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DYM Chapter 652

Before the fight even started, a plea for help flew in like snowflakes, leaving Turner deeply helpless, this Indonesia was a little too unsupportable. Even if Luo Yue declared war, as long as they could hold off Luo Yue for two days, then Luo Yue could only lose.

Loyuki does not have any reserves or strength to fight a long term war and once they are held up, world opinion and allied forces will soon come to the Indian Ocean again. Unfortunately, looking at these pleas for help, Turner knew that his idea was somewhat unrealistic. And it seems that Loyola knew this, so war was just declared when it started.


There was no need for Ye Mo to do anything, the Luo Yue fleet, after several naval battles, led by Huang Yiannian was in the Indian Ocean like nobody’s business.

The rice country would love to enter the war instantly, but they can’t, they just have to enter the war, but they have to go through the joint congress. Although Luo Yue’s declaration of war was not in line with the United Column and the world’s idea of peace, they had an excuse, even if it was a lame one.

What excuse would Rice use to send troops out immediately? It would take them a few days even to find an excuse, and after a few days, the island of Bayi would have been swallowed up by Luo Yue without even a crumb.

So the moment Luo Yue went to war, Rice also stepped up its urging of the JCC. Turner knew that for whatever reason, Rice had to enter the war.

Because once Luo Yue did capture Bayi Island, then most of the countries in Southeast Asia were directly under Luo Yue’s naval guns. And that alliance in Southeast Asia, frankly Rice didn’t even look at that in the eye, to Rice, that alliance was like a child playing house.

If all the island nations in Southeast Asia were under Luo Yue’s gunships, with Luo Yue’s arrogance and idiocy, maybe they would really dare to gradually encroach on the countries in Southeast Asia and even cause World War III. Or even if the consequences were not that serious. Once they give Luo Yue a taste, who knows if they will go for control of the Indian Ocean?

If the Southeast Asian alliance were to jointly intervene in this matter. Maybe that madman Luo Yue will even intervene in the Malacca Straits. That’s an international shipping lane between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, where Rice has a vital interest. If Indonesia makes a move against Luo Yue, and Luo Yue immediately attacks Bayi Island, and if the countries in Southeast Asia cross paths with Luo Yue, who knows they won’t make a move against Malacca?

Turner cannot be blamed for thinking too far ahead, the Straits of Malacca is something Rice must control, it is a necessary place for Rice’s long term development. He can’t let the Straits of Malacca, like Senna, be nibbled away by Loyola again for being a step too slow. Loyuki is a dangerous presence that defies subterfuge and has some power to spare.

The Straits of Malacca are in the hands of Southeast Asian countries. Rice can still control it. It can also be planned for in the long run. Once this place falls under the control of Luo Yue, it will be difficult for Rice to come back to control it.

It is a pipeline for the US and he will not tolerate any action by Loyola. Once Loyola does take over Indonesia, Loyola’s power will definitely expand. Rice’s control will be reduced, how can such a thing happen.

Even if that oil pipeline is left alone, it is still quite important to Rice’s strategic intentions, and if Rice takes control of Malacca, then.

Firstly, it would force the Russian Navy to back off the idea of returning to its base in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam; secondly, the Malacca Strait is adjacent to China and is China’s “southern gate” and an important energy supply route. Thirdly, the presence of the rice army in the Straits of Malacca will make it difficult for the navy of Loyola and even the navy of India, for example, to move to the Pacific side.

Turner’s greatest fear is that once Lo Yue takes control of Malacca, they will even give the place to China, since Lo Yue’s people are themselves from China. Once China gets Malacca, the result ……

Turner dared not think any further. This place, Luo Yue, cannot be treated with common sense. If it was like the same as the country of Yi back then, Rice would have taught them a lesson long ago last time. Unfortunately, not only are they not like the country of Iraq, they are even many times stronger than that country.


At the time of the urgent meeting of the joint column, Lu Yue’s fleet, led by Huang Yiniang, occupied Bayi Island with little effort. The Indonesian fleet that had come to block it could not even get close under Luo Yue’s powerful artillery fire and missiles.

Huang Yiniang himself was born in China and is a genuine Chinese. He hated those Indonesian monkeys to the core, so he would show no mercy at all and dealt a devastating blow before they surrendered.

The air was littered with Luo Yue’s planes, but Indonesia had no way to stop the missiles being dropped from the planes, and almost every two missiles came down, one warship sank.

Watching those old Indonesian warships sink into the sea one by one, Huang Yanian was really happy. Those old and dilapidated warships were too far behind the ones captured from the allied forces. Or rather the only few high cla*s warships Indonesia had, captured by Luo Yue back in the first invasion of Luo Yue.

The Indonesian side was far inferior to Loyue in terms of quantity and quality of warships, while Loyue was not only far better equipped than Indonesia, but also had several naval battles under their belt. Of course the most important thing was that their technology levels were not on the same level, and Indonesia’s electronic combat equipment was a mere decoration in front of Luo Yue’s powerful jamming machines.

Even if they saw Luo Yue’s planes pa*sing over the warships, Indonesia would not be able to launch a single missile.

Only Huang Yannian, who had experienced naval battles and served in the mighty Rice Fleet, knew how unbelievable Ye Xing was. If it was really as Ye Xing said, once Ye Xing had been serving in the ‘Northern Sands’, then it was certain that World War III would definitely come soon.

Rice was worried that Luo Yue would cause a third world war, but Huang Yiniang knew that it was impossible for Luo Yue to cause a world war; it was ‘Northern Sands’ that would really cause a world war. It is a good thing that the most powerful weapon of the ‘Northern Sands’, Ye Xing, is now in Luo Yue, otherwise it is really unthinkable.

Although Indonesia’s fleet came with great force, but Huang Yiniang felt that they could not even send a decent attack, far worse than the allied fleet, how to fight with Luo Yue. Of course Huang Yiniang also knew that ninety percent of the credit for the ease of the fight was due to the carrier jammer.

The battle was as fast as it happened, and the Luo Yue fleet, led by Huang Yanian, sank the other side’s “Ahmad Jani” cla*s frigate. The fleet, led by Huang Yini, sank one Ahmad Yanni-cla*s frigate, one Kakra-cla*s conventional submarine, one Kilo-cla*s submarine, one Sigma-cla*s missile frigate, and a variety of lightweight frigates. The ship was also equipped with six frigates of various lighter cla*ses.

The ship captured two Tanjung Darpuri cla*s submarines. Two amphibious dock landing ships, two Sigma-cla*s guided missile frigates and three lightweight frigates were captured, with a total of over 5,000 soldiers, all of whom were pressed back into service in Loyola.

It was a second kill, from the start of the battle to the end of the whole process did not take an hour, most of the time in between is still surrender. If they were a little slow in surrendering, they would be sunk by Luo Yue’s missiles, so not many fleets surrendered either.

The Indonesian fleet, the most powerful in Southeast Asia, was unable to fight back against the attack of Luo Yue. Apart from a lucky torpedo from a conventional Kakra cla*s submarine that hit one of Luo Yue’s frigates, Luo Yue did not lose any more. The Indonesian fleet, on the other hand, had suffered heavy losses in the battle, and whether or not the coalition came, the Indonesian Navy would not regain the strength it has today for decades.

The most ironic thing was that the other side’s amphibious landing ship was captured by Loyue without even having a chance to dock. In between, apart from Luo Yue’s unbelievable jamming machine, Huang Yi Nian’s strong and rich naval battle experience was also a most important reason.

Without the support of the Indonesian fleet, the Luo Yue fleet quickly destroyed all the military facilities on Bayi Island and landed on Bayi Island.

As suggested by Yu Miaotong, after landing on Bayi Island, Huang Yiniang immediately occupied the airport and repatriated the tourist crowds from various countries. For those hidden saboteurs in Indonesia, there was no second way to dispose of them by killing them directly when they were caught.

Luo Yue’s toughness and dryness shook not only Indonesia, the whole Southeast Asia was dumbfounded. Even Indonesia’s naval forces had no resistance in front of Luo Yue, and none of the countries in Southeast Asia were willing to support Indonesia at all.

After offending Luo Yue, what would happen if the United Colonial Army came to support him? Let’s not worry about whether or not the United Front will win. It is likely that Luo Yue will have already dealt them a devastating blow before that happens. Luo Yue is a regime that simply does not like the negotiating table.


The moment Luo Yue declared war, the United Columnist a*sociation immediately issued a statement of condemnation and instantly convened a special General a*sembly of the United Column.

But only halfway through the congress, word came that Luo Yue had killed the Indonesian navy in seconds and occupied Bayi Island. The Indonesian navy had taken over the island of Bayi, and Luo Yue was evacuating the tourist members of various countries in Indonesia, while making it look like he was continuing his attack on the island of Java.

Indonesia is really panicking, it’s fine if Bayi is a tourist destination, but Wow Jaw Island is different. It is the capital of Indonesia, Gaya, and it has become the political, economic and cultural centre of Indonesia, the hub of sea and land transportation, the transportation choke point between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and an important bridge from Asia to Oceania.

Once Gaya was occupied, then Indonesia could be said to have been caught by the throat. Unfortunately the sea power is now all Luo Yue’s, and the Southeast Asian countries have intentionally or unintentionally taken their own national fleets back, not daring to intervene in the matter at all.

This time, not only was Rice angry, but even many of the member countries of the JCC were beginning to favour Rice. What Luo Yue did was too much. If it was justifiable that they had lost their senses in anger when they forcefully invaded Bayi Island, then the invasion of Java Island had broken the peace of the world.