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DYM Chapter 675

Yin Qingyan was so ashamed that after she gave her diary to Ye Mo, she simply did not intend to see him again because it was too humiliating. The main reason was that there was a letter at the end of the diary that she had written after meeting Ye Mo that day. The reason why she wrote that letter to Ye Mo was because she thought that after she finished her business, she would no longer have anything to worry about. It was also impossible to go to any more Luo Yue, much less see Ye Mo, so that there would be no awkwardness or embarra*sment in meeting him.

Or maybe it was that if she were to see Ye Mo and his wife again, she would only sneak a look and not stand in front of Ye Mo to be embarra*sed. Or maybe it would be decades before she had to face Ye Mo, and decades later, even some of the embarra*sment would slowly fade away.

But this world was so small, it had only been less than a year since she and Ye Mo had parted ways, and she and Ye Mo had even boarded the same cruise ship, which, by chance, had not come out of Rice, but out of Canada, why was this so?

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan helplessly, somewhat at a loss. To be exact, Sister Yan was his sister-in-law, and by definition, she should be very happy to see him, besides, last time Ye Mo knew that this Sister Yan was genuinely good to him, but why did she have such an expression today?

Yin Qingyan sobbed for a long time, and when she saw that Ye Mo was indifferent, she suddenly stood up and shouted at Ye Mo: “Look at you, you are at least from a famous family, but you even hooked up with unscrupulous women on the boat and slept with others. Even so, you even went and hooked up with that man surnamed Luo, you, I’m so disappointed in you ……”

Although the reason why Yin Qingyan was sobbing and embarra*sed was because she had exposed herself and the person who had listened to her exposure appeared in front of her, not some Ye Mo hooking up with a woman who was not a woman. She probably gave this reason because at this time, the only way to make her face feel better was to push Ye Mo to the corner of the unseen. She was a sister-in-law, so of course she had to have the authority of a sister-in-law.

Ye Mo didn’t even finish reading the diary, much less see a letter clipped to the end of it. So how could he know what was in Sister Yan’s mind. At this moment, when he saw Sister Yan say this about him, he immediately understood that Sister Yan had misunderstood him.

Those two women were simply nonsensical and wanted to pester him, and as for the acquaintance with Luo Kui, it was just a deal.

“Sister Yan, it’s not that, you let me explain ……”

Ye Mo hadn’t finished his words. Yin Qingyan walked over and pushed Ye Mo outside, “You go out. I don’t want to see you.”

Although Ye Mo knew that if he wanted to stay in here, there was absolutely no way for Yin Qingyan to push him away, but Yin Qingyan was his sister-in-law and he could only listen to her. Besides, he could feel Sister Yan’s care for him from the bottom of his heart, he had felt it the last time he was at the Chinese Backstreet.

“Sister Yan, I’m staying in the sea view room c326 ……” Ye Mo was only halfway through his sentence when he was pushed out by Sister Yan.

Seeing someone coming from afar. Ye Mo sighed and hurriedly lowered his head and quickly went back to his room. The bearded man was there for him, in case he was recognised it would be bad.

Yin Qingyan pushed Ye Mo out and touched his face, feeling more and more humiliated.

“I should have known that last letter was not written, shame on me, I’m still a sister-in-law ……” Yin Qingyan leaned against the door of the room only to feel her face burst into flames. The last time she ate that elixir left by Ye Mo, she felt more and more young. There were times when she even thought she was only in her twenties. Even if she hadn’t heard of the ‘Face Preserving Pill’, Yin Qingyan knew that the pill was very uncomplicated. It had returned her to her teenage years.


Ye Mo went back to his room, remembering the diary and the strange Yan sister couldn’t help but shake his head. He didn’t take out the diary, the diary could be read anytime, it was just some record of Yan’s sister’s life. Besides, he came from Luo Yue and had even less of an impression of what Ye Cai was.

The reason why he was kind to Sister Yan was because she was genuinely kind to him, without the slightest bit of adulteration.

The most important thing for Ye Mo now was not reading the diary, but repairing his meridians. He had just gotten three more spirit stones. So even if Sister Yan misunderstood him, he didn’t care, and he could even describe it as a happy mood.

His meridians had been widened. Having gotten a few more spirit stones by a stroke of luck, he couldn’t be unhappy if he wanted to. For Luo Yue’s war. Although Ye Mo was angry, yet he was not worried, he trusted Ye Xing. Besides, the Luo Yue of today was definitely different from the Luo Yue of before.

Ye Mo closed the door and hung up the Do Not Disturb sign, then began to continue to recover his meridians.


The day pa*sed quickly, but Yin Qingyan got a little anxious, embarra*sed just for a little while, anyway, Ye Mo already knew, might as well face it. But a day had pa*sed and Ye Mo hadn’t come to her, was he really angry?

However, Yin Qingyan was already feeling a bit embarra*sed about this matter, so it was impossible for her to take the initiative to find Ye Mo, at least she was his sister-in-law.

The next day pa*sed again, but there was still no news from Ye Mo, and Yin Qingyan even went to the restaurant several times without seeing Ye Mo. She even wanted to ask that Lin Man and the woman next to her, but the thought of this ugly woman also sleeping with Ye Mo made her feel uncomfortable.

When the third day pa*sed again, Yin Qingyan finally couldn’t sit still, she originally just looked at Ye Mo’s room from afar, today she finally walked up to the door of Ye Mo’s room.

The four words ‘Do Not Disturb’ made Yin Qingyan angry, she had been worrying about Ye Mo for a few days, but he was good, he actually hung such a sign.

Ye Mo was in a better and better mood, he had just completely repaired his meridians, and his cultivation level had also advanced from the middle of the fifth level of Qi training to the late fifth level of Qi training. Although the spirit stone that he got from the auction was completely consumed, Ye Mo was still satisfied. According to his current cultivation level and meridians, plus the three spirit stones in his hand, advancing to the sixth level of Qi cultivation was a sure thing.

But spirit stones were scarce, and Ye Mo did not want to spend them just yet, he had to upgrade with the least cost.

After taking a shower, Ye Mo was in a happy mood and was about to go to Yin Qingyan’s place, preferably to have a meal with Sister Yan, and then come back to start repairing his flying sword, when there was a knock on his room door.

Immediately, Ye Mo’s divine sense saw a somewhat worried and angry Sister Yan at the door, only that the cool and easy face she had was gone. Sister Yan had regained her original appearance, and when Ye Mo saw the current Sister Yan, the first thing that came to mind was the photo of the young girl in that diary.

If Ye Mo didn’t know that Sister Yan was at least a dozen years older than him, he would have thought that the young girl standing at the door was a university student.

The first thing that came to Ye Mo’s mind at this moment was surprisingly the Sister Yan who had slipped inside the bathroom at the time, when her standard curvy figure made Ye Mo a little lost in thought.

“Bang Bang ……” the knock on the door came again.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to think any further and hurriedly opened the door.

The moment Yin Qingyan saw Ye Mo, the worry on her face immediately disappeared and turned into an icy cold look. It was just that look on her face with some delicacy, how could it not be icy cold.

“Bang ……” Yin Qingyan casually closed the door, then looked at Ye Mo angrily and said, “You don’t go out for a few days, boring you to death …… ”

Ye Mo opened his mouth before he could say anything, Yin Qingyan said again, “Look at you, have you attended at all, even that kind of woman, I say a few words to you, you still do not go to see me for a few days ……”

Ye Mo froze looking at the Yan sister in front of him, seems to be a little different from the Yan sister in the impression ah.

Seeing that Ye Mo had no words to say, Yin Qingyan’s face suddenly became a little pink again, and she actually walked up to Ye Mo and hugged him.

A faint sweet fragrance reached Ye Mo’s nose, and he subconsciously took a few hard sniffs. The softness of Yan’s chest pressed against Ye Mo’s chest and he felt some heat.

A heat rose up from Ye Mo’s abdomen, Ye Mo had an experience twice, he was not a rookie anymore. He immediately understood what was going on, and instantly he also felt that something was wrong, Sister Yan was his sister-in-law, this kind of reaction shouldn’t be at all.

“Little Aunt ……,” Ye Mo subconsciously tried to push Sister Yan away.

Yin Qingyan suddenly wrapped her arms even tighter around Ye Mo, then said in a low voice, “You’ve read my diary and my letters, and you still call me sister-in-law?”

Halfway through the sentence, her voice suddenly became louder, “Also, if you go for that kind of unscrupulous woman again in the future, see how I will clean you up. What about that Ning Qingxue, isn’t she your wife?”

Speaking here, Yin Qingyan suddenly let go of Ye Mo, reached out and grabbed Ye Mo’s ear and asked, “Isn’t your wife even uglier than the two women you were with that day? I’m warning you, I’ll stay by your side from now on, don’t even think about looking for that kind of woman.”

Originally, Ye Mo thought that Sister Yan was going to pick up his ears because she misunderstood him, but to his surprise, she just grabbed his ears and even turned them into kneading.

Ye Mo’s face turned red, he felt that this sister-in-law was a little too bold.

“What’s there to be shy about, Sister Yan can’t like you ah, I’m not your own sister-in-law ……” Yin Qingyan suddenly had some pleasure in her heart when she saw Ye Mo’s shy look. It’s better to be open-minded, a few days ago she was so embarra*sed that she wanted to drill a hole in the ground, but she didn’t expect to get back with a vengeance today.

“What, Sister Yan, you’re saying you’re not my real sister-in-law?” Ye Mo asked as he stared at Yin Qingyan in surprise, something he never knew.

“Of course, I was picked up by Master, at first I thought that Sister was not the real one, it turns out that I am the one who is not the real one …….” At this point Yin Qingyan suddenly stopped the conversation and stared at Ye Mo with a strained face, “You said you didn’t know about this? You didn’t read the diary?”

Ye Mo smiled bitterly and touched his ears, “I said I didn’t finish reading it, I just read it after your senior brother came and you suspected that your sister wasn’t your father’s own after that I didn’t read it and I never had time to read it after that ……”

Yin Qingyan’s face suddenly turned red as she pushed Ye Mo away, then said loudly to Ye Mo, “Give me the diary right now, hurry up ……”