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DYM Chapter 676

Ye Mo was just about to take out the diary and hand it to Sister Yan when he suddenly felt that something was wrong, why did Sister Yan give him something to return? Could there be any secrets in it? Maybe if he gave the diary to Sister Yan, it would be difficult to ask for it back again.

Thinking of this, he pretended to be naive and touched his hair and said, “Sister Yan, that diary was not taken out.”

“You left it at home? Would anyone at your home have seen it? Where is that Ning Qingxue?” Hearing that Ye Mo’s diary was not with him, Sister Yan seemed relieved, but in a flash she was afraid that the location where he had put his diary was not safe.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” Yin Qingyan suddenly asked suspiciously again, she felt that Ye Mo’s expression was a bit strange, and it really did look like he was lying to her.

Ye Mo thought to himself I really didn’t lie to you, I put it in the ring, you insist on saying home, I can only let you go. Although he didn’t lie to Sister Yan, but Ye Mo also knew that he was deliberately leading Sister Yan to think too much.

“From today I’ll move in with you, I’m afraid you’ll lie to me, maybe you’ll take the diary out just as I’m leaving ……,” Yan said suddenly.

Ye Mo replied speechlessly, “Sister Yan, you also know that if I were to read it, three days would have pa*sed, so why wouldn’t I read it?”

“Who knows what you’re thinking, maybe you’re doing something in these three days too. But just in case, I have to keep an eye on you, as long as we’re separated, you can look away at will, I’m out of sight, out of mind.” Yin Qingyan suddenly felt that her words were a bit rude, but it was just rude, otherwise it would be humiliating.

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan helplessly, he hadn’t really expected this Sister Yan to be so wise. After he listened to Sister Yan’s words. He had really planned to put the matter of refining the flying sword aside and read the diary first. But when Sister Yan came like this, he wouldn’t have the chance.

“Why do I always feel that you’re a bit vain.” Yin Qingyan stared at Ye Mo who was silent and suddenly said something that made Ye Mo’s heart jump again.


The Luo Yue war was already on its fourth day, Luo Yue shot out thousands of missiles, sinking and shooting down countless warships and fighters of the allied forces.

At this point, everyone has forgotten what started the war and is concerned with the progress and outcome of the war.

Modern warfare is not only a technological war but also a media war. With the ma*sive amount of reports and data coming back, many military fans are beginning to understand the strategy of the allied forces in this war.

An even greater feature of the war was that on the outskirts of the Indian Ocean battlefield. A large number of neutral nations and media fleets were following the war. They were outside the battlefield, but documenting everything that was happening on it.

Because of the large number of reports sent back, some military experts even published articles directly. Stating that this time the allied forces are using the tactic of dragging down Luo Yue’s national power and burning money. This tactic was shameless, but it was very effective against a place like Luo Yue.

It is even foreseeable that once the missiles in Luo Yue are finished, then it will be time for the allied forces to march in full force by land, sea and air. If more than 600,000 troops attacked Luo Yue at the same time, they would be able to flatten Luo Yue. The total population of Luo Yue is only about 300,000.

As a large number of military analysis reports came out, countless military experts wrote articles. The situation of the war seems to be getting clearer and clearer, and Luo Yue seems to be getting more and more dangerous, and the number of people who are optimistic about Luo Yue is getting less and less. The handicap of this war is also becoming more and more skewed towards the allied forces.

On the surface, the losses of the allied forces are getting bigger and bigger, but a large amount of data and live video show that the downed planes and sunk ships of the allied forces are all fakes. Otherwise. Where else would the allied forces have had nearly a thousand ships to sink by Luo Yue?

And some warships from neutral countries had already sent out video footage of the scene, which showed that those lost planes and warships were indeed fakes.

The world’s attention is now drawn to the war between Luo Yue and the allied forces, as the latest news is coming in every minute. Although there are fewer and fewer people who are optimistic about Luo Yue, there is still one person who is optimistic about Luo Yue.

It was Sikh Rungel, who published “On War in the New Century” after the first Loyola war. He once again expressed a different view. Once again, he had a different opinion. He pointed out that although the first war between Loyue and the allied forces was a result of the allied forces’ contempt and the power of Loyue’s electronic jamming machines, Loyue had swept away the allied forces with only a few thousand troops, which was not something anyone could do.

And it wasn’t long ago that Luo Yue fought the war with Indonesia. The series of moves made by Luo Yue after the war ended, shattering the plans of countries like Mi-Britain to go to war against Luo Yue, all showed that every move made by Luo Yue had a big and deep meaning. So he thought that Luo Yue would never fail to see what the allied forces were thinking, and that the reason why they kept firing missiles was not suicide, there must be a means to follow up.

Sikh. Although Ronald was one of the most famous military theorists in the world, his piece was sent out and immediately drew a lot of criticism.

These opponents argued that the coalition commander Verza was using a phallic strategy. Even though Loyola knew that their constant shooting of missiles was quenching their thirst, they had to shoot them because without striking these invading warships and planes, Loyola would not last. And they thought that the fake planes and warships of the allied forces were so realistic that even if Luo Yue knew about it, it would be afterwards.


No matter how intense these verbal and press wars are in the outside world, the war between Luo Yue and the allied forces is still at a standstill, but one thing everyone can guess is that Luo Yue is indeed firing fewer and fewer missiles.

This is not a deliberate attempt to confuse people, but the missiles that Luo Yue is importing are running out. Although Luo Yue has money, but you have to have someone to sell it to. Since the war began, Luo Yue had not been able to import even a single pistol bullet, not to mention missiles.

In Luo Yue’s combat command room, Ye Xing and the others sat in a circle around a round table.

Only this time they were not going to discuss the matter of fighting the allied forces, but the matter of civil unrest.

The news had just arrived from Fang Wei, the head of security in Luo Yue City, that some Jews from America living on the outskirts of Luo Yue had started a civil unrest. They shouted anti-war slogans and demanded that Luo Yue stop fighting and receive all orders from the allied forces.

“I’m sure all these people are spies, and the best thing to do is to kill them all.” Xu Ping was furious, Luo Yue was at war and these people not only didn’t help maintain stability at the rear, but also started civil unrest.

However, Xu Yuehua shook his head and said, “Actually, this should be an opportunity ……”

“Opportunity?” Except for Ye Xing, most of the people did not understand what Void Moon Hua meant.

Void Yuehua glanced at Ye Xing, smiled and said, “There are not many people in the riot, Xu Er Er is right, this from the riot was indeed caused by the spies, but we can take advantage of it.”

After saying that without waiting for others to ask further questions, Void Moon Hua continued, “The rioters mainly wanted to expand their influence, increase the scope of the riot and attract Luo Yue’s army, but unfortunately they underestimated Luo Yue’s cohesive power. If I’m not wrong, the allied forces that have delayed a full-scale attack will most likely launch a full-scale attack within an hour.”

Ye Xing nodded, “Sister Yuehua is right, have Fang Wei and Fang Nan lead the city’s security forces, send all these people who took part in the riot to the diggings and confiscate their property. And add a clause to the immigration of Luo Yue, that is, forbid anyone from South America to immigrate to Luo Yue, and forbid Jews to immigrate to Luo Yue.”

“That, Chief Master Ye, will this be caught in human rights or something to talk about?” Yu Miaotong asked worriedly.

Ye Xing smiled coldly, “No need to talk about bullsh*t human rights if you don’t have the strength, Luo Yue’s human rights are only for those who uphold Luo Yue’s sovereignty, the rest get lost. Come and fight if you are not convinced, Luo Yue is not afraid of any war.”

“Good, senior brother, I like your kind of character, cool, just fight if you don’t give in, haha ……” Ye Xing’s words spoke to Xu Ping’s heart, these people are rebelling in Luo Yue, and they still want human rights?

Ye Xing stood up and said, “A full-scale war is about to start, sister Yuehua is right, this is an opportunity, a signal they give, only an hour at most, those people will swarm. I think it’s time to test our ‘air-tracked ballistic minibombs’.”

Orders were sent out one by one.

After receiving the orders, Luo Yue’s Army Commander and Vice Commander Guo Qi and Li San Dao had already started preparing for the maximum ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’ launch. Luo Yue’s air force commander, Shundman, was equally ready, and his mission was to start bombing hundreds of thousands of land forces as soon as the allied air forces were paralysed. With Loyola’s powerful electronic jamming, he did not have to worry about surface-to-air missiles.

The naval commander-in-chief of Luo Yue, Navy Commander Huang Yiannian, had long since left Luo Yue quietly with two fleets, although they would all be monitored by Mi’s satellites in an hour’s time, but that was no longer relevant.

In the Allied Operations Command Room, Verza had just received news of the riots in Luo Yue, and a disdainful smile appeared on his lips, knowing that the landing battle could begin.

“Orders go down, the allied air, land and sea forces move in immediately, while launching a final general attack on Loyue. Loyue’s missiles are few and far between, and the following battle is our stage. Boys and girls, I want to know how much you have gained over Loyue while being jammed by the most powerful jammer. Go on boys, I want you to be waiting for me at the government building in Loyuki, not me waiting for you there ……”

Immediately after Verza’s order to fight went out, it spread across the globe and almost all eyes were fixed on it. The TV stations that had footage of the war became the most watched for a while.

Densely packed fighter jets rushed towards Luo Yue, and long lines of battleships rushed towards Luo Yue’s docks under the command of the carriers. If these weren’t shocking, then the hundreds of thousands of land forces of the ‘Hosotan Valley’ attacking was a little too loud.

All those roaring tanks, armoured vehicles, one could feel dizzy just looking at them.

And it wasn’t a film, it wasn’t a movie, it was real. It was the general attack of the allied forces that had begun, and when these images appeared on television, people all over the world had a new appreciation of war.

Although it was all said that warfare in the new century was dominated by technological warfare, the sheer number of people was going to overwhelm the opponent from a psychological point of view as well.