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DYM Chapter 648

Team Liu’s heart suddenly became like a block of ice, and he knew he was finished. Just as he was about to commit suicide, he found himself being kicked in the face again, and the poison fell down along with his teeth. Before he pa*sed out, he only heard Ye Mo say, “Don’t always play this trick, I really want to know what’s the difference between you guys and the ‘Black Sun Empire’, you all like this.”

Seeing that Ye Mo had already beaten these people to the punch, Luo Ying walked over and stood by Ye Mo’s side.

Lu Na’s heart also sank when she saw Ye Mo, knowing that her actions were tantamount to betraying Luo Yue. However, she quickly remembered her sister Lu Ling, she once again landed her gaze on her sister Lu Ling again, when she saw Lu Ling’s neck all scarred, as well as her face without a single piece of good skin, she again could not help but Chapter 648 – Light Snow’s Apprehension, hugged Lu Ling and cried.

Lu Ling, at this time, under the agitation of her heart and soul, also only knew to hug Lu Na and shed tears. The two sisters were just like this by the Yanshui River, crying non-stop.

Ye Mo looked at the dead woman who resembled Lu Ling on the ground and sighed in his heart, ‘Bei Sha’ was really capable, to be able to change her face through plastic surgery.

Liang Jun had by now gotten off the dinghy and also arrived in front of Ye Mo, he knew Ye Mo, so he could only salute him and stood to the side in silence.

After a long time, Lu Ling pushed Lu Na away and said to Ye Mo with a bend, “Ye Mo, I have heard of your great name, thank you for saving me, and for saving my sister Lu Na.”

Lu Na also stood behind her sister in silence, not saying anything. Ye Mo was wondering in his heart, no matter what the reason was, by doing this, Lu Na was betraying Luo Yue. Why didn’t it seem like she felt much guilt?

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept the box that had been thrown on the ground, and inside, apart from a bomb, there were only some inexplicable scraps of paper and other things.

It turned out that these were all fake, if Lu Na had really brought out Luo Yue’s information, she shouldn’t have brought it out in the form of drawings, but in the form of memory. How many other designs would be represented on real paper nowadays?

Her purpose for doing so in Chapter 648, Light Snow’s apprehension, was only to escape with her sister, and she had no intention of exchanging Luo Yue’s things out. But she had also underestimated ‘Bei Sha’ too much. Not to mention that she was carrying fake drawings, even if they were real drawings, if she hadn’t met herself. She wouldn’t have been able to walk away all the same. This Lu Na and Liang Jun had been studying technology and were a little too lacking in these common sense.

“Sorry ……” Lu Ling knew that Ye Mo was from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, but was not very clear about what position Ye Mo was in in Luo Yue. So she didn’t know how she should excuse her sister.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Lu Na is a scientist of Luo Yue. I believe she won’t bring these things out.”

Although Ye Mo also knew that Void Moon Hua would definitely not easily let Luo Yue’s confidential information be obtained, but Lu Na didn’t even take out the information of 265 acids, Ye Mo was still grateful to her. Even if Lu Na didn’t know any other information, she still knew the information of Acid 265 very well.

Lu Na’s eyes reddened a little when she heard Ye Mo’s words, she really didn’t want to bring those information. Ye Mo had saved her life, and since Void Moon Hua and the others treated her like family, how could she betray Luo Yue. What’s more, she knew what the leakage of Luo Yue’s important information meant, it was the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, once Luo Yue’s defence had no more effect. Fleets of other people’s planes had rushed over.

How could she do such a thing, it was simply not a human thing to do. She thought Ye Mo would be angry, but Ye Mo forgave her without asking her anything.

Lu Na didn’t explain, as long as Ye Mo believed her. She turned around and hugged Lu Ling again, sobbing quietly “Sister. Why have you lost so much weight? What exactly did those beasts do to torture you, them beasts ……”

Lu Ling said with a forced smile, “As long as I can see you, I’m satisfied. What flesh and blood sufferings are nothing to me.”

Luo Ying looked at the fake Lu Ling on the ground and then at the real Lu Ling’s tortured appearance, and his heart felt a bit sad. People died, so they died, but the living ones were actually tortured like this.

Ye Mo coughed to break Lu Ling’s and Lu Na’s grief and said, “This matter has something to do with me too. If it wasn’t for me, perhaps Lu Ling wouldn’t have suffered this kind of torture.”

When Lu Ling heard Ye Mo’s words, she immediately shook her head and said, “We were on different sides at that time, that had nothing to do with you.”

If it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s call in the first place, the scapegoat would most likely not be her, Lu Ling, but Liang Shiguo, but Lu Ling thought that Ye Mo couldn’t be blamed for this matter. However, she did not know that when Ye Mo said he had something to do with him, he was referring to the two ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ that he had taken.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to explain why he had something to do with it, but took out a ‘Face Preservation Pill’ and handed it to Lu Ling, “This is a ‘Face Preservation Pill’ that can restore your appearance and even make you stay young forever. Consider it some compensation from me to you.”

“Ah ……” Lu Ling couldn’t imagine that one day she could get her hands on such a heaven defying elixir, she was actually frozen for a moment.

Of course she had heard of the ‘Face Residing Pill’, but there were too few of them flowing out of the market, the princess of ‘North Sand’ had heard of getting one, but that was something that ‘North Sand’ had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to beg for. But today, she had actually obtained this kind of elixir. If the elixir wasn’t in her hand, she would have thought it was a dream.

“Brother Ye, thank you.” Lu Na hurriedly thanked Ye Mo before urging her sister Lu Ling to go inside the dinghy to take the elixir.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t blame them, Liang Jun then relaxed, he liked this place in Luo Yue, but Lu Na had to save her sister, so he could only go along with Lu Na.

It was only after Lu Ling left that Lu Na noticed Luo Ying, who was as beautiful as Ning Qingxue, causing Lu Na to have some doubts in her mind. She knew that Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s wife, but now he was with another woman, had he abandoned Sister Qingxue?

But this kind of thing was only in Lu Na’s mind, but she couldn’t ask.

Ye Mo told Lu Na and Luo Ying to wait for him here for a while, while he took Team Liu to prepare for questioning. Liang Jun dragged the few people who died on the ground to the side and dug a pit to bury them.


Half an hour later, Lu Ling took out the mirror to look at her face which had been completely restored and burst into tears of joy. Who would want to be disfigured if they could? At this moment, apart from losing some weight, she was much more temperamental than before her disfigurement, no wonder the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ was so heavenly.

“Sister, you’ve gotten better?” Lu Na had rushed over and hugged Lu Ling once again. In this world, her sister was already her only family, and she didn’t want to make her sister sad.

“Where are we going now?” Lu Ling was in a completely different mood than she had been half an hour ago, and she began to think about the future.

“Sister, why don’t you go to Luo Yue with me and Liang Jun, Luo Yue is beautiful and it’s nice there.” Lu Na immediately thought of going to Luo Yue, nowadays they really had nowhere to go except Luo Yue.

Lu Ling had a happy look in her eyes “But will Ye Mo agree?”

Ye Mo had already walked over with Luo Ying at this time and immediately smiled when he heard Lu Ling’s voice, “Of course we agree, we can charter a plane to Luo Yue tomorrow during the day.”

The Liu team he had just asked was clear, Liu had come over for Lu Na’s matter, and the reason they were able to contact Lu Na was surprisingly through Lu Na’s personal space. This made Ye Mo feel that Luo Yue’s network prevention needed to be strengthened, Ye Xing was really too busy for him alone.

Unfortunately, Team Liu was only a minor minion of ‘Bei Sha’ and didn’t know much. The only thing he knew was that the Dai family had leaned towards ‘Bei Sha’ but the exact reason, as he did not know.


That night, Ye Mo returned to Ninghai and brought his sister Tang Beiwei to Yanjing. He had to leave the place, now that the great war of Luo Yue would start, he didn’t want to leave Tang Beiwei alone in Ninghai. There were many enemies in Luo Yue now, and someone would always know about his identity after a long time, and the only way to be safe for someone beside himself was to stay in Luo Yue.

The next morning, Ye Mo first went to Old Han’s place and swept through those needed ores inside his warehouse, and even got another small piece of Geng Iron Essence and a piece of Green Silver Sand.

After thanking Old Han for staying, Ye Mo took Luo Ying and Bei Wei, and Liang Jun plus Lu Ling and Lu Na sisters to Qing Hong Airport.

Yanjing already had flights to Luo Yue, it was just that the recent Luo Yue blockade had stopped the flights, but to Ye Mo, to charter a plane to Luo Yue, it had no effect.

A few people had just arrived at the airport when Li Qiuyang arrived. Li Qiuyang had lost a lot of weight recently, and as soon as he arrived at the airport, he thanked Ye Mo for saving his life.

Li Qiuyang knew that no one could help him except Ye Mo. But the friendship between him and Ye Mo could not really be said to be much deeper, and since Ye Mo was hard to find, he could not imagine that Ye Mo had really helped him.

The two Dai Qiu families really did not dare to go against Ye Mo, they knew that even the ‘Northern Sands’ were scornful of Ye Mo, and they vaguely knew that Ye Mo had a certain status in Luo Yue. Plus, Ye Mo had said that he didn’t care about the Li family’s affairs and only asked to spare Li Qiuyang, so they didn’t dare to disobey.

Therefore, Li Qiuyang wanted to see Ye Mo the first time he came out, only that he came out too late last night and did not bother Ye Mo. Today, after learning that Ye Mo had arrived at the airport, he immediately rushed over.

Ye Mo declined Li Qiuyang’s invitation, he knew that it was Li Qiuyang’s grandfather who invited him. If it was a usual time, Ye Mo might have gone to see him. But now, he just wanted to return to Luo Yue at the first opportunity.

Li Qiuyang watched the plane take off from Yanjing Qinghong Airport and sighed helplessly. He knew that Ye Mo had saved him because he had helped him a few times, and this time he could even say that it was in pa*sing. To ask Ye Mo to help the Li family, at least for now, was not possible.


Although the plane coming from Yanjing would not arrive at Luoyue Airport for a few hours, Ning Qingxue had arrived at the airport early, Ye Mo was coming back. But what made her most apprehensive was that she was going to see Luo Ying today, and she hadn’t thought of what she should say to this sister-in-law.