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DYM Chapter 667

Ye Mo knew that no matter how fast he was, if he turned around, he would definitely trigger an explosion.

The reason why that ** hadn’t exploded until now was not because they didn’t want to kill him, but because they didn’t know his details. Those people would just have to wait until he entered that black hole to be more certain. But in other words, once he didn’t want to enter the black hole and started to turn around, then the bomb was going to explode immediately.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo calmed down even more, since the beginning of his cultivation, he had experienced too many dangers and unknowns. But never had he been surrounded by ** like today, and he had even come to the middle of **.

He, Ye Mo, was at least a cultivator, and one day he was actually threatened by a bunch of **, or a real threat to his life, and this threat he didn’t have any way to lift yet.

But at this time, Ye Mo knew better than anyone else that as soon as the ** around here exploded, even if he was now a foundation builder, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to survive, let alone if he was still in the middle stage of Qi cultivation. He guessed that the person who buried the ** had overestimated him, so he hadn’t detonated the ** until now, and even had to wait until he entered the black hole before he detonated the **.

In this instant, Ye Mo understood this, so he could only walk to the mouth of the black hole and carefully step down.


Seeing the surveillance screen on Ye Mo’s foot stepping into the black hole, Huang Mei’s face just changed, she looked at the man holding the control** explosion in his hand and immediately tried to make a move.

Huang Mei knew that as soon as Ye Mo’s figure disappeared inside the black hole, the ** would be detonated.

“Qi Huan. He has already gone inside. It’s time to make a move.” At this moment, the woman said immediately after seeing Ye Mo enter the cave. As she spoke, her fists were merely clenched, so it was evident that her heart was also very nervous at this time. She knew that this man who came without a shadow and went without a trace was too powerful, even before she was sure that the person who came was him, in the ‘Northern Sands’ Ye Mo had a huge reputation.

Even at this moment, Ye Mo was already surrounded by bombs, as to whether she could kill him or not, she was still not sure.

The man who was called Qi Huan had a steady hand as he stared at the monitor and said. “Wait a little longer, after he’s all inside, I’ll press the explosion after another ten seconds. At that time, even if he’s got great skills, he’ll be dead for sure.”

Huang Mei stood back. She carefully touched her hand to the dagger inside her pocket, although she also had a pistol on her, but she knew that among the five people inside this room, her ability ranked third at most.

But there was one thing that the others were not as good as her, and that was that she was good at calculations. At this moment, after she saw Ye Mo enter the black cave, she also sighed in her heart, she had no way to say that Ye Mo was not careful, because this gave no one could think that this natural cave was a conspiracy.

It was even less likely for Ye Mo to think that this black cave was aimed at him. To be exact, it was the ‘Northern Sand’ that targeted the man who came and went without a trace. Now that Ye Mo had shown up, it meant that the person who was causing the ‘Northern Sands’ to sleep and eat was him.

When the two ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ of ‘North Sand’ went missing, and the bizarre situation of the ‘Black Sun Empire’s’ auction on the cruise ship not long ago, the ‘Black Sun Empire’s’ gold reserves suddenly disappearing, and even vague news about the disappearance of the gold reserves of Rice, etc. All these things indicate that there is a person who has a supernatural ability to come and go without a trace.

Especially for the disappearance of the ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’, the person who was originally most suspected was Lu Ling, which was later proven to be simply nonsense.

Many people speculated that this person was that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s Ye Mo, but there were others who thought otherwise. Huang Mei knew that Ye Mo was from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. But she didn’t think that the man who came and went without a trace was Ye Mo either.

It was not until she saw Ye Mo’s figure today that she knew that this person was really Ye Mo. At this moment, Huang Mei was even more amazed at the military master who secretly guessed that this person was Ye Mo, who was the only one who guessed that this person was Ye Mo. And he had made a whole set of plans against him and Luo Yue.

According to what that military master said, Ye Mo was not only a person from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Moreover, he was also one of Luo Yue’s city lords, even the first city lord. Therefore, all of that military master’s plans were not so much to force out that mysterious expert, but also to force out Ye Mo.

This information was not originally accessible to someone of Huang Mei’s level, but Huang Mei had a penetrating mind and was very smart, and many of them were conclusions she came up with through the conversations of some of her a*sociates, and the analysis of some things.

Now it seems that her conclusions were very correct. Moreover, that military officer’s guess was also correct in his estimation, Ye Mo was not only the one who had destroyed the ‘Northern Sands’ matter many times, but was also one of Luo Yue’s city lords.

If Ye Mo was really the one in charge of Luo Yue, then he absolutely could not be allowed to be blown up, and also his identity as a mysterious person could not be exposed.

Once Ye Mo was blown up, then his own plan to go to Luo Yue to show his ambition would have to be aborted. If Ye Mo was really as that military master from the ‘Northern Sands’ had said, then he was definitely very important to Luo Yue. With the death of such a person, the blow that Luo Yue would receive could be imagined. That’s not even the most important thing, there’s also the fact that once Rice knew that their gold reserves had been stolen by Luo Yue, they would want to go to war against Luo Yue by any means possible.

Suspicion is one thing, but once it’s proven it’s another.

Besides, Huang Mei also thought that the ‘Northern Sands’ military strategist was right, Ye Mo’s way of acting in San Francisco was completely consistent with Luo Yue’s recent foreign policy.

Huang Mei’s mastery of calculations was because she knew when the most appropriate time to make a move was, once Ye Mo had fully entered the black hole, this time would definitely be the time that the people of Remote Control** would be most concerned about, and making a move at this time would be the most appropriate and have the greatest possibility of success.

That time was now, Ye Mo’s figure had completely disappeared inside the black hole. The moment Ye Mo’s figure disappeared from the surveillance screen, Huang Mei immediately shot out her dagger and drew her pistol at the same time.

Huang Mei’s reaction was quick, one could say it was very quick. But while she was quick, others were not slow to react either. At the same time her dagger shot out and her pistol was drawn, the woman beside her already sensed that something was wrong and drew her pistol a very short time later as well.

In fact, Huang Mei knew that the real and correct way was to take care of the nearest companion first and then kill the guy with the remote control bomb.

But she knew that if she delayed a little longer, then the bomb would be detonated first.

As Huang Mei’s dagger struck the remote-controlled bomb man, her gun went off. She killed two people in the shortest possible time, her dagger was ruthless and accurate, and the man controlling the bomb had already been killed by Huang Mei when she was caught off guard.

Huang Mei knew before she did it that her movement would surely be noticed by the man next to her and that she was incapable of dodging the bullets, but her cleverness allowed her to escape again. The moment she fired, she deflected her body to one side and at the same time aimed her pistol at the woman beside her.

The bullet grazed through Huang Mei’s waist, bringing a shower of blood with it, while Huang Mei’s bullet also penetrated the woman’s chest.

In the blink of an eye, three men were killed and one wounded. The remaining man was a little slower to react, he couldn’t seem to figure out why someone would hit one of his own, but by the time Huang Mei’s second shot rang out, he had already reacted.

Unfortunately he didn’t have a pistol on him and his first reaction was not to go for his gun, but to immediately rush to the dead man’s side and press the detonation button.

Huang Mei, of course, would not let go of this opportunity and she shot the man in the forehead, but unfortunately still could not stop the explosion from happening.

Watching the surveillance screen erupt into a horrific blaze immediately followed by blackness, Huang Mei sighed and said to herself, “I already helped you, I just didn’t stop it completely, sorry, I have to run for my life too.”

After saying that, Huang Mei immediately found some medicine to attach to her waist, then simply bandaged it with a white cloth, then cleaned up the scene and took away all the contents of the surveillance before carefully feeling her way out of the small room.

She knew very well that the sneak attack just now was not the most difficult part, the most difficult part was the escape now. The sneak attack just now was very well calculated, and the others were not on guard against her, plus it was a sudden move. So she only suffered some minor injuries, although her waist was bleeding quite a lot, but Huang Mei knew that it was only some superficial injuries.


Ye Mo certainly had a purpose for entering the black hole, and when all of his body entered the black hole, he immediately cast a stealth technique while rushing out of the black hole as fast as he could and flying directly towards the entrance of the pa*sage, while his flying sword turned into a true qi sword shield to protect his whole body.

This was the maximum speed he could muster. When he entered, it took him ten minutes to walk to the mouth of the black hole because he was very careful, but when he came out, he only took ten seconds or so.

When he saw that Ye Mo was about to approach the mouth of the cave, a huge explosion sounded all around him, and an explosion that was like a torrent carried Ye Mo’s body and the sand and debris that swept up in the sky flying out.

Almost as soon as he was swept away by the explosion, Ye Mo swallowed the two pills in his mouth. Although he had the intention to control his body not to fly out with the earth and stones, the explosion was too powerful. Even if Ye Mo had reached the entrance of the cave, he was still seriously injured.

Not to mention that he was not a body refining cultivator, even if he was a body training cultivator, only at the fifth level of Qi training, he would definitely be seriously injured when he was blown up by such a powerful **.

Because at the moment of the explosion, Ye Mo had summoned his whole body’s true qi to protect his body, so when the ** tore through his protective true qi and flying sword, it immediately completely shattered his meridians. If he hadn’t prepared two pills beforehand and his flying sword to protect his body, at this moment, even his internal organs would have been blown apart.

“Boom, boom ……” countless explosions sounded out, and countless sand, rock and earth clods with fire and ice and snow were mixed together as if the sky had rolled up with fireworks and sprinkled everywhere.