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DYM Chapter 67-68

Chapter 67

Ning Qingxue got up a little later than Xu Wei every day, but today when Ning Qingxue got up to wash up, she found that Xu Wei had not gone to work, so she asked strangely, “Xu Wei, you’re not going to work today?”

“I’m on leave today, don’t you get bored of looking at these flowers and plants every day?” Because of the experience of living together for a week, Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue gradually became familiar with each other and were not as cold as they were at the beginning.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, “No, I feel very comforted watching it grow up every day.”

Xu Wei froze for a moment, she really couldn’t understand Ning Qingxue’s actions. Even when Ye Mo also liked flowers and plants, he was not as obsessed as Ning Qingxue.

Xu Wei, who was just about to speak, was startled by the sudden crashing open of the courtyard door, and the pot in her hand fell to the ground.

Two fierce men rushed in, but they were a little surprised to see Xu Wei, who was frightened on one side. They didn’t seem to expect that the person who lived with Ning Qingxue hadn’t gone to work, but their astonished eyes flickered away and they immediately stopped looking at Xu Wei.

“B*tch, you cheated me out of my money, how dare you hide here, go, come back with me.” One of the men was about to come and pull Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue hurriedly tried to dodge away. Unexpectedly, when the man saw the flower bed Ning Qingxue was fiddling with, he actually picked up a wooden stick with his hand and hit it, while screaming, “I let you cheat me out of my money and secretly hide here to plant flowers, I will smash these rotten gra*ses of yours.”

“Don’t.” Ning Qingxue looked at the stick actually hitting the flower bed, this hit, even an iron flower would be broken, so scared that she jumped in front of the flower bed without even thinking.

“The stick struck Ning Qingxue’s back.

Ning Qingxue spat out a mouthful of blood, directly on top of the flower bed, and immediately fainted. Xu Wei let out a scream and immediately reacted, immediately taking out her phone and calling the police.

The two men also did not expect this to happen. The stick was sent as hard as it could and hit a woman’s body, the result was predictable. The intention from above was to arrest the woman, but they did not expect that the woman would actually go and block his stick for a flower bed.

Seeing that the matter was beyond their control, the men immediately looked at each other, turned around and left.

By the time the police and Li Mumei and Su Jingwen all arrived, Ning Qingxue still hadn’t woken up.


“The spine is broken, the ribs are 60 percent broken, and the heart and lungs are severely damaged. Even with full treatment, she only has three years to live, and can only sleep on the chuáng. If left untreated, there is still one month to live.” The best hospital in Ninghai City came to this conclusion after an expert examination.

“Even if I pour out my family dàng, I will bring the murderer to justice.” Ning Zhongfei was furious, Ning Qingxue was his only daughter, for this daughter he even went to the extent of falling out with his father and elder brother, but now his daughter had actually been beaten like this.

A woman, who looked to be only about thirty years old, just hugged Ning Qingxue’s hand and cried bitterly. She was Ning Qingxue’s mother, Lan Taro.

“Qingxue, I won’t let you be beaten for nothing.” After crying for a while Lan Taro stood up, rubbed her reddened eyes, looked at her husband and said once again, “I’m going to find Susu to come out and help Light Snow take revenge for this, even if his Song family is through the roof, I won’t just let it go.”

Every time his wife used to talk about Susu, Ning Zhongfei would be in the midst of persuasion, would say that she was a member of the Hidden Sect and not fit to come out, but this time Ning Zhongfei surprisingly did not say anything more, but nodded with an iron face and said, “Even if it costs everything, I can’t let Light Snow be beaten in vain like this.”

“Ma ……” Ning Qingxue opened her eyes for the first time, only to see herself lying in a white stained ward, with pains radiating from all over her body that dug into her heart.

“Qingxue, you’re awake?” Blue Taro hurriedly came áng the side and grabbed his daughter’s hand.

“I’m in so much pain ……” Ning Qingxue said and beads of sweat came down on her face.

Lan Taro’s heart ached, her daughter was hurting on her body, but she was hurting in her heart. At this moment she hated to let herself go to lie on the sick-chuáng instead of her daughter, but she could only comfort, “Qingxue, don’t be afraid, mommy will definitely treat you.”

Ning Qingxue struggled and shook her head, “I want to go home, mum, send me to live in that courtyard, I know myself, I don’t want to be treated.”

Ning Qingxue’s heart was like a clear mirror, she was injured like this, even if she was treated, the best outcome would be to lie on the chuáng for the rest of her life. Her death wish had already sprung up, but she was unwilling to stay here any longer. It was a pity that she just couldn’t see Ye Mo before she died and say sorry in his presence.

“Light Snow, don’t be impulsive, listen to mum, just stay in the hospital, the doctor will definitely treat you. Don’t worry, mum will be here with you all the time.” How could Lan Taro not know what her daughter was thinking, her heart was like a knife twist.

Ning Qingxue tried to shake her head, but the pain was so intense that she gritted her teeth and said, “Mother, do you want me to die in peace? I just want to go back to that little courtyard. Take me back, please.”

After taking a breath, Ning Qingxue said once again, “Mom, bring me that little box of mine ……”

After saying this Ning Qingxue closed her eyes, her pain no longer allowing her to continue, instead she fainted once again.

Blue taro stood up, her eyes wiped the tear filled eyes, “Zhongfei, why does light snow have to keep living in that courtyard when she comes back? What exactly happened between her and Ye Mo.”

Ning Zhongfei shook his head, and only after a moment did he say, “That’s what my daughter wishes for, since staying in the hospital won’t completely save her, it’s better to send her back to the small courtyard. We’ll look for doctors across the country who can treat our daughter. As long as there is a ray of hope, I don’t want to give up. Put that box by her chuáng, don’t wait for her to wake up again unseen.”

Blue Taro nodded and agreed with her husband.


Ye Mo did not go directly to the Luo Warehouse introduced by Ji Wanqing, he wanted to find out for himself if he could find a job. If he really couldn’t find one, he would go to cousin Wanqing’s company to work. But before that, he needed to go to Ninghai and get some of the soil from the flower bed inside the small courtyard where he lived, as well as the small box he had to take with him.

He wanted to find a lab to test the soil to see what ingredients it contained that could make the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ come alive, and why the place where the snakes were flowing could not make the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ seeds germinate.

When he returned to Ninghai, Ye Mo reckoned that Xu Wei should have gone to work by this time, so he sneaked mō into the small courtyard.

However, when Ye Mo walked to the flower bed, a large puddle of shocking blood marks on the flower bed made him a little surprised, although the blood had dried, but it was obvious that it had not been long ago, besides, how come there was so much blood on top of this flower bed?


Chapter 68

“Ye Mo, you’re back?” A voice interrupted Ye Mo’s concentration, he had just looked at the blood and froze, and surprisingly did not notice that Xu Wei had come in.

“Xu Wei, you’re not working today?” Ye Mo looked at Xu Wei somewhat strangely, it was usually her time to go to work at this time.

Xu Wei looked a bit tired, shook her head and said, “Yesterday morning Qing Xue was injured by someone, she is still in the hospital and not out of danger, I just came back from seeing her in the hospital, how come I didn’t see you?”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, Ning Qingxue was attacked by someone? How could this be said. Besides, Ning Qingxue had been attacked, how did Xu Wei know? Thinking about this point she asked out, “How did you know that Ning Qingxue was injured by someone?”

“You don’t know?” Xu Wei asked as she looked at Ye Mo in surprise. She thought that Ye Mo had come back just because Ning Qingxue was injured, but she didn’t expect that Ye Mo actually didn’t know about it, where is this going?”

Ye Mo said somewhat strangely, “She was injured, why do I have to know? Is she badly injured?”

Although he didn’t have much of a good feeling towards Ning Qingxue, but when Ning Qingxue was preoccupied, that kind of look was especially like Luo Ying, so he was still somewhat concerned about Ning Qingxue. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to Ning Qingxue’s request for his help in the first place.

“Light Snow has always lived here, ah, how do you think I know.” Xu Wei was sure that Ye Mo really didn’t know about Ning Qingxue’s injury, before he said.

Ye Mo frowned, Ning Qingxue was living here? He had already left and the play had been acted out, how could she still continue to live here? With her family’s condition, couldn’t she still have no place to live?

Seeing that Ye Mo was a bit baffled, Xu Wei had to say again, “After Qing Xue came, she has been living in the room you originally lived in, she rarely goes out, she just deals with these flowers every day, sometimes she can look at the flower bed from morning to night.”

Ning Qingxue also liked flowers? He liked flowers because he had planted a bead of ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ here, why did Ning Qingxue like to plant flowers? If she really liked it, why had she never seen her near the flower bed in the twenty days or so she had been with him?

A small gra*s with bloodstains on top of the flower bed caught Ye Mo’s attention. Although this small gra*s had only just sprouted, Ye Mo already recognized it as the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’. The moment he saw the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, Ye Mo’s heart instantly became excited, not only could the soil here grow the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, it could also make the seeds sprout ah.

Ye Mo immediately thought, why would Ning Qingxue want to grow this gra*s, could it be that she was also a cultivator? But then Ye Mo understood, this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ that had just sprouted here should be a seed that had fallen down before he collected the seeds in the first place, and he didn’t expect it to have sprouted.

But how did Ning Qingxue know that this was the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’? And still pay so much attention to it?

While Ye Mo was still amazed, Xu Wei had already explained, ”Qingxue seems to care a lot about that little gra*s bud in the middle of the flower bed, and has even used something to block it up. Every day, she looks after the gra*s sprout, and sometimes it takes a day just to look at it. She never got bored of it. Yesterday morning she was standing in front of the flower bed as usual, staring at the little gra*s sprout, when two men suddenly rushed in outside the yard, looking very aggressive.”

Looking at Ye Mo, who was still listening carefully to her words, Xu Wei continued, “One of the men walked in and said that Qing Xue had cheated him out of his money and was hiding here to raise flowers, and that man picked up a wooden stick and was about to smash the flowers inside the flower bed. I really don’t know what Light Snow was thinking at that time, she even blocked the stick with her body. Although the stick did not hit the flower bed, it hit her back solidly. At that time, she spurted out several mouthfuls of blood, all of which sprayed on top of the flower bed, and she pa*sed out.”

Ye Mo’s face had turned iron blue, although he didn’t know why Ning Qingxue treasured this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, he was already moved with anger towards the person who wanted to smash this flower bed of his.

“Have you found out, who those people are?” Ye Mo calmed down and continued to ask.

Xu Wei shook her head and said, “I didn’t find out, but Ye Mo, you should be careful, after you left, many people came to inquire about you, and they even moved one of the surveillance computers here. I reckon those people are not good people, so you should be careful when you go in and out.”

When Xu Wei said this Ye Mo already had a very clear understanding in his heart, the Song family’s people should know that he killed Song Shaowen and were looking for him everywhere. It’s just that Ye Mo didn’t expect there to be a surveillance computer here, but at that time, his own divine sense was only about five meters, so it was normal that he didn’t find the camera.

Since the Song family already knew that Song Shaowen was killed by him, those people who came to take away Ning Qingxue were definitely sent here by the Song family to monitor themselves, and they didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to actually move over. Then they should have seen if they would come over to meet with Ning Qingxue, and after waiting for a while and not finding themselves coming over, they tried to take Ning Qingxue away, and then the incident happened where Ning Qingxue was injured in order to save the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

Ye Mo had analysed the whole incident **very well*, and had already determined in his heart that the person who made Ning Qingxue injured was someone from the Song family. But the only thing that he didn’t understand was why Ning Qingxue had to sacrifice her life to protect this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ bud?

The only possibility was that Ning Qingxue knew that she needed this gra*s and then took care of it carefully, even going to the extent of protecting this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ at all costs. Although this explanation made the most sense, Ye Mo thought that this explanation made the least sense. It was because there was no way Ning Qingxue would treat him so well, let alone a mere strain of gra*s that he needed.

If I, Ye Mo, was afraid of a mere Song family, I wouldn’t need to cultivate and would just disintegrate into reincarnation. Whether Ning Qingxue did it for herself or not, but since she saved the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and since this injury also had something to do with him, Ye Mo, he should stand up for her.

“Xu Wei, I’m going to check on Qingxue, but don’t tell her I came by.” After saying goodbye to Xu Wei, Ye Mo went straight to the hospital.

Although Xu Wei didn’t know why Ye Mo wouldn’t let himself tell Qing Xue, she still agreed to Ye Mo’s request because she knew that Qing Xue didn’t have much time left.

Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance of the hospital when he met several doctors carrying Ning Qingxue, who was lying on the bed, into the car. Ye Mo froze for a moment, thinking, “Is it time to transfer to the hospital?

However, when his divine sense swept Ning Qingxue’s condition, he immediately knew that her injuries were much more serious than he had imagined. Ye Mo’s heart instantly rose up with killing intent, beating Ning Qingxue, who was protecting the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, like this in the courtyard where he lived, he would definitely not let this murderer go.

The box that Ning Qingxue was holding was the very box that he wanted to take away this time, but then Xie Xing froze, his divine sense swept inside the box and found three bracelet beads that he had made himself. He had given this to Su Jingwen, how could it be in Ning Qingxue’s hands? And there were only three of them left?

At the same time, he secretly sighed, if Ning Qingxue had worn these three beads on her hands instead of putting them inside the box, maybe she would have been spared a disaster.

Ye Mo was planning to follow the 120 ambulance quietly, but to his surprise, he heard two nurses discussing just as the car drove away.

“This girl should be from a big shot’s family, look at the dean all running around personally.”

“Yes, it’s said that there’s only a month to live, this girl doesn’t want to be treated and has to go home, although it’s not understandable, but living for a month and lying in bed for years without being able to move doesn’t seem to make much difference.”