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DYM Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69

Only then did Ye Mo understand that it was Ning Qingxue who had taken the initiative to ask to go back, so why did she want to go back? But since Ning Qingxue had asked to go back, he was in no hurry. When no one was around at night, he would go back and secretly help her once more and heal her injuries first. As for whether or not to take that ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ with him, there was still something to think about.

Having already known that the 120 ambulance was taking Ning Qingxue back, Ye Mo did not follow him there, but wondered where the person who had seriously injured Ning Qingxue to the point of near death was hiding, although he knew it must be the Song family, but Ye Mo did not know where the Song family had landed in Ninghai.

Ye Mo found a cleaner restaurant and went in to have a meal. After finishing his meal, Ye Mo had just walked out of the restaurant when he saw three people, two men and a woman, coming out of a star hotel not far away.

Ye Mo knew one of the men, who was Wang Peng. However, what concerned Ye Mo most was not Wang Peng, but the man beside him. He was around forty years old, of medium build, with a long face, flat head and a slightly convex sun xué.

The man seemed to have sensed that Ye Mo was watching him and even looked up at him for a moment. Ye Mo retracted his gaze and said, “How powerful, he could be sure that this man was much more powerful than the original Wen Dong. Even if it was not as good as him, it was not much different.

It was the first time Ye Mo met such an expert and immediately understood in his heart that he was the one who had healed Wang Peng’s hand at the beginning. The woman was somewhat tall and looked quiet, just quietly following behind Wang Peng. Ye Mo just glanced at it and ignored it, the woman was just an ordinary person.

A few people arrived next to a black-sèd Audi car and were talking. Ye Mo pretended to inadvertently move closer, now his divine sense could reach about eight meters, he wanted to know what these guys were talking about.

Eventually Ye Mo stopped behind a newsstand not far away, where he could just about monitor a few people.

“Last time, thanks to Big Brother Hu, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to move my hand until now. This time Brother Hu came in a hurry, and I couldn’t thank you properly, so I’m really rude.” This was Wang Peng’s voice.

Ye Mo thought to himself that Wang Peng’s hand was really cured by this man, which meant that this was an internal expert. This was the first time Ye Mo had met an internal expert on Earth. Even Wen Dong, who he met last time, was only a bit more powerful in a*sa*sination and combat techniques, and was far from cultivating internal qi.

The middle-aged man waved his hand and said, “Young Peng is very kind, your father is also a member of young Tan’s family, so it’s nothing to help out with this. Just try not to mess with the kind of people who sell dog skin plasters on the streets in the future, there are some capable people among these people.”

“Yes, I’ll take Brother Hu’s teachings to heart, I’ll trouble Brother Hu to take good care of me and my father at Younger Tan’s place, it’s not very convenient for me to go there now, thank you Brother Hu.” Wang Peng’s tone was very respectful.

The middle-aged man waved his hand and got into the Audi, the car started and quickly walked away.

Ye Mo didn’t have the heart to care about Wang Peng, this person whom Wang Peng called Big Brother Hu was the one he was most concerned about, this was an expert. Immediately, Ye Mo followed this car and chased after it. Twenty minutes later, the sky was dark and the Audi car drove into a sī family villa. Ye Mo used his divine sense to sweep around this villa, there were cameras everywhere and there was no way to enter.

After thinking for a moment, Ye Mo still decided to come back at night, and wait until the night, he would destroy all these cameras, and then find this big brother Hu. The reason why he had to find this man was because Ye Mo didn’t know anything about the martial arts structure here, and he didn’t know how far he had to cultivate before he could be safe here.

Even if he was forced to ask, he would have to force it out. Lest one day he met a real expert and was caught off guard. But this was obviously not the right time, it was still just getting dark.

It was still early, and he definitely needed to help treat Ning Qingxue’s injuries, but it was just as inappropriate at this time, there must be someone else next to her, and it would be inconvenient to go by himself, so he would wait until late at night to help her. After treating her injuries, it would not be too late to come back here again.

He wanted to go to Ninghai University to see Shi Xiu, but Ye Mo thought better of it, his strength was still low now, in case people from the Song family knew that Shi Xiu was related to him, they might even drag Shi Xiu into it.

Ye Mo left the villa where Brother Hu lived and prepared to go to downtown Ninghai to buy some things. He still had some money on him now, and after helping Ning Qingxue with her treatment, he planned to go to Luocang to have a look, and if he could, he would find a job there, or if he couldn’t, he would go to Cousin Ji Wanqing’s company.

His idea was that once he had stabilised himself, he would rent a place and plant a few more seeds of the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ after having the soil quality tested. After all, ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ has a long growing cycle, and in between he planned to make a trip to the Taklamakan Desert. He did not want to wait for the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ to mature before going to the Taklamakan Desert, that would be too much of a waste of time.

On this earth where aura was scarce, if he still wasted time like this, he really didn’t know when he would be able to cultivate to the point he wanted to reach. Although he might not be able to reach a high level of cultivation if he continued to work hard like this, there was always something to look forward to if he didn’t work hard, and nothing to look forward to if he didn’t.

Although Ning Qingxue had also planted a ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, but that was after all planted by her, she could not even take her life for that ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, although Ye Mo did not know why, but he could not bear to dig up this gra*s planted by her.

“Huh, it’s you, I finally found you.” A voice interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts.

Ye Mo looked back and saw that it was really an acquaintance, it seemed to be called Fang Yucheng. He met him last time when he was boxing inside Qingdu Lake Park, at that time he still wanted to spar with himself, but he was defeated by one move.

“It’s you, Fang Yucheng.” Ye Mo nodded his head, this Fang Yucheng was still relatively straightforward.

When Fang Yucheng saw that Ye Mo remembered his name, he immediately said with surprise, “I didn’t expect you to remember me, I’ve been waiting for you at Qingdu Lake Park after that day, but I haven’t seen you, it’s so lucky to meet you here.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Are you looking for me for something?”

Fang Yucheng rubbed his hands a little nervously, he knew in his heart that Ye Mo’s body was definitely quite strong, even several of his Fang Yucheng combined were not a match for him.

“It’s like this, can you see if you can spare some time to talk about it.” Fang Yucheng finished looking very expectant.

Ye Mo thought to himself, now he still had time and was running out of places to kill, since Fang Yucheng was looking for him for something, it would be good to go and see. Thinking of this, he nodded, “Alright.”

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed, Fang Yucheng was even more delighted. He hurriedly took Ye Mo to a secluded western restaurant and ordered a few dishes up without asking Ye Mo if he had eaten before.

Although he had never eaten western food, Ye Mo felt pretty good, and after eating a few bites Ye Mo casually asked, “What exactly are you looking for me for?” If Fang Yucheng had said something about worshiping a teacher, Ye Mo would have refused without hesitation, he didn’t have time to teach his disciple.

Fang Yucheng clasped his fist and said, “I haven’t asked for your surname.”

“My name is Shi Ying.” Ye Mo was in Ninghai but didn’t want to reveal his real name l. Furthermore calling him Shi Ying had a few meanings, one was that his master was Luo Ying, and another was the harmonic Si Ying, missing his master.

After hearing Ye Mo’s name, Fang Yucheng froze for a moment, but recovered in a flash. In his opinion the name was very feminine, but of course he would not express such thoughts, besides he had come to ask for Ye Mo’s help today.


Chapter 70

“Senior Shi ……,” Fang Yucheng couldn’t find a good name to call him, so he could only follow the name of the jianghu.

However, he was interrupted by Ye Mo just after he said three words. “Brother Fang, just call me by my name directly, I’m not any senior.”

When Fang Yucheng saw that Ye Mo did not care, he said directly, “In that case, I will not be polite. Master Ying, this time I have come to ask for your help because I have never found you, and it is a bit presumptuous to say this when I meet for the second time today ……”

Ye Mo frowned and said, “You still know how presumptuous it is, isn’t it obvious. He and Fang Yucheng had never met before, to put it badly, they were strangers who had met twice. The moment a stranger opened his mouth and asked for his help, it would be strange if Ye Mo did not frown.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Fang Yucheng dared not drag his feet and said directly: “You know I am a driver, my boss’s son is only in college, but he is a generous person and has a good relationship with me. He is in his senior year at Ninghai University of Science and Technology and is also the president of the school’s martial arts a*sociation. However, a month ago, he was seriously injured in a competition with someone and is still in the hospital.”

Ye Mo stopped Fang Yucheng’s conversation and said, “Do you want me to help him get back this fight?”

Fang Yucheng nodded and was about to speak, but was once again interrupted by Ye Mo: “I won’t do such a frivolous thing, this matter will end here, don’t mention it again.”

Fang Yucheng opened his somewhat bitter mouth for a moment and hesitated or said, “Brother Shadow, after I finish speaking, if you still have no interest, I don’t dare to force it.” In his haste, Fang Yucheng even changed his title to Brother Shadow.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly, “Alright, go ahead, I still have things to do tonight.”

“Because our boss is also from a military background, his son likes martial arts, which was nothing. It’s just that a month ago, Stick set up a ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo gym next to KU. In fact, there are many taekwondo gyms in Ninghai, which is normal, but the two lines written inside the taekwondo gym set up by this stick are ‘The world’s martial arts originate from Korea; the world’s boxing art, taekwondo is the first.’

And those who entered the gym had to accept that most of the martial arts in China actually originated in Korea, and only after acknowledging Korea as the birthplace of martial arts could they enter the taekwondo to study. Originally, we all thought that with this article, absolutely no one would enter this taekwondo to sign up, but what we didn’t expect was that there were still many people to sign up, I really couldn’t figure it out. Qi Weidong couldn’t figure it out either, so he went to this Taekwondo gym to have a competition.” Speaking here, Fang Yucheng sighed.

Although he didn’t say it later, Ye Mo also probably knew what happened, this Qi Weidong was probably also the son of Fang Yucheng’s boss. In fact, Ye Mo had always disliked the sticks because they were so shameless, not only could they describe Chinese medicine as Korean medicine, but even Zhuge Liang’s nationality had been turned into Korea by them. This is not to mention that any traditional Chinese festival is considered by them to be Korean.

As expected, Fang Yucheng sighed and said, “Seeing Qi Weidong come to challenge the master of the pavilion, this master of the pavilion actually welcomed him and even signed some kind of self-injury agreement. I know Qi Weidong’s skills, he started practicing martial arts at the age of eight and has been doing so for more than ten years now, but surprisingly, he was no match for the Vice Master of the Baton and was even seriously injured. Because there was an agreement in place and it had been fair, there was no way to blame them.

Because of Qi Weidong’s injury, many experts from Ninghai went to the door to challenge him, but none of them returned with serious injuries. That Rod was indeed powerful, and for a month there was not a single person in the whole of Ninghai who was his opponent. The baton was so powerful that no one in the whole of Ninghai was a match for him for a month. The baton also later put the challenge tournament on major campuses to increase their influence. In this way, not only did their taekwondo gym not close down, it became more and more prosperous, and the number of people signing up surprisingly increased, I really don’t know how these compatriots think.”

Fang Yucheng was obviously angry when he finished.

Ye Mo, however, smiled lightly, thinking that the boycott of Japanese goods had been said for N years, but there were still many people buying Japanese things, and they still continued to give the money to the Japanese to make bombs and then throw them back to China. Nowadays, although there is war in the world, it is after all a one-sided war, and young boys and girls living in peaceful times cannot think of anything more than that.

Most of their feelings for their motherland are still cynicism that they put on their lips and forget when they have finished. Compared to the older generation who have experienced the blood and fire of war, they are missing a lot. Perhaps in their opinion when buying something, they only look at whether the brand of such a thing is loud and beautiful enough. As for where it comes from, I guess few people care. This is not to say that they are not patriotic, but they simply do not have the awareness.

Ye Mo could understand Fang Yucheng’s emotions. He was not a cynic, but the stick saying that everything was theirs made him uncomfortable too. Ye Mo was also considered a Chinese, and he knew that the history of China was long-standing, and the stick’s Taekwondo definitely originated from Chinese martial arts, but now it was being said the other way around.

This favor would be fine. Thinking of this, Ye Mo asked, “Brother Fang, what time is it?” |

Fang Yucheng looked at his watch, “7:30.”

Ye Mo nodded, “I still have three and a half hours, if you can arrange for me to compete with them within those three and a half hours, I can do this favor.”

Fang Yucheng stood up excitedly, “Brother Ye, I will do it, right now the sticks would love to have someone to compete with them, and now every time they compete they do it with great fanfare on all the major campuses as a way to increase their popularity.” Immediately after saying that, he picked up the phone.


Ninghai University of Science and Technology.

The martial arts arena with a capacity of three thousand people was now packed with nearly four or five thousand people. At this moment, the lights were bright inside because the two sides that were competing on the field were Li Bangqi, the president of the Ninghai University Martial Arts a*sociation, and Park Donghong, the deputy head of the ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo.

The reason why it was the Deputy Master was because in order for the Master of ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo Gym to come on stage, the challenger had to defeat the Deputy Master before he would come up, but in the month since the establishment of ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo Gym, no one had been able to defeat Park Dong Yok in the challenge, instead Many of the challengers had either broken their arms or legs.

Li Bangqi, although only the president of a martial arts a*sociation of Ninghai University, had represented Ninghai in the National Youth Martial Arts Competition and had won the third prize. So this time, the match between Li Bangqi and Park Dong-Hyung attracted the attention of almost all the students of Ninghai University, except that the gymnasium was too small to accommodate more people, and most of them stood outside the gymnasium and watched the big screen.

The bout between Li Bangqi and Park Dong-Hyung was however not rounds, but a back-and-forth affair where you could even use any means except not holding a weapon in your hand.

Almost everyone in the arena was cheering for Li Bangqi, although the two had now fought to a standstill. But all of them knew that the most crucial time was coming. It was because every time Park Dong-Hyung had fought someone, he had suddenly put his opponent to the ground around the twenty minute mark, and now the twenty minutes were almost up.

Originally, he thought that although a mere stick had defeated many of Ninghai’s experts, he was a stick after all, and Li Bangqi did not take it to heart. But once the fight started, he realised that not only was Park Dong-Hyung agile, but he was also proficient in Chinese boxing, and the hateful thing was that these sticks were still claiming to be theirs.

The more he fought, the more frightened he became. He had already taken several punches from Park, and although he was strong and powerful and was not much affected for a while now, only he knew that he had only hit Park with one kick so far and had not done him any harm.