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DYM Chapter 668

And under this violent explosion, the iceberg islands around Ice Helmet Island cracked open, and in a flash, countless icebergs were separated from the top of Ice Helmet Island and drifted away.

Ye Mo was swept up by a huge cloud of sand and ice and landed heavily on one of the icebergs, which similarly left Ice Helmet Island slowly drifting away because of the tremendous shaking.

The whole of Beaufort Island was covered with icebergs of all kinds, which were like snowflakes scattered over the boundless sea.

The countless explosions immediately attracted the various **ships that had been monitoring the surrounding area, they were only responsible for monitoring the Ice Helmet Island, which was constantly missing people, but they did not expect the island to suddenly burst open and form countless small groups of iceberg islands.

These warships immediately started to approach Ice Helmet Island, they wanted to know how these problems were really happening. The fleet tried to avoid these groups of icebergs as much as possible because of the sudden appearance of a large number of them on the sea.

A small ship, detached from the larger fleet in this grey sea, soon this small ship mixed with the countless icebergs floating on the sea and could no longer be seen in any different way.

Huang Mei did not expect her escape to go so smoothly, as the explosion attracted all eyes, as the cluster of icebergs caused by the explosion became her best hiding place. Her little ship was literally like a small iceberg, attracting no one’s attention; all she had to do was to lean her little boat against it.


“What? The Ice Helmet Island suddenly exploded violently, and the huge Ice Helmet Island also turned into a cluster of hundreds of thousands of icebergs?” Han Zaixin received this news. Half the time he was silent, the Ice Helmet Island had been blown up, so there was still a chance for Zhang Dou and Li Fox and the others to live there?

“Ye Mo doesn’t need to go anymore either.” After a long time, Han Zai Xin muttered a sentence before picking up the phone to make a call to Ye Mo. However, he dialed for half a day but could not get through, Han Zaixin sighed and put down the phone. It was normal for Ye Mo’s phone to not work, but it was not normal for it to work once he called. Ye Mo didn’t seem to be very used to using things like phones.


An island near the Bering Sea. This was the real ‘Northern Sand’ station. Ye Mo guessed correctly, the ‘North Sand’ lair was here, although the ‘North Sand’ had various heavy industries all over the world. They had bases all over the world, but their core headquarters was still on the island.

At this moment, inside the most central meeting room of the ‘Northern Sands’ compound, a man who could not tell his age was shouting a rebuke. “Since Ice Helmet Island has exploded, why hasn’t any news been sent back? Who is actually in charge of this matter?”

“We used a Japanese ship and it was someone else’s power that we pa*sed through, I think perhaps they are now concerned about the signal capture from the surrounding countries. Qi Huan, who is in charge of this, is cautious and shouldn’t make any mistakes, and Huang Mei, who was recently sent there, has a strong sense of the big picture, so even if Qi Huan makes any mistakes, she will point them out.” A somewhat shrill voice said.

“No, any country would send the signal back at this time, there’s no way Qi Huan and the others wouldn’t have sent it back. If they’ve either met something urgent, they’ve met trouble.” Another hoarse voice rang out, only this voice immediately fell into silence after speaking.

The man who spoke first was silent for a moment before he then said, “Find a way to reach them immediately. I want to know immediately what we got this time after spending so much money? Have them send back the surveillance footage the first time.”

“Yes ……” a voice replied and immediately retreated in a hurry.

“Brother Dongfang, do you think our people detonated the explosives this time because of that Ye Mo? Although you said it was him, I still have some doubts. I have just received news that he has appeared in the South Pole. And one of our bases in Antarctica was even self-detonated because of him. He couldn’t have appeared in the North Pole in such a short time, right? If it’s not Ye Mo, who do you think this person could be?” The middle-aged man’s voice became softer.

After a long time, the hoarse voice said again, “I thought that person was Ye Mo, he is very mysterious. At least I’m sure he’s one of Luo Yue’s principals. As for why he could travel from the South Pole to the North Pole in a very short period of time, I thought maybe it was a kind of supernatural ability. Unfortunately, if this explosion was because of him, this psychic ability will never be available for us to study.”

“A pity. ……” It was another long time before the middle-aged man sighed.


Rice’s White House, Turner received the news of the explosion on Ice Helmet Island and immediately held a White House meeting.

This is the most difficult time for Rice, one is the rise of Luo Yue, and Luo Yue also occupied the island of Gion, and the second is the issue of Rice’s gold reserves. Of course, the most important thing was that the country had lost several times against Loyola, not only militarily but also politically and economically.

Turner was furious, but he knew that anger would not solve the problem, what he needed was not anger, but calmness. Now that Ice Helmet Island has exploded, he immediately convened a White House meeting, although on the one hand discussing the issue of Ice Helmet Island, but mainly wanting to come up with the right strategy against Luo Yue.

The ‘Northern Sands’, even if it is more powerful, is just an organization, a mere organization that Rice can deal with at any time. The real problem in the heart of the country is Luo Yue, not the ‘Northern Sands’. Turner sees it very clearly, even if the ‘Northern Sands’ really has a terrorist weapon like the ‘Air Aoi’, then it is not the country of Rice that has to face it.

Recently there have been frequent meetings in the White House, so before Turner has announced the content of the meeting, many people already know what this meeting is going to do.

The few times that Rice had wanted to use force against Loyue, it had failed to seize the opportunity. Take the most recent one, the invasion of Loyue had been a foregone conclusion, but it had actually ended with Mrs. Rhodes’ speech, which was really nasty and depressing.

When Turner saw that many legislators and White House officials, as well as his think tank, had arrived, he stood up and said, “We are all sitting here today with the thought in our minds that our country, Rice, is still the number one power in the world. Both militarily and economically. But today I can only tell you with regret that we are no longer the strongest country. Our gold reserves are missing, as you all know, and I won’t say what has been taken from us, but everyone here knows which robber it was that took our stuff.”

At this point Turner looked at the crowd’s reaction and continued with some satisfaction, “It’s only been a year since Loyola was founded. But one year for them is already equivalent to half a century of our development. They have done whatever it takes to threaten the world with force. We may still be sitting on the title of the world’s number one military power sipping champagne, but others have already unwittingly surpa*sed us. Both in terms of technological power and naval power.

Now they have even hijacked the island of Gion, and if this continues, there will be no more business for our fleet in the Indian Ocean. I think, at this rate, our fleet can hide in a small ditch in the Pacific Ocean and brag about it to our own people. Perhaps the next thing you know, not only Loyola, but also China, or Russia will slowly put their tentacles over our heads.”

When Turner finished, he didn’t ask anyone to speak, just sat down with a heavy face. From the atmosphere of the scene, he knew that his purpose had been achieved. Rice was a heroic country, a country that did not allow others to be better than him.

Now the district of Luo Yue was a small town. How could this be tolerated when it had repeatedly climbed over Rice’s head.

Turner’s desire to target Luo Yue did not need to be said, everyone understood, but everyone also knew that it was not a simple matter to start a war against Luo Yue.

Hehud is the Secretary of State of Rice, but his character is the same as Turner’s. He is very tough. He is very tough, and is equally upset that Rice has been repeatedly counted out by Luo Yue recently.

At this moment, when he saw that the crowd had fallen silent, he took the initiative to say, “Actually, there is not no way to sanction Luo Yue ……”

Seeing that the crowd was staring at him, Herhoud gathered his thoughts and then said, “Which do you think is more important, the Russian Navy’s advance into the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam or the rise of Loyue?”

“I thought the rise of Lo Yue would be more of a problem for us to sleep on, they took their territory from us. And they’re acting like a madman.” Security Minister Norborne was the first to answer Hrhud’s words.

Hehud nodded, “I think so too. The reason why we would have used other reasons to sanction Loyola in the first place was because we knew that once we sanctioned Loyola on the grounds of nuclear weapons, Russia would definitely vote against it. But now it’s different, Lo Yue has taken over the island of Gion and it’s clear that they covet the Straits of Malacca just as much. The Straits of Malacca is the pa*sage for the Russian Navy to return to their bases in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, and if we support Russia, we allow them to return to their bases in the Gulf of Tonkin. At the same time our sanctions against Russian defence export companies are lifted, then do people say that Russia will be on our side?”

It immediately dawned on those present that although allowing the Russian Navy to re-enter the Gulf of Tonkin would be a huge loss to Rice, this loss was nothing compared to the demise of Loyue. Besides, once Loyola was destroyed, then Seine would 100% return to the territory of the MiG.

Seeing all the people here nodding in agreement, Herhoud said again, “Now we just need to join forces with Russia to deal with Loyola for the time being, and there is absolutely nothing Loyola can do. And the fact that Loyola has violated Article V of the Antarctic Treaty by detonating nuclear weapons in the Antarctic is reason enough for us to sanction them. As long as Russia doesn’t vote against it, we can impose sanctions on Loyuki for a second time through the JCC.”

“And what if China votes against?” Someone immediately asked.

Herhoud smiled slightly, “Unless we openly say that we have secretly allowed the Russian Navy to return to the Gulf of Tonkin base again, then I am sure that China abstained from voting. Besides, China is one of the countries that negotiated the Antarctic Treaty. As long as we bring it up, the JCC will not abandon the Antarctic Treaty even if it does not want war. So we have to get Russia’s consent first, otherwise this constraint is just as unworkable.”