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DYM Chapter 673

The conversation between the two Chinese women at the adjacent table caught Ye Mo’s attention, they were actually talking about the war in Luo Yue. But as far as Ye Mo knew, the war in Luo Yue had ended before he came out, so why were they still talking about it now? Moreover, from what Ye Mo heard from their mouths, it seemed that the war was still in a stalemate.

This made Ye Mo very puzzled, but unfortunately these two only said a few words before they stopped the topic and instead turned the conversation to something else.

Ye Mo stood up and walked up to the two women and said in a gentlemanly manner, “Two beauties, my name is Mo Ying, I wonder if you two mind if I sit here for a while?”

Although these two women were really not considered beautiful to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was now in need of help. Even if they were the ugliest women, he would still say they were beautiful.

The two girls who were talking froze for a moment. In their opinion, although the two of them were not ugly, they were not considered beautiful either. I didn’t expect to be accosted here, and although the bearded man didn’t look like much, the bearded man gave the impression of being big and strong. Besides, anyone who could be on this cruise ship shouldn’t be easy, not to mention the fact that this restaurant was the premium restaurant on the cruise ship.

“Of course I don’t mind, you can sit down.” The woman with long hair immediately displayed a kind smile.

Ye Mo sat down just as her words fell, and then asked, “I haven’t asked the two of you your surnames.”

The reason why he asked this was because Ye Mo understood that he naturally couldn’t just ask for things as soon as he arrived. Asking for someone’s name. This was the most basic etiquette.

“My name is Xi Illusion Shan, and she is my colleague Lin Man.” After the long-haired woman finished, she pointed to the slightly younger woman beside her and introduced herself with a smile.

Even the slightly younger woman was still in her thirties, but Lin Man was a bit more voluptuous, but that wasn’t what Ye Mo wanted to focus on. He hurriedly said, “Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you ……”

Originally, after finishing this, Ye Mo wanted to ask about the Luo Yue war, but Xi Qianshan already treated Ye Mo as a man seeking pleasure. On this five-star cruise ship. The journey was just too boring. Although the bearded man in front of her was average looking and a bit rough, but it was better that he was strong. A man like that could go to his room and give her some pleasure. She didn’t mind either, this kind of thing was something you did anyway, and when you were done, you went your separate ways.

So she took the initiative to say before Ye Mo asked, “Mr Mo, you must be Chinese, right? Are you going to Hong Kong from Canada on business this time, or did you originally go to Canada for tourism?”

After saying that this long-haired woman moved slightly closer to Ye Mo, she suddenly felt that this bearded man wasn’t so rough anymore, at least he smelled sober and made her not have that feeling of resistance. Some foreigners were strong, but that smell on them was just too unpleasant.

As soon as Lin Man saw what Xi Miansan did, she immediately knew what Xi Miansan wanted. Xi Qiansan had let herself accompany her on a trip to Canada after her divorce because of her bad marriage, but at that age of hers, it was not possible without a man. Besides, she herself had already found a man on this boat, while Xi Qiansan had yet to find one. Now a man has come forward. She was also in favour of Mirsan having someone to relieve her boredom.

Lin Man pretended not to see Xi Qianshan’s movements, this kind of thing was normal, everyone just needed it.

Ye Mo, however, gave way slightly in embarra*sment and immediately said, “No, I like adventure. I am an adventurer. By the way, what was that I heard you guys say earlier about the Luo Yue war? Didn’t you say that the war between Luo Yue and Indonesia had ended? Actually, I’m interested in that too.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Xi Qianshan did not continue to move, but looked at Ye Mo in surprise and said, “The war between Luo Yue and Indonesia was already a few months ago, and now it’s because Luo Yue violated the Antarctic Treaty, and the United Federation has imposed sanctions on Luo Yue, or this is the second time that the United Federation has invaded Luo Yue. That, you wouldn’t even be unaware of this, right?”

Ye Mo was furious in his heart, this must be the work of Mi Guo again. Although Ye Mo did not have the slightest worry about Luo Yue with Ye Xing, he was furious at Rice for repeatedly provoking Luo Yue. If he could, he really wanted to turn that part of Rice into his colony. Unfortunately, his ambition was not above fighting for land.

“Mr Mo, your room is ready, here is the room card. It is a balcony suite, near the side of the ship with a balcony facing the sea, I wonder if you are satisfied?” Rosie and David personally brought Ye Mo’s room card over and were very polite.

“I’m very satisfied, thank you both very much.” Ye Mo took the room card, in fact, he just wanted seclusion, whether it was a suite or not, he really didn’t care. After saying that, Ye Mo once again took out forty thousand dollars and gave twenty thousand each.

Rosie and David, however, were even more amazed in their hearts, money was simply like paper in this Mr. Mo’s hands, without any concept. Moreover, he had so much cash on him that he simply didn’t know how he put it down.

When Xi Qianshan and Lin Man saw how Ye Mo was treated and his act of rewarding him with a huge tip, they immediately knew that this man was definitely a master who had money to burn. Not only Xi Qianshan but also Lin Man started to get excited about Ye Mo. Although this man had a big beard, he was so rich that it wouldn’t matter if she and Qianshan were allowed to accompany him at that time.

But now that Ye Mo knew what was going on, he didn’t want to stay here any longer. Just as he was about to stand up, a familiar back walked towards the door of the restaurant.

Sister Yan? Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, how could Sister Yan be on top of this cruise ship? Hadn’t she left San Francisco long ago? How come she ran to Canada again and took a boat to Hong Kong in Canada?

“Hey, you wait ……” Ye Mo just wanted to call Sister Yan, but immediately knew it was wrong, Yin Qingyan was still his sister-in-law, so calling her sister would definitely not work. But now calling her sister-in-law, she must be baffled.

When that woman heard Ye Mo’s shout, she turned back and looked at Ye Mo’s side in confusion. When she saw that it was a bearded man and two women, she seemed to frown and once again turned around and walked away.

Ye Mo took a look at the fact that it was actually a woman with a cold face, and not Sister Yan. But his thoughts turned quickly and he immediately knew that Sister Yan had disguised herself, as she was a disguise expert herself. He had not expected to meet Sister Yan here. When Sister Yan had given him a diary, he had not finished reading it, only part of it, before he was delayed by things. Later, when he returned to Luo Yue, he had even less time to read the diary. It was not until he saw Sister Yan today that he remembered about the diary.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately had to go after it.

“Wait ……” Ye Mo was just about to leave when he was grabbed by Lin Man. Ye Mo’s heart was in a hurry, and he reached out and shook Lin Man’s hand off. The action was slightly rough, but it did not take into account Lin Man’s thoughts.

Lin Man froze for a moment and immediately said angrily, “How can you be like this?”

“Sorry ah, I just saw an acquaintance ……” Ye Mo also knew that his action seemed to be a bit rough, and hurriedly apologized and was about to leave.

But Lin Man coldly snorted and did not let him go, but said, “What you saw an acquaintance? You simply saw that woman and wanted to go up and hook up with her. You just talked to Sister Mirage Shan, and now you’re going to hook up with someone else, you’re a bit too shameless, aren’t you?”

Ye Mo opened his mouth and was a bit baffled, thinking, “When did I talk to this Sister Mirage Shan? I just came to ask a few questions. Besides, I just went to hook up with someone else, what does it have to do with you?”

“What is it, Miss Lin Man.” A man in his thirties walked over, and he was carrying a small, modest bag in his hand. Having the bag still with him at all times on the boat, Ye Mo didn’t even need to think about it to know that the contents of the bag were not simple.

Because he was curious, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept in. An irregular cloth wrapped around three milky white stones, Ye Mo didn’t have to look at it, but his heart immediately shook at the sight of it, this was not a stone, it was simply a few spiritual stones.

The moment he saw the spirit stones, Ye Mo’s heart started thumping. He didn’t expect to see spirit stones here, he couldn’t even spare one of his spirit stones to repair his meridians, but he didn’t expect to see them again, or three of them.

Last time, after he had sold that spirit stone on the ship, he had not asked carefully about the provenance of the spirit stone, and later, due to various matters, he did not have the time to return to the ship to ask again. Because of the matter of that spirit stone, he also got an iron plaque like thing from that compulsion breeder Yan Wuliang, and he didn’t know what it was.

This time, he actually saw three more. At this time, Ye Mo’s mind was not thinking about these two women, even Sister Yan was put aside, what he was thinking about was how to get these three spirit stones into his hands.

It was too easy for Ye Mo to get his hands on a few spirit stones, but what Ye Mo wanted to know more was the origin of the spirit stones. So he did not intend to rob them or steal them. If the price was within his acceptable range, he could buy it.

Although Ye Mo turned countless thoughts for a while, but Lin Man didn’t care what Ye Mo was thinking, she pointed at Ye Mo and said: “Brother Kui, this man and Mirage Shan met on the boat and, and …… anyway, you know it without me saying it. But now that he sees another woman, he’s going to give up Sister Mirage Shan in the blink of an eye, that’s a bit too shameless, I just said one thing and he was rude to me.”

Seeing Meng Kui, who had an affair with her, come over, Lin Man just froze for a moment and immediately made a decision, she still didn’t want to give up this bearded man because he was just too rich.

Ye Mo reacted, he watched dumbfounded as Lin Man pointed at him and chattered on, sighing in his heart that there were actually people in the world who were so shameless, and she accused others of being shameless.