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DYM Chapter 663

Ye Mo heard a vague scream coming from his heart and was still puzzled, even thinking he had heard it wrong. This was the Antarctic, who had nothing better to do than to come to this place and scream?

When the second scream came, Ye Mo knew that he had not heard wrong, it was really someone screaming from far away. After Ye Mo stepped onto his flying sword and flew high into the sky, he immediately saw a tornado at the mountain peak thousands of metres away bringing up snowflakes tens of metres high, forming a huge cylinder.

And on top of the mountain a large area of snow was flying down like a waterfall, and several red and blue dressed figures were swaying around like floating weeds near that raging wind and snow. It was from that place that the screams came from time to time. Luckily, they were still at the foot of the mountain not far away from the tornado, which prevented them from being swept away by the wind.

Immediately, Ye Mo knew that this was an avalanche caused by a huge tornado, and he secretly shook his head, these people didn’t know what they wanted to come to this place for? Although he was speechless, it was not in his nature to see the dead and not save them.

Just as he was about to go to the rescue, the tornado split had disappeared and the avalanches had all stopped. It seemed that these things came and went quickly.

Although it was already fine over there, Ye Mo thought about it and still came down from the air and walked over quickly.

By the time Ye Mo reached near the foot of this mountain, those few people had already returned to the foot of the mountain, they hadn’t climbed very high, so as soon as the avalanche stopped, they immediately came down. There were six people in total, three men and three women, that Ye Mo saw.

Two blue tents were stationed a little further away from the foot of the mountain, and the few people who were outside the tents had already seen Ye Mo walking over. They all looked strangely at this young man who was not carrying anything. The youth who had come over as if he was taking a walk.

“Are you guys alright.” Ye Mo asked casually as he walked up to him. He took a look at the things and tents these people had brought with them, there were the words Yanjing University on them and there were also a few Yanjing University flags.

What surprised these people even more was that they were all wearing thick warm down jackets, but this man in front of him only had a few thin pieces of clothing on him, and he could even talk, and he could even ask slowly if there was anything wrong with a few people on his side? Because of Ye Mo’s special costume. It made them forget for a moment what had just happened.

It was only after a long time that a round-faced girl hesitantly said, “We’re fine now. Do you need help?”

Only then did Ye Mo react, daring to think that he had come here empty-handed, and they thought he had come in distress. Thinking about it. Ye Mo smiled to himself, “Since it’s alright, I’ll leave, goodbye.”

“Ah, you wait.” The prettiest girl called out to Ye Mo and suddenly took out a jacket from inside the tent and handed it to Ye Mo, “Have you lost your clothes? It’s tens of degrees below zero here, you’ll freeze into a popsicle in a little time with these clothes.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that he had surprised them a bit with the clothes he was wearing, and he quickly waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing. I’ve been exercising, this cold doesn’t bother me much. I just heard someone over here asking for help, so I came over to take a look.”

What he said was true, although the weather was cold, it was because of the cold. The true qi in his body would always run involuntarily around the sky. It would only be good for his cultivation, and there really wouldn’t be any problems yet.

“Ah, right, it was Yi He who called out just now, Yi He, what happened to you just now?” Because of Ye Mo’s arrival. It made them so surprised that they forgot the culprit just now for a while. It seemed like it was because of Yi He’s scream after the tornado and avalanche just now, and it was good that they didn’t climb too high.

It was only after hearing the round-faced girl’s words that a few people took their attention away from Ye Mo and looked at the girl who had been crouching to the side and seemed to be vomiting, with a boy next to her carefully patting her back.

“Dead people, I saw dead people, so many dead people ……” said the girl called Yi He while crying, her eyes still full of horror.

Ye Mo’s face changed when he heard Yi He’s words, and his divine sense immediately swept out, but that was already beyond his divine sense. He just wanted to fly over and take a look, but immediately thought that this place was not suitable for flying, and flying in front of a few ordinary people was a little too shocking.

“What dead people? Yi Ho, you speak clearly?” Another tall, fit boy immediately asked.

At this moment the boy who was patting Yi He brought a bottle of water and handed it to Yi He and said, “Don’t rush, you take your time, there are so many people here, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Yi He took a few sips of water before slowly calming down, she organized her thoughts before saying, “I was at the mountainside and tried to use the binoculars to see the snow scene in the distance, but I saw a huge snow pit, that snow pit was full of dead people, oooh …… ”

Said Yi He, pointing to a distant place where there really seemed to be a huge snow pit, but it wasn’t very clear to see at the foot of the mountain.

“That can’t be right, that far away you can see?” The taller boy said immediately, frowning.

Yi He grabbed the boy next to her and said, “It’s true, I did see it, a lot of figures overlapping together in there, that must be dead people ……”

“I’ll go check it out ……” the tall boy said, picking up a telescope and going over.

“Chen Guang, you should not go over there, in case …….” The round-faced girl saw the tall boy about to go up the peak again and hastily pulled him back.

Ye Mo already felt in his heart that something was wrong, how could there be so many dead people here? He remembered the submarine that he had destroyed, could it be that one of their bases was really here?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo said to a few students, “You guys wait here, I’ll go check it out.”

After saying that, Ye Mo saw the worried and puzzled looks of several people, he casually explained again, “I’m a mountaineer, so it’s fine, I’ll come back and tell you guys the situation after I’ve seen it.”

As they watched Ye Mo quickly run towards the mountain, several students only then came to their senses fully, what they had met in this short period of time was just too much.

“Zhiqi, that young man just now said he was a mountaineer, but his clothes were so thin and he didn’t have the same mountaineering tools, was he telling the truth? How can you be here for so long in this kind of clothes. And still nothing at all? Could he be a ……” the round-faced girl who called out to her boyfriend was a bit worried and pulled the girl who wanted to take clothes to Ye Mo and asked.

Although it was still broad daylight, but her words caused a chill to run through the crowd. Yes, it was too abnormal for a person like that to appear in a place like Antarctica.

“Let’s hurry up and pack our things and contact the tour group right away, we can’t go alone now.” The taller boy seemed to agree with what his girlfriend had said.

The girl called Zhiqi shook her head. It took a moment before she said, “I don’t think so, I heard my grandfather say that in China there is a type of people who practice ancient martial arts. They are very capable. Maybe this person is a practitioner of ancient martial arts. If he is a practitioner of ancient martial arts, he is resistant to cold. And it’s normal to be capable.”

“Are ancient martial arts that powerful?” The boy standing next to Yi He, who was still comforting him, interjected.

The somewhat skinny boy who hadn’t spoken said, “Yes, and ancient martial arts is even more powerful than that.”

“Dong Fang Wang, how do you know? Did you see these on the internet too?” The boy who had comforted Yi Ho asked again.

The skinny boy, however, did not continue to answer, but looked at Ye Mo’s back and frowned.

Seeing that Dongfang Wang didn’t say anything, several people lost interest in talking, instead they all looked at Ye Mo who turned out to be further and further away in the distance.

After Ye Mo left the few people, he was very fast, in just under half an hour, he had arrived next to the huge snow pit that Yi He had mentioned. There was no need to sweep down his divine sense. He could see what was inside the snow pit. Although the snow pit was very deep, the light shone right in and immediately there were at least a few dozen corpses.

That Yi He was indeed right, this was really a corpse pit.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in. He found that many of these corpses had been experimented on. He immediately understood that there was indeed a base of the ‘Northern Sand’ here, and these dead people were definitely related to that ‘Northern Sand’ organisation.

Even if this was not the ‘Northern Sand’ lair, since Ye Mo knew that there was a ‘Northern Sand’ organisation here, he had to find this place.

Just as Ye Mo’s divine sense began to spread out, trying to find where the ‘Northern Sand’ base was. A feeling of being spied on surged to his mind. Ye Mo turned around abruptly and reached out to squeeze a rapidly flying bullet from a stopper gun. At the same time, he had already disappeared in the same place.

By the time he arrived at the side of the blocker who was ready to block him, the blocker was already out of breath.

How ruthless, to try to kill him. Ye Mo snorted coldly in his heart, he already knew that his extermination of the submarine was exposed. Moreover, he had delayed all night because of that cultivation cave, now those people might have already prepared to withdraw.

Ye Mo’s divine sense once again searched the area inch by inch, and he didn’t have to search for long before he found a different place, which was also a deep pit with snow. But before he could enter the deep pit to explore it, a powerful danger rose from the bottom of his feet, and without even thinking, Ye Mo immediately flew into the air.

“Boom ……” Almost at the same time as Ye Mo left, a violent explosion lifted from the ground, the explosion was mixed with flames and snowflakes in the sky, as if it turned this mountain peak upside down, the sound was amazing.

The mountain peak where Ye Mo had just landed was immediately blown to pieces in the midst of this explosion. Under Ye Mo’s divine sense, an experimental platform, as well as various instruments were lifted up from the ground and instantly exploded into powder.

Ye Mo’s face was ugly, these people were so decisive, and such powerful bombs, under such bombs, even the mountains turned to smithereens, not to mention the labs that these bombs purposely targeted.

If he hadn’t been able to fly up immediately, it would have been difficult for him not to get hurt under such bombs.

He had investigated the stuff, and this was indeed one of the bases of the ‘Northern Sands’, but there was no difference between investigating it and not investigating it. Because the place had been reduced to flying ash the moment he investigated it. These people were too bold, he even felt that Luo Yue’s main enemy in the future was not Mi Guo, but ‘Bei Sha’, an enemy hiding in the shadows.

Ye Mo could not figure out somewhat why these people did not let him enter the lab before unleashing the bomb. The only explanation, that was that these people were too scared of him, afraid that if he entered the lab and took the stuff away, the bomb wouldn’t be able to kill him.

The huge mountain was blown flat and the great avalanche erupted again. The snow that was like breaking water quickly filled the mountain that was blown out of the huge crater, and the place soon became a short snow peak again.