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DYM Chapter 661

After Ye Mo entered the concealment formation, the temperature inside suddenly rose. He was shocked in his heart that there was a temperature gathering formation inside this concealment formation, no wonder the temperature at the foot of the mountain outside this battle spell was much lower than anywhere else.

Neither the concealment formation nor the temperature gathering formation was something that Ye Mo could set up now. One reason why he dared to come in was for that glimpse of chance, and the second was because he thought that the person living in it would not be much more powerful, as that person walked in the snow and surprisingly left footprints as well.

The location where Ye Mo was now was a rocky pa*sageway, which was surprisingly dry probably because of the temperature gathering formation. And at the top of the pa*sage, there was something like a night pearl set at intervals.

Ye Mo knew that these ones that could emit a faint light were definitely not night pearls Chapter 661 – Strange Cultivators, night pearls he had, definitely not this kind of light colour. This should be a kind of ore that can glow.

Ye Mo didn’t continue walking inside, his divine sense swept in, there were several stone huts inside, and they didn’t look messy. There was a stone hut that was actually filled with all kinds of food and some air-dried meat. However, the last stone house had a divine sense shielding formation, and Ye Mo’s divine sense was completely blocked.

Sure enough, it was a cultivation cave. Ye Mo was a little excited in his heart, he didn’t know if this cultivator had come from somewhere else like himself, or if he was from the earth.

But since he was here, he had to meet him. He also knew that even if he left now it would be too late, the fact that he could walk here meant that the person inside had also seen him.

However, Ye Mo was not as nervous as he was originally, because he came in and apart from that concealment formation and the temperature gathering formation. It was the formation that shielded divine sense. None of these formations were attack formations, nor were any of them defensive formations.

From this, it was clear that the person inside was not an expert, and it was impossible for an expert’s cave not to have a defensive formation.

Ye Mo walked in front of the stone house that shielded his divine sense and said loudly, “I am Ye Mo, pa*sing by here by chance, Chapter 661 – Strange Cultivator I wonder which fellow Daoist is in retreat here?”

There was silence inside the stone house for a long time. Only then did a hoarse voice come, “Come in.” The language spoken was Chinese.

Ye Mo’s divine sense locked onto his flying sword before he pushed open the door and stepped into the stone house. In the middle of the stone house sat a man whose age could not be seen, and by his side was a huge seal. However, the seal was already dead, and there was a trace of dried blood at the corner of the man’s mouth. At first glance it was clear that he had drunk the seal’s blood.

At a glance, the man knew that he should have been injured, as his true qi fluctuations were very unstable, most likely caused by the backlash of his true qi during cultivation. However, when Ye Mo used his divine sense to check the man’s cultivation level, his heart sank, he could not find out the man’s cultivation level. The only explanation for not being able to find out was that his cultivation level was much higher than his.

But his body was a true flow of air, Ye Mo could still tell that he was really a cultivator and not someone who practiced ancient martial arts.

“Did you also walk in unintentionally?” The man looked at Ye Mo for a long time and suddenly asked.

Ye Mo’s heart froze. Since this man was a cultivator and his cultivation level was even higher than his, he couldn’t be unaware that this place was a concealment formation, right? According to him, it seemed that he had walked in unintentionally and he didn’t know that this place was a concealment formation either.

Was he deliberately testing himself or was it for some other reason? Ye Mo looked at the man in confusion. Suddenly his heart moved, he might really not know that this place was a concealment formation. Because just now he hadn’t been using his divine sense to check his cultivation level, perhaps he had just inadvertently come in here and then obtained a cultivation technique and then had been cultivating here.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s heart was greatly settled. He immediately nodded and said, “That’s right, I came here unintentionally because I came to Antarctica to travel? I didn’t expect there to be something else in here.”

“You’re lying.” The man suddenly stared coldly at Ye Mo and said, “You definitely didn’t come here on a tour.”

Ye Mo was startled in his heart and was thinking did he just test himself on purpose? However, hearing the man’s latter sentence, Ye Mo immediately understood that he was not deliberately testing himself, but that he did not have a backpack.

Whether this man had found this place to cultivate without intention, or whether he was himself just brought here by his master, Ye Mo no longer had the heart to understand. Because after he came in, he surprisingly saw nothing except these few formations.

There was nothing useful, and Ye Mo no longer wanted to stay here. He had come in to look for a chance, but not only was there no chance here, there was also a person with a higher cultivation level than him. Even if this person was already injured, he didn’t want to mess with it.

“My stuff is outside, I’m leaving here, goodbye.” Ye Mo said and immediately backed away.

But just as Ye Mo moved, the man sitting on the ground suddenly raised his fist and punched Ye Mo, Ye Mo didn’t even have the chance to move out of the way before he was smashed by the punch and crashed on top of the stone wall. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and he only felt as if his five organs were about to split open, it was a burning sensation.

“Late Qi Practitioner?” Ye Mo was immediately shocked in his heart, he was only in the middle stage of Qi training, but the other party was actually in the late stage of Qi training, or even at the peak, just one step away from building a foundation. Moreover, Ye Mo even suspected that he might have been injured because the other party did not know anything about Foundation Establishment, which was why he failed to build his Foundation and was injured.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, as he was facing a late stage peak Qi cultivation expert, it could be said that there was no chance of death. The other party only needed a few spells to come out, or even take out a magic flying sword, and he would not have the slightest ability to resist.

If it is said that the middle stage of Qi cultivation and the early stage is a huge ditch, then the late stage of Qi cultivation and the middle stage of Qi cultivation is a huge mountain stream, and the foundation building stage and the Qi cultivation stage is a heavenly rift. Ye Mo covertly covered his mouth with his hand, and a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ had already been swallowed by him.

“Huh, you didn’t even die?” The man froze for a moment when he saw that Ye Mo had just spat out a mouthful of blood and was unharmed, it was arguably impossible for him to not die from this punch.

“You are a practitioner of ancient martial arts? And still at earth level cultivation?” The man saw that Ye Mo did not die, but did not immediately strike again. Instead, he asked out loud.

Although his tone was calm, he was greatly alarmed in his heart, as his true qi surged after this punch because of his injury. Although he could still continue to strike and kill Ye Mo, if he did not wait for his true qi to calm down, even if he killed the man in front of him, he would still suffer greatly from the backlash himself. If it was a week ago. He could still kill Ye Mo with consecutive punches, but now his true qi was backfiring more and more, and it was even difficult to find blood food with his punches.

Ye Mo had already understood in his heart. This guy really didn’t know anything about cultivation, he couldn’t even check his cultivation level. Maybe he didn’t even have a magic weapon, or he didn’t even know simple spells like fireball. It was just relying on the cultivated true qi to fight against himself.

Thinking of this Ye Mo sighed with relief, but said coldly, “It is not necessary for you to ask what I am. But your Excellency is a bit too shameless, we don’t know each other, and the moment you strike you want to kill someone, is this the dao you cultivate?”

“Hmph, of course I want to kill you. You found this place and you still want to leave? Don’t dream of it. And I still need your blood to cultivate, so how can I possibly let you go? But if you answer me honestly, perhaps I can consider giving you a complete corpse.” The man said indifferently, while slowly calming the true qi within his dantian.

Ye Mo was furious in his heart. However, he knew that even if this man did not know spells, his realm was far higher than his own. Even if he was wounded, even if he used his flying sword, he could not kill him in one go, he could easily block his flying sword. This was a chance for himself only once. This was a chance that he had to seize, and he absolutely could not waste it. Once he knew that he could use his flying sword and not be able to kill him, then the consequences would be a matter of opinion.

It was just that Ye Mo really couldn’t figure out how a person who didn’t know anything about cultivation. How could he somehow cultivate to the peak of Qi cultivation? Even if he had a cultivation technique, even if his qualifications were bullish, he wouldn’t be able to progress so fast without spiritual energy, right?

Ye Mo came from the cultivation world, he certainly knew the difficulties of cultivation, it could be said that starting from the sixth level of Qi cultivation, every level of advancement was an even more difficult thing. Even in the cultivation world, not everyone could cultivate to the peak of Qi cultivation, this person had actually cultivated to the peak of Qi cultivation.

“Okay, I can answer your words in their original form, and I can also give you a treasure map at the end. But you also have to answer a few questions from me.” Ye Mo thought about this and said with a calm expression.

The man snorted coldly, “For the sake of you helping me deliver fresh blood and also being an ancient martial cultivator, I can answer a few questions for you, go ahead.”

“Firstly, what kind of kung fu do you practice that is so powerful? Secondly why are you drinking blood? Don’t worry, I definitely have a treasure map for you.” Ye Mo’s tone was calm as he emphasized the treasure map once again.

The man gave Ye Mo a cold look and said proudly, “Do I care for your treasure map? Even if you were to pile up everything in the world in front of me, you wouldn’t understand my quest. As for what I cultivate, to say something you won’t understand even if you die, it is the Dao of Eternal Life. You, the ancient martial arts practitioners, are nothing but rubbish before me. If I didn’t have to fail to build my foundation, I could crush you to death with a single finger.”

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, this guy had really failed to build his foundation. At the same time, Ye Mo also admired this guy’s qualifications, he could actually cultivate to Foundation Establishment in this icy place, this guy was also considered a talent.

But Ye Mo was also relieved at the same time, it looked like there really weren’t many people who cultivated the truth, and this guy was lucky to have found the cultivation technique and this blessed land. And he himself wasn’t even very clear about what cultivation was, he didn’t even know a single spell. But it was also fortunate that this guy wouldn’t, once he could do a spell, he wouldn’t even have a slight chance today.

Ye Mo heard him say that you don’t understand my pursuit, what I am pursuing is the Dao of longevity, and even a sense of empathy was aroused in his heart to come. Pressing these thoughts down, Ye Mo once again asked, “So, you are the only one who cultivates this Dao of Longevity?”

The man was silent for a moment, but shook his head and said, “No. Back then, my senior brother and I found this book together, then we memorized the contents of this book and both of us cultivated it together. However, he secretly attacked me because of those pills and I escaped from the small world ……”

When the man said this, he seemed to think of something and suddenly said, “You don’t need to know about these, prepare to die.”