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DYM Chapter 658

Ye Mo had just pulled Annie and Lea out of the tunnel through the entrance of the guard post when there was a rush of footsteps from below, which was clearly heard by both Annie.

As expected, the three of them had only left the guard post for less than ten metres when two more people came out of the tunnel entrance. While Lea and Annie were worried, Ye Mo pulled the two of them to hide behind a broken oil barrel. The oil drum was not very big, and even standing at the place where the guard post was, one could have a clear view of the surroundings of the oil drum. There was no way for a child to hide behind it without being noticed, not to mention three people.

When Annie and Lea saw this approach of Ye Mo, they both felt a pang of nervousness in their hearts, what was the difference between this and covering their ears? There was no need to look for this, as long as the people coming up from the tunnel looked around, they would know where the three were hiding.

Leya subconsciously wanted to Chapter 658 – Suspected Woman to speak, but Ye Mo immediately reached out and covered her mouth. Lea looked at the two people coming up from the tunnel in surprise, and those two people really did look around, but did not rest their eyes on them.

Could they really not see where they were hiding from that position? Leya was puzzled for a while. Ye Mo knew that Lea should not speak again, and he was just about to put his hand down when suddenly a warm, wet object added to his palm.

Ye Mo frowned, of course he knew that it was licked by Lea. There was definitely something wrong with this woman, this was already the second time, Ye Mo didn’t believe that his charm could make this widow send him to his door immediately. Besides, the information he had gotten from Void Moonghua about Mrs. Rode was that although Lea was pretty and attractive, she was a very dignified person. Since her husband’s death, she had been devoted to charity work with her daughter and had a decent lifestyle, so how could this be?

Originally, Ye Mo had not thought of checking up on Laiya, but Laiya’s actions made Ye Mo suspicious. His divine sense began to subtly check out Laiya’s origins. It didn’t take long for Ye Mo to find an extremely thin energy on her body. It wasn’t the internal qi from the cultivation of ancient martial arts, but it was somewhat like the few supernaturals he had met, except that the fluctuations of that energy in her body Chapter 658 The Suspected Woman were extremely weak.

If one used those supernatural grading that Void Moonghua had told himself, she was at most just a level one supernaturalist, but Ye Mo couldn’t find out what kind of supernatural ability she had. Ye Mo checked Annie again, but Annie was an ordinary girl, without the slightest abnormality.

Ye Mo did not continue to check on Lea, even if he handed Lea over to Luo Yue, a level one psychic could not cause any danger yet.

The ones who came out from inside the tunnel were two white men, and they saw that there was no trace of Lea and Annie. Immediately, their faces changed drastically. While running towards the outside of the gate, they seemed to be on the phone.

When Ye Mo saw the two men leave, he immediately took out his phone and made a call to Void Moon Hua, telling her that he had found Annie and her mother and daughter, and that the location was at Luo Yue’s original garrison base. He told her to bring someone to come and take the two away.

When Xu Yuehua first received the call from Ye Mo, she was extremely shocked. It had only been a short time since Ye Mo had left Luo Yue, and he had already found them, and they were still at the garrison base, even by plane, they hadn’t arrived so quickly, right? But Void Moon Hua put these doubts to heart and did not ask out. This was not the first time she had seen such amazing tactics of Ye Mo, in her mind Ye Mo was an omnipotent person.

Void Yuehua quickly told Ye Mo that Yu Miaotong was still near the Bayi Strait and was now reunited with Liang Jun’s fleet. He told Ye Mo to wait for about half an hour at the garrison base. After half an hour, a helicopter would come to pick them up and take them away.

Of course, Ye Mo hoped that the sooner the better, he was not afraid of anything else, he was afraid that the nuclear submarine would suddenly leave. Once the nuclear submarine left to a certain range, his divine sense marker would be of no use.

Annie was also surprised. Of course, Annie knew that Ye Mo had called someone to come and pick them up. But what she was puzzled about was why the three of them were hiding in such a place that could be seen at a glance, yet they were not discovered? That was the biggest doubt in her heart.

“Mr. Ye, thank you for saving us, but I’d like to know why those two people standing up there looking our way didn’t spot a few of us? Could it be that this little oil drum can really block other people’s sight?” Annie eventually couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, of course he wouldn’t say that I cast a stealth spell. Instead, he said, “This is the dead end of that place, besides, you two must be very important to those people, once they get nervous in their hearts, they might create a blind spot in their sight, and right now we are here in their blind spot.”

These were of course nonsense from Ye Mo, and he didn’t continue when he saw Annie nodding her head as if she understood. Anyway, when the helicopter came, he would not let Annie and Lea have a chance to look at it.

If it wasn’t for finding out exactly where the nuclear submarine’s forces were, Ye Mo would have done away with the two guys who were following him.

Time pa*sed quickly, and when a helicopter sound came, the two men from earlier rushed into the tunnel once again, perhaps knowing that it was impossible for the fleeing mother and daughter to come back after them.

Seeing the two men leave, Ye Mo walked out with Annie and Lea, and at that moment the helicopter landed on top of the original base.

Yu Miaotong and Fei Lok hurriedly came down from the helicopter, and there were also two special soldiers from Luo Yue.

When Yu Miaotong saw Ye Mo walking over with Annie and Lea, she was overjoyed. Although only a few hours had pa*sed, the news that Luo Yue had received was that the UK had issued an official statement asking Luo Yue to give a reasonable explanation on the matter. Moreover, half an hour ago, the British Prime Minister had taken a special plane to visit Rice, along with Indian diplomats.

It was certain that if this matter was not handled properly by Luo Yue, the consequences would be very serious and could even lead to war again. Even if it did not lead to war, the compensation would be enough for Luo Yue to drink. Besides, this kind of thing was definitely something that Rice was going to take advantage of.

Without waiting for Annie to speak, Ye Mo instructed the two soldiers to bring Annie and Lea into the helicopter, he had some words to say to Yu Miaotong.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not get on the plane with him, Lea suddenly came over and once again gave Ye Mo a gentle hug and said very tenderly, “Dear Ye, will you get on the plane with us? Without you, I will feel uneasy.”

After listening to Annie’s translation, Ye Mo smiled slightly and said, “You guys go back first and then release what happened to you all over the world through Luo Yue TV. I’m going to find out what kind of organisation the people who brought you here are. I am taking revenge for you guys.”

Revenge was fake, but Ye Mo already suspected that these people were most likely from the ‘Northern Sands’ because in Ye Mo’s impression, people from the ‘Black Sun Empire’ all had a small Black Sun Medal, while these people did not. As for Rice, it had been ruled out by Ye Mo, nothing else, just because they could avoid Luo Yue’s radar.

“Alright then, Annie and I will wait for you.” Lea said, with a hint of sorrow inside her eyes, and with her somewhat demure looking appearance, there was really something seductive about her.

“Remember to tell me everything and you’ll be helping me.” Ye Mo waved his hand at Lea and Annie who were on the helicopter.

Fei Lok looked at Lea’s back as she left with disdain and hummed, “Goblin, just like her she still has to learn to seduce.”

Ye Mo looked at Fay Lok in amusement, then said to Yu Miaotong, “Sister Yu, there’s something wrong with this Lea, the information given by Sister Yuehua might just be superficial. This woman is a bit strange, I suspect that she is a kind of psychic, but there is no proof. You go and wait for her to make things clear at the TV station and then send the two away. This kind of person, let’s not mess with her now, it’s not that we’re afraid, but we don’t have that energy.”

Sure enough after hearing Ye Mo’s words, Fei Lu’s face changed for the better, as if she was happy that Ye Mo wasn’t seduced by that foreign demon.

Yu Miaotong nodded, “I know, I will definitely have them make a televised statement on the warship at the first opportunity. Won’t you come back with us?”

Ye Mo took out a digital camera and handed it to Yu Miaotong and said, “This contains the ID evidence of those five tourists, and you combine it with Leia’s mother and daughter’s speech to publish it all. I think after this information is published, Luo Yue should not have a problem. Also tell Ye Xing that there is another nuclear submarine under the Bayi Strait, but this one has not been detected by our radar, ask Ye Xing what this is all about.”

“What?” Ye Mo’s words not only caused Yu Miaotong to speak out in surprise, even Fei Luo stared at Ye Mo in surprise, this kind of thing was too appalling.

Now that they had been in Luo Yue for so long, they were long ago not the ones who knew nothing about these, they certainly knew what it meant for a nuclear submarine to appear underneath Luo Yue’s fleet and not be discovered?

Once a nuclear submarine fleet appeared on the other side and then sneaked up on the Luo Yue fleet at the same time, then the result was too much to think about.

“You said that the nuclear submarine appeared in the Bayi Strait under our control and was not discovered by Commander Huang?” Yu Miaotong also broke out in a cold sweat of shock.

She thought about if that nuclear submarine had suddenly attacked the warship when she was negotiating with the Indonesian side inside the warship. Then no matter what the consequences were for them, the Indonesian side’s diplomatic officer was killed inside Luo Yue’s fleet, even if Luo Yue tried harder, she would still have to face a second war from the allied forces.

Ye Mo knew approximately what Yu Miaotong meant, he said with a faint smile, “It’s not as powerful as you think, I reckon the other side can only evade our radar, they don’t dare to launch an attack yet. Don’t look at Ye Xing too easily.”

“You’re not going to investigate the nuclear submarine, are you?” Yu Miaotong suddenly woke up, if Ye Mo went to investigate a nuclear submarine all by himself then how would that work?

Ye Mo nodded and said, “If I’m not wrong, this nuclear submarine can evade our radar scans, this technology is also from Ye Xing’s hand, you guys go back and ask Ye Xing to come up with a solution as soon as possible. As for me, don’t worry guys, I won’t mess around. The most important thing for you and Sister Yuehua now is, to get the immediate crisis out of the way.”