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DYM Chapter 670

“He hasn’t come back yet ……,” Ning Qingxue said with a light sigh.

She had been living with Luo Ying, and they knew from Void Moon Hua’s mouth that Ye Mo had gone to Ice Helmet Island. Luo Ying was silent for a while and took Ning Qingxue’s hand and said, “He’s fine, you don’t need to worry.”

Although she comforted Ning Qingxue in this way, she was just as worried in her own heart. It had been more than two months since the explosion on Ice Helmet Island, and there was still no news of Ye Mo.

If Luo Yue wasn’t going to face another war now, they would have already gone to look for Ye Mo. But even if they didn’t know what was important, they knew that now they were only adding to the chaos by leaving Luo Yue, and that they were now relying on Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue to make the decisions on many matters.

It was already public knowledge that they were Ye Mo’s wives in his absence. If they couldn’t play a stabilizing role in Chapter 670 – Ye Xing’s Disdain for Luo Yue at this time, then even if Luo Yue ended up being fine, it wouldn’t be a good thing. Because before the war started, Ye Mo disappeared, what would it mean if his two wives also left the place? Many people would then go on to speculate.

If there was one other person here who didn’t treat this war as a matter of the moment, it was Ye Xing. He said inside the a*sembly as if nothing had happened, “I was afraid he wouldn’t come, I could beat them into a sieve the first time, so I could beat them into the same thing the second time.”

If Void Moon Hua was still a little worried when she went out to attack other countries, she really wasn’t very concerned about Luo Yue’s defence. This was because Luo Yue’s defense was tested, and besides, from the last war to now, Luo Yue had a new secret weapon. What she was worried about was just Ye Mo’s whereabouts, Ye Mo said he had gone to Ice Helm Island and now that Ice Helm Island had exploded, no news had come from Ye Mo.

“I have withdrawn the people from Gion Island.” Huang Yiannian said after whining, he had just gotten this military fortress, and in the blink of an eye, he had to give it up again, he was very upset as a naval commander.

Void Yuehua nodded and said, “It’s just that this time our Luo Yue migration is too short, we have only increased the population by 20,000 to 30,000, if we had another year Chapter 670 Ye Xing’s disdain, we might have to increase by hundreds of thousands.

Ye Xing said with a faint smile, “There is no need to rush, we have a secret weapon, as long as we hurt them this time, then we will have at least five to ten years of peace.”

“Brother Ye Xing, how do you know?” Ye Zifeng asked strangely.

Ye Xing smiled bitterly and patted his head and said, “I don’t know how I know, it seems that I have a lot of war fragments inside my brain, and this kind of small war is as simple as a child playing house.”

No one would doubt Ye Xing’s ability here, if Ye Mo was the most trusted by everyone here, then the second most trusted person would be Ye Xing. If it wasn’t for Ye Xing, not to mention going to invade Indonesia, or the last allied invasion of Luo Yue, Luo Yue would have been finished.

Only Yuwa Hedrick-Wong knew what Ye Xing’s secret weapon was, because Luo Yue’s missile production was not going up, and now Luo Yue’s imported weapons were subject to certain sanctions, which meant that in the future, Luo Yue could only rely on itself in terms of weaponry, and the days of relying on imported weapons to get by were gone.

Ye Xing originally despised those imported weapons, but a weapon production line could not be a*sembled just by having money. After months of hard work, he had developed a new ballistic system called the ‘Air-tracked Ballistic Mini-bomb’.

The size of the ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’ was small, almost negligible compared to the size of some missiles. Most of all this ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’ is simple to manufacture and has an incredible explosive power. The explosive capability of this missile is far from that of an ordinary tnt bomb.

When Russia had initially restricted the number of missiles imported into Luo Yue, Ye Xing had already started developing this kind of mini-bomb. He lived in Luoyue and it was a place he loved, so of course he had to plan for Luoyue.

Ye Xing knew very well that although Luo Yue’s defence was amazing, but once the real war started and Luo Yue was under siege, even if Luo Yue was able to defend, if it could not attack, sooner or later it would be knocked out.

If Luo Yue wanted to attack, if he relied entirely on other countries’ missiles that would definitely not work, so he deliberately developed this ‘Air Trajectory Ballistic Mini-Bomb’.

The ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’ used air guides, which were accurate, powerful and had a long range. The core of course, was that this mini-bomb could not be swept by ordinary radar at all. If Ye Mo knew that, he could immediately think that the anti-radar system this mini-bomb used was exactly the same as the nuclear submarine anti-radar system he saw on Bayi Island back then.

This mini-bomb, however, could be ma*s-produced and was not afraid of siege. A defence that could not attack was no matter how good it was, in Ye Xing’s words, it was the same as rubbish.

Not only does Ye Xing believe in this, but Void Moon China also believes that after this war, if Rice wants to provoke Luo Yue again, it will need to measure up. And the reason why Rice dared to provoke Luo Yue this time was that it knew that Luo Yue did not have enough missiles, and without defensive weapons, that would not even be considered a defense.

The number of missiles that Luo Yue has imported is clear in the cla*sified information of Rice. That’s why they had to take Luo Yue down even if they lost in the early stages and won big in the later stages.

Seeing that the crowd seemed to be mobilised by their words, Ye Xing however said, “This war is really simple for Luo Yue, but what is not simple is what comes after.”

“Senior Brother Ye, what do you mean?” It was Xu Ping who asked.

Xu Ping was Luo Yue’s commander-in-chief, and he knew that his military skills were still lacking, so whenever he fought, he would not try to limit the play of his officers. But the big picture he had to hold. The reason why Ye Mo handed over the army to him was his trust in him, and he could not let Ye Mo down.

Ye Xing immediately said, “In fact, what I am going to say next is the main matter of our meeting this time. I am sure that the allied army will definitely be routed under the strike of our ‘air-tracked ballistic minibombs’. But defeat is not the same as total annihilation, so we will have to take the initiative immediately after defeating the allied forces.”

“If the allied troops are defeated, they definitely won’t come back, so we don’t need to chase them at all. Besides, we only have 30,000 troops now, how can we ride out the victory and pursue them?” Yu Miaotong interjected, although she didn’t know much about war either, but 30,000 people chasing after hundreds of thousands of people, this was a bit unreasonable.

Ye Xing said with a faint smile, “If we don’t pursue them, they will definitely come back. The problem lies in the ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb'” The air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb is very powerful the first time it is used against the enemy. However, there is one drawback to this mini-bomb, the anti-radar and bounce-back system device inside is very simple, so simple that someone with an empty cartridge case will understand it at first glance and can change it over immediately. Once someone else changed it over and came back for a second attack, Luo Yue would have enough trouble. Besides, war today is not fought in numbers.”

“But even if we drive them all out of here, they’ll still get it, it’ll just take longer.” Ye Zifeng asked, also puzzled.

“It’s not the same.” Ye Xing immediately said, “Once we have defeated them and signed the agreement, even if they want to come again, it will be some time later. What we lack the most in Luo Yue is time, as long as we pa*s this period of time “Air-tracked ballistic mini-bombs’ are already useless things for us to discard. Because by that time, we already have something new and good. So, we must beat them painfully this time, or even beat them all to death like last time ……”

At Ye Xing’s words, everyone immediately understood that once the allied forces were beaten up and sore again, then the time that Luo Yue lacked the most would be there. Luo Yue just needs time to develop now, once the longer the peace lasts, the greater the benefits to Luo Yue.

“There is another point I want to tell you all, Senior Brother Ye Mo is mostly more capable than me, so you don’t need to worry about his safety. Even if he doesn’t come back for a few years, I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Ye Xing knew the importance of military confidence at this time. But he wasn’t lying either, no one knew more about Ye Mo’s ability than him. It was someone who could fly, and it would be strange if someone could take his life.


The world’s attention is now on Luo Yue, because all people know that as long as it has to do with war now, then it must be happening in Luo Yue.

A few months after the war had just ended, Luo Yue was to face a second siege by the United Kingdom. In fact, to put it nicely, it is the second attack on Luo Yue by the allied forces, but to put it badly, it is the unilateral attack on Luo Yue by Mi Guo’s troops.

The eyes of the world are once again focused on Luo Yue, but this time Rice is waging war against Luo Yue with a righteous purpose. This is because Loyue has detonated a nuclear weapon in Antarctica, which not only blatantly breaks the Antarctic Treaty, but also causes a huge amount of nuclear radiation in Antarctica.

Anyone who knows the situation knows that this is just an excuse for Rice to occupy Loyola, because it has been a long time since Loyola detonated a nuclear weapon in Antarctica, and it is only now that the old story is being revisited. Those who do not understand the situation are one by one raising the banner of justice online, supporting Rice, supporting the coalition forces and denouncing Luo Yue’s move to destroy world peace.

The world’s major bookmakers are once again handicapping this war, but there is no longer that one to one hundred handicap. The gambling company that offered this handicap has gone bankrupt and the mysterious man who won tens of billions of dollars is still unknown to this day.

The commander-in-chief of the coalition forces this time was General Verza of the Army of the Rice, a man who had participated in the war against Vietnam and the war against Iraq. His style of warfare was somewhat like that of Rommel, the Desert Fox, who was good at doing more with less. Although Rommel was a Nazi German officer, Verza’s idol was him, and he believed that as an officer he had to be like Rommel when he went into battle.

At the end of the third month after Yemmer left Loyola, 630,000 allied troops, including 330,000 army, 100,000 navy, 80,000 air force and 120,000 marines. The main weapons and equipment were: 1,500 tanks, 3,000 armoured vehicles, 2,000 combat aircraft, 1,900 helicopters, over 160 warships and countless electronic jamming machines of all kinds. Such a huge force, led by Verza, declared war on the city of Loyola.

The largest war since the Gulf War opened in the Indian Ocean.!!!