of her for her was obviously so much stronger than the Lu Ling who had just fallen to the ground that she could even feel it.

“She plasticized ……” Seeming to understand Lu Na’s doubts, Lu Ling answered Lu Na’s query while paying attention to the few people of Team Liu.

Hearing the words of the woman in black, Ye Mo also drifted over, so it was plastic surgery, no wonder he didn’t find any traces of disguise. This was simply the most brilliant disguise, it was really impressive.

“That day, what you saw mum, sister told you, don’t tell anyone about this, only the two of us know ……” This black-clothed woman spoke while staring at team Liu with a deadly stare, but left her back to Lu Na.

“Sister ……” Lu Na finally understood that the tortured and inhumane one in front of her was the real sister, she mourned greatly in her heart and hugged her sister’s back as soon as she stepped forward, tears like the following.

The moment she was hugged by Lu Na, Lu Ling knew it was not good, but Liu team had already taken out their pistols in an instant.

The moment Lu Na hugged Lu Ling, she knew that she was too excited, how could she hug her sister at this time? Wouldn’t her sister’s flying dagger be held by her?

Unfortunately there was no medicine for regret, she had just hugged Lu Ling when the other side’s gun went off. She could even feel that the shot was fired directly at her and her sister. She laughed miserably, just die, it was worth it to die with her sister anyway.

Team Liu and the others of course had to hit Lu Ling and Lu Na at the first opportunity, or at least leave them defenceless, lest Lu Na actually press the explosion button. When the two women fell into their hands, anything could be asked.

But after several gunshots, Lu Ling and Lu Na were surprised to find that they did not seem to have been shot, but were still standing in place.

Not far in front of them, a figure was standing there, and although it was night, Lu Na still recognised it. Surprisingly it was Ye Mo, he was the one who had blocked all the bullets, he had saved himself and his sister once again.

Ye Mo looked at the dozen of bullet shells in his hand and looked up and smiled at Team Liu, “You’re from the ‘Northern Sand’?”

“It’s you? Ye Mo? We didn’t provoke you, why do you want to cross us again? We’ve agreed to all the conditions you made in Jiutang.” Team Liu’s heart had sunk to the bottom when he recognised the person opposite him as Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly flicked out two bullets, which flew towards Scorpion and the late Yellow ranked man who had not spoken at an extremely fast speed, the bullets instantly entered through the two men’s eyebrows and disappeared.

These two men were considered experts in the cultivation of ancient martial arts, but they could not imagine that one day they would die under the bullet shells. Although the bullet shell was popped out by Ye Mo, it was still enough for them to suffocate inside hell beyond measure.

Team Liu saw that he had only said one word and the two people around him had already been killed by Ye Mo. This Ye Mo was really a god of killing, coming up to kill without any nonsense at all. Using bullet casings to kill, no wonder they all said that this Ye Mo was too powerful, Team Liu’s heart began to chill.

“So didn’t provoke me?” Ye Mo asked in a cold voice, then without waiting for Team Liu to answer, he said again, “Luo Ying came to Yanjing, who tricked her into coming? And Luo Na is one of my Luo Yue’s people, who tricked her into coming here again?”

Team Liu opened his mouth, actually unable to answer a single word, he subconsciously looked at Yan Shuihe. Ye Mo, however, sneered and said, “You don’t need to look at your companions, they were relieved one step earlier.”