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DYM Chapter 669

When Ye Mo woke up it was already completely dark, he immediately sat up and the first thing he did was to check the injuries on his body.

He was badly injured, but fortunately, he had already reserved a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ in his mouth beforehand, so his injuries were recovered first, otherwise, he wouldn’t have woken up by now. Although his meridians were ruptured a lot, he had the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, so it was only a matter of time before he recovered.

As for those traumatic injuries and broken bones and such, they were no longer considered injuries to Ye Mo. Only the injuries to his dantian and meridians were the most dangerous for him.

The first thing Ye Mo did was to take out two more ‘Lotus Life Pills’ and swallowed them, before checking his surroundings. After checking, Ye Mo realised that he was on top of an iceberg, which was surrounded by seawater on all sides and nothing. With a little thought, he understood the reason for this, it should be that the explosion from Ice Helmet Island had blown away the surrounding icebergs, and he was lifted up by the explosion, and as a result, he landed on top of an iceberg that was floating away.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo panted, thankfully, if he was still on top of Ice Helmet Island, even if he hadn’t been killed by the explosion, he would have fallen into the hands of those people.

It seems that when he found out that the pa*sage on Ice Helmet Island was a **depository**, he was right in his reaction at that time, if he had turned around then, the explosion would have probably started in a second or two, then at this point he would have had no chance to stay on the iceberg, and probably would have died long ago.

Ye Mo estimated that at least ten seconds had pa*sed between the time he retreated and the explosion. And it was these ten seconds that gave him a chance to live.

This incident made Ye Mo understand more about how important it was to keep a cool head when in danger. Although this was an extreme danger, it was equally a treasure for him. There were times when one would never understand that truth without experiencing this.

However, he was able to escape, apart from his cool head. There was also the credit of his own pills as well as the flying sword protection. Ye Mo suddenly thought of the flying sword, could it be that this time the flying sword had also landed in the sea like last time?

Luckily, Ye Mo soon found his flying sword, which landed beside him along with some dirt and sand, only now the flying sword had lost its spirit and could not take him flying at all.

Ye Mo took the flying sword and secretly screamed in his heart that it was a fluke, if it wasn’t for the flying sword, he wouldn’t have been able to sit on top of the ice mountain without a lack of it. The flying sword was badly damaged though. But now he had a five element stone. It could be refined again. If he had the Five Elements Stone, he could refine the flying sword again and its performance would only improve, not decrease.

No matter which method he used. Ye Mo knew that the most important thing now was to get rid of his injuries. He didn’t know how long he had landed on top of this icy mountain, but he thought it wouldn’t be too long.

This injury made Ye Mo even more determined to go to the small world as soon as possible. Outside, he had gone to great lengths to try to raise his cultivation, but unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, without spiritual qi and medicinal herbs, it was all for nothing.

While healing his injuries, Ye Mo thought about this explosion. That **pa*sage was obviously set up by someone first, and together with some of the people who had originally disappeared from Ice Helmet Island, Ye Mo already had a vague feeling that this was a deliberate plot against him.

What kind of person would purposely target him? And set up this big trap on Ice Helmet Island? If from the time something happened to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, to the start of the war. To the disappearance of tourists from Bayi Island, to the disappearance of elites from various countries on Ice Helmet Island, and the **pa*sage not long ago were all a trap against him, Ye Mo, then this person was a little too dangerous.

The feeling that Dongfang Qiu had given him last time was once again welling up in his heart, and the first person he thought of was Dongfang Tang. He remembered that when Dongfang first came to Luo Yue to negotiate with that Shana, he was so happy and angry that he had thought that he could not hold his tongue. Only later did he see that he was doing it to show his companion Shana. From that time, Ye Mo knew that this Dongfang Tang was not a simple character, and if it was really this guy who had set all this up, then he was a bit too scary.

At least Dongfang was aware that he was one of Luo Yue’s top bra*s, and he knew more about himself than even Han Zaixin.

There was also that pa*sage in Bayi Island. Ye Mo must have been prepared by ‘Beisha’ before, it was just that the Luo Yue garrison happened to meet it. As for why ‘Bei Sha’ had dug that pa*sage in Bayi Island. He was still unclear at the moment. But Ye Mo knew one thing for sure, that this pa*sage reserved by ‘Beisha’ was definitely not one, and there were the rest, and what he found was just one of them.

Besides, the fact that ‘Beisha’ reserved this pa*sage exactly at the most important strategic location of Bayi Island would be very telling.

“Beisha ……” Ye Mo said coldly, closed his eyes and began to heal his injuries.

The broken meridians began to heal slowly, although slowly, yet Ye Mo knew it was only a matter of time.

Although Ye Mo had not yet reached the point where he could open up the grain, but he had plenty of food inside his ring, and in the process of repairing his meridians, he would have something to eat whenever he was hungry.

As time pa*sed, Ye Mo soon felt a difference from before, his meridians were repaired very slowly, many times slower than when he was originally injured.

However, one strange thing was that although his meridians were slow to repair, the repaired meridians were much thicker than the original meridians.

Ye Mo was once a Foundation Establishment cultivator, so of course he knew that the thicker the meridian was, the better it was for cultivation. Generally, after cultivating to Foundation Establishment, the meridians would change to a great extent. But at the Qi cultivation stage, even if they advanced, they would only be tougher, not thicker and stronger like the meridians were now.

If the true qi in his body had not increased and the realm had not loosened, Ye Mo would have even thought that he had advanced to the next level. Although Ye Mo wanted to finish healing quickly and rush back to Luo Yue, he also knew that this opportunity was very rare. If it wasn’t the effect caused by the Ice Mountain, it was the consequence of being nourished by the ‘Lotus Life Dan’ at the same time after he was injured. Or maybe it was the **stimulation of his potential and the breakthrough before he died.

Either way, this was a good thing. Thinking about this, Ye Mo put the ‘Lotus Life Dan’ outside and took one out and swallowed it whenever he wanted, while taking out his only spirit stone. Even if he was in a hurry, this kind of chance would not be missed.

Whether it was related to this ** or not, there was no way Ye Mo would try it again, it would be a death sentence. So this time, he must seize the opportunity. Because having his meridians widened meant that his qualifications became stronger, and with the same resources, he could cultivate to a higher realm. It was truly a blessing when a man loses his horse.

Time pa*sed gradually as Ye Mo repaired his meridians, and Ye Mo even forgot that he was still at sea, or even on top of an iceberg at sea. He spent almost all of his time repairing and expanding his meridians, and nothing else mattered anymore.

From then on, an ever-shrinking iceberg on the sea floated around, and Ye Mo, who was hiding in the corner of the iceberg repairing his meridians, would not even be noticed.


Luo Yue.

The atmosphere of war once again permeated the place, yet the reason was simple, because Luo Yue had violated the Antarctic Treaty. The Rice Kingdom submitted a white-skin report above the JCC to sanction Luo Yue, asking the JCC to send troops to Luo Yue City for the second time.

It was not much different from what Rice had expected, but it was very different from what the rest of the world had expected. For when the vote came, Russia, which had been expected to vote no, voted in favour, while China, as usual, abstained. And what many people did not understand was that Britain also abstained.

Thus the aim of the JCC to send troops to Loyola was equally achieved, and the JCC will send troops to Loyola for the second time. The reason is that Loyuki, as a factor of international discord, detonated nuclear weapons in the Antarctic and threatened peaceful countries with nuclear weapons, forcing Indonesia to sign an unequal treaty. The demand is that Loyuki must rescind its decision to establish a regime and cede Sena to the people.

Faced with this insolent demand, of course, Loyuki refused without hesitation and simply did not even think about it. And so another war was inevitable.

The allied forces sent 630,000 troops this time, but surprisingly, ninety-nine percent of the so-called peacekeeping troops this time were MiG soldiers. And although the countries that had agreed to sanction Luo Yue in the United Federation, once it was going to be their country’s turn to send troops, one by one, they all pushed back and only tokenized a few soldiers, indicating that they had already sent troops.

“This group of b*****ds ……” Huang Yiniang cursed out loud above Luo Yue’s military meeting.

All of them knew that although this time it was still a coalition invasion of Luo Yue, it was actually just one country, that is, Rice was going to deal with Luo Yue. And for the reasons why Rice was in a hurry to deal with Luo Yue, everyone knew some without having to guess.

One is that Luo Yue controls the island of Gion, then the next thing Luo Yue wants to control is the entire Indian Ocean. This is an outcome that Rice would never agree to. The second is the disappearance of Rice’s gold reserves. Although they have kept their mouths shut, there is no impermeable wall in the world, and many countries have still got some clues.

Of course, the main thing is that Rice does not dare to delay any longer. It had only been less than a year since Luo Yue had developed to this extent. If they gave Luo Yue time, what would they become? There was no place for Rice to stand.

Because everyone has seen that Luo Yue’s main development is the navy, and Rice attaches the greatest importance to the navy. This way, there will definitely be a fight over the Pacific Ocean in the future.

So this time, although it is very reluctant to go to war, it is much better than not being able to defeat Luo Yue in the future and retreating step by step.

In a word, in the end, Rice is afraid.