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DYM Chapter 665

An Zhiqi looked dumbly at Ye Mo’s disappearing back, and with his words in her ears telling her to conquer the world, there was suddenly an indescribable feeling in her heart. She was suddenly a little confused about the idea of coming with her cla*smates to conquer the Antarctic, did she really conquer the place by setting foot in the Antarctic?

Dongfang Wang, who was staring at Ye Mo’s back disappearing like An Zhiqi, suddenly felt that his palms were already covered in sweat. He was very smart and had a very strong premonition. He really did feel Ye Mo’s killing intent in that moment, exactly when An Zhiqi and the man said his name was Dongfang Wang, he saw the killing intent in the eyes of the young man called Mo Ying.

So much of what he said was to make that person understand that he had nothing to do with Dongfang Qiu Dongfang Tang. Even his last words were given to Ye Mo to save his life, but he wouldn’t care if Ye Mo could understand it.


As soon as Ye Mo asked about Dongfang Tang, Xu Yuehua immediately gave the exact answer. She had investigated the matter of Dongfang Tang a long time ago, and Void Yuehua had also known about the matter of the South African Blue Light Company for a long time, only because Ye Mo started to be busy dealing with Indonesia as soon as he returned, and she herself was busy with the war, so this matter had been put off.

From Void Moonghua, Ye Mo already knew that the South African Blue Light Mercenary Company had an internal barrage a few months ago. The regimental commander Kuyo and Edward died in the civil unrest and the Blue Light Company was torn apart. And Dongfang Tang led a group of men who had disappeared without a trace since that civil unrest.

Hearing Void Moonghua’s words, a not-so-good feeling welled up in Ye Mo’s heart. He had a hunch that whether it was the disappearance of the elite special forces from various countries that happened on Ice Helmet Island. Or something happened to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, or even the war in Luo Yue and other things, all should be related to that missing Dongfang Tang. Because if this was planned by one person, then this method was too similar to Dongfang Qiu, which did not make him not suspect.

If Dongfang Qiu had not died, the first person he would suspect would be Dongfang Qiu, but Dongfang Qiu was dead. His first object of suspicion became Dongfang Tang.

If these things were really related to Dongfang Tang, then it was very likely that he had joined the ‘Northern Sands’. Even the person Han Zaixin said had escaped from the ‘North Sand’ Yangwan base and then leaked the ‘Empty Aoi’. It was also a part of the plan. Because that incident was too coincidental, it just so happened that the big disappearance started after those special elite soldiers entered Ice Helmet Island.

Ye Mo didn’t know about this matter apart from him having a rough guess. Did the rest of the countries have someone else think of this.

“How are things going over in Rice and Britain?” Ye Mo put down the matter of Dongfang Tang and asked.

Void Moon Hua’s tone was relaxed as he said, “After Mrs. Rhodes and her daughter made a televised speech on Luo Yue TV, the talks between the leaders of Rice and Britain ended soon after, but there was no news coming out. And the British Prime Minister’s visit to Rice has become shorter and he has now left Rice to return to the UK. There is no news from India, however.”

After saying this Void Moon Hua hesitated for a moment, she still said, “It’s just that Mrs. Rode is unwilling to leave Luo Yue now, she said she wants to wait for your return and has something important to discuss.”

Hearing Void Moonghua’s words, Ye Mo’s head started to hurt, he reckoned that there was something wrong with this Mrs. Luo De. But he just didn’t know what her problem was. No matter what secrets she had, Ye Mo did not want to get in touch with this kind of person. As long as she had no malice towards Luo Yue, he could not wait for Mrs. Luo to leave Luo Yue immediately.

But if people didn’t leave, they couldn’t be driven away either, thinking of this. Ye Mo said with some annoyance, “I’ll go to Ice Helmet Island now and take a look, you pay a little attention to Mrs. Luo De and her daughter. Be safe and also pay attention to what they say and do, don’t let this woman make a ghost.”

“Won’t you have a few words with Luo Ying and Light Snow?” Void Yuehua subconsciously asked, what she had in mind was how Ye Mo was going to get to Ice Helmet Island, which was not a little bit of distance. But Ye Mo didn’t say he wanted to help. She didn’t ask either.

Hearing what Void Yuehua said, Ye Mo replied, “The phone doesn’t have much battery left, there are some things I will say to them when I come back ……”

Hearing Void Moon Hua’s light laughter coming from inside the phone, Ye Mo hurriedly said, “Don’t misunderstand, that now you have to pay attention to the safety of Ye Xing and the others, and also if there are immigrants to Luo Yue now you can open the blockade. But the Luo Yue research area and important scientist residence area, anyone is strictly forbidden to approach, as long as they are caught, they will be immediately beaten into the main prison and wait for me to return to dispose of them.”

Ye Mo hurriedly digressed, but also at the same time told Void Moon Hua to start working on the matter of Luo Yue’s immigration. Although the Luo-Indian War that had just ended, Luo Yue won easily and happily. However, the shortcomings of Luo Yue’s small population were exposed. If Luo Yue’s population had been larger, the matter of Mrs. Rode could have even been avoided.

In Ye Mo’s mind, Luo Yue’s population should be around five to ten million, and even if it reached twenty million, it would not be uncommon. The soldiers should be around half a million, and only when they reached this level would Luo Yue not be afraid of any power anymore. Even if it was a siege, Luo Yue wouldn’t care, and besides, such a siege would be impossible to happen. Although Luo Yue’s diplomacy was not very good, it would not be so weak that it did not even have an ally.

“Right, you can find out for me again what West Tang is, I heard it’s a place in China, but I’ve never heard of it.” Ye Mo thought about Dongfang Wang’s words and also casually asked Void Yuehua to look it up.

After hanging up the phone Ye Mo suddenly thought of the names of the three Dongfang brothers. Dongfang Qiu, Dongfang Tang, Dongfang Wang, these three names of theirs seemed to have a feature where the last word on one side of the combination was West Tang King.

“This should just be a coincidence, right?” Ye Mo muttered with a frown.

Ye Mo had understood at this point why Dongfang Wang had revealed this news at the end, he should have sensed his own killing chance, and after he sensed his killing chance, he immediately revealed this news. This Dongfang Wang is really good-hearted, he told himself this news purely to save his life.

Dongfang Wang was afraid that he would return to kill him again when the time came, but this Dongfang Wang also underestimated him, Ye Mo, he still needed to be so meandering to kill a person. The fact that he thought so might have something to do with the tradition of his Dongfang family. People from the Dongfang family liked to do things like this and think of others as well.

But Ye Mo could also see that although this Dongfang Wang was not as old and spicy as Dongfang Qiu and Dongfang Tang, he was also a lingering character. He was just a little too dark, if he wasn’t from the Dongfang family and had brighter ideas, maybe he would really want to bring this guy to Luo Yue. No matter what. This Dongfang Wang is also a talent.


Although the conditions are harsh, Luo Yue has once again started to absorb immigrants from all over the world, and priority is given to welcoming immigrants from China. But whoever wants to come to Luo Yue. It will have to be investigated and only those who meet Luo Yue’s conditions can immigrate to Luo Yue.

Those who go to Luo Yue and do not call it home are not wanted. Not corrupt officials, not those who break the law and discipline, not those with unclear backgrounds ……

Even though there are many conditions, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of those people to migrate to Luoyue. Nowadays, Luo Yue is a paradise in the world.

And because of the war, Luoyue received a large amount of reparations and many facilities were set up at the same time. Living quarters, commercial areas, schools, hospitals, factories, banks, various institutions and so on were erected. Because the construction of Luoyue was all built from scratch, and it was also designed by Ye Xing, so both the planning and the supporting facilities. All of them are first-cla*s in the world.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of Luo Yue, President Turner of Rice was depressed to the point of vomiting blood. The opportunity that someone had just created for him was crushed by Luo Yue before he could play it out. Mrs Rhodes was surprisingly saved by someone from Loyue, and she even made a televised speech in Loyue. The speech was even directed at Rice.

This made it impossible for Britain to go to war, and Rice and the missing tourists in India had even less reason to go to war as they had been accused by Mrs Rhodes of being a terrorist group, and even these had video evidence to prove it.

As much as Turner would like to go to war with Loyola, there is no excuse for the people of Rice to embrace it. There was no excuse for the rest of the country not to intervene, and there was nothing he could do about it. What angers and upsets Rice the most now is not that Loyuki has made a fortune from this war and has been given a lot of time to build. Rather, it is the fact that Indonesia has leased the island of Gion to Loyue, so that Loyue is choking a choke point for the US fleet to enter the Indian Ocean.

As the world’s number one maritime hegemon, Rice would never allow such a thing to exist anymore. So even if there is no excuse for war for the time being, they must still negotiate with Luo Yue. Invite Luo Yue’s troops out of Gion Island.


Ye Mo knew that he wasn’t good at internal affairs, and besides, he didn’t have a lot of time to participate in Luo Yue’s internal affairs, so he didn’t bother with all that construction. He simply handed all those things over to Void Moon Hua and the others, and with Void Moon Hua and the others around, Ye Mo was at ease with the development of Luo Yue.

Now his goal was clear, that was to go to Ice Helmet Island as soon as possible to find the traces of Zhang Dao and Li Fox, and preferably to save them. Then come back and get married to Luo Ying Ning Qing Xue. After the wedding, it was to look for spirit stones and try to enter the small world within a year or two.

Ye Mo had always been looking forward to the Small World, and now that he had learned that the Xingjia Mountain in the Small World had also discovered cultivation ruins, his anticipation had grown even deeper. His main purpose of entering the Small World was to look for cultivation resources so that he could build his foundation. There was also a side trip to Taiyi, the Taiyi that had harmed Light Snow, and Ye Mo would not let it go.

From the South Pole to the North Pole, even at Ye Mo’s current cultivation level, he had consumed an Essence Pill. When Ye Mo followed the latitude and longitude map given by Han Zaixin and found Ice Helmet Island, the sky had become grey and dull. It was Ye Mo who didn’t know whether it was day or night, he was already a little dizzy after coming from the South Pole to the North Pole in a day’s time.

The Ice Helmet Island was indeed as Han Zaixin had said, there were icebergs on all sides, and the huge Ice Helmet Island was hidden in the middle of many icebergs, it really looked like a huge and incomparable iceberg.

However, when Ye Mo stood over the Ice Helmet Island and looked at the bare yellow rocks and some mountains with snow all around, he already knew that this was a real island, or an island of not small size, and definitely not an iceberg. I heard Han Zaixin say that this island looked like a helmet, but Ye Mo couldn’t tell, because the area of this island was just a little too big.

Around the Ice Helmet Island, there were also some warships with the flag of the Peacekeeping Force, but none of these warships were close to the Ice Helmet Island.

“It seems that something is indeed wrong here.” Ye Mo muttered to himself before landing on top of a tawny rock. He had just stepped onto Ice Helm Island when a very strange feeling came over him, a feeling of dead silence.