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DYM Chapter 659

Just as Ye Mo finished those words, a roar came from beneath his feet and a large amount of mud fell.

Ye Mo immediately knew what had happened, he did not expect these people to be so determined, he was sure that those two people had not reached the nuclear submarine yet, but the other party had even taken the initiative to blow up the tunnel.

There was no need to look at Ye Mo to know that those two people had already been blown up. When Ye Mo was here, his divine sense paid attention to the surroundings, and there were absolutely no prying eyes within a thousand meters. But that was it, he was also discovered, not even giving him a few minutes.

“Sister Yu, you and Lok Fay will return by plane immediately and take care of the matters I have explained. No matter what, we can’t continue the war, Luo Yue needs time to develop.” Ye Mo said decisively.

When Yu Miaotong heard the sound of the explosion and saw the sunken mud, she immediately knew that things shouldn’t be that simple. She trusted Ye Mo, and since Ye Mo said he could handle it, she only needed to do all he told her to do now.

“And bring a message to Luo Ying and Qing Xue for me, tell them not to worry about me, no matter how long I’ve been there, I will return safely.” Ye Mo added again behind Yu Miaotong’s back.

Although these people had blown up the tunnel, it was absolutely impossible to evade his tracking. But he didn’t know how far he would have to track and how much time it would take, so first he rea*sured Luo Ying and Light Snow.

Fei Lok, however, sighed softly, Little Sister was now even more difficult. Originally, one Ning Qingxue was already difficult enough, now there was another Luo Ying who was no match for Ning Qingxue, how could this make Little Sister compete?

Watching the helicopter quickly go away. Ye Mo quickly left the place, then after finding a hidden place to cloak himself, he directly dived into the sea.

He knew that someone must have paid attention to this side now, but unfortunately his divine sense was limited, and his maximum range was only 1,200 meters, so there was no way to find out where exactly the person staring at this side came from. However, this was not important, the first thing he had to do now was to track down the nuclear submarine.

Originally, Ye Mo’s intention was to enter the nuclear submarine directly. Unexpectedly, the plan couldn’t keep up with the change and he had to track the nuclear submarine inside the seabed.

Ye Mo was as fast as he was inside the sea water, and he used the shortest time to get from under the Bayi Strait to the location where the nuclear submarine was staying. However, there was nothing left where the nuclear submarine had originally stopped. The nuclear submarine had already left the place in the shortest possible time, and at a very fast speed.

But in his heart, Ye Mo was secretly glad that he had fortunately made a divine sense mark on that extended channel of the nuclear submarine. Otherwise there would really be no way to find it. It looked like that channel was still very important to the other side, or else he wouldn’t have taken it with him. Thinking about it, a channel that could be connected to the top of the submarine was definitely not just a channel, the materials and craftsmanship involved in this channel must have been very impressive.

At this time that divine sense marker came with a vague fluctuation, although that fluctuation was getting blurred, but Ye Mo could still feel it, he was like a white shark making a circle under the water and chasing down along the fluctuation.


In recent times, the most significant international news cannot be separated from Luo Yue. From the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to the war between the allied forces and Luo Yue. And then to Luo Yue’s unstoppable fight against the ever-arrogant coalition forces.

No sooner had the matter cooled down, than the dazzling announcement of Luo Yue’s declaration of war against Indonesia came up again.

The reason for Luo Yue’s declaration of war is that Luo Yue’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ company has been treated unfairly in Indonesia and several of its employees have died. It has to be said. In today’s world landscape, this reason was the most reluctant reason for declaring war.

It can be said that apart from Luo Yue, basically no country would declare war for such a reason. The only explanation is that Luo Yue is too protective, or Luo Yue is too warlike.

After Luo Yue declared war, there were many predictions that Indonesia was definitely not Luo Yue’s opponent. This was because Luo Yue had a formidable war record ahead of her.

The only controversy was how much time it would take for Luo Yue to defeat the Indonesian navy, as both Luo Yue and Indonesia were by the sea, so their power contest became a naval contest.

Many thought it would take a week at most, as it would still take some time to get from Loyue to Indonesia, but others thought it was just a move made by Loyue to threaten Indonesia with compromise. It shouldn’t really be a fight.

Unfortunately, all this speculation and debate was meaningless, as Luo Yue started the war immediately after declaring it, only ten minutes afterwards. Even before many commentators had finished writing their analyses of the war, the war was already over.

The navy was able to destroy the Indonesian navy in a matter of hours. It can be said that the strongest navy in Southeast Asia was like a paper tiger in front of the Luo Yue fleet.

After Luo Yue captured the island of Bayi and even started to threaten the island of Java, Luo Yue’s military status in the world was already established. Although this position was still far from that of Old Rice and Russia, there was no longer any country around Loyue that could threaten his existence.

The number of people wanting to emigrate to Loyue has once again grown, and in a place that is so tough externally and sovereign internally, no one wants to go there. The world’s most popular hospital, Luo Yue Xian Healing Hospital, is also located in Luo Yue, as is the world’s most notable company, Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals.

But at this very moment, news broke on the internet that five tourists had gone missing from the Loyue garrison base. And two of them were the widow of the British royal family and her daughter, Mrs Rhodes’ name would be no less famous in the UK than that of the British Prime Minister.

The disappearance of such a person at the Lochmoon garrison base could certainly have set off a powder keg in Lochmoon.

Although many people knew that someone else might have framed Luo Yue in this matter, but whether it was a frame-up or not, in front of the facts, Luo Yue had to explain the matter. Once Luo Yue could not explain, then it was likely that a major dispute would arise.

It was not impossible to say that war was on the cards, plus there were two Micronesians and one Indian among these five tourists. Once these three parties unite against Luo Yue and want to divide the benefits of Luo Yue, coupled with the push from Rice, then war is not likely to break out, but definitely will.

Many people who want to emigrate to Luo Yue have once again retreated, because unlike Indonesia, these three countries are all world military powers. Once the three countries are pinned down against Luo Yue, Luo Yue is bound to lose even if it is powerful. Although modern war is a technological war, an electronic war, the result of a contest of technological strength. However, the most important thing in modern warfare is economic warfare. Luo Yue is a place that relies on imports and has a small population, so once a real fight starts, it will not last long.

Many people on Luo Yue’s side began to worry about Luo Yue, they did not know how Luo Yue would get through this difficult time.

And while others wondered how Luo Yue would handle this matter, Mrs. Rhodes Lea and her daughter Annie surprisingly appeared on Luo Yue’s official television station and revealed the reason for their appearance at the Luo Yue garrison base.

It turns out that Lea and Annie were indeed visiting Bayeux, but they had just arrived on Bayeux less than three days before the Loyola-Indian War broke out.

When the news came that Loyola had asked all foreign tourists to return, Lea and Annie were about to take a flight to Singapore when they met Barber and his wife, an American tourist who had also come to Indonesia, and Sigam, an Indian tourist. The news from them was that Loyola was preparing to blackmail these tourists and was going to take them to Loyola and must not go with them.

So Lea’s mother and daughter fled after Barber and the others, and Barber said they had special channels to avoid the Luo Yue army and enter the mainland of Ba Yi Island. But it didn’t occur to them that both Barber and his wife and Sgan were from a certain organisation, and that they had brought Mrs Rhodes and her daughter to the base of Lo Yue, and in doing so, they were trying to get Lo Yue to go to war with Britain of Rice.

They asked Mrs. Rhodes and her daughter to join their organisation, but Mrs. Rhodes sternly refused. Later, people from Loyue rescued the mother and daughter and brought the two to Loyue’s warship, where they are now safe. It was through Loyue TV that the matter was clarified.

In the end, Mrs Rhodes said, “I don’t know why they did what they did, but their intentions are very clear. It’s to plunge Loyue into war and turn others against Loyue. Although I don’t know where Barber is from and who they are, I know they are from Rice. I urge that we, the British people, should keep a cool head and not be deceived by the superficial behaviour of these people.

Of course, I know that many people doubt what I say, here is a video, I think after watching the video, people will not doubt my words anymore.”

The next video shown was of course the one that Ye Mo had filmed over, which was the Barber couple and the two black men, and the Indian man bullying Mrs Rhodes’ mother and daughter.

By the time they were revealed, the truth of the matter had been completely revealed. Those who had opposed Loyola because of the disappearance of the five tourists at Loyola’s garrison place now immediately reversed themselves in favour of Loyola.

At the same time the world was once again shocked by Luo Yue’s ability to turn her hand into a cloud and turn her hand into rain, and how even such a matter that was about to become a foregone conclusion could be reversed. Coupled with Luo Yue’s recent popularity, immigration Luo Yue became the first choice again for a while.

Shen Qian Qian sat in front of the television set and only at this time did she let out a long breath of relief. Although she had everything ready, she had not been able to travel to Luo Yue until now because of its blockade.

As soon as she heard that the Luo Yue war was on, she got nervous. But soon Luo Yue won the war and before she could put her mind at ease, surprisingly, there was another incident where the British royal family and the Rice tourists disappeared in the Luo Yue garrison place.

But all these crises were resolved by Luo Yue without a trace, and in very quick time. She quickly remembered that Ye Mo, who came and went without a trace, and wondered if these things were related to him. Whether it was related to him or not, at this moment Shen Qian Qian could not wait to head to Luo Yue, that was where she could showcase her talent.