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DYM Chapter 656

Although the island experienced a war, the tourist attractions on the island were not damaged too much because the Luo Yue army came and went as quickly as it could.

When Luo Yue occupied the island, he mainly occupied military facilities and some major tourist attractions, as well as some major transport routes, and did not ma*sacre the original inhabitants of the island. The reason is that Luo Yue did not really want to exterminate the island, but to make Indonesia compromise.

The location of Luo Yue’s garrison on Bayi Island, near the Bayi Strait, is very close to the airport. It is true that the garrison here can be attacked and defended, and although Indonesia has nothing that can threaten Luo Yue’s power, there is no harm in being careful. Besides, Luo Yue was originally a naval force first.

When Ye Mo arrived at the place where Luo Yue’s army used to be stationed on Bayi Island, he still felt some emotions. Although Luo Yue’s army did not stay on Bayi Island for much longer, some of the tourist facilities and some major buildings in the area had already been destroyed by Luo Yue’s army.

The area near Luo Yue’s garrison was already a flat river. For these Ye Mo could understand, how could a large number of tall buildings be allowed to be near the garrison. Besides, the ma*sacre of the Chinese by the Indonesian monkeys was many times worse than this destruction, for which Ye Mo did not have the slightest sympathy. At least, Luo Yue’s army had not yet laid hands on the civilians.

Although Luo Yue’s army that took over Bayi Island only had about 10,000 people, the garrison base was so large that his divine sense could not take care of it. At this moment, Ye Mo saw Liang Di leaving the garrison one by one with some people and getting onto a warship near the improvised pier.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to greet them, he only had to look to know that Liang Di and the others hadn’t gained anything. It was good to let them leave early. Otherwise, as long as Luo Yue’s army was still on Bayi Island, then there would be more gossip. At this point, Luo Yue had already taken the biggest advantage, and if he didn’t see the good in it, it would likely cause side effects.

After waiting for Liang Di and the others to leave, Ye Mo began to pay attention to this garrison base.

There were two ways to enter the base, one was to come up from the Bayi Strait, which had a new temporary dock built by Luo Yue. This is where Luo Yue marched in and out. There was also a road that was the route of Luo Yue’s advance to occupy Bayi Island, from where he could directly attack the inner land of Bayi Island.

Ye Mo noticed that most of the tourist spots ahead of this attack route had been destroyed by Luo Yue’s army. There were only some armoured vehicles and tanks pressing out the road.

After looking at these, Ye Mo was a bit puzzled, how could those five tourists have entered the Luo Yue garrison base? They were even photographed.

One should know that it was impossible to enter the garrison base from the Bayi Strait. The only possibility then was the road that the Luo Yue army had pressed out with tanks and armoured vehicles. And that road was equally impossible, not to mention the five people, even a dog coming in through this road would be seen by the garrison’s loud and clear lookout post.

Ye Mo walked to the gate of the garrison base and stood by the gate for a long time, not to mention that the road in front of the gate was pressed out, that is, the two sides were also incomparably empty, without the slightest thing to block the line of sight. At the farther end it was all stopped up with wire mesh, it was a simple temporary military camp.

Ye Mo’s divine sense carefully searched around the wire fences on both sides and soon he could see some differences. He walked up to a wire mesh not far away. Although this wire mesh was no different from the one next to it, it had obvious signs of being cut short, only that it had been strung up again with steel wire later.

Moreover, this place was not far away from the gate, and was even a dead end. Ye Mo secretly sighed that Luo Yue was at the forefront of the world in terms of the things she had though. Using these things, Luo Yue’s war power also rose quickly, but there was still a huge difference between it and the world’s military powers.

If it was for the military of Rice or an elite country, they would never let someone cut the wire mesh in under their noses. Even if they had an inside man, they would not be able to do so with such ease.

Ye Mo just wanted to open this wire mesh and then check down along this place. In the distance, there were some car sounds. Luo Yue’s army had withdrawn, and the ones coming over now should be Indonesian troops.

When these Indonesian troops came, they actually cut all the wire fences on all sides first and then quickly threw them on a big truck to carry them away.

If they had come a little later, they would not have been able to see this flaw at all. Now it was clear that the other side had come to destroy the evidence.

As long as he found someone to take the lead, it would be easy. Ye Mo did not immediately follow this small leader of the Indonesian military, but made a divine sense mark on him and continued to look around.

He believed that this conspiracy would not be made by the Indonesian side. If Indonesia could still think so calmly of framing Luo Yue when they were in a fraught situation, Indonesia would not have lost so badly.

Ye Mo walked along this cut wire mesh, he walked very slowly while his divine sense seeped into the ground. The area was in full view, and it was evident that the place had been cleared out by Luo Yue’s army. So it was impossible to have a hiding place other than underground.

Soon Ye Mo stopped and walked for almost a few hundred metres without finding anything unusual. The little leader, who he had made a divine sense of, also stopped, indicating that he had reached his destination. Ye Mo decided to go and see who was behind this little leader and who had told him to get rid of all these wire nets.

After those people cut all the wire nets, they didn’t go far out, and Ye Mo quickly found the place where these people had stopped. However, when he saw the little leader, he already understood why they had stopped. The little leader who was directing the cutting of the wire mesh just now was already dead from breath.

With Ye Mo’s vision, he immediately understood that he had been bitten to death by a poisonous snake, and a very poisonous kind of snake at that.

What a coincidence that he died, Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart. Since the other party had let this little leader die, it meant that he was sure that no one else would be able to find him. If he hadn’t already come here, then this would simply be an accidental incident, and there was absolutely no way anyone would remember that this little leader had also been a*sa*sinated.

Even if the trail was broken, Ye Mo was still being to find someone to ask. Just when he wanted to find someone to ask, his phone started vibrating.

The call was from Void Yuehua, one of the squad in charge of the sentry post that day had all disappeared except for the bodies of two people who had been found.

In fact, Huang Yiniang had just left Ba Yi Island after. He received the news right away. Then he immediately started to investigate, but it turned out that it was really related to that sentry squad. It was just that this time the occupation of Bayi Island Luo Yue’s military had also killed some people, so Huang Yinian did not think of this at first.

“Immediately send me the original environment and facilities of the garrison base, and the map should be detailed.” Ye Mo immediately said. He reacted quickly, he believed that since those five people had disappeared inside the base, it meant that there was something wrong with the base. If there was something wrong with the base it must be underground, it couldn’t be that something went wrong on the surface.

Void Yuehua reacted quickly. It didn’t take long for Ye Mo to receive the original map of the base from Void Moon Hua.

Only when he got the map did Ye Mo realise that this place turned out to be a commercial street near the airport. Immediately, Ye Mo found the old site of the commercial street. Although it had been filled in now, Ye Mo’s divine sense still had no problem penetrating a dozen metres underground. He believed that even if there was a basement, a dozen metres or so could definitely be found.

Ye Mo walked through this commercial street. Yet in the end, there was not the slightest discovery. He walked back again with some disappointment, and still did not find anything.

Although Ye Mo believed that there must be a basement or something here, because it was impossible for five people to disappear for no reason after entering the base, unless they entered the basement. Otherwise, they would be 100% discovered at the military base.

A hundred percent would be discovered? When Ye Mo thought about this, he immediately went back to the gate.

Those five people only knew about it after Huang Yiannian withdrew his troops, or they knew about it through others spreading it on the internet, which meant that those five people must not have gone deeper into the garrison base. If they had gone deep into the garrison base and Huang Yilian still didn’t know about it, he would be too bad.

Ye Mo walked to where the guard stand was at the main entrance. This place was originally a coffee shop, and then after Luo Yue occupied it, she turned it into a guard post platform.

Ye Mo’s divine sense extended down from here, and sure enough, he immediately found a basement. At this time, Ye Mo had already named Bai over. Those five people had been brought here and entered the guard post platform before disappearing from here.

He felt that this opponent was very powerful and had even gone ahead of Luo Yue. Although Ye Mo did not believe that the opponent would know that Luo Yue was back to attack Bayi Island, but this setup of the opponent, if it was said to be done in haste after Luo Yue attacked Bayi Island. Ye Mo wouldn’t believe it no matter what.

The missing sentry had either been an inside man or killed. Without much effort, Ye Mo dug up the earth outside and pulled up a large steel plate, and a smell with the smell of the sea came to him. But after that sea smell dissipated, there seemed to be no source.

Ye Mo’s divine sense extended out, and below was a storage room, and there didn’t seem to be anything inside the storage room except for some coffee beans and some coffee supplies. However, Ye Mo knew that since the five people had disappeared here, there must still be a mechanism in here.

At this moment, he already felt that this opponent was very powerful, and he was even ahead of Luo Yue. Although Ye Mo did not believe that the opponent would know that Luo Yue was definitely going to attack Bayi Island, but if this arrangement of the opponent was said to have been made in haste after Luo Yue attacked Bayi Island, Ye Mo would not believe it in any way.

Ye Mo did not hesitate to restore the mud and steel plates above his head, before he walked into the storage room.

If it was to an outsider, this storage room did not look the least bit strange, and even if one looked with care, one could not necessarily find a difference, as it was all some daily necessities for the coffee shop, and some material utensils.

The floor of the storage room was all made of marble, which made no difference, and underneath the marble was all mud, so even if one dug it up, there was not the slightest difference.

However, Ye Mo knew through his divine sense that the mud under the marble floor near the entrance was only one metre thick, and under this metre of mud was a tunnel.

The tunnel was very secretive and was at the doorway where no one would suspect it the most. Even the entrance above the tunnel was still the same mud as the surrounding area, but these were still ho-hum under Ye Mo’s divine sense.

The location of the tunnel was easy to find, but it took Ye Mo half an hour to find the switch button of the tunnel. Half an hour later, Ye Mo pulled down the fire hydrant. A ‘rumbling’ sound came and a dark and ghostly tunnel had appeared in front of him, while a sea breeze with a fishy smell hit him.