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DYM Chapter 653

“Does Loyuki want to use Southeast Asia as their bath tub? Or do they want to break the peace of the world again and start World War III? They are trampling on world peace, trampling on sovereignty, trampling on the development of the world.” The representative of Rice, Hapi Eston, stood up and said angrily, unable to even sit down because of his excitement.

He was originally the personal think-tank of the previous President Ken Rao, and now that Ken Rao had stepped down, not only did he not lose his power, but he had become the representative of the United States of America. His words directly indicated that Luo Yue had trampled on everything in the JCC.

Kipling’s face was a bit hard to read as he glanced at Hippie Exton, who was directly demonstrating his inaction and saying that his position as secretary-general was not worthy of the name.

But Kipling was also clear about what Hephaeston meant, he wanted to use the JCC to send troops to Loyola, preferably to unite the countries of the world to send troops against Loyola.

Although he was equally annoyed by the arrogance of Loyue, the lord of Loyue was a madman who had declared war when everyone else thought he would not do so. When others thought he was declaring war to threaten Indonesia with compromise, he had already gone to war. By the time the JCC sat down to discuss countermeasures, they had already wiped out ninety percent of the Indonesian navy, occupied the island of Bayi and were even preparing to move against the island of Java.

Their speed was so dizzying that Kippan even thought that by the time this meeting was over, Loyola would have taken over Gaya.

But even though he knew this was possible, Kippan could not just issue a declaration of global war against Loyue. He was different from Loyuki. Loyuki had no sense, he had sense.

If he really wanted to take measures against Loyue, and Loyue was desperate enough to send nuclear warheads everywhere, it would not be a world war, but the end of the world.

So he had to settle this matter very well, and also make Luo Yue realize. In the future, things like nuclear weapons can’t just be taken out to threaten people.

It was as if there were time bombs packed around the globe. And the remote control for this bomb was in Luo Yue’s hands. As much as he wanted Luo Yue to disappear over this, he also had to say to Luo Yue, “Big brother, this remote control just needs to be carefully stored away, others will know about it. Don’t ever take it out casually, it’ll scare people to death.”

If it were any other nuclear-armed country, he wouldn’t have to say such things, but Luo Yue was a political idiot, ah, without the slightest political theory. It really hurt his brain that he was still a strong mess on the other hand.

Hapi Eston’s words caused a lot of debate, although most people supported sending troops to Luo Yue, but many of them didn’t dare to say it, they knew Luo Yue’s bottom. People have accurate intercontinental ballistic systems, and they have powerful jamming systems. Of course none of this matters, what matters is that there is a high probability that people will be able to pa*s a precise and powerful ballistic device. Launching their own nuclear weapons.

This is if Luo Yue learns that someone is in favour of attacking Luo Yue. The first bomb that Loyola throws into their territory will be the end. So they would only vote in favour of it, and it would be absolutely impossible for them to stand up and say they were against it, just like Hapi Eston.

Once that was said, it wasn’t that Luo Yue might know, but that Luo Yue would definitely know. Because the current Luo Yue was also one of the representatives of the JCC, it was just that that representative never spoke up once he arrived. Even when the meeting decided to immediately besiege Luo Yue, he just smiled and didn’t say half a word. Just look at this action of his. It was clear that Luo Yue had no talent at all and could not even send out a diplomatic talent based in the United Column.

This representative of Luo Yue was still set up after the alliance army attacked Luo Yue, and it was only at the strong invitation and request of the United Vertical Cooperation a*sociation that Luo Yue reluctantly joined the United Vertical Country and sent this representative called Mo Hai.

Mo Hai, who had been in the mall for so many years, had known Ye Mo for a long time, and was once the executive of the Hong Kong Mo Group. It was only after Mo Kang brought the entire Hong Kong Mo Group to join Luo Yue. He was reused by Void Moon Hua and was transformed into the representative of Luo Yue of the United Vertical a*sociation.

Just because he doesn’t speak up doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand or know. After many years of rivalry and deceit in the mall, Mo Hai had long known that now Luo Yue was bullying others and that he had to keep a low profile, preferably by playing dumb and not saying anything if he could. To let all people know that Luo Yue is really no talent, he, Mo Hai, is also here to fill the numbers.

“Mr Mo, Luo Yue denies world peace and forcibly tramples on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries, I am curious to know why Luo Yue, who has always held high the banner of peace, would act in such a way? I am at a loss to understand. I wonder if Mr Mo, as a representative of Luoyue, can offer an explanation on this matter?” Although Ki Fan knew that this representative of Luo Yue had never spoken except for some official words, he could not help but speak on this matter.

Mo Hai nodded and stood up and said, “We in Luo Yue have always been peace-loving, I have said this many times before. But in order to give a satisfactory answer to all my friends here, I wonder if I could leave for a while to communicate with our Lord City Master before answering Secretary General Ki’s words?”

“Of course you can, Mr Mo, be my guest.” Ki Fan agreed to Mo Hai’s words without hesitation, to him Mo Hai’s views did not serve any purpose, but rather affected the mood and resolution of everyone here.

Mo Hai came to the lounge, but only asked for a cup of coffee and lit a cigarette. Other than that, he did not do anything. This makes the people monitoring Mo Hai, suddenly hate it.


The war between Luo Yue and Indonesia continues.

The islands of Bayi and Java are just separated by the Shanheli Strait, and after Luo Yue occupied Bayi, naval forces were constantly concentrated around the Strait. On top of this, another carrier-led fleet sailed from the Indian Ocean and entered the Strait of Isetha. This was a clear attempt to dumpling the island of Wawa.

At this point, the joint conference was still in full swing and the plan had not yet been presented. The Indonesian side was in a complete panic, and by the time the plan was presented, there was no telling what would become of the island of Java.

From the time Luo Yue occupied Bayi Island, Indonesia had stopped counting on Rice’s promises, and even if theirs came, it would be something afterwards that would not quench the thirst of the near future.

There was absolutely no way that Loyola could be allowed to launch an attack on Java, and the truth was that once Loyola’s fleet had completed its dumpling, it was going to attack Java immediately.

The Southeast Asian Alliance can no longer be trusted, Indonesia’s own fleet has been wiped out, and the only way out to stop Loyue now is to negotiate immediately. Negotiate immediately.

Indonesia, which had previously been arrogant at the negotiating table. At this point, however, it begged Luo Yue for a second negotiation.

In addition to the Southeast Asian Alliance’s General a*sembly and the emergency meeting of the JCC, Indonesia and Loyue were now in bilateral talks again, on a Loyue cruiser in the Shanheli Strait near Java Island.

On the Loyue side, Yu Miaotong, Fay Lok and a number of a*sistants were present, while on the Indonesian side, the Indonesian Foreign Minister Dino and a number of Indonesian negotiators were present.

Looking at the Indonesian side, Yu Miaotong sneered and didn’t even sit down, saying directly, “I have received orders from the City Lord, only ten minutes, in ten minutes. We will be in full attack. So whatever you guys want to say, you also only have ten minutes. To make it clear again, we in Luo Yue are peace-loving, but once the provocation comes to our head, then this matter must be done to the end.”

Dino looked at Yu Miaotong in disbelief, thinking, “How can you be so pitiful, you only have ten minutes to talk, what the hell. We’ve just sat down here and the other side might have already started a fight. This is a bit too dumb.

“Minister Yu ……” Dino knew that now was not the time for him to be a*sertive. People will attack soon and don’t care about negotiations, it’s their Indonesia that has to rush into negotiations.

Originally he had wanted to use the negotiations to hold Luo Yue back and then wait for the allied forces to rescue him. But this wishful thinking was not even a bubble in front of ten minutes, and it immediately shattered.

“One minute of your time has pa*sed.” Yu Miaotong said indifferently.

Dino knew that Luo Yue must have seen their intentions and would not give them a chance at all. If Luo Yue was really determined to attack WoC, then they were not here to negotiate at all, or even to go through the motions. It showed that they had negotiated too, they just didn’t agree.

Seemingly reading Dino’s thoughts, Yu Miaotong said with a faint smile, “We are peace-loving, you see, as soon as your side asked for negotiations, we came.”

Dino said angrily, “Since your side is peace-loving, then you should sit down. Then we would have negotiated properly, instead of holding it hostage for ten minutes. I have never heard of a negotiation that can be completed in ten minutes.”

Yu Miaotong gave Dino a look, then sighed and said, “Hey, actually, I said ten minutes really for your own good. Well, since you have said so, in order to show our sincerity, I have decided to negotiate with you guys for one day …… Well, one day should be enough.”

Dino looked at Yu Miaotong in surprise, he didn’t expect the other party to agree to his request so easily, it was too much of a surprise to him. With just a few hours to spare, the allied forces would have reacted, there was still a day needed.

Dino hurriedly showed a smile and said, “I am in awe of Minister Yu and Luo Yue’s sincerity, my words just now were a bit rude, please sit down Minister Yu.”

Yu Miaotong smiled faintly and sat down. Dino coughed, then picked up the tea in front of him and took a sip before saying slowly, “Minister Yu, we hope that your side will withdraw its troops immediately, we deeply regret about what happened to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, of course …… ”

Dino’s words suddenly stopped as several violent explosions rang out, he subconsciously stood up, a bad feeling rose from the bottom of his heart, he looked at Yu Miaotong who was still sitting and drinking tea asked somewhat impatiently, “Minister Yu, what was that sound just now?”

Just as his words fell, several more violent explosions came.

Yu Miaotong unhurriedly took a sip of his tea and said, “That was the start of our Luo Yue Navy’s attack on Wow Jaw Island.”

After answering Dino’s words, Yu Miaotong said to Lok Fay beside her, “This fellow, Commander Huang, is quite punctual, for fear of being taken advantage of by Shudman from the north-west coast of Java Island.”

Faye pursed her lips and said, “Yes, but I think Commander Shu must have reached Gaya first, he’s much closer to attacking from the north-west coast.”

Dino looked at Yu Miaotong with a pale face as the sound of explosions once again came to his ears. Cold sweat immediately broke out from his forehead and he yelled, “We are negotiating, how can you attack the WoW?”

Yu Miaotong said coldly, “What does our negotiation have to do with attacking the WoC? You said you want to negotiate and I negotiated, do you still want to control our army and stop when you say we should?”

Dino finally understood what Yu Miaotong meant when she said that the ten minutes were for your own good, he was shaking with anger and faltered as he accused Yu Miaotong and said, “You, you can’t do this ……”