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DYM Chapter 650

If Tang Beiwei was a little more biased towards Luo Ying, then Ye Ling was a little more biased towards Ning Qingxue.

Void Moon Hua was even happier that Ye Mo had been able to bring Lu Na and Liang Jun back. Although the two did not take much information with them, they had been living in the most core area of Luo Yue and many things were visible.

No matter how determined a person was, no matter how strong their mind was, it was hard to keep from revealing anything when faced with torture.

As much as Ye Mo wanted to go to the side with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue to say some personal words, he knew that although Luo Yue was fine on the surface now, she was actually in crisis. If it was handled well, Luo Yue would still be as good as ever, but if it was not handled well, some of the prestige he had accumulated before would immediately be reduced to nothing.

So the first thing he did was to come to the big conference room with Xu Ping, Xu Yuehua and the others.

Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying, on the other hand, did not attend this meeting, as the two had just met, so they had a lot to say. Besides, Ning Qingxue was only in charge of the financial piece and did not necessarily have to attend such military meetings in person. A lot of things were known to Void Moon Hua.


Although Ye Mo often left Luo Yue, he was very clear about the changes in Luo Yue. The place was now changing from day to day, and Luoyue’s plans were made by Ye Xing, who modified many things on top of the original plans. These plans were mainly to strengthen Luoyue’s defences, and also to build an ecological city.

So Ye Mo was very satisfied every time he came back, and now the outline of Luoyue was basically up, it looked very comfortable, and the air was fresh, without the slightest smell of sea water.

If it wasn’t for the impending war in Luo Yue, Ye Mo would definitely have taken Luo Ying Bei Wei and Qing Xue a few people around.

But now he could only appear inside the large conference room. Apart from Ye Mo, those attending the meeting were City Lord Void Moon Hua, Vice City Lord Zang Jia Yan, Foreign Minister Yu Miao Tong, Military Commander Xu Ping, Army Commander Guo Qi and Li San Dao, Navy Commander Huang Yanian, Air Force Commander Shu Deman (Acting), Luo Yue Chief Engineer Ye Xing, Special Warfare Soldier Captain Yang Jiu, Logistics Minister Ye Zifeng, Lu Lin from the Intelligence Office and others.

All these people, except Air Force Acting Commander Shudman, who was originally from the South African Blue Light Mercenaries and was later captured and then promoted, were all old men of Luo Yue and there was no question about their loyalty. Even Fang Wei and Fang Nan, who are now in charge of security in Luo Yue City, are all senior citizens of Luo Yue.

It could be said that the upper framework of Luo Yue City was already roughly up, and Ye Mo was still in awe of Void Moon Hua’s efficiency. He had felt at first that Void Yuehua was not an ordinary person. Now that she was really given a chance, she immediately did such an outstanding job.

Although there were many people helping her in the middle of this, there was no doubt about her ability. Ye Mo knew that Xu Yuehua had a grudge, and that grudge was the main reason that led her to Hong Kong. Now that Xu Yuehua was in Luo Yue it was hard for her to have time to leave, so she could ask her who her enemy was when she had the time. Whoever it was, since she was now the City Lord of Luo Yue, she couldn’t let the feud go away.

“Alright. Everyone is already here, this meeting will be chaired by Sister Yuehua, so everyone can speak freely about this ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ matter.” Ye Mo said first.

Ye Mo knew that whether it was a war, or not a war, or a war after some time. It all had to be set today.

Luo Yue was just now starting to develop at a high speed, such matters absolutely could not be delayed, and one more day of delay would not do Luo Yue any good.

Yu Miaotong said first: “According to the information returned by our negotiation team, Indonesia does not have the slightest intention to compromise, and the Philippines is now on the same side as them. They have even made a big purchase of arms, including large warships and warplanes. I thought that they were making threats against us.”

“A mere archipelago country, why should they threaten us, just send a fleet to f*ck him up.” Xu Ping grunted. Immediately, he said with great displeasure.

Ye Mo knew that Xu Ping was a practitioner of ancient martial arts and was not very good at commanding battles, but this army commander was something that had to be given to him. Xu Ping was his second brother, and although he was not afraid of rebellion, it was always much less of a problem for his own people to occupy this position.

As soon as Xu Ping’s words fell, Huang Yianian said, “I am for fighting, but how to fight is not a matter of sending the fleet directly.”

Although Huang Yiniang did not directly refute Xu Ping’s words, he nevertheless did not agree with what Xu Ping said about directly sending a fleet to f*ck up Luo Yue.

Xu Yuehua said, “At the time when our terms were just put forward. The Indonesian side was very alarmed. They even asked us to lower the compensation and agreed. But after only one day, their attitude immediately changed. It went from panic to forcefulness. And the Philippines also joined them at this point. I think if we hadn’t dealt with the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ matter in the first place, even more countries would have sided with them. Therefore, I agree with Commander Huang’s words, fighting is necessary, but how to fight is a key question.”

Ye Mo’s thoughts turned quickly, although no one had said it, but he already knew that someone must be backing Indonesia up. Who was this person? Could it be Rice again? Or was it another country?

“The United Vertical Cooperation a*sociation issued a statement yesterday, asking us and Indonesia-Philippines to control our emotions, put the issue on the negotiation table and not to go to war so easily.” Yu Miaotong jacked in.

“Funny, don’t start a war so easily? Isn’t that what was said to us, Luo Yue? Could it be that if we don’t make a move, they still dare to take the initiative. I believe the Indonesian Ghost and the Filipino Ghost are just bluffing, I think if we want to fight, let’s use the old Xi’s method and end them in a blitzkrieg.” Guo Qi said with a sneer.

“Blitzkrieg against other countries is fine, but not Indonesia. They’re an archipelago country and our soldiers now only add up to 20,000. I think we should concentrate our forces and focus on one particular target.” Schuldemann said, the first thing he had said since the meeting.

Void Yuehua nodded without saying anything, but looked at Ye Xing, as if he wanted to know what Ye Xing meant.

“Actually, I agree with both Xu Er Er and Shu De Man, our latest model of electronic jammer of Luo Yue is fully mobile for combat. It has now been test fitted on the ‘Luo Tian Aircraft Carrier’, and the jamming range is roughly the same as the yx-gr0 model jammer, which can reach a range of a thousand kilometres and is extremely strong. If we use the ‘Luotian carrier’ with the jammer installed to attack a certain island, we don’t need to attack at all, just go ahead and drop missiles openly.” When Ye Xing saw Void Moon Hua looking at him, he hedged and smiled and took the initiative to say.

Just as Ye Xing finished his words, the entire conference room seemed to suddenly fall silent for a moment before Huang Yiniang exclaimed, “Chief Engineer Ye, you actually succeeded already?”

He knew about Ye Xing asking him to call for an aircraft carrier test through Void Moonghua, and he had not paid close attention to it because he had a lot of things to do recently, but he did not expect it to be successful so soon.

Thinking of the previous battle between Luo Yue and the allied forces, the blood of the people in the conference room boiled. It was because of the most advanced jamming machine that the Allied fleet with its high technology was still in sight, and they did not expect that the jamming machine could be moved now.

This jamming machine that Ye Xing was talking about was obviously different, or too different, from the electronic jamming machine that Luo Yue was about to sell to another country.

Once this carrier with a jamming machine headed to Indonesia, Indonesia’s missiles and so on would all become blind, so wouldn’t they still be at the mercy of Luo Yue’s missile abuse? It would be strange if the people fighting the war didn’t like this kind of one-sided war.

“It’s just that most of our missiles are still coming from Russia and Germany, and we can’t produce attack missiles in large quantities yet, apart from some defence missiles, we need time. But that time is already short, because our ballistic accuracy is already world cla*s.” Ye Xing said once again.

After saying that Ye Xing didn’t wait for the crowd to express, he sneered and said, “If you give me a little time, I can f*ck them without the fleet going to Indonesia. I can make missiles that they can’t stop and make their defence system a decoration.”

Ye Mo believed that Ye Xing could do it, this war was a must. If Luo Yue was bullied by both Indonesia and the Philippines, then Luo Yue’s newly built up prestige would drop again. There will only be more and more people coming to fight in the future. At this time, Luo Yue must strike strongly and beat down these two sticks in other people’s hands so that they cannot make any waves.

After a year or two, when Luo Yue has completely gained a firm foothold, other countries will no longer be qualified to call on Luo Yue.

He nodded then said, “No matter who wants to bully Luo Yue, we can’t, we have to fight against Indonesia and the Philippines. As for how to fight, I trust Ye Xing. Although we can take other approaches to steadily move forward, this time it’s to establish authority, and we must go about slapping them in the most direct, overbearing way. Let them know that Luo Yue is not just a bully, and let those clowns who support them understand. As for how to fight, I agree with Shudman’s way, isn’t Indonesia only one Indian Ocean away from us? Let’s just take over one of their islands first.”

After saying that Ye Mo looked at the crowd and said, “You guys see which island we hit first?”

Huang Yiniang said with a heated smile, “If we want to occupy one place, it will be easy. It is the island of Bayi, this island is not small, several thousand square kilometres, the most important thing is that it is a tourist destination in Indonesia, it brings a lot of foreign exchange to Indonesia every year, if we occupy this place, I think Indonesia can’t even think of not compromising. And when we go to Indonesia, this is the first place to go, and it’s the most convenient and coolest place to occupy.”