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DYM Chapter 655

Seeing Void Yuehua’s face, Ye Mo knew that something must have happened, but to him, even the Allied Forces dared to fight, what else was there to fear, and then asked, “Sister Yuehua, did something happen?”

When Void Yuehua saw Ye Mo’s calm expression, she was surprisingly calm as well. This war was because of Ye Mo’s precise control in timing, forcing Indonesia to sign with Luo Yue first before the United Vertical a*sociation made a decision, avoiding Luo Yue from getting hard on her feet with the United Army again, which made her confidence in Ye Mo even greater.

You should know that what Void Moon Hua was worried about before the war started was not Indonesia, but those countries led by Rice that had coveted Luo Yue. Once they used Luo Yue’s invasion of Indonesia as an excuse to blackmail the United Kingdom into sending troops, Luo Yue would be in a difficult position. The reason is that the troops sent by the United Kingdom will definitely not be 100,000 people like last time, but even a million people is possible. Once the enemy is on all sides, Luo Yue will be beaten off even if she is a cow.

Moreover, there were so many measures for the United Kingdom to deal with Luo Yue that they didn’t even need to send troops at all, as long as they blockaded Luo Yue, Luo Yue would be completely helpless. Because Luo Yue is still a city that relies entirely on imports.

It seemed that Ye Mo was not only great in ancient martial arts cultivation, but even his mind was just as great, which was what rea*sured Xu Yuehua the most.

“Something has happened to Bayi Island.” Void Yuehua immediately replied.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, this Meng’s Yi technique was really good, it was really something that happened on Bayi Island. Ye Mo nodded and asked, “Has our army withdrawn from Bayi Island?”

“Yes, our troops have all retreated out of Ba Yi Island an hour ago. But yet five tourists have disappeared from the place where our army was stationed on Bayi Island.” Void Yuehua replied.

Ye Mo frowned for a moment. Quickly, he said, “Even if a few tourists are missing, it doesn’t matter, right?”

Ye Mo certainly knew that once tourists from other countries disappeared inside the time Luo Yue occupied Bayi Island, this would cause Luo Yue’s international reputation to drop greatly and would also cause hostility from other countries. However, not only did Ye Mo repeatedly explained this kind of matter to Huang Yiniang long ago, Chapter 655 – Another Ripple and Huang Yiniang was also very clear about this, so his first move after occupying Bayi Island was to protect the tourists from various countries and send them to the airport and docks.

The main purpose of doing so was to prevent Indonesia from taking advantage of the fire and killing people at will, creating chaos that could be used to frame Luo Yue. And whenever any Indonesians were found to be muddling through. So although there was some confusion after Luo Yue took over the island, there was no major chaos. The tourists who had come to visit the island were sent away, basically to Singapore. They were sent to Singapore because it was close by and security was good there.

The main reason for sending these tourists away is to combat the Indonesian economy and, of course, to protect these tourists. To protect these tourists, even each cruise ship was escorted by Luo Yue’s fleet, so there were no problems.

Now Void Moonflower said that five tourists had gone missing from Luo Yue’s garrison base, something that could be big or small. But since Void Moon Hua had said it, it meant that it must not be small.

However, Void Moon Hua said with some concern, “The footage of these five tourists entering Luo Yue’s garrison base has already been filmed, and there are three women among these five people. Two of them are also very important figures, which is what has put us in Luo Yue in a pa*sive position.”

Ye Mo felt the unusualness of this matter. It was normal for a few people to go missing in a war, but to happen to be filmed with this missing person entering Luo Yue’s garrison base, that was not normal. The fact that Void Moon Hua said that there was an important person inside, regardless of who the important person was, was already an extreme coincidence in itself.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, Void Yuehua continued, “Two of these five people are MiG, two are British, and one is Indian. The most troublesome part is the two missing British women, a mother and daughter, who were the wife and daughter of the Marquis of Rhodes, a member of the British royal family. Rhodes died. His wife, Lady Rhodes, and daughter, Anne, devoted themselves to charity and were much loved by the British, and this time they came to visit Bayeux Island, not expecting to meet the war and to go missing from the military garrison in Loyue ……”

Xu Yuehua’s words did not continue. Ye Mo already understood that this must have been pitted. Where else would there be such a coincidence?

“Now is the matter of them entering our garrison base and going missing already on the internet?” Ye Mo asked in a deep voice.

Void Moon Hua nodded. “The British public are currently outraged and are demanding an account from Luo Yue, and although no news has come from Rice or India yet, I reckon it’s close. Even before it gets dark today, the officials will react.”

Ye Mo understood that most of this was the work of the Rice people, otherwise where else could it be such a coincidence? Luo Yue could declare war on Indonesia over a few ordinary employees, so the British royal family had even more of an excuse to go to war because of the disappearance of Luo Yue’s army, and the disappearance of a royal princess who was loved by the British in general.

Once Britain wants to make a move against Luo Yue, there is no need to call for it at all, Rice is definitely going to participate, and if they then unite with India, then Luo Yue will not be dumplings, but enemies on three sides.

“What is Commander Huang’s disposition now?” Ye Mo asked in a deep voice.

“Commander Huang ordered Liang Di to lead a battalion of soldiers to still search the barracks premises, trying to find some clues. Although Commander Huang is eager to return his troops again, I know that this is not a good idea and have ordered him to return.” Xu Yuehua replied.

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “You did the right thing, now not only should Commander Huang Yiniang be told to retreat immediately, but also Liang Di’s men to return to Luo Yue immediately, I will handle this matter myself. Once all of our troops return, immediately turn on the strongest defense until I return.”

Ye Mo was satisfied with Void Moon Hua’s approach, once Huang Billion Year returned to Bayi Island with his warships, no matter what the reason was, Luo Yue would fall into someone else’s calculations. Luo Yue would not be able to be trusted, and the advantage he had just gained would disappear into thin air. Moreover, since the other party had done this, even if Huang Billionian returned to Bayi Island again, he might not be able to find a clue, and even if he did, then the other party’s purpose had been achieved.

Ye Mo was sure that getting Huang Yianian to return to Bayi Island was the other party’s direct aim, and it was certainly good if he could achieve it, if not, he would use public opinion, combined with what Luo Yue had done before, to implement the second aim. The second objective was to get Britain, Rice and India to go to war against Luo Yue.

Now that he knew what the other side was up to, Ye Mo would never fall for it, and only he could go for this kind of thing. As long as those five people were not dead, he would definitely find them. Ye Mo believed that since the other party was going to use these five people to put pressure on Luo Yue, they would not kill them easily.

“Yes.” Void Yuehua replied dryly, she knew that Ye Mo must have a solution now, and she had a blind trust in Ye Mo. Ever since Ye Mo gave her a ‘qi cultivation pill’ last time in Hong Kong, her trust in Ye Mo had come from her heart, she believed that what Ye Mo wanted to do, he could definitely do it.

From Flowing Snake to Luo Yue, it was only a matter of time before Luo Yue was at the point she was today. A lot of this was something she had done herself and seen with her own eyes.

“Wait ……” Ye Mo once again called out to Void Yuehua and waited for Void Yuehua to stop before he said, “For five tourists to disappear in our garrison place, this matter is definitely not unintentional. Check the soldiers who were standing guard at the garrison base at the time these five disappeared, as well as their superiors.”

It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought of it, but she subconsciously didn’t want to think about it. Since this had happened, it must have something to do with the traitor, this should have been understood long ago, why did she only react to it now? It looked like she was still inexperienced. I just don’t know if Huang Yiniang had thought of this.

“No matter who it is, once you find out, immediately imprison them until I return, and remember to give me the results of the investigation immediately.” Although Ye Mo was eager to wait for the news to come out before leaving, he knew that the quicker he investigated such matters, the better.

Just after Void Yuehua had left, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue had already arrived in a group. They had already heard Ye Mo’s words about going out, and Ning Qingxue went up and helped Ye Mo pull his not-so-messy clothes before saying, “I should have known I wouldn’t have built the city, I didn’t think it would be so hard for you.”

Ye Mo took Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue’s hands and said, “It wasn’t really that hard, I built the city for our future. I hope that all the people living in Luo Yue City can enjoy quiet and peace, and I hope that in the future, when we stroll through Luo Yue City, we can enjoy the kind of happiness that is our own and can cultivate here in peace and quiet.”

Luo Ying just grabbed Ye Mo’s hand very contentedly and didn’t say anything. The name Luo Yue had been familiar to her even before Ye Mo had told her, and she had a wonderful feeling. Now it was a place with beautiful mountains and clear water, and there was no sign of bullying and forced buying. She genuinely liked this place, it was very much like that.

Ye Mo kissed the two once again then said, “You wait for me, when I come back, we will have a big wedding.”


The Rice White House was in the middle of an emergency meeting when it suddenly received the news that five tourists had disappeared from the Luo Yue garrison base and that Luo Yue had only started withdrawing its troops after they disappeared. It was so obviously unconnected to the Luo Yue army that Turner just wanted to laugh out loud. In the Chinese saying, it really was a case of ‘there is no way out of the mountain, but there is another village in the dark’.

With Turner’s intelligence, of course he understood that this could not have happened for no reason, it was definitely someone who wanted to make a move against Luo Yue and had played a dirty trick.

He also knew that once this had happened, the first person Luo Yue would suspect was Mi Guo, but he no longer cared. Suspicion was suspicion, it was something that Rice wanted to do very much but didn’t do but someone else did. Whatever the intentions of the person who did it, but at least now he liked it.

Because the excuse was coming, and he would be too much of a failure as president if he didn’t manage to seize such a good thing.

“The meeting is suspended, I want to make a call to the British Prime Minister immediately.” Turner’s first choice was to contact the British Prime Minister.