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DYM Chapter 660

Ye Mo felt colder and colder under the water, originally he thought this nuclear submarine belonged to ‘Bei Sha’, and although ‘Bei Sha’s’ lair was unknown to himself, he reckoned that the approximate location should be hidden between the Japanese and the Bering Sea, perhaps in collusion with certain countries. That was why it had never been discovered. But now he began to suspect.

The direction this submarine was heading seemed to be Antarctica, because Ye Mo knew that although he had followed this submarine for a short distance, this was definitely not the way to enter the Pacific Ocean. Besides, Ye Mo also reckoned that even if it was into the Pacific Ocean, this submarine wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold on to the place he suspected, right?

Even if it was Ye Mo, staying inside the sea water for such a long time would not be bearable, and this sea water was getting colder and colder.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to come to the surface to get some air, an extreme feeling of danger came over him and without hesitation, he rushed out of the sea and a torpedo exploded at the place where he had just stopped.

Ye Mo’s face was ugly with anger, he couldn’t imagine that he had been discovered, and he was still foolishly following this submarine to be cold inside the sea. Even a torpedo had almost finished him off just now, the guy inside this submarine was definitely thick and dark.

The only way was to destroy the submarine before it could send out the news of his tracking.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo no longer hesitated in the slightest and pounced towards the submarine with his flying sword. He was a dry and crisp person, once he realized that there was no way for a certain thing to be done. He would never drag his feet and hesitate.

As Ye Mo flew up, the flying sword in his hand had already turned into a white mane and killed him, he definitely would not let the message of his action be released by the submarine.

The submarine that had just surfaced a little bit was broken into a crack by Ye Mo’s flying sword, and the huge water pressure quickly extinguished all the people inside.

Ye Mo was secretly chagrined that he had failed at the last moment after tracking for so long. His divine sense swept inside the submarine and he knew that even if there was any information or something like that. It was useless to be soaked by this water. He would not spend a lot of time to rescue a water-soaked computer, not to mention that he already knew that the submarine was definitely owned by the ‘Northern Sand’ organization.

Ye Mo surfaced. He hit several balls of water on his body to wash away all that seawater smell, which evaporated the water stains on his body.

Taking a look at the place. It was already near the land of the South Pole. Ye Mo landed on top of this land, while his divine sense carefully searched around. He believed that the submarine found him later, and when he was not found originally, the submarine must have thought of a place near here.

All he could see was the colour of ice and snow, apart from some protruding rocks and snow everywhere, Ye Mo hardly found any place to live. In the distance, the sea water hit a huge rock, revealing its original dark grey colour, which was the only place Ye Mo saw that was not white.

A few penguins were slowly walking around on top of that rock. Ye Mo withdrew his gaze, apart from such animals here, he really couldn’t think of anything that could live here normally. Let alone a resident.

Maybe that submarine just wanted to stay here for a while, Ye Mo shook his head and landed on top of a snow deposit.

The snow was deep but hard, and Ye Mo only left two footprints when he landed on it. It did not sink in.

Ye Mo took a few steps but stopped, his eyes resting on a depressed mark next to where he landed. This mark was very faint, and if he hadn’t happened to walk here and his divine sense swept over, he wouldn’t have noticed it. It was clearly a man-made footprint. Someone had come here.

However, when Ye Mo looked around more carefully, there was only this one footprint and no remaining traces. If someone had been here, there would definitely not be just one footprint left behind. Ye Mo’s divine sense slowly spread out and soon he saw a footprint three or four metres away again.

The footprints three or four metres away and the footprints he saw just now were clearly the same person’s. A person could actually cross three or four metres in one step. Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for him to straddle such a distance in one step.

Ye Mo squatted down and pressed his hand on top of the footprint, it seemed to have hardened a bit, it looked like the footprint had been left for a short period of time.

Ye Mo soon realized once again that he had just neglected to do so. Although these two footprints were three or four metres apart, they were in different directions, one was the incoming footprint and the other was the going footprint. If this calculation was done, this person had taken a step of at least six or seven metres, this was not only a guy with good skills, but also a master.

It was just that this man came to the seaside and then went back, what was he doing here at the seaside? When Ye Mo walked along this footprint for several thousand metres, he finally understood the reason, the footprint when this man came was shallower and the footprint when he left was thicker. It looked like this man had carried something in his hand when he left, mostly for the reason that he had come to the beach to hunt for food.

This was someone who lived here often, someone who could live in the Antarctic all year round, definitely not an ordinary person. Ye Mo chased along the footprints, and after nearly another 30 or 40 miles, the footprints completely disappeared.

Even Ye Mo admired this man for running so far away in order to hunt for food.

Ye Mo searched carefully for a long time around the area where the footprints had disappeared, but did not find the slightest thing. He was a little disappointed, he believed that there must be a person living here, otherwise there would not be such footprints.

In addition to some glaciers on all sides here, what attracted Ye Mo most was a high mountain in the distance. Ye Mo estimated that the height of this mountain was higher than most of those peaks he had met in the Meinei Snow Mountain back then, and the altitude had even exceeded four thousand metres.

For those glaciers, Ye Mo had no interest in observing them, he knew that although these glaciers were as strong as stone and also forested everywhere, but generally people would not choose to settle inside such glaciers.

Even if the glacier was strong, it was still an unstable element.

Ye Mo came straight to the foot of this mountain, thinking that if the person he found leaving footprints really lived here, they must be inside this high mountain. This was because if he were to choose a place to live, his first choice would be this high mountain.

When Ye Mo found a footprint again at the foot of the mountain, he became excited in his heart, he was really right, the middle section of the road had lost the footprint trail, most likely it was blown away by the snowstorm, or it could be done by that person.

Having found footprints here, although there was only one, Ye Mo would not let them go again. He searched around carefully, not letting go of even the slightest bit. What was just strange to Ye Mo was that the temperature at the foot of this mountain seemed to be even lower.

A few hours later, Ye Mo stood in an extremely hidden valley with a shocked face and muttered, “A concealment formation?”

Concealment formations were definitely something from the cultivation world, how could they appear on Earth and in the Antarctic? After two years of understanding, Ye Mo had confirmed that there were no cultivators on Earth. At most, there were only some people who practiced ancient martial arts, but today he actually saw the concealment formation.

Could there really be cultivators here? Suddenly he remembered the Lu Ying Ying that he had met in Hefeng, who had relied on her grandfather to obtain a Spirit Gathering Formation Disc to grow the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’. According to him, the Spirit Gathering Formation Plate was not something that people who practiced ancient martial arts could obtain.

Together with this concealment formation he met today, this was already the second time he had found something related to cultivation.

However, this concealment formation was much more advanced than the original Spirit Gathering Formation Plate, this formation did not use spirit stones, it could be maintained automatically by relying on the thin spirit energy in the heaven and earth, at least he, Ye Mo, could not set it up yet.

Ye Mo stood in front of the Spirit Gathering Formation in secret awe, and for a while he didn’t know how he should handle it.

Although this formation could not be set up with his current cultivation level, he could go in. But in case he went in and there was an old demon living inside, wouldn’t he be sending himself to his death?

But if he didn’t go in, he wouldn’t be willing to do so. Imagine he had found the cultivation ruins so easily, maybe he could even find something he needed from here, it would be too bad to let go of this opportunity.

In fact, the best way was to come here when his cultivation level was higher, but Ye Mo also knew that without strange encounters and some heavenly treasures on Earth, it would be impossible for him to cultivate to a higher level again.

The reason he was able to cultivate to the middle of the fifth level of Qi cultivation was related to his constant search for various resources, and also to the fact that he was an alchemist. If he lacked one of these, he would not have been able to cultivate to where he is today. To put it more simply, it also had a lot to do with the fact that there were no cultivators on Earth.

And the reason why he was now at this point in his cultivation and had no way to move forward was, in the end, because of the resources that restricted him. This was also the reason why he had always wanted to go to the small world.

Although Ye Mo knew that if he got some more resources in the small world and came back here after his cultivation level was a bit higher, he might be much safer. However, Ye Mo also knew that going to the Small World with his current cultivation level of the fifth Qi cultivation layer would be just as dangerous.

Because he had seen real Innate experts, not to mention that he didn’t know if there were people in the Small World who were more powerful than the Innate experts.

Cultivation was about pursuing freedom, and with the opportunity in front of him, he actually retreated. Ye Mo put his heart in his mouth, if he didn’t even dare to pursue this kind of chance, even if there was any opportunity in the future, he wouldn’t be able to go further.

Besides, since this person could leave his footsteps, it meant that he was not an expert, could an expert come here from the sea and possibly leave his footsteps? Even if it was him, he would not leave even half a footstep behind.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo no longer hesitated in the slightest and stepped forward into the concealment formation, he just took a few casual steps and his whole person completely disappeared into this valley.