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DYM Chapter 651

“Good, that’s it, this war is under the direct command of Admiral Huang Yiannian. There is no need to follow them against Indonesia, our fleet will be led by Commander Huang to depart immediately for the island of Siyi. Wait around Baji Island for the declaration of war announcement, and once Luo Yue declares war, immediately start the attack on Baji Island’s military facilities.” Ye Mo was very upset with the archipelago nation of Indonesia.

Of course, Void Moon Hua would not share Ye Mo’s opinion as she immediately added, “I agree with the chairman’s decision, but Sisi Island is a global tourist destination. There are people from all countries who come there for tourism and holiday, and when our army occupies Siyi Island, missiles cannot be fired at will, and once it creates an international canon, our Luo Yue will be under siege even if we are strong. So I would like to hear Commander Huang’s thoughts.”

Huang Yiniang said with a slight smile, “Attacking Ba Yi Island is the direction of attack I have long thought of, one can show Luo Yue’s hegemony, and the second can deal a huge blow to Indonesia. Baji has always been a place where the world’s terrorist groups like to cause trouble, and it has happened three or four times in the last ten years. The main thing is that we, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, have a branch that was smashed up in Baji Island, and even two of our employees were killed there.”

Looking at Void Moon Hua’s expectant gaze, Huang Yiniang said again, “So we strike Bayi Island, even if there is any canonism and it has serious consequences, we can still completely say that Indonesia and the terrorists have joined forces against Luo Yue. The Indonesian government is inactive and even hates Luo Yue, and Luo Yue’s sovereignty is being trampled on. In Loyola, sovereignty reigns supreme and those who trample on it must pay the price. Of course, I won’t be ignorant of the lightness of the situation, I will only attack the Indonesian military won’t make a move against the rest of the people.”

Ye Mo nodded, this reason was far-fetched, but it was better than no reason at all, besides, Luo Yue did suffer a great loss in Indonesia.

“Actually, I have another suggestion.” Yu Miaotong said in a jab.

Seeing everyone looking at her, Yu Miaotong continued, “I believe that although Bayi Island is big, it won’t last long under our attack. I suggest that Commander Huang first take over the airport and docks, and once they are taken over, let all the foreign tourists return immediately. As for those tourist facilities, those that can be destroyed can be destroyed just like they did to our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’.”

Although Yu Miaotong didn’t spell out the reason, everyone in the seats already understood it. Ye Mo also knew that it was unrealistic to occupy Bayi Island for a long period of time, even if Luo Yue had the strength to do so the United Vertical a*sociation would not allow Luo Yue to do so. Once Indonesia promised to compensate Luo Yue’s army would have to retreat. The current Luo Yue does not yet have the strength to call the shots with the powerful countries. Although Luo Yue’s defence force is amazing, everyone knows that Luo Yue is just starting.

That country that is behind Indonesia and the Philippines is definitely not going to sit back and watch Luo Yue take over Bayi Island.

Yu Miaotong’s intention is to tea the bottom of the barrel. Even if Luo Yue’s army finally leaves Bayi Island, destroying all of Bayi Island’s tourist facilities and repatriating all those who come from abroad for tourism will be a major blow to Indonesia’s economic recovery.

In fact, not to mention the occupation of Bayi Island, even the invasion of Bayi Island would be a great risk for Luo Yue. If Ye Mo was not a cultivator, perhaps he would not have done so. Ye Mo knew that once most of the world’s forces united against Luo Yue, there was nothing Luo Yue could do to stop it.

But Ye Mo had Ye Mo’s backbone, if he was really made to have no way out, he would even use nuclear weapons and would go around to a*sa*sinate.

For a nuclear nation, no one would push too hard and that’s why Ye Mo dared to do it. Of course this is now, once Luo Yue grows to a certain point. Since he wanted to deal with Luo Yue, he would simply destroy her.

Although this world was superficially restricted by various rules, in the end, it was those with strength who spoke. If Rice wanted to invade a small country now, he could find a hundred reasons, and even if he could only find ninety-nine reasons, he could still create the hundredth reason.

Strength, is the ultimate power of speech.

The battle plan that Ye Mo and the others were working on, while at this moment, Ye Ling was with Tang Beiwei.

When she heard everything Tang Beiwei said, she stayed frozen for a few dozen seconds before she reacted and even looked at Tang Beiwei in disbelief and said, “Beiwei, you mean you’re the real sister of your brother and I’m not?”

Tang Beiwei nodded and after a while said, “Actually, I don’t know if I’m my brother’s real sister, but my brother doesn’t want to go for a blood test, he says he already thinks of me and you as his real sister. Whether we go for a blood test or not, we are both his sisters. I didn’t want to lose this brother, so I didn’t insist on getting tested.”

“So that means I could be his real sister too?” Ye Ling surprisingly felt some panic.

“Well, actually, I know what brother means, he doesn’t want to lose both of our sisters. When brother asks you later, don’t let brother down. He likes us a lot, no matter what the result of the blood test is, we’re all real sisters in brother’s heart.” Tang Beiwei finished looking at Ye Ling, she wondered if Ye Ling would understand what she meant.

Ye Ling panted, she didn’t answer Tang Beiwei’s words, but she understood what Tang Jingwei meant

The day after Ye Mo returned to Luo Yue, Luo Yue suddenly declared war on Indonesia and declared that everything that supported Indonesia against Luo Yue was an enemy of Luo Yue.

Surprisingly, Luo Yue only declared war on Indonesia, but only offered 50 billion Luo Yuan in compensation within a week to the same Filipino country, but did not declare war on the Filipino country.

This move by Luo Yue once again shocked the world, although Luo Yue said that if Indonesia did not agree to Luo Yue’s demands and did not compensate ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, Luo Yue would declare war. But that was just a threat. Although a newly established regime had successfully resisted an invasion by the coalition forces, no one thought that he could really attack Indonesia.

After all, last time, although Luo Yue successfully defeated an invasion by the coalition forces, the coalition forces only numbered a hundred thousand or so on that occasion, and it can be said that the coalition forces were not up to Luo Yue at all and did not go all out at that time. This, coupled with the fact that Luo Yue’s latest electronic jamming system had built up, had allowed Luo Yue to achieve a victory.

But this time is different, Indonesia is so tough, obviously there is someone behind it, even if they know that Indonesia has someone behind it, while Luo Yue still declared war, it can be seen how arrogant Luo Yue is.

Even though ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, is Luo Yue’s number one company, declaring war on a country over a few branches of a company, over a few dead people, seems a bit too childish. To put it bluntly, it’s just a bit too arrogant. Even Rice, which has always appointed itself as the Pacific Police, would not dare to be so arrogant, right?

Some politicians have been shaking their heads in disbelief at the premise that the JCC has constantly stated that it wants peaceful dialogue. Is it possible to declare war on a country with no regard for the consequences?

Luo Yue is really a new regime, not only does it have no political cells, it also has no political awareness, they are simply fooling around.

Some of the cynics are already shouting for Luo Yue, they want to be so domineering, if they live too much they might as well die. Luo Yue did a good job, did a good job, over the top.

Ye Mo, however, sneered, he really did not care. Even if a tenfold coalition army came last time, he had a bottle of essence pills, plus Luo Yue’s heaven-defying jamming machine system, then he could still fight a lose-lose battle.

He is not a politician, but he is not brainless, he is a cultivator, and these powerful relationships have long been thought about.

If Luo Yue’s declaration of war against Indonesia had already caused an uproar in the world. Then ten minutes after Luo Yue declared war, the news came that Luo Yue’s fleet had already started attacking Bayi Island, that was a fuel barrel, and this fuel barrel completely ignited the whole world.

At this point all had understood that not only had Luo Yue declared war, but they had also immediately attacked. There was no need to even think about it, Luo Yue had simply had the war in mind for a long time. Instead of threatening Indonesia with the help of a declaration of war, they didn’t threaten, they just did it.

Indonesia panicked, the island of Bayi panicked, the whole of Indonesia was thrown into chaos. Although they were also buying arms, although they were also making a strong show of not compromising.

But all these were just for show, not for real, just to win some bargaining chips for negotiations.

But Luo Yue, this madman, they actually declared war and went to war at the same time as they declared war, this group of people are really mad.

Everything in Indonesia’s state of readiness for war was just a show, they had no intention of fighting with Luo Yue at all, so they made a big show and thundered, but the real defence was still in a general state. Because they didn’t believe, they didn’t believe that Luo Yue would declare war over this point.

With hardly any effort, Luo Yue’s fleet destroyed the military docks on Bayi, leaving only the civilian docks behind.

As Indonesia frantically mobilised warships and troops to Bayi, Luo Yue’s missiles had already landed one by one on top of Bayi’s military facilities with precision. In the eyes of Luo Yue, the defence system of Bayi Island was just some paper mache target. All of Bayi’s counter-attack equipment could only resort to chance attacks under the powerful jamming system.

“Pah,” Turner slapped the paper in his hand on top of the table, Luo Yue was crazy, really crazy. He had declared war, and he was attacking Indonesia at the same time as he did so.

Indonesia was being supported by Rice, and this support was proposed by him, he was the new president of Rice. Although the previous president, Ken Rao, was the one who stepped down because of what happened to Luo Yue and made his position. However, he did not have the slightest good feeling towards Luo Yue, who he thought had robbed Rice of its territory and business.

Even most of Rice’s gold reserves had disappeared, most probably because of Luo Yue.

Now that he is in power, as long as he is given time, he is sure that he will screw Luo Yue to death. A mere jammer system, he believed that as long as he had a prototype, Rice would be able to research it soon. However, he did not expect that Luo Yue would really dare to declare war on Indonesia at this time, which greatly exceeded his expectation.