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DYM Chapter 657

The location of the tunnel was easy to find, but Ye Mo spent half an hour trying to find the switch button for the tunnel. Half an hour later, Ye Mo pulled down the fire hydrant. A ‘rumbling’ sound came and a dark and eerie tunnel had appeared in front of him, while a sea breeze with a fishy smell hit him.

No wonder there was the smell of the sea when you first entered the storage room, and then that smell faded away. When this tunnel was opened, the sea smell came up, and once it was closed, that sea smell was gone again.

With Ye Mo’s divine sense, he couldn’t even see the end, but that didn’t affect anything. Immediately after he entered the tunnel, he quickly began to move forward, while his divine sense observed both sides of the tunnel.

Soon Ye Mo knew that this tunnel was definitely not dug out in a short period of time, it had been dug out for at least a few months. What kind of people were digging the tunnel here months ago? What did they want to do? Could it be that these people knew that Luo Yue was going to set up a military camp here and purposely dug a tunnel first? This was definitely not possible.

The slope of the tunnel was sloping more and more, and eventually there were even traces of water seeping out, not fresh water, but seawater. Having come this far, Ye Mo already knew that this tunnel was already connected to the ocean in front of him.

Ye Mo stopped at the place where some water was seeping out, but found that the tunnel under his feet seemed to be a little different, this entrance was strange. Just as he thought of this, two men, both black, came out of the entrance. To be precise, these two men did not walk up, but climbed up.

Ye Mo immediately stepped aside, and after these two men exited the entrance, they quickly ran back along the line Ye Mo had come from, seemingly leaving something behind.

It was only at this time that Ye Mo discovered that the entrance actually sloped all the way down, only to extend again after a few hundred meters, and the last thing Ye Mo’s divine sense saw was actually a nuclear submarine. However, the door of the nuclear submarine was closed at this time.

A nuclear submarine was actually underneath Bayi Island, and it had fooled Luo Yue’s radar. Alarm bells rang in Ye Mo’s heart at once. Although Luo Yue’s radar was not the most advanced in the world, but a nuclear submarine had fooled the radar under the eyes of Luo Yue’s fleet, this was too outrageous. What would happen if the other side suddenly attacked? Was this nuclear submarine owned by Rice?

If Rice’s technology of avoiding radar scans was that good, then how could they have lost all their troops during the attack on Luo Yue last time?

This kind of thing had to be told to Ye Xing at the first opportunity, only Ye Xing could think of a solution.

This pa*sage was obviously an artificial pa*sage, connected to this tunnel that had been carved out for the sole purpose of introducing people here into the nuclear submarine. When people entered the nuclear submarine, this pa*sage could automatically shrink up. What a subtle design, such an idea and the person who can make such a pa*sage is almost no less than Ye Xing.

Since the nuclear submarine was here. Then the five tourists who were kidnapped must also be here. Ye Mo’s first thought was to go to the nuclear submarine first to save them. After all, Luo Yue was in crisis, if the people were not rescued, then there was a high chance that war would break out again. There was no way Rice would let go of these opportunities.

But Ye Mo stopped dead in his tracks. The two black men did not go to the topmost storage room, but stopped midway.

One of the black men pressed the remote control device in his hand. The stone wall of the tunnel, which had been unchanged, once again appeared as a pa*sage, and not far from the pa*sage was a room.

Ye Mo cursed in his heart, these people were really careful, if not for his coincidence of coming and his invisibility, these things would have been impossible to discover. Even if he had found it, he could only break it open by using a hard way without a remote control.

That room, apart from the two black people who had just entered, there were five other people inside, three women and two men. Ye Mo already understood in his heart. These five people should be the five tourists that Void Moon Hua said.

Thinking of this Ye Mo no longer had the idea of continuing down the submarine, saving the people first. But this submarine was important, and he was likely to find the answers he needed through this submarine. So Ye Mo did not intend to alert anyone on this nuclear submarine, he still had to use this submarine.

After making several divine sense marks on the submarine’s extended pa*sage, Ye Mo quickly followed the two black men into the room where the five tourists were being held.

After Ye Mo entered, the two black men said a few words to the five. Then three of those five people started to persuade the mother and daughter about something. After a while those five people actually argued and seemed to disagree.

Ye Mo felt that this was very unusual and he took out his camera and started filming. After a few more moments, the two black men walked out first, but the door was left open. The five people inside argued even more, and finally one of the men walked up to the mother and daughter and gave the older woman a slap on the face.

Immediately after this man hit her, he took the other man and woman and said a few words and surprisingly left the room as well, finally closing the door behind him. Then only the English mother and daughter were left in this room. In fact, they were more like sisters than mother and daughter.

They were both blonde, and their ages were not too far apart. Probably because they had been walking inside the tunnels, so the clothes on the two of them were messy and their faces were dusty, it looked like these two had suffered some hardships.

Ye Mo shook his head, he made up his mind that if he had time in the future, he decided that he would learn a few more foreign languages, learning a foreign language was easy for him anyway, there was no need to be unable to understand someone’s words every time.

Only after he swept those five people away and headed directly for the pa*sage that the submarine extended up, did Ye Mo withdraw his divine sense, then opened the door and walked in. He didn’t stop the five from leaving, he didn’t want to touch them now.

From the conversation of these five people, Ye Mo could tell that the other three people who were inside this room with this mother and daughter seemed to be in cahoots with those two black people, or they had been persuaded by those two black people to agree to something.

Besides, even if they weren’t together, Ye Mo didn’t necessarily need to take them all away. To Ye Mo, all he had to do was to save that mother and daughter, because by saving that mother and daughter, this matter would definitely be resolved peacefully. As long as Luo Yue’s immediate crisis was over, he could then focus on dealing with that submarine.

The mother and daughter stared at Ye Mo in confusion when they saw him walk in, they didn’t know why someone else came in immediately after these people had left.

Seeing that the two were a bit confused, Ye Mo had to say, “I’m here to save you, it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand me, but I can take you with me.”

“You are Chinese?” The young girl suddenly asked in Chinese, although the Chinese was not very authentic, but she could barely understand the meaning.

Ye Mo was overjoyed and immediately said, “I came from Luo Yue because a British mother and daughter were kidnapped away and everyone else thought it was our Luo Yue who did it, so I wanted to get them out. I was wondering, is that mother and daughter you?”

“Yes, yes, my name is Annie and she’s my mum Lea. We were tricked into coming here, and I know those people ……” Annie spoke fluently when she signed up earlier, but when she got to the end she didn’t know how she should express herself.

Ye Mo knew that this was not the place to talk, as long as he knew it was these two people, he nodded and said, “Then you guys hurry up and come with me, and when you get out of here, you will tell me all these things.”

Ye Mo wanted to send the mother and daughter away and then follow that nuclear submarine. As for the things that the mother and daughter wanted to explain, they could completely leave it to Void Moon Hua.

Although Ye Mo didn’t waste much time inside, Ye Mo had just come out with the two of them and hadn’t gone far when two more people came up inside that pa*sage. After Ye Mo’s divine sense noticed that someone was coming up again, he didn’t care whether Annie and Lea agreed or not, he reached out to clip one on one side and quickly rushed towards the storage room.

Subconsciously, Annie was about to scream, but there was no way to make a sound. Just as she was scared, Ye Mo said, “You don’t have to worry, because the two of you are walking too slowly, so I’m going to take you away quickly.”

Annie had understood by now and she said with some embarra*sment, “Sorry, what’s your name?”

Where was Ye Mo in the mood to chat with her at this moment, his mind was not on these two women, his mind was on that submarine. In order to continue tracking the two submarines, he had to send the mother and daughter away first. In order not to be suspected by the people on the submarine, he would also have to make the escape of the two from the storage room a bit more realistic later.

With Ye Mo’s speed, it didn’t take much time to get to the storage room.

When Ye Mo put the two down, Lea suddenly squeezed Ye Mo’s arm, then said something and hugged Ye Mo again and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

When Annie saw her mother’s action, she suddenly giggled and also hugged Ye Mo and gave him a kiss before saying, “You are so strong, my mother said you haven’t told us your name.”

“My name is Ye Mo.” Ye Mo finished and hurriedly pulled the two of them upwards. Lea’s breasts were the most voluptuous Ye Mo had ever seen, but that was it, she was hugging Ye Mo and Ye Mo didn’t feel anything. One he didn’t like foreign women at all, and the second he had Luo Ying and Light Snow all in his heart.

However, Ye Mo was not a fool, when Lea hugged him just now, there were some provocative rubbing movements, which let Ye Mo know that this woman seemed to have some more purpose.

Seeing that Lea was about to say something again, Ye Mo hurriedly said, “Let’s get out of here, the people behind us are already coming after us.”

This statement Ye Mo was not lying, those two people would definitely catch up when they found out that Annie and her mother had escaped.

Because of Lea, Ye Mo did not continue to pin the two, so the trio’s movements became slower.

When Ye Mo pushed that steel plate away, a muffled ‘boom’ sound once again came from inside the storage room. Immediately, Ye Mo knew which people were catching up, and he didn’t expect them to be so fast.