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DYM Chapter 664

The few Yan students who heard the booming explosion from afar were all dumbfounded as they watched the avalanche that was many times more powerful than what they had just seen. It was just that the flying snow was rolling up in the sky, and all they could see was just a vast expanse of white.

The place Yi He had just pointed at seemed to have been completely covered by an avalanche. Under such a crazy avalanche, would the young man who had just gone up there still have a life?

“Just now besides the avalanche there was also the sound of an explosion, there seems to be a few tnt** buried there in general.” A long time ago Dongfang Wang said out loud.

An Zhiqi was silent for a long time before adding, “Such a big explosion and avalanche, he did not know ……”

Although An Zhiqi did not finish his words, but everyone understood what he meant, that is, the youth who went just now, it is impossible to survive.

“Ah, he seems to be fine and has walked over.” The round-faced girl called Fu Li had the sharpest eyes and saw Ye Mo coming over in the distance at a glance.

“How is it possible that ……. nothing happened under that kind of explosion, this man is a god?” The boy standing next to Yi He said in awe.

Ye Mo had already walked up to these few people, smiled and said, “I’m not a god, it’s just that I was already down the mountain when the explosion happened. With such a big avalanche here, I think you guys should leave early.”

After a pause Ye Mo added, “In fact, there are so many places to visit in China, why do you have to come to Antarctica? I’m leaving, see you later.”

Ye Mo’s last sentence was just a casual advice, this was no longer a safe place with the presence of the ‘Northern Sand’ people. If these students didn’t listen to his advice, then forget it.

“Wait a minute, this big brother, we haven’t asked for your name yet? My name is An Zhiqi and the short one over here is Yu Xiaodong. The one next to him is Yi He. And the tall one is called Chen Guang, and the one next to him is Fu Li. The thinner one is called Dong Fang Wang. We are all students from Yanjing University, and Chen Guang has come to Antarctica for the second time.” An Zhiqi didn’t wait for Ye Mo’s words of refusal to come out and first introduced all six people on their side.

“Dongfang Wang?” Ye Mo’s heart twitched, if he didn’t know this skinny boy’s name, he wouldn’t have cared much. But hearing him called Dongfang Wang, Ye Mo immediately thought of Dongfang Qiu and Dongfang Tang.

If there was not the slightest resemblance between Dongfang Qiu and Dongfang Tang, but one look at this Dongfang Wang, and Ye Mo knew he was wrong. Not only was Dongfang Wang somewhat like Dongfang Qiu, but he was also somewhat similar to Dongfang Tang. In this way, through Dongfang Wang. Ye Mo immediately knew that Dongfang Tang and Dongfang Qiu were related.

Ye Mo thought about the last time Dongfang Tang and Kuyu came to Luo Yue to negotiate. He himself had asked him if he knew Dongfang Qiu, but he said that he did not know Dongfang Qiu. Moreover, his face looked a little unnatural, and later Void Moon Hua analysed that his words were false.

Now it seemed that he had really lied. Not only did he know Dongfang Qiu, but it was likely that he was Dongfang Qiu’s brother. If one added this Dongfang Wang in front of him. Then the Dongfang family would be three brothers in total.

“Why don’t you say anything?” Seeing Ye Mo’s silence, An Zhiqi subconsciously said another sentence.

Ye Mo chuckled and said, “My name is Mo Ying, by the way, fellow Dongfang Wang, don’t I seem to have seen you somewhere, why do I look a bit familiar?”

Several students looked at Ye Mo strangely when they saw that Ye Mo had left behind the beautiful An Zhiqi who was looking for him to talk to, and instead made a point of asking Dongfang Wang. It was An Zhiqi who looked at Ye Mo with a somewhat reluctant pout, a beautiful girl of her own kept looking for him to talk to. Yet he didn’t look at himself, but took the initiative to find Dongfang Wang.

Seeing that Dongfang Wang seemed to look at himself with some surprise, Ye Mo knew that he was a bit abrupt and immediately added, “I might have misread it, but the person I’ve seen should look somewhat like you.”

Dongfang Wang swept a glance at Ye Mo before he said without expression, “You didn’t look wrong. But since you can recognize them, it means that you are not a simple person either. One of those two people is called Dongfang Qiu and the other is called Dongfang Wang. The one you have met should be one of the two of them, or …… both of them you have met.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, it was really like that, Dongfang Qiu and he had a deep hatred, although killing this guy, Ye Mo still felt in his heart that it was cheap to kill that Dongfang Qiu.

Should he kill this Dongfang Wang? There was no reason to spare himself from the Dongfang family. Last time that Dongfang Tang came over and even fooled him, this time when he went back, the first person he would clean up was that Dongfang Tang. But for this Dongfang Wang, Ye Mo thought better of it. At least he hadn’t done anything against him, so it didn’t seem right to just kill him.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly said, “Fellow Dongfang Wang, those two people should be your brothers, right? What do they do?”

Dongfang Wang coldly snorted, “I have never considered them to be my brothers, I am just surnamed Dongfang, I am not related to the Dongfang family in the slightest. Don’t involve me with them, I am me and they are them.”

The tone of his voice was cold and indifferent, without the slightest bit of emotion.

Ye Mo secretly thought to himself, could it be that the three brothers did not get along with each other? Or was there another reason in it? Although Ye Mo knew that he did not have the slightest reason to kill Dongfang Wang now, he was still a little uncomfortable. Dongfang Qiu and Dongfang Tang were both against him, there was no guarantee that this Dongfang Wang wouldn’t be the same.

Dongfang Wang looked at Ye Mo who had some complexities in his eyes and suddenly spoke, “I know that you can appear in the South Pole like this, you must be a person of ability. However, I have to say that if you kill me because of Dongfang Qiu and Dongfang Tang, I won’t be able to die in peace.”

An Zhiqi a few people dumbfounded look at Ye Mo Dongfang Wang, how this words some strange? How can they not move to kill, is it possible that the place they are in now is not Earth?

Ye Mo’s heart was moved, this Dongfang Wang actually felt his own killing intent.

But he then smiled faintly and did not say anything. In his heart, however, he felt that this Dongfang Wang was really too clever, besides sensing his own killing intent, there was also the fact that he had analyzed some of the grudges through his casual questions and then combined them with his two brothers. This Dongfang family is really a demon, could it be that everyone in the Dongfang family is this smart?

Seeing that Ye Mo did not speak, Dongfang Tang frowned and suddenly said, “I am only half brothers with Dongfang Qiu and Dongfang Tang, but since my father died and my mother and I were expelled from the Dongfang Family, I am no longer a member of the Dongfang Family. Your grudge against them has nothing to do with me. I have only one relative, my mother. But I can tell you one thing, the ancestors of my Dongfang family have always been from West Tang, and the lifelong wish of the Dongfang family is to return to West Tang, but that has nothing to do with me.”

After saying these words, Dongfang Wang closed his mouth and stopped speaking.

When Ye Mo asked the question, he no longer had the intention of killing Dongfang Wang. Not to mention that Dongfang Wang had not done anything to him now, even if Dongfang Wang had done something to him, he, Ye Mo, would not be afraid. If he killed the Dongfang family now upon seeing them, it would be fear in his heart first, which would not do his dao the slightest bit of good. However, Dongfang Tang had already provoked him and he was perfectly capable of killing.

Now what Dongfang Wang said was so inexplicable that he couldn’t even understand it. Ye Mo had been to most of the places in China, but he had never heard of any Xi Tang. Although he hadn’t heard of it, Ye Mo didn’t ask, since it was the Dongfang family, he didn’t want to ask.

“Hey, you guys are talking like jianghu people, I don’t understand a word of it. Let’s get out of here, the tour group has sent a message.” Fu Li saw that the atmosphere was a bit tense, although she could also see that Ye Mo was not an unusual person, she hurriedly said a few words to ease the situation.

Ye Mo looked at a few people and smiled lightly, not saying anything as he prepared to leave.

An Zhiqi seemed to see the meaning of Ye Mo’s smile, but she jacked in and said, “We came to Antarctica to actually try to conquer it through our efforts and plant the flag of our school and our motherland on top of the highest peak in Antarctica.”

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, and although he was reluctant to say it, he finally said, “So by planting the flag here, you have conquered the Antarctic?”

“Of course, other countries, all of them use them planting their flags at the South Pole as a sign of conquering the Antarctic, and many people in our country have done the same. Although we are students, but we can do it too.” An Zhiqi didn’t hear Ye Mo’s words and immediately replied.

Ye Mo was speechless in his heart, a place he had visited was the same as conquering it, a theory he really couldn’t figure out. The Antarctic is still it even if you come every day, it can kill you at any time, but you can only be childish and say I’m here to conquer you while hiding from the snow and wind while being Ah Q.

If someone said that through his hard work and perseverance he had been here before, or that he had set foot here on behalf of whoever, then this argument might be acceptable to Ye Mo. But this argument that having been to the Antarctic is the same as having conquered it, Ye Mo was really a bit speechless when he heard it.

Of course he would not say such things, he looked at An Zhiqi and smiled and said, “I think that after you have conquered the Antarctic, you can also go to the airports of various countries and conquer the whole world, good luck, goodbye.”

After saying that, Ye Mo turned around and left, and soon his figure disappeared inside the snow-capped glacier.

After leaving these students who had conquered the Antarctic, the first thing Ye Mo did was to take out his phone and call Void Yuehua, asking her to immediately check on Dongfang Tang of the South African Blue Light Company. He was eager to know what Dongfang Tang was doing lately, because he had a hunch that things were a bit strange with Luo Yue this time.

That chain of events was exactly like the situation when Dongfang Qi had dealt with him, all seven turns of events.

From something happening with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, to Luo Yue starting a dispute with various countries, to Indonesia taking strong measures and the war starting immediately. In the end, even if the war is over, there is still the incident with Mrs. Rode, as well as the long dug underground pa*sage, and the nuclear submarine ……

Almost everything can be linked together to deal with only one target, and that is Luo Yue.