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DYM Chapter 666

What Ye Mo didn’t know was that on top of a warship in the distance, three men and two women were staring at a surveillance screen.

When Ye Mo’s figure appeared on the screen, these five men all looked at each other in shock, and surprisingly none of them spoke for a while. Their expressions had been replaced by that of horror.

“He really does have that mysterious ability to come and go everywhere, in this world, there is actually this kind of supernatural ability, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would never believe it ……” After a long time, one of the women spoke up and said.

Because someone spoke up to break the somewhat dull atmosphere, another person said, “Even if he is more powerful, he will definitely die later.”

The remaining few people did not reply because they all thought that what the man had just said was right, Ye Mo would only die if he entered Ice Helmet Island.

The other woman was stunned, she never thought that she knew the man on this surveillance screen, his name was Ye Mo. She had met him once herself, originally she thought that Ye Mo was just an ancient martial arts expert, but now he had the ability to come and go without a trace, he had arrived at Ice Helmet Island without the help of anything.

If Ye Mo was here, of course he would know this woman, she was the woman who sat next to the ‘Hongwu Gang’ leader Zhu Hongsheng back then.

That’s right, this woman was indeed the original ‘Hongwu Clan”s military master, Huang Mei, although she had an average appearance, she had a clear and intelligent mind and seemed to have no interest in that kind of mundane life.

It can be said that she alone is responsible for the ‘Hung Wu Gang’ having a place in San Francisco. But since she knew that Zhu Hongsheng was not the kind of person who could do great things, she immediately left the ‘Hongwu Gang’.

Huang Mei, who left the ‘Hongwu Gang’, also looked for Ye Mo. But failed to find it. Then the ‘Northern Sands’ somehow heard of her name and made an offer to her. Although Huang Mei had been in the San Francisco gang, she didn’t know much about such a behemoth as ‘North Sand’. The only thing she knew was that ‘North Sand’ was powerful and had numerous scientific research bases, and their slogan was to create a great world of peace.

But when Huang Mei joined the ‘Northern Sands’, she realised that this organisation was simply trying to destroy all the countries in the world. To create a dictatorial federation. There was no trace of peace in the way they acted and enriched themselves, and there was murder and intrigue everywhere. In the philosophy of the ‘Northern Sands’, any ideal regime is born. They are used to killing because it is stained with blood.

But in Huang Mei’s mind, this is simply an excuse. For the world was still generally peaceful now.

Although Huang Mei had wanted to leave the ‘Northern Sands’ for a long time, she knew that it was easy to enter and difficult to leave. This time, she and the people of ‘North Sands’ had disguised themselves as a Japanese ship to carry out a mission. She knew that this was a chance to escape, but she also knew that if she failed to escape, she would be dead.

While Huang Mei was torn, she unexpectedly met Ye Mo here, and Ye Mo is still the kind of person who comes and goes without a trace according to her companions.

If there was one thing Huang Mei wanted to do right now, it was to save Ye Mo and then escape. But she knew very well in her heart. It was absolutely impossible to save Ye Mo, now that he was on Ice Helmet Island, she had no way to contact him.

Although Huang Mei could not say that she was completely clear about the layout of Ice Helmet Island, she knew a thing or two about it. She knew that Ye Mo had arrived here. It was indeed difficult to escape. When these people set up the trap, they even took Ye Mo’s character into account. Unless she killed the few people in front of her, but even if she killed them, there would be others coming, and she would still not be able to save Ye Mo.

But even if she couldn’t save Ye Mo. She didn’t want to stay in the ‘Northern Sands’ either, she wanted to escape. She had seen Ye Mo’s person, although he was decisive in killing, but the ones he killed in San Francisco were those with a dark heart, and she admired this kind of person.

If she wanted to escape, if she didn’t take this opportunity this time, then it would be difficult to escape next time. But there were four others in here besides her, and she had to kill the other four in the shortest possible time and then leave the little frigate without alerting the rest.


Ye Mo had been to many places and to many islands, but never had an island like Ice Helmet Island, which gave him a feeling of dead silence. Even in the icy Antarctic, Ye Mo could feel the life, but there was not the slightest bit of life here.

He could be sure that if this island was all like this, even if he found Zhang Diao and Li Fox here, they would only be corpses and definitely not living people.

Apart from the fact that this island was devoid of life, it also gave Ye Mo a very dangerous feeling. But he couldn’t tell what the danger was, it was just a feeling.

After Ye Mo walked deeper along the open rocks of Ice Helmet Island for about half an hour, he finally understood why Han Zaixin was said to say that this island was several thousand square kilometres. It was because this island had been connected to countless icebergs, while the real land area was not that big.

Countless icebergs and iceberg-like islets were connected together to form this strange ice helmet island. These icebergs were connected together and were no different from real land. After spending an hour checking the island, Ye Mo finally determined that Ice Helmet Island was claimed to be several thousand square kilometres, but in reality the land area was only a hundred square kilometres at most, and that was to say more.

Such a place was not small, but the ‘Northern Sands’ would never put their research and construction base here, and it had even been leaked out. This was a conspiracy, and although Ye Mo didn’t know if this conspiracy was for those special forces elites, he had an uncomfortable feeling.

Knowing that this was an iceberg archipelago, Ye Mo did not bother to investigate the huge area of the iceberg group. He thought that even if there were secrets here, those secrets could not be built on top of the icebergs. All he had to do was to check on the land portion and he would be fine.

One hundred square kilometres was not small, but all of it soon became clear under Ye Mo’s investigation.

Finally Ye Mo stopped at a valley, which was in a mess and seemed to have many signs of construction, but again there was no life.

At the end of the valley there was a pa*sage, and Ye Mo released his divine sense and prepared to enter the pa*sage. Just as his divine sense extended near the pa*sage, he found a military dagger that was half corroded not far from the entrance of the pa*sage.

Ye Mo took a few steps to the dagger and observed it carefully, it seemed to have been stabbed into something’s body and then caused.

It looked like those missing people were most likely missing inside this pa*sage. Ye Mo let out a secret sigh, if they were really missing here, there was almost no need for him to investigate, as this place was just as lifeless, it was impossible for there to be any living people.

But since he was here, he had to try his best to check it out. Although he knew that there was no need to check it out, Ye Mo still intended to finish checking this pa*sage.

Because there was no life here, Ye Mo was also very careful, even though he was a cultivator, but his cultivation level was not high, one could even say that it was very low.

However, he had a feeling of trepidation when he stood at the entrance of the pa*sageway. Ever since he had cultivated, he had not felt this way even when someone pointed a pistol at him. It was too strange a feeling, and it made him uncomfortable. He remembered the dangerous feeling he had after entering this island, and his heart became more and more uncomfortable.

Although it was uncomfortable, Ye Mo thought about it and prepared to enter the pa*sage. He was already here, if he didn’t even have the courage to explore it, it would be a bit too bad.

Just before entering, he took out an ‘Essence Pill’ and a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and put them into his mouth, using some True Qi to wrap the pills up so that they wouldn’t melt. Then after confirming that there was no danger around him again, he slowly entered the pa*sage.

Ten minutes later, Ye Mo arrived at the end of the pa*sage, which had nothing at the end except a huge black hole.

This black hole was like a black well, and there were steps extending down. If Ye Mo hadn’t been to Bayi Island and seen the submarine pa*sage that extended out, he definitely wouldn’t have known what this black hole was. But now he knew at first glance that this was also an extended submarine pa*sage.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept down and this pa*sage seemed to be a little different from the original one, and after his divine sense swept to the end, it was indeed a submarine. However, Ye Mo’s face immediately turned ugly, to be exact, what his divine sense saw was just a submarine-like thing filled with explosives that Ye Mo had never even seen before.

Ye Mo’s first reaction was that all these people were doing was to deal with him, with the sole purpose of blowing him up.

If that was really the case, these people should have had some suspicions about his abilities or knew that he was very good at what he did, so they had purposely set up such a huge trap, waiting for him to come in.

But all this didn’t make sense either, how did they know they would definitely come? And to use such a huge array to deal with himself?

Ye Mo couldn’t figure it out, he wanted to get out immediately, this was not a place to stay for long, because even he didn’t have the means to deal with so many explosive explosions. He was just about to turn around when he suddenly felt something was wrong, if he didn’t enter this black hole, then wouldn’t there be no use for these people’s calculations? He thought of the ploy that Dong Fang Qiu had once come up with, and his ploy was one loop after another. If there was really someone here who was targeting him, then it would definitely not be that simple.

His heart moved and he subconsciously swept his divine sense carefully around him, then took a closer look.

When Ye Mo understood what was around him, his face turned ugly. The pa*sage around him and the rocks were all composed of explosives, only camouflaged to look exactly like the rocks of the pa*sage. If he hadn’t seen the explosives magazine at the end of the pa*sage, he still wouldn’t have been able to tell. Not to mention the two sides of the rocky pa*sage, even the top and foot of the rocky pa*sage were full of explosives.

When Ye Mo saw this explosive pa*sage, a cold sweat broke out all over his body and he immediately had to turn around. But the moment he wanted to turn around, he suddenly calmed down. Although he had not yet seen where the camera was, he was sure that everything he was doing now was already being monitored, and as soon as he turned around, maybe this dynamite would explode.

No matter how fast he was, if he turned around, he was bound to be surrounded by explosives.