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DYM Chapter 672

“Execute the second phase of the plan, press forward with the fleet and immediately send five fighter formations to bombard Loyue at will, while the land forces begin a feint.” Verza’s emotion was only for a moment, and immediately launched a second attack. The fact that Lo Yue had knocked out his mock fighters and most of his mock warships was just what he wanted.

Verza knew that with two rounds of missile attacks from Luo Yue, they had very few missiles left. No one knew that he had taken these five fighter formations out to give to Luo Yue to eat. Even if it was known, Verza would not admit it.

His main thrust of the battle was to crush Luo Yue to death even with money, and the death of over a hundred pilots was no pressure on him. He knew that without certain sacrifices, even if the missiles were gone, it would not be easy to fully occupy Loyuki. f-22’s horrific price tag with a good MiG pilot, and that’s with five formations of over a hundred in one go, was a loss that only Verza, a madman, would dare to do.

When the five formations of allied fighters had just taken off, Ye Xing and the others already knew about it.

What Verza cared about was this fighter group attacking Loyue, what weapons would Loyue use to fight back, would it be missiles or air force firefighting?

He soon got the answer he wanted, and it was not wrong at all with his guess, Luo Yue’s missiles were indeed already limited, they just sent the same five fighter formations.

In fact, in terms of equipment and the quality of the pilots, the Loyals were inferior to the Allied forces. The fighters were Russian Su-35s, while the main fighters of the coalition were f-22s, which were far inferior in terms of radar range, manoeuvrability and stealth. The Su-35 is far inferior to the f-22.

Even in terms of fighting ammunition the f-22 is far superior, as the f-22 has a 180 degree turn back fire capability! And it’s infrared imaging, not simply heat tracking! To put it simply, it means that even if the Su-35 has the advantage of being behind the f-22 in position, the f-22 can take you out with the aim-9x.

If say two pilots with similar skills, one in a Su-35 and one in an f-22 go head to head. There would be little doubt about the outcome, not to mention the fact that the quality of the pilots in Loyola is certainly not as good as that of the coalition forces. Of course special circumstances are at all times, like the last time a MiG pilot was pursued by a missile. It was possible to get past the bombs by sticking to the sea, a skill not everyone has.

But these are only for general situations, over Lo Yue these laws do not exist. f-22’s strengths become weaknesses, Su-35’s weaknesses become strengths.

The powerful electronic jammer system over Loyola made the f-22’s powerful radar look like a mere display. The coalition’s anti-electronic jammers were not the least bit effective in the face of Lo Yue’s automatically power-adjusted jammers, and the early warning aircraft that were a poser.

Besides, the Su-35’s radar was modified by the Loyola, and they didn’t even need to fly their electronic jammers to fight over the Loyola. One by one, the shells hit an allied aircraft accurately, and the air erupted with even bigger explosions and sparks. The spectacle was perhaps even more astonishing than the fake aircraft earlier.

Some of the missiles missed but were taken out by airborne missiles without hesitation, no fluke.

The five fighter groups were soon wiped out by the Loyola fleet, while the Loyola side only paid the price with four crashed aircraft and one wounded. This was still a consequence of not being able to dodge the f-22 explosion, and the consequences of the f-22’s suicidal impact.

Verza’s expression was calm, in fact his objective had been achieved, he knew that the missiles of Luo Yue were about to be shot, otherwise Luo Yue’s such a powerful defence missile system. There was no need to send out fighter crews at all. Even if it was a low loss, it was still a loss.

At the same time the allied forces in the ‘Hosotan Valley’ had begun their attack to seize the ‘Hosotan Valley’, except that the ‘Hosotan Valley’ was an easy place to defend and difficult to attack, and the allied air force had no way to provide air So although the Luo Yue soldiers were at a disadvantage, the allied forces could not attack for a while.

Unless the Allied air force could abuse the skies here. And with the Low Moon’s jamming planes, that was not possible.

“General Verza, I think we can launch a general attack.” Allied staff officer Fira knew their ploy had worked when she saw that Luo Yue’s air force and the Allied air fleet had already sparred.

“Wait a little longer ……” Velza waved his hand, as long as Loyue was out of missiles, they were lambs to the slaughter, even if they were more powerful now, there was no way to hold Loyue. Once Luoyue’s defensive weapons are gone, the allied forces can go in at any time, and there is no need to rush.

In Verza’s view, the only thing that makes Loyue rampant is the defence system and the unimaginably powerful jammer system.

But all this presupposes that they have enough missiles to block his tactics. His tactics, whether he calls it a war of attrition or a man-o’-the-wall tactic, are to slow down Loyue. To put it simply, it’s about using money to smash.

Even if it is a fake plane and a fake warship, the construction cost is not a little bit, even if there is only an empty shell, it is still steel plates. Even if a fake plane uses the worst engine, it still needs an engine isn’t it.

Verza thought that the Allied strategy was simple, so simple that it was obvious at a glance. But even if Luo Yue knew the strategy of the allied forces there was nothing he could do, he used what was supposed to be a yang scheme.


Some cold sensation came, and only then did Ye Mo suddenly wake up. He was so overjoyed because his meridians were widening under his repair after this injury that he even forgot the time he was in and the place he was in.

Only then did Ye Mo wake up and realise that the iceberg he was on had melted to a size of only a few square feet, and that it would not be long before the iceberg would completely disappear.

Although he didn’t care if the iceberg disappeared, there was no way to continue repairing his meridians. After months of restoration, he was about to be completely successful, but at this time, he didn’t even have a place to live, which made him very depressed.

But even if he was depressed, Ye Mo didn’t feel much frustration in his heart, only he knew what chance he had gotten this time when he came to Ice Helmet Island. No spiritual pills and heavenly treasures could compare to the widening of his meridians. Just give it a few more days. His meridians would be completely repaired.

If he went to the cultivation world with his now repaired meridians, he would be a genius that sects would rush to want. He had such a wide and tough meridian without building his foundation, once he built his foundation, as long as he had the resources, his cultivation path would be straightforward.

In a happy mood, Ye Mo arrived at the top of the ice mountain and let out a long whistle, although his meridians were still a little bit unhealed. But his mood at this moment was even more excited than the last time he flew with his sword.

Seemingly sensing Ye Mo’s danger, the fish nearby withdrew.

Ye Mo casually struck several decontamination decisions and then changed into a clean set of clothes. He was ready to look for the next iceberg to continue his restoration. Once he had repaired his meridians, he could refine his flying sword again, and once it was finished. Immediately, he would go back to Luo Yue to get married to Luo Ying Light Snow, and after the wedding, he would go to the small world to look for opportunities.

Two days later, instead of meeting the iceberg, Ye Mo met a cruise ship, while the iceberg beneath his feet was about to disappear.

Seeing the cruise ship, Ye Mo immediately wanted to step over the water, but after thinking about it, he stopped. If he really stepped over the water and let people see him, it would be a bit too outrageous. Moreover, his current appearance should definitely not be seen by anyone. Once the person who had counted on him knew that he had gone on the cruise, then the guy who had counted on him would not dare to show his face, which would bring him inconvenience to take revenge.

Ye Mo got that bearded outfit of his outfit out again with great speed, and when he was completely disguised and was about to stealthily board the ship. The cruise ship seemed to have spotted him and slowed down, and within a short while, a small dinghy drove over.

There were two crew members on the dinghy, one named Rosie and the other David. Through the questioning with Rosie and David. Ye Mo realised that this was already the Pacific Ocean. He did not know how long he had been drifting, but he had actually drifted from the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean. It was good that this cruise ship was sailing from Canada to Hong Kong, and these two men both knew Chinese.

Ye Mo knew that his current appearance was very suspicious. He didn’t even wait for the two men to speak before he took out US$100,000 and gave $50,000 a piece. Then he told them that he was an adventurer, because he wanted to sail around the Pacific Ocean, and finally his boat hit a reef, and a nearby iceberg pa*sed by which he escaped with his life.

The reason why he gave money to these two men was because he wanted them to help him find a place to stay on the boat. There was one thing Ye Mo did not say, his main purpose of giving money was still to get these two men to say something for him.

Although this was a pa*senger ship, not a warship, and he had an ID card, Ye Mo was a person who did not like trouble. He hated the constant questioning, and with these two men helping him to say something there shouldn’t be a big problem, after all the cruise ship wouldn’t be too strict, not to mention that such accidents often happen in the Pacific Ocean.

Sure enough after Ye Mo was taken to the cruise ship, just a few police officers came over and asked a few simple questions, but none of these words needed to be answered by Ye Mo. The two seamen who had saved him had already taken care of it for him, and all he had to do was pretend that he didn’t understand English. In fact, there was no need to pretend, he could not understand it in the first place.

“Mr Mo, I will go and help you get your accommodation sorted out right away, you don’t have to worry. Now let David take you to dinner, there is still a long time to arrive in Hong Kong, I hope you have a good journey.” The two seamen took Ye Mo’s money and were very polite to Ye Mo then, and Rosie was even more enthusiastic.

Since Rosie was going to help Ye Mo get a place to stay, Ye Mo took out $50,000 again and gave it to Rosie, he asked Rosie to help him get a quieter and more elegant place to stay, and if he didn’t have enough money, just come to him for it.

“Enough, enough ……” Rossi took the money, but in his heart he was sighing, the person he saved this time was really a rich master.

Cruise ships travel inside the ocean, meeting some capsized ships and rescuing some people was not an unusual thing. It was just that Ye Mo’s case was a bit special, not only was his body intact, but his clothes were neat and tidy, and there was not even a trace of dampness on his money.

But this kind of thing Rosie and David would not say, they were just seafarers, they were also trying to make a living, who would want to cross the line with money.

The reason why Ye Mo didn’t take out more money was that he was afraid that the two would wonder how he could have so much cash on him.

David took Ye Mo to the restaurant for a detailed introduction before telling Ye Mo to take his time with his meal and that he and Rosie would help him with the problem of accommodation as soon as possible.

For this Ye Mo was certainly in no hurry, he had been eating dry food for months, it would be good to get something hot to eat and then go back to his training.

After ordering a steak, as well as some vegetables, Ye Mo found a corner and sat down. Although he was now a bearded man, he had been rescued from the sea after all, so if he could not draw attention to himself, he should not draw attention to himself.

In Ye Mo’s mind, once he had fully recovered and refined his flying sword, the first person he would investigate was the guy who was behind the plot against him. No matter who it was, that guy had to die.