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DYM Chapter 671

Perhaps because the reasons given by the United Nations this time were open and honest, so this time there were far more countries participating in the alliance than last time, but unfortunately the composition of the army this time was even more h*mogeneous than last time. Almost all of them were rice troops, with other countries only sending a token number of soldiers or auxiliaries.

This is not because there is much goodwill towards Luo Yue, but because everyone knows that in the end it is only Rice that will benefit from this invasion of Luo Yue. For Russia, it was good enough to support the sanctions against Luo Yue, so Rice did not expect these countries to really contribute at all.

It would be impossible to ask Rice to take out the territory of Luo Yue and share it with everyone, but at most, it would just share the technological achievements of Luo Yue. And there are some prerequisites for these technological achievements being shared. Everyone understands this, and so does Rice, of course. What he wants is not for other countries to send troops to support him, what he wants is just a public opinion support, that’s all.

If the European countries had sent troops to Loyola, then they and Rice would have been able to pincer the attack on Loyola, and the Indian Ocean, where Loyola is located, would have been dumpling by the South Atlantic and the North Pacific.

But now only Rice is sending troops, and they can only enter the Indian Ocean by sea through the Straits of Malacca and the Straits of Isetha.

This is still the case when Loyue has voluntarily conceded the island of Gion in order to reduce losses. If Loyue does not let out Gion, then Rice’s fleet can only enter through the Straits of Malacca, which is even more disadvantageous to Rice.

The land forces could only invade from the ‘Hosotan Valley’, where Ossibia and Sinikenya meet, as they did last time, and there was no other way out.

The first time the allied forces invaded, the commander-in-chief was Seixinci, who launched a general attack as soon as he arrived. The result was a quick attack and a quick defeat. Unlike the last invasion by the allied forces, Verza did not rush to attack after he had surrounded Loyue in a group. It was the land forces in front of the ‘Fine Beach Valley’ that did not attack either.

And Luo Yue’s chief commander this time was Ye Xing, who once again showed disdain at the corner of his mouth as he looked at the warships that were densely surrounding Luo Yue. Without waiting for Void Moon Hua and the others to ask, Ye Xing said in a cold voice, “They want to fight a landing battle and surround us with the land forces in the ‘Hosotan Valley’. It’s just a pity that they came a little too late. If it was six months ago, when we only had a few thousand troops, as long as the navy held back some of Luo Yue’s forces. At that time, ‘Hosotan Valley’ would have been really difficult to defend. But not now, this place, Loyue, is not suitable for landing battles.”

“Why is this place not suitable for a landing battle? Besides, they have a bit too many warships, this is thousands of them ……” Xu Ping did not know much about war, although he had experienced several wars. But tactics is not something that can become elite after simply a few wars.

Ye Xing harrumphed: “Because Luo Yue has Ye Xing ……” Although Ye Xing knew that the intelligence they got was too different from the actual number of warships. But he still didn’t put it on his mind.

All the people around knew that they had been tricked by Ye Xing. But in their hearts, they also had to admit Ye Xing’s skills, if not for him. It would be really hard to defend this place. But the defence system Ye Xing had developed was so amazing that it was indeed a bit difficult to land on Luo Yue with hundreds of thousands of people. And Luo Yue’s navy would even just have to hold the line, not even needing to go to sea to fight.

On the surface it looked like someone else’s fleet had hit home. It was already very dangerous, but for Luo Yue, the more it hit home, the safer it was. Unless the other side can break Luo Yue’s strong defence system and powerful electronic jamming system, and if these two cannot be broken, then don’t think of landing at Luo Yue’s doorstep.

Of course, once these two are broken by someone else and it’s time to slice and dice, Luo Yue will simply be unbeatable in the face of the powerful allied forces. There’s no comparison. And modern warfare was on the other hand not a slash-and-burn war, so although Ye Xing’s words were bullish, he was bullish.

“Chief Master Ye, last time, weren’t we able to attack as soon as the allied army came within a few hundred miles of Luo Yue? Why aren’t we attacking now? Our cruise missiles are perfectly capable of sending them to the West.” Guo Qi asked, puzzled.

Although the allied forces had a lot of people this time, Luo Yue hadn’t really taken it seriously. Although Guo Qi said this, he didn’t care much about it either. He understood Luo Yue’s missile defence system.

“I want to know how they want to fight, I still have the ultimate weapon, but if they are not qualified enough, I don’t bother to take it out yet. Besides although I can hit from a distance, the hit rate is ultimately lower. After all, our electronic jamming machines are also less effective the further away they are.” Ye Xing said with a heated smile.

The allied forces didn’t keep them waiting for long, on the big screen of the huge combat command room. A large number of aircraft swarms had already appeared, all sorts of fighters, bombers, early warning planes, jamming planes and so on intermingled together, flying towards Luo Yue like dense locusts.

“How do they have so many planes?” There are literally over a thousand planes up here, why are these planes already appearing on top of the radar screen and no news from our defensive missiles? Are they sending out their entire fighter group at once?” Xu Ping said in surprise, pointing at those planes.

Ye Xing said with a flat expression, “Because those are unmanned dummy planes, this kind of dummy planes our ‘Cosmic Shield Defense Attack System’ can completely identify, it’s actually very simple to stop them, the missile defense is just fully open.”

Xu Ping asked in a strained voice, “What did they get so many fake planes for?”

Ye Xing however said, “The fake planes can also drop bombs, it’s just that the bombs are very simple and can’t be an effective threat to us at all. Of course their main purpose should not be to drop bombs with fake planes, but to deplete our missile count. I guessed that they already knew that we had a limited number of missiles, so this time they had come long prepared to use a large number of dummy planes to deplete our missile numbers first, and then when our missiles were almost depleted and the radar defence systems were all rendered useless, then they would start the general attack to land. So that’s how it is, I’ve understood.”

Although Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua and the others knew that Ye Xing had newly developed an ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’, this bomb had not been tested in actual combat, and no one knew how effective it would be. Once this bomb was not as effective as imagined and Luo Yue’s missiles were consumed, then the allied forces’ strategy had really been achieved.

Can one imagine what kind of place Luoyue would become under the fire of the allied forces without defensive missiles? The allied forces didn’t even need to pinpoint the location, they could just fire their shells at random to pierce through Loyue.

“Then we leave these fake planes alone and don’t bother with them.” Xu Ping said immediately as soon as he frowned.

However, Xu Yuehua shook his head and said, “I think it’s better to use our ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bombs’, we have as many of these bombs as we want, we can use these bombs to blow up all these fake planes, and those large missiles will stay behind to defend against their naval forces and from ‘Fine Beach Valley’ coming from the land forces ……”

Ye Xing, however, immediately said, “I disagree with this way of fighting, I have understood one thing, that is, the thousands of warships surrounding Luo Yue, a large part of them must be the same as these fake planes, that are fake warships. I say even if they have the financial resources, they don’t have the means to come up with thousands of warships, right? So, let’s do what they want and attack these fake planes with imported missiles while attacking those fake warships with imported missiles.”

“But ……” Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping and the others looked at each other with a worried look in their eyes, but did not say anything.

Ye Xing said with a faint smile, “It seems like you guys don’t trust me very much yet, believe it, my ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’ is much better than those large missiles. Commander Guo, those fake planes are about to fly over Luo Yue, order them to open up their missile defences and destroy them all, regardless of whether they are real or fake. Order down immediately, as long as they are within range again, you can fire missiles at those fake warships as well.”

There were only a few missiles in total, and none of the enemy planes were up to stop the enemy planes when they came over Loyue. They were all surface-to-air missiles, and as if they were not afraid of death, one by one they fell into the Indian Ocean, and one by one they kept flying to Loyue.

The sky was filled with countless roars and explosions, mixed with black smoke and fire, as if the night had come early and nowhere could be seen clearly.

At the same time, countless missiles flew into the Indian Ocean, hitting one warship after another with precision.

The allied forces seemed enraged by Luo Yue’s overwhelming missile attacks, and they continued to fire one missile after another from their warships, but all of these missiles were invariably shot down by Luo Yue’s defensive missiles in the Pacific Ocean, and all but a very few of them would land near Luo Yue, and the rest would sink into the Indian Ocean.


Inside Rice’s largest carrier operations command amba*sador, Verza watched as a warship was sunk and a plane was shot down, but his face was calm. When he saw Luo Yue’s missiles shooting out as if they didn’t want money, his mouth even showed an expression of disdain.

“Without a base, without even a chair to sit down on, relying only on a strong defence system and a jammer system, they want to dominate the Indian Ocean. It’s a bunch of ignorant people, and I do have a hard time understanding the last time Admiral Seixinci was all but wiped out.” Virza said with a shake of his head and a hesitant look in his eyes.

In Verza’s eyes, a mere force that relied on a single company to get up, still wanted to stand up and speak in this world, and even dared to target Rice at every turn. What is this if not a death wish? In such a short period of time, they do not even have a cornerstone, let alone excellent military talents. They can’t even see a random ploy of their own, they immediately fall for it, and even cooperate with their ploy by actively throwing missiles into the Indian Ocean.

Once they ran out of missiles, it was time for him, Virza, to lead a general attack by hundreds of thousands of allied troops.

The Allied attack was swift, but the results were not unexpected, with over a thousand aircraft wiped out, as were hundreds and nearly a thousand warships. And Loyue lost a television tower, which one of the allied missiles hit just in time.

When the round of bombing was over, Verza’s face took on a slightly ugly look when he realised that the Allied missiles had only hit one TV tower. Although his aim was to lure the missiles from Loyue, his side had just sent a lot of missiles, and the Loyue’s missile interception system was indeed too strong. The success rate was almost 98% or more.

Even if it was because of the distance of the allied warships, the success rate of such interceptions was still outrageous.