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DYM Chapter 654

The artillery fire outside seemed to be getting more and more intense. Dino looked at Yu Miaotong, who was as if nothing was happening, and holding back his anger and trembling, he said word by word, “I agree to negotiate for ten minutes, please give us ten minutes to negotiate, now please stop your attack immediately.”

Yu Miaotong smiled faintly and said, “It doesn’t matter if I give you a hundred ten minutes, except that I have no way to command the navy. We come separately from the military and government, and our city lord only reads my reports, not my recommendations. Mr Dino, if you really want to keep it quiet out there, get the negotiations over with.”

Dino grimaced and before he could say anything, his a*sistant had already put a call through to him. After listening to the call Dino’s face had regained its calmness, he sat down and instead of dwelling on those ten minutes, he smoothly said to Yu Miaotong Chapter 654 Means to Serve the End, “Minister Yu, we are willing to compensate Luo Yue for the seventy billion Luo Yuan loss, your side must immediately stop the invasion and then retreat.”

Yu Miaotong said slowly, “If it was before this, of course there would be no doubt about this compensation, we would gladly accept it, but after this war, our losses will be incalculable ……”

Dino was so angry that he didn’t even want to sit down, he quickly said, “How much do you want, just ask.”

The fire in Dino’s heart was burning beyond containment, his heart was weeping, this is not a negotiation, this is a robbery at gunpoint. Your losses are still incalculable, at best you only lost a few missiles and a bunch ******* of missiles, our losses are the incalculable ones.

Yu Miaotong suddenly flipped through the document in front of her and said after a moment of contemplation, “Originally, the city lord was asking for 300 billion loonies in compensation ……”

Before Yu Miaotong could finish her words, Dino almost went paralyzed. Three hundred billion loonies. This was to kill Indonesia, half of the year’s GNP had been lost, what else was there to play for?

But not waiting for Dino to wipe his cold sweat, Yu Miaotong said again, “But the city lord thought that peace was still the main priority, and also did not want Chapter 654 Means to Serve the End to intentionally increase the burden of the Indonesian people, so he decided to lower the compensation to one hundred billion loonies.”

Dino breathed a sigh of relief, one hundred billion Lo$ was still within reach. He secretly wiped his head in a cold sweat. Before he had completely recovered, Yu Miaotong said again, “But we, Luo Yue, need a landing point in the Straits of Isetha, so we have decided to lease your Gion Island for ninety-nine years ……”

“No, absolutely not.” Dino unceremoniously balked, Guion Island is the choke point of the Straits of Isetha, once it was leased away, what about the bridge over the Straits of Isetha which is still a decade away from completion?

Besides, the Straits of Isetha was one of the backyard of Rice. It is one of the main pa*sages of the 7th Fleet of Rice to and from the Indian and Pacific Oceans. If Indonesia agrees to this condition, then Rice will not be the first to let them go.

Yu Miaotong sneered and said, “Of course in order to compensate, we will immediately give up the island of Bayi that we occupy, and there is absolutely no interference in the construction of the Isetha Bridge.”

Dino sneered, “Even if you don’t want to give up Bayi Island, you can’t. He believed that he didn’t need to take care of Bayi Island, someone else would be responsible for it. Suddenly it occurred to him that if Luo Yue occupied the island of Gion. Then Rice’s entry into the Indian Ocean from here would be faced with a dagger to the throat. The conflict would then be fought by Rice and Loyola and Indonesia could pull out completely. Why bother helping Rice carry the gun? Besides, that island, even if it is not there, is not much of a loss to Indonesia.

Once Rice and Luo Yue fought, then Indonesia would be able to reap the benefits. Thinking of this a grim smile appeared on the corner of Dino’s mouth, sooner or later that small island would be taken back by Rice anyway. Why should Indonesia help Rice out? If it wasn’t for Rice. This time Indonesia would not have to lose so much at all, it would only have to pay compensation of L$70 billion.

But now, not to mention the compensation of L$100 billion, the loss from the invasion of Bayi Island is even more incalculable.

The artillery fire outside rumbled again and Dino quickly went out for a short call. Then sprinting in, he said, “Okay, we agree. The contract will be drawn up now.”

Yu Miaotong pushed the document in front of her and said, “There is no need to draw it up, Luo Yue has already signed it, we are just waiting for your signature.”

Dino took the long-drafted treaty and suddenly felt a sense of being completely calculated in his heart. It seemed that people had already prepared for it, and this feeling was too bad and too strange.


When Mo Hai walked into the conference room, the meeting seemed to be coming to an end, and it seemed that the JCC had already made a decision while he was away.

When he saw Mo Hai walk in, Kipan pretended he didn’t see it, so he didn’t care about Mo Hai’s opinion anymore.

Mo Hai, however, asked to speak for the first time. This meeting was supposed to sanction Luo Yue, and there was no reason for Secretary General Kipan to disagree when Luo Yue’s representative spoke.

Many people thought that his speech would be at most some high-sounding words without any substance.

But Mo Hai said directly, “We in Loyola have taken into account the international thrust of peace, the hard-won nature of this peace, and the truce statement of the JCC. Now we have agreed with Indonesia and decided to withdraw our troops from Bayi Island, not to mention that we will not attack Java Island. You may not believe me, but from the moment I arrived here, the withdrawal has already begun, and at this point it may be that our troops have left Bayi Island altogether ……”


The whole meeting room was suddenly stirred up, this side had just reached a decision to attack Luo Yue and maintain world peace, and the other side had already withdrawn their troops. Does it mean that after Luo Yue has withdrawn its troops, the allied forces still want to maintain peace and forcefully attack Luo Yue?

Many of the representatives of the countries were relieved that the withdrawal of Luo Yue’s troops meant that they were not really going to invade Indonesia, but were indeed making a show of it. That was because Indonesia had killed Luo Yue’s men and was not backtracking on Luo Yue’s unwillingness to pay compensation.

“I suggest that the measures against Loyuki be revised immediately and that we cannot start another war while Loyuki withdraws its troops. After all, this time the matter was caused by the Indian side, and now that Loyuki has withdrawn its troops, it would be equally contrary to the main idea of world peace if we still start a war.” The Russian representative was the first to stand up and say.

After the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was now at peace with the West. But it also wanted to have a strong presence to keep Rice in check. It was impossible for them to kill Luo Yue with a single stick.

Although Heppie Exton was tempted to stand up and oppose it, he knew that it was not the right time to do so, and no one agreed.

For everyone knew that once they sent troops to Luo Yue, it would immediately result in a great war. With Luo Yue’s toughness, it would be impossible for him to be beaten and not fight back.

So even if he opposed it, there were not many people who could side with him.

Kipan, however, was secretly relieved. He was the last person to want a big war, and if a world war broke out, the person who would lose the most would be him. So now that Luo Yue could withdraw, it could not have been better for him.

Kipan immediately spoke and began to re-set the tone of the meeting.

At the same time, President Turner of Rice had already got the contents of the contract signed between Indonesia and Luo Yue. Turner was not the least bit interested in how much money Indonesia was going to pay to Loyue. What he was angry about was that Indonesia had leased the island of Gion in the middle of the Straits of Isetha to Loyue.

It did not matter that the island was in Indonesia’s hands, but once it fell into the hands of the grey wolf, Luo Yue, it was like having a dagger watching the Strait of Isetha all the time, and every movement of the MiG fleet from there would fall into Luo Yue’s eyes. Turner subconsciously touched his throat, he felt as if there was some pain here.

Bear with it, this was definitely not bearable. But the island of Giang was Indonesian, people were willing to rent it out, and it was out of Rice’s hands, and he was even certain that Luo Yue wanted Giang for the purpose of dealing with Rice.

The Indian side was so rubbish that Turner was about to rant in anger. But there was nothing he could do at this point. He even suspected that he had thought of the end before Luo Yue attacked Indonesia, and after Luo Yue withdrew his troops, he didn’t even have to ask the outcome of the JCC, it was definitely going to end peacefully.

It was so hard for Mi to find a chance to use the United Vertical a*sembly to come out against Luo Yue, but it was already over before it started.

If this was all calculated by Luo Yue. Then Luo Yue was definitely not a political idiot. They were simply experts in intrigue and scheming, and for the first time, Turner had a feeling of powerlessness when fighting such a thick and dark force.

For Rice, there was one more chance. It was the Philippines, which was also the country that had rebelled against Loyola. After Luo Yue gets tough with Indonesia, he will definitely have to get tough with the Philippines. Otherwise they would have much less prestige and would not even achieve the effect of a threat. Thinking of this Turner was immediately about to ask about the Fijian nation and decided that this time he would definitely rush to send a fleet to counterattack at the same time as Luo Yue did.

But just as he thought of this, his a*sistant brought the news that the Fijians and Loyola had reached an agreement. After Luo Yue’s occupation of Bayi Island, the Fijian nation had taken the initiative to seek reconciliation with Luo Yue. In the spirit of Luo Yue’s love for world peace, coupled with the Filipino nation’s initiative, he instead reduced the Filipino nation’s compensation to 30 billion Luo Yuan and had already signed a compensation contract.

“Fark ……” Turner could no longer hold back the news in his hand and smashed it on the ground, he was as much of a failure as a president.

Turner suddenly thought that Luo Yue had pressed back the declaration of war against the Fijian nation by a week, had he already calculated that the Fijian nation would take the initiative to compromise? If that was really the case, not only was Luo Yue not a political idiot, he was even an old demon.

At this moment, Turner even believed that the person who had made these plans had already lived several lifetimes, otherwise how could he even calculate all this? And the timing was so just right?

“Declare an emergency meeting at the White House immediately ……” Turner’s heart suddenly became anxious, he felt his ideas were lagging behind others everywhere.


Yu Miaotong, who had not yet returned to Luo Yue, admired Ye Mo too much in her heart, and at this point she finally understood what war was. It wasn’t really an end, but a means to serve an end.

They had only come up with a simple battle plan, but Ye Mo had calculated all aspects, even the timing was not too far off, he was really too powerful.

At the same time, in Luo Yue’s heart, Ye Mo was even more amazed at the inverse of the Meng’s Yi Technique. When Meng Jiushan pa*sed this to him, he was only thinking how he could combine cultivation through Yi Technique. Now when he was formulating Luo Yue’s battle plan, he also went along with it to cater for the feasibility of the Yi Arts, not expecting that a lot of things would automatically be realized and he would be able to formulate a strategy that would best suit Luo Yue.

The only omission was to indicate through the Yi Jutsu that something would happen to Luo Yue on Bayi Island, but now that Luo Yue’s army had retreated, such a thing would definitely not happen again.

A relieved Ye Mo was just about to leave the room, he was about to take Luo Ying and Light Snow to the welcome ceremony for Luo Yue’s soldiers returning in triumph, when Void Moon Hua knocked on the door hurriedly.