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DYM Chapter 649

Ye Mo had just left Yanjing when all the people in Yanjing got the news. The people of the Dai and Qiu families breathed a long sigh of relief, they were afraid that Ye Mo would not leave, since Ye Mo had left, it meant that his words were still true, at least he did not continue to meddle in Yanjing’s affairs.

The old man of the Li family also sighed, although he knew that Ye Mo would not come, he was still disappointed. If Ye Mo was willing to come and sit with the Li family, even if he didn’t do anything but just sit, it would be of immeasurable help to the Li family.

But after sighing, Elder Li was also secretly glad that Li Qiuyang was able to get Ye Mo to come to his rescue, which would have given the two Dai Qiu families some scruples.

But whether it was the Li family or Dai Qiu or someone else, they all guessed from the fact that Ye Mo could charter a plane to leave Yanjing that Ye Mo’s status in Luo Yue would definitely not be low. Because Luo Yue had recently started to restrict flights due to the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ incident, not just anyone could charter a flight to Luo Yue.

Unlike the Li and Dai Qiu families, the Ye family is still among the five great families, although it is not as strong as it used to be.

At this moment, the Ye family was holding an extremely important meeting, and the position of the Ye family’s head of family had once again returned to Ye Bei Rong after several twists and turns. Although Ye Bei Rong wanted to hand over the position of family head, Ye Zifeng, whom he valued the most, had gone to Luo Yue.

To speak from the bottom of his heart, Ye Bei Rong still felt a little bad about Ye Mo coming to Yanjing this time, but not to the Ye family. He knew that the Ye family had wronged the three Ye Mo siblings, but it was also for the sake of the Ye family’s cohesion at the beginning. Now that he thought about it, his thoughts were still a bit wrong at the beginning.

Ye Wen questionably was Ye Bei Guang’s son, as Ye Wen Qi and Ye Wen Jin left Yan Jing one after another. They even died. At this time, he was already one of the main figures in the second generation of the Yanjing Ye family.

When he saw the family head sigh, he immediately brought up the question he had been wondering about for a long time: “Uncle, Ye Mo is also a member of the Ye family, and the fact that our Ye family still has a place in Yanjing to this day is definitely inseparable from him. I am also sure that the reason why they are scornful of my Ye family. It is because of Ye Mo. Now Ye Mo clearly has an enmity with the two Dai Qiu families and has no scruples at all when it comes to striking these two families. Why do we still want to join forces with the Dai Qiu two families to deal with the Li family?”

After Ye asked this question questionably, a dozen people including Ye Tui and Ye Qianfu all looked at Ye Bei Rong with concern, a question they couldn’t figure out either. Especially Ye Qianfu. He was Ye Bei Rong’s second son and had originally been deprived of his surname Ye because of his wife’s affair. Later, after Ye Wen Qi, Ye Wen Tian and Ye Wen Jin pa*sed away one after another, he was once again allowed to return to the Ye family.

Because he had always been in business, he saw the issue of profit even more clearly. He certainly knew that the Ye family’s current status had something to do with Ye Mo, and even though Ye Zifeng had left Yanjing, Ye Mo’s influence could definitely not be ignored.

Ye Bei Rong let out another dark sigh, if it was Ye Wentian who was alive, he could definitely see what he meant. The Ye family was truly in decline, and it looked like it really had to find a way out.

But this was a family meeting. The younger generations did not understand what he meant and he had to answer. After a while, Ye Bei Rong said in a low voice: “You all know that the reason why no one in the Ye family has dared to come and provoke them yet is because of Ye Mo. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, now our Ye family wouldn’t be eaten up to the point of no return, though. But it wouldn’t be able to afford to be one of the Five Great Families of China.

And I don’t think I need to say anything about the animosity between Ye Mo and the Ye family, others can investigate it, and the Dai Qiu two families can investigate it even more. We only supported the two Dai Qiu families and did not take any substantial action. Even if the two Dai Qiu families know what I mean, it is unlikely that they will come to fight against their allies. So only by supporting the two Dai Qiu families can we get the most benefit.”

“But if we support the two Dai Qiu families, then won’t the Ming Li family have to work against us? And Ye Mo must not be comfortable in his heart either, right?” Ye asked questionably and immediately asked.

Ye Bei Rong shook his head and said, “You still haven’t seen the root of the matter clearly, the Li family will not make a move against the Ye family. Not to mention the fact that we have nothing substantial against the Li family, even if there was such a thing, the Li family would not go against us. Whether they knew about Ye Mo’s attitude towards the Ye family or not, they would not have left a bad impression in Ye Mo’s heart. As for Ye Mo, he wouldn’t even care about these things. No matter what he thinks, his surname is Ye and he is still Zi Feng’s brother, he won’t come against our Ye family.”

Ye Tui finally understood what the family head meant, the Ye family was outwardly supporting the two Dai Qiu families, so the two Dai Qiu families who were most likely to deal with the Ye family would no longer deal with the Ye family. Even if they were sure that Ye Mo would not stand up for the Ye family, they still had to take into account Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling.

As for the Li family, no matter what the Ye family’s stance was, they would not use their main force against the Ye family, and would even help the Ye family a little in some ways. It could be said that the family head’s decision was what was best for the Ye Family.

Seemingly knowing what Ye Tui was thinking, Ye Bei Rong said, “I was worried when ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was developing and growing in the Flowing Serpent. Now that they have moved to Luo Yue and have researched the most advanced defence system in the world, I am finally relieved. Ye Mo is a talented person, and the Ye family, including myself, have looked the other way. Ye Zifeng shouldn’t have stayed in Yanjing as the head of this family either, he and Ye Ling were right to choose to go and help his brother, only there is the right place for them to excel.”

Speaking here, Ye Bei Rong paused, although he also wanted to go to Luo Yue very much, but one could not pull off his face, and the second his status did not allow him to do so. That was why he did his utmost to preserve the Yanjing Ye family, or at the very least, to be a big business family like the Zhuo family.


The first person that Ye Mo and Luo Ying saw when they stepped off the plane was Ning Qingxue, who was standing there looking a bit lonely. The moment he saw Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo’s heart warmed up and he remembered a saying, ‘There is a beautiful woman, on the other side of the water.’

Next to Ning Qingxue, Silver, who was all in snow white, saw Ye Mo and immediately darted over.

When Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo and Luo Ying standing in front of her, the first thing she felt was that she was surprisingly redundant, her heart sank and she wanted to jump into Ye Mo’s arms, but she just couldn’t move her feet.

Ye Mo could feel the hesitation and indecision in Light Snow’s heart, he walked up to Ning Light Snow and gently embraced her.

“Woo ……” Ning Qingxue could no longer contain the thoughts and worries inside her heart, those conflicts and worries disappeared without a trace at once, she wrapped her arms around Ye Mo, her brain was surprisingly blank inside. She had thought of various scenes many times, but she just couldn’t think of a single word.

The torturous process would end again, and she remembered Luo Ying next to her and immediately got up from Ye Mo’s arms. Only to find that Luo Ying was standing next to Ye Mo looking at her with a smile.

Ning Qingxue wiped her eyes and said to Luo Ying in some panic: “Little Aunt, I, I ……” The business powerhouse who used to be with Li Mumei, surprisingly did not know what to say to Luo Ying.

She loved Ye Mo, did not care to stay with her sister-in-law Susu by Ye Mo’s side, although she thought about it countless times, but when she really faced it, she knew what was the torment.

There are things you have the courage to face, but when you really face them, it’s still two different things.

After Luo Ying heard about Ning Qingxue’s ability to save Ye Mo despite her own life, her view of Ning Qingxue was completely different. At this moment, when she saw Ning Qingxue, who was somewhat restless, her heart did not feel the same torment as Ning Qingxue’s. She naturally took two steps forward, took Ning Qingxue’s hand and said, “Qingxue, do you still call me little aunt? You’ll have to call me sister from now on.”

When Ning Qingxue felt Luo Ying’s hand, she raised her head in surprise, and the uncertainty and worry and torment in her eyes all disappeared. Although Ye Mo had told her at first that Luo Ying would definitely accept her, but when the day really came, her heart was still filled with surprise and gratitude.

She knew that Luo Ying was Ye Mo’s wife in his previous life, and even if she didn’t cultivate, she would believe what Ye Mo said as long as it was true. Anyone who wanted to steal Ye Mo away from her could not, but Luo Ying could, because she was the one who stole Luo Ying’s husband, and she had come before her.

Only Luo Ying went to accept her, not her to accept Luo Ying.

“Sister Luo Ying ……” Ning Qingxue’s tone was a little trembling, even so low that she couldn’t even hear herself.

“Is it called Yinzi? It’s really beautiful.” Luo Ying took Ning Qingxue’s hand and looked at Ye Mo, who was cuddling with Silver, with a kind of happiness and satisfaction in her eyes.

“Well, it’s called Silver. Ye Mo said that it might be a Green Luan, but its feathers just remain the same.” The hesitation in Ning Qingxue’s heart at this point had been replaced by the excitement of Luo Ying’s acceptance, and she pulled Luo Ying with her, looking at Ye Mo with the same kind of quiet contentment in her eyes.

Ye Mo hugged the silver and looked at the two women who were looking at him as if they were parallel lilies, and an extreme satisfaction welled up in his heart. Standing in front of him, Luo Ying and Light Snow were as if they were about to fly away on the wind, making Ye Mo feel a sense of relief from his heart. To receive the love of either of them was already a luxury, but he was surprised to receive the unreserved, unadulterated love of both of them at the same time.

Tang Beiwei stood behind Ye Mo and let out a long breath, she had been worried about how her brother would treat Sister Luo Ying and Sister Qing Xue when they met.

Whether it was hurting Sister Luo Ying or Sister Qing Xue, to Tang Beiwei she didn’t want to see it. In her heart, it would be better if all those pretty girls were married by her brother, although he only had one, but the more pretty sisters-in-law the better. And sister Jingwen, or even sister Yun Bing, but she knew that was unrealistic.

From afar, Void Yuehua and the others also panted, it wasn’t that they hadn’t come over, they had come over a long time ago too. It was just that they knew that today was the time for the two ladies of Ye Mo to meet, so they didn’t dare to come up and steal Ning Qingxue’s thunder. Plus, they were afraid that the two ladies would make a scene, so they waited from afar.

But now they were relieved to see such an eye-catching pair of lotus flowers side by side and in such harmony that all of them were stunned and then relieved, while they became even more excited about Luo Yue’s future. They had fallen in love with Luo Yue, and it seemed to them that the place would only become more solid after Ye Mo had offspring.