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DYM Chapter 662

When Ye Mo saw that the man was about to make another move, he knew in his heart that even if this guy didn’t have spells or magic weapons, he wouldn’t be able to beat him, the difference between him and him was too great. To be honest, this guy was already half-step Foundation Establishment, while he was still struggling in the middle stage of Qi cultivation.

Just now he stopped after one punch, if he didn’t stop, after a few consecutive punches, he would have lost his skin even if he didn’t die. Ye Mo did not know that this guy’s true qi had already suffered a backlash and that he could not throw too many punches in a row.

“Hold your hand, you see if this is a treasure of mine.” Ye Mo took out his own flying sword and threw it to this man, he knew that if he had sacrificed his own flying sword, by the time it reached this man, the flying sword would have already been grabbed by someone else.

“Hmph,” the man grabbed Ye Mo’s flying sword, which gave him a wonderful feeling when it reached his hand.

What kind of sword was this? He had seen one or two of the ten famous swords of China, but he had never seen this kind of sword before. He picked up the sword and stabbed the ground, but it was as easy as cutting tofu.

“Good sword ……” Even he, who was a cultivator of truth, felt the difference of this flying sword. He transported some of his true qi into the flying sword, which suddenly chirped and seemed to grow a little larger.

The man’s face changed and he stood up. It seemed to be for his use, perfect for someone like him who cultivated the Great Dao of Eternal Life.

“This sword is a top grade magic weapon, where did you get it from?” The man suddenly asked out loud.

When Ye Mo handed the flying sword to this man, his heart had been anxious once the other party knew that it was his flying sword. Wiping out his divine sense, he would then immediately become a lamb to the slaughter.

It was also a gamble for him to give his flying sword to this man, he was betting that this man did not know the flying sword magic weapon of the cultivation world. Sure enough, he had only said that his flying sword was a top-grade magic weapon, but he did not know that there was a huge difference between this top-grade magic weapon and the kind of top-grade magic weapon that Gu Mo had said, because this kind of magic weapon could be communicated with divine sense.

Now it seemed that he had bet right, at least now that guy had not erased his divine sense mark. This means that he really doesn’t know if to sacrifice the cultivation world’s magic weapons.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and said, “This is what I got from the location indicated by that treasure map, it’s just a pity that I could only travel to the outer edge and couldn’t enter. So only this sword was obtained.”

When the man heard Ye Mo’s words, a bright aura suddenly appeared in his eyes, and Ye Mo knew that he was moved. A person who cultivated cultivation techniques. It would be strange if he didn’t get moved when he met something like this.

“You give me that treasure map, and I will spare your life.” The man said in a cold voice with his flying sword.

Ye Mo said without being condescending, “It is certainly fine to give you the treasure map, but in exchange, you must also tell me the place where you got the item.”

“Fine.” The man spoke dryly, “I got it at Starga Mountain, when my senior brother and I were both there ……”

Before the man’s words fell, he suddenly took the sword in his hand and stabbed at Ye Mo, his speed as fast as lightning. In his opinion, that treasure map must be on Ye Mo’s body, as long as he killed Ye Mo. Wouldn’t the treasure map be easy to get?

Ye Mo didn’t expect this guy to strike at him without finishing a word. Luckily, he was using his own flying sword, and a second before he was about to strike, Ye Mo sensed from his flying sword that this guy was about to strike. He immediately got out of the way. The flying sword pierced through his residual shadow.

Not waiting for the man to be surprised at how Ye Mo escaped, the flying sword in his hand suddenly came off and quickly slashed across his throat instead.

The man covered his throat with his hand in shock, staring at the flying sword that flew in front of Ye Mo, unable to utter a word.

Ye Mo secretly screamed in his heart that it was lucky that he was using his own flying sword. If he still attacked with his fist, there would still be no way for him to dodge it. He thought this guy would at least finish his words before making his move, but he didn’t expect this guy to make his move without even finishing his words, it was simply too ungenerous.

“This is only the flying sword magic weapon used in the cultivation world, just these few strokes of yours also dare to say that you cultivate the Longevity Path?” Ye Mo sneered and suddenly gathered out a fire ball in his hand and said again, “You cultivated the Everlasting Life Avenue, can you do this?”

The man’s eyes gathered together in shock, disbelief and confusion, but he ended up just uh-uh a few times before his soul flew away.

Ye Mo wiped his cold sweat and secretly screamed that it was a fluke. Luckily, he didn’t know about magic weapons or the most basic things in cultivation, otherwise he would be the one who died today. It was just a pity that he didn’t fully tell the truth about Xingjia Mountain. Ye Mo was sure that what he and his senior brother had found was a cultivation relic. It was just like this cave, only that cultivation relic had pills, and it was definitely way more advanced than this cave that was just for cultivation.

Just when Ye Mo thought that there was nothing on this guy and was about to extinguish him with a fireball, he discovered that the futon he had was actually hollow inside.

Ye Mo immediately reached out and grabbed the futon and tore it open, revealing a token and two booklets inside. Apart from these, there were several jade bottles, but they were all empty. Ye Mo opened one of the jade bottles and smelled it, and immediately his face changed drastically, it was surprisingly the smell of the ‘Great Peel Pill’.

No wonder this guy could advance to the peak of Qi cultivation, he had eaten so many pills, one should know that the ‘Great Peel Pill’ was something to eat for Foundation Establishment cultivation. D*mn, how come he didn’t eat this guy to death. Ye Mo put down the bottle with a face full of pity and picked up the two booklets.

Two booklets, one of them said ‘Xuan Bing Duel’, Ye Mo opened it and read it, it was really a cultivation technique, suitable for water spiritual root cultivation. This guy that he had just killed was definitely a water spirit root. He flipped through it, it was not of much use to him, but this book was the first real cultivation technique he had seen when he came here.

Ye Mo put this book away and took out the second book again, which turned out to be the Taiyi True Solution. This was a top-notch cultivation technique for ancient martial arts, but Ye Mo still wasn’t interested. What he was interested in was this book, “The True Interpretation of Taiyi”, and he wondered if it was related to the Taiyi Sect, and if it was, then this guy he had just killed was most likely from the small world.

Ye Mo picked up the token, and on it were the words Taiyi, and underneath Taiyi there was a seal with the two traditional characters Elder written on it. It turned out that this guy was an elder of the Taiyi Sect, and he didn’t know how he had escaped.

So the “Taiyi True Solution” was really something from the Taiyi Sect, a gong method of the Taiyi Sect, Ye Mo was immediately interested. Sooner or later, he would have to go to the Inner Concealment Sect to settle accounts with the Taiyi Sect, and he also knew that the Taiyi Sect had many experts, even Innate experts, and now that the Taiyi Sect’s gongfa was in his hands, he certainly wouldn’t miss it.

Ye Mo began to flip through the Taiyi True Interpretation in his hand, memorising some of the special moves in it, and not letting go of some of the secret techniques either. When Ye Mo flipped to the last page, he saw a diagram.

“Seven Star Formation?” Ye Mo felt that he had enough surprises already, he actually saw a seven-star formation illustration here.

This illustration was a bit old, but it clearly stated the way to enter and come out of the formation. Apart from the once-in-a-decade loosening of the formation, which allowed entry and exit, there were also several special techniques.

At this point, Ye Mo was already sure that this guy was able to come out of the small world because he had obtained this diagram. He was definitely from the Small World, so that meant that Xingjia Mountain was also from the Small World.

It was just that once Ye Mo took a look, he knew that this diagram was also just a tricky way, whether it was borrowing the formation to loosen it or other means it was not a real way to break the Seven Star Formation. But this was enough for Ye Mo, because he was not trying to crack this formation either, and he knew that this formation was not cultivated enough to break it at all, he just needed to be able to get in and get out again.

There was no need to think about using the formation to loosen it, there was a time limit on this and it only came around once every few decades. Apart from using the formation to loosen it, the first way to get in was to use the Qiqi stone method, and it required seven Qiqi stones. Ye Mo didn’t even look at them and skipped over them. If he had so many Qi Qi stones, that is, spirit stones, he would be able to go to the late fifth level of Qi training.

The second way to get in was to find someone with wisdom roots, give all of this person’s blood to the Heavenly Pivot Bit to absorb, and then he could enter the formation.

Ye Mo had completely understood at this point, what has a wisdom root is, to put it bluntly, a person with spiritual roots. This was the method used by Daoist Nun Jing Hu last time, and it looked like she also had this kind of illustration. It was just that Wei Yongqian, whom she found, had not opened the formation even though the blood had been absorbed. Either his spiritual roots were insufficient, or something else was wrong.

Later she found herself and used this same method, but unfortunately she had just gotten out of that place. I don’t know if that place can only absorb once a day, or if a person can only try once, but anyway, his blood was not sucked away, and not only did he escape, but he tricked all the spirit stones into coming.

From this point of view, he also had to be grateful to this Kaifu, because not only did he cheat her of the spirit stone, but he also found Luo Ying because of this incident.

It was a pity that neither of these two methods could be used by Ye Mo, there was no need to talk about using spirit stones, he simply did not have them. The second way was to let the formation suck people into dried meat. Although Ye Mo was decisive in killing people, he was clear in his grudges and would not grab people and suck them into dried meat for no reason at all.

Moreover, even if Ye Mo wanted to do so, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to find someone with spiritual roots. He knew that Daoist Nun Jing Hu’s method of using spirit stones to find people with spiritual roots would not work at all, or that method would not be able to find them at all.

Ye Mo had no choice but to extinguish the man on the ground with a fireball, and looked around the remaining few stone houses to make sure there was nothing worth taking before he walked out of this concealment formation.

Even if Ye Mo was a cultivator, he couldn’t help but shiver when he walked out from inside the warm spring-like stone room, the difference in temperature between the two sides was too great.

Although he did not find the nest of the ‘Northern Sand’, he was still able to gain something. Just as Ye Mo was about to step onto his flying sword and leave the place, he seemed to hear some screams coming from far away.