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DYM Chapter 674

There were already a lot of people around and these people were watching the action. There are many foreigners on this boat, but there are just as many Chinese. And it was a Chinese tradition to watch the hilarity, especially for such peachy news, they even gathered in a circle together.

“When am I going to have sex with you ……,” Ye Mo asked breathlessly.

Before he could say his words, Lin Man’s eyes turned red and said, “When did you, what you did last night, you don’t want to be responsible for it so soon ……”

Hearing Lin Man’s words, the people around them murmured at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was speechless, he was still on top of the ice last night, what did he do again? If this man didn’t have what he wanted in his hand, he wouldn’t have bothered to pay attention to these two women.

“Hello, I am Meng Kui, the business manager of Ska Communications in the United States.” Meng Kui actually extended his hand and smiled at Ye Mo.

He didn’t know where Ye Mo was from, although Lin Man was his sexual partner on this ship, but once Ye Mo was too big, he wasn’t going to offend Ye Mo for a dewy-eyed relationship.

So first he had to ask Ye Mo where he came from to see if it was something he could afford to offend.

American Ska Communications? Ye Mo felt very familiar when he heard this company, he seemed to have heard of it there. Ye Mo’s memory as a cultivator was very strong, as long as he heard a little bit of it, it would be hard to forget it. In just a few moments, he remembered that there was an American ska company that was also the property of the Song family in the beginning. It looked like the Song family had faded out of Yanjing, but their industry was still there.

“My name is Mo Ying, I like to travel around the world. I also like to acquire the world’s exotic stones. As long as I fancy a strange stone, no matter how big the price, I will acquire it back.” Ye Mo was temporarily testing to see how Meng Kui would react because he wanted the spirit stones in Meng Kui’s bag.

Sure enough, after Meng Kui heard Ye Mo’s words, a hint of joy immediately flashed between his eyebrows. Seeing Meng Kui reveal a joyful expression, Ye Mo immediately knew in his heart that Meng Kui did not know the price of spirit stones. He didn’t even know what his item was. If he knew that a spirit stone was auctioned off for hundreds of millions of dollars at the beginning, I wonder what he would have thought.

However, Ye Mo also believed that if he knew that spirit stones were so valuable. And once he had to find someone to auction off the spirit stones, then his little life would not be his own. With an ordinary person like Meng Kui, he wanted to keep the spirit stones. That was a fool’s dream.

“So Mr. Mo also likes strange stones, I also have some hobbies for such things ……” Meng Kui immediately replied.

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, almost all of my a*sets have been used to beg for all kinds of exotic stones in the world, but unfortunately there aren’t many that I can look at.”

He didn’t say anything else, he knew that his purpose had been achieved.

Meng Kui was even more impatient, he knew that the few stones he had were worth some money, but how exactly, he did not know. And he was also a cautious man, not daring to take this stuff to others casually for appraisal. Because the origin of his item was already bizarre, and once others knew about it, he might still be in danger of his life.

“That Brother Mo, I am also very interested in strange stones, I wonder if Brother Mo is interested in discussing them together?” Meng Kui immediately asked.

There was no need to ask then. Of course Ye Mo was interested, his interest was originally directed towards Meng Kui’s few spirit stones.

Ye Mo also then smiled and said, “So Brother Meng is still a fellow Daoist, what I like most is to study with fellow Daoists about strange stones with each other, my room is in the suite near the side of the ship, Brother Meng, please.”

Looking at Ye Mo and Meng Kui actually walked together. Lin Man was furious and his face was ugly. The people around them also left when they saw that there was no buzz to watch. At this moment, the cool woman that Ye Mo had called out to burst out from nowhere, looked at where Ye Mo had disappeared and coldly snorted disdainfully.

“There is no good thing about men, the old woman is ready to fall back on them and they actually engage in Brokeback Mountain ……” Lin Man still had a face of indignation.

Xi Mirsan, however, looked at Ye Mo’s disappearing back with some disappointment and said only after a long time, “It should be that Meng Kui that you slept with is not a good thing, that bearded man is actually not bad.”

“Yeah, very nice then. You were all set to get naked and let him f*ck you, and he played dumb and was still nice, I pooh.” Lin Man was getting more and more indignant, she herself was even planning to get naked and f*ck that bearded guy with Mirage Shan, not realising that he was actually a guy who liked men. Two men going to the room to explore, disgusting and disgusting old lady.

Thinking about it Lin Man still said unsatisfactorily, “That guy Meng Kui, even if he is rich, next time don’t try to get into my mother’s bed, I am not a woman who can’t live without a man.”

“Actually, I do feel now that the purpose of that bearded man accosting us seems not to be for that matter, but ……” Xi Qianshan suddenly had a very strange feeling that the main purpose of that bearded man accosting them really seemed to be to ask about Luo Yue’s war issue.


Ye Mo’s room was the envy of even Meng Kui, and once Meng Kui took a look at Ye Mo’s room, he knew that the bearded man was a rich man, otherwise he couldn’t possibly afford to live in such a suite.

Ye Mo patiently talked nonsense with Meng Kui for ten minutes, and just when he was impatient and ready to take the initiative to mention the spirit stones, Meng Kui took out the spirit stones in his bag.

Seeing Meng Kui take the spirit stone out, Ye Mo finally sighed in relief.

“This kind of stone, I wonder if Brother Mo has ever seen ……” Meng Kui asked as he handed the three spirit stones to Ye Mo.


Half an hour later, Meng Kui left Ye Mo’s room carrying a large canvas bag. At the same time, he was sighing in his heart at how rich Ye Mo was.

The three stones he had unintentionally picked up were actually sold for US$800,000, while that Mo Ying, who liked strange stones, didn’t even return the price. And what he didn’t understand even more was that this Mr Mo had actually put so much cash in his room, a disposition that was simply as incomprehensible as his love for strange stones.

There was just one more thing he didn’t understand, why he would suddenly subconsciously take the initiative to tell that bearded man about the process of getting the curious stones. Although he regretted it as soon as he finished, there was nothing he could do about it even though he had said it. He believed that the bearded man would definitely not tell anyone about it, as the stuff was now in the bearded man’s hands.

Ye Mo played with the three spirit stones for a long time before he put them away. He did not expect to get the three spirit stones in his hands for just a few hundred thousand dollars. The only pity was that these three spirit stones were picked up by Meng Kui.

A month ago, Meng Kui was travelling in Canada. One night, at a tourist attraction, he saw a fight between two people, so at that time he hid away and did not dare to move. When he came out, the two men who were fighting had died together. He saw a wooden box on one of them, and inside the box were three such stones.

Meng Kui knew immediately that these three stones must be unusual, so when he got them, he immediately tried to travel to Hong Kong with the sole purpose of selling the item off in Hong Kong.

And now he hadn’t even arrived in Hong Kong before it was bought on the way. For Meng Kui, of course, it was a good thing. Although he vaguely knew that the three stones might cost more than US$800,000, he was satisfied to sell them for that price. After all, it had come from an unusual source and he had to keep it on his person at all times, so it was a lot easier on him when he sold it.

He wondered if the spirit stone on the boat to Jeju Island last time was from the same place as these three, but unfortunately he still didn’t know where it actually came from.

Ye Mo shook his head and put his mind down before he remembered about Sister Yan. He was going to call out to Sister Yan just now, but he was only delayed because of the matter of the spirit stones. Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately walked out of the room and swept his divine sense out.

Although his meridians had not been completely repaired, his divine sense had now surpa*sed the previous twelve hundred meters and was now very close to fifteen hundred meters.

Ye Mo soon found Sister Yan in one of the inner cabin rooms, he was wondering in his heart, he had given Sister Yan a lot of money back then. Why was she still living in an inner cabin room? At least get a sea view room to live in for a while.

Closing his door behind him, Ye Mo went to Sister Yan’s room and started knocking on the door.

When Yin Qingyan heard someone knocking on the door, she was stunned, she didn’t know anyone on this ship, who would come knocking?

But now that her cultivation level had been restored, she wasn’t afraid. When she opened the door and saw the bearded man at the door, she immediately blushed, “Who are you? I don’t know you, get out of the way.”

After saying that, Yin Qingyan was about to close the door of the room.

Ye Mo knew that he had disguised himself and Sister Yan would definitely not recognise him, and at this moment, there were already people coming from inside the corridor. He almost didn’t even think about it, so he squeezed into the room and then closed the door behind him.

When Yin Qingyan saw Ye Mo enter the room, she was immediately about to make a move on him, but Ye Mo hurriedly said, “Sister Yan, I’m Ye Mo.” Although he was a sister-in-law, it was too awkward to call her, so Ye Mo still chose to call her Sister Yan.

“You know me?” Yin Qingyan’s eyes changed, she couldn’t imagine that there was someone else on the ship who knew her. However, she immediately reacted to the second half of Ye Mo’s sentence and withdrew her posture to make a move and asked in astonishment, “You are Ye Mo?”

Ye Mo immediately ripped off the disguise on his face and said with a heated smile, “I am really Ye Mo ……”

“Ah ……” When Yin Qingyan saw that the person in front of her was really Ye Mo, she was surprised for a moment and immediately her eyes changed drastically as she pushed Ye Mo: “Get out, get out… …”

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan’s change in a puzzled manner, thinking, “What the hell is going on here? But Ye Mo soon found something wrong, although Sister Yan’s face didn’t change, her neck had turned pink.

“Sister Yan ……” When Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan whimpering out, he was even more unsure of what to do in his heart. He didn’t know if he should go out, originally he thought that Sister Yan must be very happy to see herself, but he didn’t expect it to be like this.

It took a long time before Yin Qingyan calmed down, and she suddenly asked, “Have you read all the diaries I gave you?”

“Yes, I read it ……” Ye Mo was going to say that he had only read the front a little bit and the back because he had something to do.

But when Sister Yan heard his words, her neck grew redder and redder, and she ended up whimpering again.